2236-12-11 - Plan for the Worst

Collins and Eli have a brief chat during a quiet moment in sickbay.

Date: 2236-12-11

Location: Medical Lounge

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Scene Number: 923

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The medical lounge. Home to doctors and medical staff relaxing between spurts of controlled chaos. One such spurt happened just an hour or so ago, as an engagement along the front brought a handful of Marines through their doors. They're still on alert for casualties from a bombing raid that launched a little while ago, but for now things have quieted down. Colonel Collins has taken advantage of the lull to have a word with Cate in the lounge. "I believe you are supposed to be on restricted duty, Lance Corporal. In fact, I'm rather sure of it since I signed that order myself," Collins' words are clipped, her expression stern. Cate opens her mouth to give some sort of protest, but Collins interrupts. "Save your excuses, Lance Corporal. I suggest you reacquaint yourself with what 'restricted duty' entails, lest you find yourself confined to the infirmary until your stitches heal. Do I make myself clear?"

Eli steps in to the lounge just in time to catch the end of Cate's dressing down. He's still wearing scrubs and looks a little tired. He hesitates at the doorway, body language asking 'am I interrupting something' without saying a word.

"Crystal clear," Cate grits out between clenched teeth. Seriously if her jaw were any tighter she'd probably hurt herself.

"Very well. Dismissed." Collins watches impassively as Cate spins on her heel and marches out, giving Eli a can-you-believe-this-shit eyeroll spaceward on her way out the door. Then Collins' attention is drawn to Eli. "Dr. Cadmus. How did your patient fare?"

Poor Cate probably wouldn't get much sympathy from Eli if he had a chance to say something to her. Doctors make the worst patients, etc, etc. He turns back to Collins, eyebrows arching. "The cut was deep, but she gets to keep the arm. Going to be some nerve damage, though. A prime candidate for transferring planetside once we get the opportunity. She'll need surgery to minimize the damage." He makes his way across the room, seeking coffee. "Thought I'd catch my breath just in case something else goes south."

"Small mercies," Collins offers to the news about the patient keeping her arm. "We'll have another medevac heading planetside on Tuesday, if not before." She heads over to pour herself a cup of coffee, then holds up the pot in silent query to see if Eli wants any. "Hopefully the raid will go smoothly."

"I don't think the words 'raid' and 'smoothly' ever go together," says Eli as he retrieves a clean mug. He holds it out to accept coffee. "Then again, we are in a profession that needs to prepare for the worst."

"True enough. I prefer to remain optimistic though. There's always a first time." Collins pours him a cup of coffee. "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, as the saying goes."

Eli murmurs thanks when his mug is full. He drinks it black, which is more of a symptom of the profession rather than a preference. Drinking coffee hot and with sugar and cream is not a luxury he often gets. "I have to admit, I thought working on a ship would be a bit more chaotic."

Collins dollops some cream into her own cup, apparently not sharing his sentiments on that score. She takes a sip before asking, "Because of the combat zone, or in general?"

"I'm not sure, exactly," says Eli thoughtfully. "There's more resources here and more staff than with the ICJPK. But, far less than in a military hospital. I guess each of these assignments is its own animal."

"Yes, I suppose that's true," Collins agrees. "I've worked at big hospitals before, but never in wartime. Quite different, that. How long were you with the ICJPK again?" She saw it in his file, but there are a lot of people working for her.

"Three years," he says. Eli takes a seat not far from Collins and rubs at a kink in his neck. "Between Scorpia and Saggitaron. Then I transfered to the ER ward of the military hospital on Leonis."

"Long time on the front line," Collins observes mildly. "What made you sign on for a second tour?" she wonders as she takes a seat - quite prim and properly - on the sofa and sips at her coffee.

Eli chuckles softly. "Mhmm, well, I like a bit of action. I was itching for some after my years of study and training on Leonis. I mean, I grew up in a gang war zone, so any kind of peace seems weird to me." That's kind of a funny thing to say as a throwaway comment, but there it is.

"Well, I can't say I share your infatuation for war zones, but I'm glad to serve where we can be the most use," Collins says. One of the nurses pokes her head in, "Doctor, we've got a Raptor coming in hot with a badly wounded pilot. ETA five minutes." Collins thanks her then tips her coffee cup to Eli in silent salute. "What was that you were saying about planning for the worst."

"I don't like being right about these things," says Eli, and he seems to mean it. He clucks his tongue. "Back to it, then."


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