2236-12-15 - Acting Ensign

Ryan summons Asa to discuss becoming an ECO.

Date: 2236-12-15

Location: Officer Offices

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Scene Number: 919

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Isolde was told by her section leader to report to the XO's office. No reason given, just a time. Ryan's in his office, the door open. Another operations officer is just on his way out, Ryan calling after him with a grin, "You let me know when you find out if it's a boy or girl." The other officer smiles back. "I will, sir." And then the XO is alone in his office, tapping a pen on his desk as he tries to decide what he should work on next.

Isolde hangs outside a few moments, slowing her thoughts and focusing on the moment before she steps inside. She nods to the technician as he passes, even if she is distracted in her own centering process. Then she inhales, and steps inside, stopping just within the threshold. "Excuse me, Sir... Specialist Asa reporting... you asked to see me?" Her voice uplifts slightly with the question, still standing in a mostly at-attention stance.

Ryan snaps out of his thoughts when the specialist enters. "Right, Asa. Close the door and take a seat." The XO has an easy-going manner about him. He taps the pencil a few more times before setting it down on the desk. "Major Kallas tells me you want to be a Raptor ECO."

Isolde steps in, and closes the door as instructed. She drops her hands from behind her back, nonchalantly brushing her palms down her thighs as she does. Then she steps forward, nodding as she takes a seat. "Yes, Sir... I would. I believe that it would be a good next step for me... not that I am unhappy where I am, but... I..." She tapers off just for a moment before adding with a furrow of her brow. "I think I could do more."

Ryan nods. "Well, Kallas has given you his endorsement. You've proven you can handle a Raptor, even if you don't have the official qualifications. I've reviewed your file and I think it would be a good fit." Ryan's matter-of-fact statements might give reason to hope but then there's the... "But there's one hitch. Now normally someone in your position would be sent off to OCS and then flight school and AIT. But given how new the CF is, we don't have any training facilities of our own. And I'm not too keen on transferring you back to the Tauron Forces." He grins. "We might not get you back."

The news of him looking at her file has her feeling somewhat self-conscious. But, Isolde does smile all the same at his agreement on the fit. The hitch, however, sobers her slightly. "Oh, don't be too sure, Sir..." She says about the Tauron not giving her back, but she does offer a small smile and agreeable nod. "Uh, well... if I may, Sir... I'm a pretty fast learner, and I don't mind field training. Newton already gave me some books from his time in flight school. They're in pretty good condition." If you ignore the inappropriate doodles...

Ryan picks up the pencil again, tapping it twice on the desk and then pointing it at her. Still smiling. "Well it's funny you mention that." Field training, that is. But then he grows more serious. "Here's the thing, Asa. I'm not one to stand in the way of someone's career. If you want the transfer back to Tauron to do training all proper-like, I'll sign off on it. You'll come out of it a full-fledged officer with a pair of flight wings and an ECO's training cert. You'll be set from here on out. But. You'll be off Galactica."

He lets that sink in for a moment, before continuing. "On the other hand. I've spoken to the Admiral, and we're prepared to put you into a field training program with the Air Wing here. You'll be an Acting Ensign. Which means you get the title and privileges of an Ensign, but your permanent rank and your pay will still be that of a Specialist. If you ever rotate off of Galactica, that rank goes away, unless of course your new CO decides to continue the arrangement. And your flight quals are only valid here. They carry no official weight. So." He leans back in his chair. "You think it over, let me know what you want to do."

Ryan's honestly has her frowning slightly -- not because she finds the honesty disconcerting, but she's not sure about the two options she's being given. But, Isolde listens, fingers twitching slightly as she rubs her hands across her legs. Her eyes drop, her expression thoughtful. She looks up after a moment. "Will I ever be eligible for a promotion? If the Colonial Forces become permanent," which by her tone, suggests she believes this isn't a temporary situation between the Colonies, "will I be able to use the experience on Galactica to help me move through official training?" She ducks her head slightly. "What would you do, Sir?"

"Honestly, Asa, I can't even guess how it'll pan out," Ryan says. "They threw all this stuff together without really thinking of the long-term. Right now only the home armies can enact official promotions, but that's just not viable forever. We can't have someone assigned to the CF a Private and still be a Private three years later. How they sort all that out, how the CF's going to work as a permanent force ... that's all above my paygrade." He grins, briefly. "All I can promise is that while you're here on Galactica, you'll be an Acting Ensign and ECO-in-training. Anything beyond that is just speculation. As for what I'd do? It's a tough call. But personally, I'd just as soon not sit out months of the war in a training camp."

Isolde sits back slightly. She nods with each key point he offers, and his last statement has her offering a quick, responsive smile. Then she rubs her hands down her thighs, and she nods with a firm, sure bob of her head. "Okay." She looks up at him, her expression serious. "I'll do it." Her mouth thins a bit, and that furrow in her brow deepens a bit more. "What will my duties be while I'm in training? Will I still be looking after Galactica?" There's a worried note there, almost maternal in nature.

Ryan cants his head a little. "You sure? You can take time to think it over. It's a big step." But he answers her other question anyway. "I figure we can start you out on half-time at first. Transition your ops duties to your teammates while you train up on Raptors. But once Kallas gives you the all-clear, you'll transfer over full time."

"I've already been thinking about it a lot, Sir," Isolde says honestly, feet shifting beneath her chair. "While, in my heart of hearts, I would have wanted to be all official like, I understand that, that would mean going back to Tauron... and there's no real guarantee I would ever come back here." She looks at him with an earnest look in her brown eyes. "I was going to accept whatever terms you were going to give me... I think we both kinda knew that. I'm not leaving Galactica... if leaving Galactica was the only option, I would have stayed where I am. She's where I belong, Sir." She then stretches her fingers over her knees, clasping slightly at the bends. "Half-time will work for me, Sir." Though her tone suggests she's about to become a major overachiever.

"Allright then," Ryan drawls the first word a little, his accent shining through. "I'll talk to Major Kallas and your Captain and we'll get you going right away. No sense wasting time. Major Kallas will work with you to figure out a training regimen." He stands up, clearly expecting her to do the same, and extends a hand. "Congratulations, Ensign."

Isolde scrambles up to her feet when he stands, her movements far less graceful. But she takes the offered hand in hers, squeezing rather than shaking -- and she's got a pretty good grip behind the grasp too. No limp wrist on this girl. "Thanks, Sir... I'll wait to hear from the Major." She releases his hand, and starts to step away from the desk, assuming she is dismissed.


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