2236-12-11 - After the Bombs

Some of the Wolfpack catch up after landing on the //Galactica//.

Date: 2236-12-11

Location: Hanger Deck, Deck 6, Battlestar //Galactica//

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If Van's Viper isn't the most damaged returning from the bombing mission, it's damned near. It wobbles and wavers as it descends towards the deck, finally dropping the last half a foot with a heavy clunk and a scrape across the flight deck that is sure to piss off the deck crew. But Van is just happy that his flight suit patch held, given that his cockpit was filled with precisely nothing as he flew back to the ship. One of the elevators brings the Viper down to the Hanger Deck, and Van pushes forward the canopy with just his left hand, grimacing as he rises up to stand in his cockpit, looking back over the damage to the tail and body of his fighter.

The trip back was thankfully uneventful. Given that Finn took no damage, he flew rear cover the whole way back in case they picked up an unexpected tail. As such, he was one of the last to land on the Galactica. Once his viper is all taken care of, Finn moves away from his part of the docking area, pulling off his helmet and walking to check the duty roster to see who will be working on his ship. His path takes him past Van, "Good to see you are still alive, Milkman."

Eva doesn't have much trouble getting back to the ship. She lands easily enough, just a few seconds after Finn, and pops up out of the cockpit as soon as the canopy rolls back. She doesn't step down immediately though, leaning over to give the back of her ship a good once over. She's lost a good chunk off the exhaust, but the engine itself seems servicable. "Farmboy, you wanna run some interference for me?" She looks over, giving Van a once over, "Pick Milkman up and act like he's dying. If the Chief sees what I did to this Viper, she'll kill me." Walsh already has Eva's number for the last time she brought back damaged ship.

Van is giving a whole new definition to suit-stank right now, between nervous sweat, excitement sweat, fear sweat, and blood. He nods to Finn, reaching up to touch the patch on his right arm, "As am I. Wonderful things, suit patches." Gesturing back to the fighter that has a dozen or so holes in it, "I think that you're off the hook, Cherry. Between Nails, myself, and most likely a couple more of the Argonaut birds... even the Chief might be too busy to be angry." He pauses a moment, then pats the side of his Viper by the cockpit, "On the bright side, I might get a bird that isn't a lemon now."

There a pause of consideration at Cherry's words from Finn. He glances at her, then back at her fighter, then at his own. Finally he looks to Van and his shotup Viper. "I think you need to attend a few classes on tactical evasions there, Milkman..." It's more of an idle musing than anything. He smirks just a bit as he says it. Then his gaze shifts back to Cherry, "But yeah, I'm with the Lieutenant here on this one. No way the Chief's got time to worry about the damage on just one Viper, when she's got to fix this many."

It takes another minute or two before Niemec finishes her rounds with the deck. Clipboard is noted, signed, and handed over. Her ECO joins her and she gives the young man a hand to his shoulder. "You did good. Great shot on that bandit- I think you did better than some of the jocks today." The kid - barely a jig - just sort of grins. "I'd say wash up and get to the mess before it's flooded." The pilot, on the other hand, starts in the direction of the others; peeling her flightsuit back to her waist. Time to start airing out.

"Well, then could you carry me? I mean, you were doing a good knight in shining armor job out there." Eva hops down from her bird, settling on the deck, as she sees Neimec heading over towards the collection of Wolfpack pilots, "Because believe me, there is always room for more Chief, more angry." Hands reach up to unfasten her helmet, tucking it under her arm. The suit she leaves on for now, "Nice to see you made it back, Squeak."

"Well, that's the first hit that I had taken in this ship," Van gestures back toward his Viper's tail, and then down to the holes that pierce the rest of the bird, "And the second, third, fourth, fifth... and a few more. You may be right, Farmboy." It's the second time that he's said that today, although to a different person, and he frowns slightly, then starts down the ladder the crew brought over, wrangling his helmet off once he hits the deck, "Ow. Does anyone know if Nails made it back? Or if the others punched out?"

"Nails is in sickbay, I think. Rudy got them back. The others..." Niemec offers the answers as she nears, stopping in at Eva's side. There is a brief, but tired smile for the redhead. "Just a glancing shot. Scrabbled the ECO's console a bit, but it was bombs away and home." There's a lift of chin in upnod-greeting for the others. "I think I may need to go hit the showers and stuff my face before I crash out."

The smirk only fades for a moment and then is plastered back on, just directed at Eva this time. "I could carry you, but then the Chief would just yell at me once she found out you weren't hurt. Self preservation tells me I should use you as a shield instead of taking a verbal lashing." Finn pauses a moment and then glances over to the duty roster and computer near it, "Just a sec, going to check and see who's assigned to my bay."

"I haven't heard anything from Nails or Rudy," but then, Eva was one of the last back. She glances over to Neimec as she makes her way over and delivers the news, "Thanks, Antonie." As for the others, "I didn't see any sign of parachutes. I think Kallas called Bunker's bus. I'm trying not to think about it until I read the report." You beat yourself up enough, as a pilot. "I just hope we actually did something today."

Van frowns at Niemec's response, nodding slowly, "Good for Rudy." At least there's a little good news. He sets his helmet down on the ladder a moment as he pulls off the ring-seal from around his neck, wincing as he moves his right arm to do it. "I think you're right though, Farmboy. About self-preservation." He runs his left hand back over his short-cropped hair, then picks up his helmet and ring alike, "Damn it. If it helps, the explosions looked gorgeous."


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