2236-12-19 - Round, the Second

Finn and Gray are sparring, Danica and Eva are heckling, Overstreet and Kahena are the unfortunate bystanders.

Date: 2236-12-19

Location: Gym, Deck 8, //Galactica//

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Scene Number: 927

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Sadly, this second clash of wingmate versus wingmate does not appear to be reaching the epic heights of their first face-off, which saw Finn victorious and Eva knocked out cold on the mats. Alas. This time, or rather, for the moment, Finn seems to be working with her on the heavy bag, walking Eva through the various and sundry punches and the usual sort of thing. "This seems unnecessarily complicated, Farm Boy. Wouldn't it be easier just to kick you in the balls?" Oh, Finn. What have you gotten yourself into?

"Easier isn't better, Cherry." Finn replies a few moments later. He's holding the bag, moving with it as it sways from various hits. "You gotta build up strength and stamina, unless you think one shot to the balls is gonna be enough." A beat pause and he adds on, "Also, tin cans don't have balls." Not that you'd be punching them in their robot heads. "Just trust me, I'll get you trained up in...you know...a few years at this pace." He grins just a bit at that.

Danica looks like hell. But then again, she looks good for someone who survived a Raptor crash considering. Her face is a tasteful palette of healing bruises to go with that split lip. Her messily arranged ponytail looks greasy and unwashed but that might have to do with the gash that's been glued back together that runs from forehead and into her scalp. She's in duty greens that have been rolled down and tied at the waist with a off duty tank beneath, seeing she can't get the sleeve over the cast on her left wrist. There might something going on with her ribs, too by how she walks into the room and lingers in the doorway bored for something, anything at all to do.. Slightly morpha addled by the eyes, Gopnik looks on with interest and maybe a little bit of a managed smirk for the banter.

"I don't know. You're a big man, but I do have a pretty good kick." Despite the banter, Eva is doing as Finn instructs her, and putting as much effort into it as she knows how to. She's obviously unskilled, but she has good reflexes and hasn't been hit by the bag once...okay, more than like three times. "Are you sure? I've never gotten close enough to one to look." Eva's grin matches Finn's. The easy camaraderie between them is obvious. There's none of that stereotypical viper jock competitiveness, "Just in time for me to retire."

"Saw one once..." Finn replies as he shuffle steps around the bag, "Keep moving your feet. Cross over steps, like you showed you last week..." he adds on, off topic. "Got loaned out with some other fighter pilots to go to Sagittaron." he pauses to adjust against the bag again, "I went down pretty hard in a dogfight. Crashed outside of a cylon outpost. Saw one of em up close and personal. Trust me, you don't want to punch or kick one of those. You shoot and then you run."

"I heard they look like someone's shitty coffee maker that decided it wanted to walk around?," Dani asks, sidling into the room and posing the question to Finn. And by sidling, its more like pained and purposeful slight waddling. Her undamaged hand raises and waves slightly at Eva and Finn both. "I've only seen what they show on the news and some briefings. Can't say that counts as up close."

About this time an enlisted Marine appears in the gym...and overhears the talk about what he can only presume are Centurions. "I've had a better-looking coffee maker" he offers. "And yeah, I've been within shooting range of them once or twice."

"I feel as though this should have been a thing before they went rogue. Could you imagine the amount of free kitchen appliances we could be collecting right now? All the scroungers on the ship would be in heaven. And we'd never have to walk down to the galley for drinks again." Eva didn't have a chance to actually see Danica, as she walked in, the redhead's back to the injured woman, but she turns now, as she tries to mimic the foot movements Finn showed her in their last session, "Wow. You look..." Eva would normally say something funny here but poor Gopnik looks too dreadful. She reaches out, touching Finn'a arm as she steps away from the bag, to attempt to assist Danica who looks like a single tumble would finish her off. A head turn at the comment from the Marine, "So no chance of selling it as after market then. Sad." A thoughtful sound, "Although, I have been considering asking for permission to collect parts, if the opportunity arises."

"Once was good enough for me. I'm better off shooting them out of the sky then on the ground." Finn offers up as Eva moves away from the heavy bag. He nods to her as she touches his arm and then steps away from the heavy bag towards his gym bag. His hands are already wrapped for gloves to be put on, and he pulls out a pair of light weight black gloves from the bag and pulls them on. "I'm guessin' you aren't interested in sparring, Cherry?"

"Like I got fraked hard and put away wet in a dumpster?" Danica self-deprecates with a grin that look a little lopsided by the split in her lip. Not to put a fine point on it or anything, even if the bruises don't help downplaying that either. She doesn't resist Eva's aid, instead a catch in her expression has her surprised by it. "Thanks," she mumbles, as they move together to a wall where Danica can lean. Sitting right now probably sucks.

"I got a Raptor I can sell you for cheap," Dani grins at Gray, on the subject of aftermarket opportunities. "What're they like on the ground?," Danica asks, her attention turning to Finn.

Gray can't help but smirk at the idea of wrecked Centurions being turned into kitchen appliances. "Yeah, but what would the marketing line be? 'Your oven actually /might/ be trying to kill you'?" The idea of collecting parts does intrigue him, however...only to be supplanted by a question about his experience. "Annoying. They shoot at you and /everything/..." he offers with mock mild annoyance before shrugging. "They're bad guys trying to shoot at you that're made of metal and they don't like going down with just one shot. So...yeah, annoying." And then there's mention of sparring. "I might be...?" he offers, tentatively.

"Maybe the next round," Eva replies to Finn, "Besides, it's much more fun to watch you work." She casts a, 'you know what I mean,' look to Danica as the two women settle together. "I feel as though Cookie would love that. He used to be a Marine, before he became half-cyborg. Might help him keep active in the galley." Depending on how familiar Danica and Finn are with Eva's nicknames for people, they might recognize Cookie as her nickname for Brown, the PO in charge of the galley. "I think he looks like a much better opponent than me, Finn."

Finn finishes getting his gloves on, and arches an eyebrow at Gray. He nods once and motions for the sparring area, "Alright...Let's go for it. Points or rounds?" Which is to say, the box for set amounts of time, or each hit landed is a point. Finn glances to Eva and smirks at her, "Fun?" he shakes his head at her and then moves to the sparring area.

Danica waggles her eyebrows at Eva right back. It appears she's picking up what Eva's putting down, like that. "I could stand to watch some of our fine, fiiiine fellow worthy shipmates get better at their jobs. The docs say that the first step to recovery is.... watching dudes hit each other?" she grins at Finn and Gray before offering it back to Eva again. That's probably not what they said. At all.

"Rounds." Gray smiles. "Seems like a bit more fun." And with that, Gray's starting to get ready to pound some Air Wing a...er...have a nice friendly sparring round, getting gloves on and all that stuff. Yep, the Marine does look like he's expecting a good time.

"You don't think I keep you around just because you're an excellent pilot and I can count on you to keep me alive, do you, O'Day?" Eva rarely, pretty much never actually uses Finn's given name. Only when she's being absolutely serious. Which is probably not the case now, as she's returning Danica's grin, "I feel as though a good doctor would tell you to improve your spirits. A healthy, happy mind is the first step towards a healthy, happy body." A beat, "Well, that or cutting back on bacon with breakfast, but who would ever do that?" She settles in, to watch the two men square off.

Watching dudes hit each other is probably better than actually getting hit...unless you actually like to box. So while Finn waits for Gray he starts to stretch some. This should be interesting. "I'm Finn by the way." offers up Finn O'Day, aka Farm Boy. He's never actually met the marine before. "Best we know each other before we start pummeling, right?" And then a moment later he looks over to Eva, smirking at her, "I figured that was at least part of it, Thorne." Finn seemed to adopt Eva's decision to not use his given name some time ago.

Danica grins at Eva, watching the start of the Finn v. Gray sparoff. "Hey, they're weening me off the morpha already. It's gonna be aspirin from here until eternity soon, all I have left is bacon," she grins, somewhat ruefully at Eva. "I'm Reznik. Or Gopnik," she adds, introducing herself to Gray.

"Who would cut back on /that/?" he offers, somewhat incredulously, at the idea of cutting back on bacon. "Yeah, probably a good idea to know each other. I'm Gray. Nice to meet you, Finn" he offers to Finn. "...and you as well, Reznik...or Gopnik." Or, really, whichever she prefers. And with that, he begins to take up a stance to spar from.

"Well, thankfully, the galley has plenty of that." For a military vessel, where one would think they would go for healthy meals, they do serve a lot of bad for you...but delicious(!) foods. "I can't help with the morpha, but I can ask around to see if anyone has some herbal supplements. The gemenese are big on that, aren't they?" Eva settles in, happy to continue her conversation off to the side , while offering occasional unnecessary commentary to the two combatants.

And so Finn starts to dance a bit. His footwork is decent. Not amazing, but solid. The footwork that comes from years over practice that belies the lack of natural rhythm. Finn may be able to move, but it's all learned and practice, not instinct. Once he's gotten a few steps under him and he starts to jut forward, throwing light jabs here and there. He flicks them out as a test.

Finn rolls Melee (8 8 6 4 4 2 1) vs Gray's Melee (5 5 2 2 1 1)

Crushing Victory for Finn.

"Yeah, that's Lulezim says. That and lots of praying. Eat. Pray. Sleep. Pray. Do a sit up. Pray. Eat a cookie. Pray. Pray. Pray." She grins anyway, even if the idea of all that praying is a little above her pay grade as she look at Eva. "But sure, I'd appreciate that. I'll throw in some stims that I got extra to sweeten the pot?," she continues on the offer. "I could try praying but I think Aphrodite will tell me I've got the wrong department." Her eyes shift now and again back to the fight. "Kick his ass, Farmboy!" she grins at Finn. Wolfpack solidarity.

Gray does his best to dance...but if his performance is any indication, he's got two left feet. He takes a few swings at Finn, but the incoming shots are easy misses...and between that and the jeers coming from the sidelines, Gray is rather off his game and can't get out of the way of some incoming shots.

"I feel as though if there was less praying, and more cookies, I could really get behind possibly retiring to Gemenon, you know, once this magical, mystery ride is over. But only if they don't have raisins. Cookies should not have fruit in them. It defeats the purpose." Eva shakes her head, "If I can't get some herbs without giving up one of the most precious commodities a pilot has, then I am not worth my salt as a haggler. Don't worry, I have a little stash."

Finn rolls Melee (8 7 6 6 5 5 5) vs Gray's Melee (8 7 5 5 3 1)

Victory for Finn.

The gym is, as usual, a hub of activity. Over in the boxing ring area, Finn and Gray are sparring. Off to the side, Eva and a truly wrecked Danica are doing what bored pilots are best at, namely gossiping.

After the initial exchange, all jabs from Finn to get the lay of the land, there's a few fleeting steps as he transitions back and away from Gray, nodding just a bit. Admittedly, those first several attempts were easy enough to deflect or defend against. Gloves up and all. He takes a few larges steps left and then once more he shuffle steps in, hands up and looses another jab, followed up by a right cross. "Hands up, Gray, keep em up..."

"I think it depends on which Lord you pull for?," Danica states with a split lip grin to go with her bruised as hell face. There's a butterflied back together angry gash on her forehead and that's before we get to the cast on her arm and the way she leans on the wall like sitting is something that's not a thing anymore. She's talking to Eva and watching the fight. "Like, if you're all up on the Artemis front then you're never gonna touch a wang again." She grins at cheekily at Eva before she lets out a hoot for Finn's loose jab to Gray's middle.

Kahena is neither boxing nor gossiping. Instead, she wanders out of the doorway that leads to the pool area, in the process of wringing a towel through her long, damp hair. Sweatpants and fresh tanks replace the wet bathing suit she was likely wearing a few minutes ago, and her dark eyes gravitate toward the pair of menfolk taking jabs at one another, nearby. She pauses a moment to watch, curious.

Gray does as directed...and it helps: He's able to block more of the incoming jabs, and even possibly land a shot or two against Finn. Still, Finn probably notices Gray taking up a somewhat more defensive stance after the first part of the round. "Thanks for the thought..." he verbally jabs back, doing his best to ignore his (less-than-supportive) audience.

Overstreet emerges from the pool area, a few steps behind Kahena, just pulling on a cotton zip-up jacket, one standard issue, no frills, good ol' Galactica standard, along with running shoes, sweats, and a tank. Her hair is still damp. She enters the gym proper toweling off long, straight locks. She ambles to stand beside Kahena as she pauses to have a look at the goings on, pale eyes turned to the mat where there seems to be a dance in progress. She pulls her hair back, finger-combing it into a loose knot at the nape of her neck. Her gaze passes over Eva, then Danica, too, who looks as if she's been catching a lot of rogue punches with her face. "... Hm."

"Is that even a thing? I mean, a real, serious thing? You follow a god, and you have to do as they do? Wouldn't that entice people to just follow the good gods, like Bacchus? Rock and roll all night, party every day?" Clearly, Eva is not of the religious bent, "Good job, Gray!" I mean, he still got a punch in the face from Finn, but he's clearly making it harder for the other man. A shift in her line of sight, as two enter from the pool, and a momentary frown, as if Eva was trying to place them.

Finn rolls Melee (6 5 4 4 3 3 2) vs Gray's Melee (7 5 4 2 2 1)


Finn may have been in the lead up until this point, but coming to the middle of the round, either Gray's doing better, or Finn's distracted by all the ladies swooning over him...Or, you know, rooting for a fellow pilot. Whichever. He doesn't overpower Gray, nor does he find himself overpowered. He doesn't land any big hits, but neither does his opponent. Still...it's only the first round.

Danica lifts her casted arm to wave at both Overstreet and Kahena. She may not know them but that's not gonna stop her from saying hi. Her hand wanders to the two men fighting, indicating them. "Your boy needs a hometeam," she grins, her finger indicating Gray to the incoming Overstreet and Kahena. "Got any pomp pomps or one of them booty dances that the Pyramid cheerleaders do?"

Dani's attention shifts back to Eva. "I mean, Lulezim went to one of those schools that pull for Ares. They got rules about who you can marry and like, basically, how the rest of your life is gonna go. But you do get a pretty bad ass tattoo, so that's neat."

Kahena is just barely out of earshot of the two pilots discussing Artemis - the goddess whose symbol she just happens to wear, in the form of an ornate tatagka clasping her left ear. Her eyes flit over briefly as she finishes up with the towel, then return to Livvie when her fellow marine draws near. "Booty dances?" she queries quietly, in a circumspect fashion that suggests she's unsure of the meaning of that phrase.

It's probably a combination: If nothing else, Gray is simply less distracted than he was at the start, but he's also beginning to find something that may vaguely resemble a 'groove', blocking more shots and finally (roughly) matching Finn in terms of hits. It's not the total massacre it was setting up to be at the start, at least.

"See, now you completely lost me on Gemenon. I mean, if I have to follow rules after 24 years of this business, I'll just roll over and quit. No thank you." She lifts a hand as well, iferring, rightly or wrongly that the two women must be friends of Danica's, and of course, she doesn't want to be rude, "Even just the pom poms would be fine. Although, they seem to be bringing each other to a holding point. Middle of the road." She looks back at Finn, "You going to let him do that to you, O'Day?"

Finn rolls Melee (7 7 6 4 2 1 1) vs Gray's Melee (6 6 5 4 3 2)

Marginal Victory for Finn.

"I'm workin' on it, Cherry!" Finn calls out as he dances back a few steps and then to the right for a bit. He starts circling...circling. He feints a few jabs and then a right cross, followed up by a left hook. His form is starting to work for him again, though not as well as it was at the start. He'll take a shot or two in this exchange, but he seems confident enough. Damn cocky pilots.

Danica catches Kahena's tatagka as the lighting - such as it is - highlights it with a temporary glint. A slightly heavy swallow raking down her throat as she smiles at Kahena through slightly glassy eyes. Ho'shit. "Yeah, like, the chicks in tight shorts that dry hump the field anytime anything happens," she states with a certain enthusiastic approval. "I'd show you but Raptor stick manufacturers have asked me not to dance for the next 6-8 weeks. After that though? Clear the field, dude."

Livvie Overstreet shakes her head slightly, again with the, "Hm." Though this time it's a brief syllable, acknowledging Kahena's question. "Sexually suggestive gyration," is her elaboration for her fellow Sag, said just as quietly. She nods to Danica, acknowledging the wave. She glances over at Grey and says, more loudly, "If he loses, we'll PT him until he stops losing."

Gray instinctively rolls his eyes at the commentary from the sidelines...and yep, he's slightly off his game again. He still gets a shot or two in, but now he's just swinging a bit wide. He can tell what the problem is...he's just having trouble correcting it for the moment. It's looking like round one is /not/ going to end in his favor.

Finn rolls Melee (6 5 3 3 2 2 1) vs Gray's Melee (8 5 4 4 2 1)


Kahena looks from Livvie, back to Danica with a slight inching up of one brow and a slow sweep of her dark eyes over the suddenly awkward bus driver. Her faint smile doesn't look particularly angry. Amused, yes. Definitely amused. Maybe a little bit condescending. But that could just be the way Sagittarans look. Attention back on the fight, she finishes rubbing the towel through her hair and shoves it into her duffle with a shake of her head at Gray's performance. "He fights worse than my grandmother," she notes to Livvie.

Largely, Finn has managed himself quite well in this first round. As the last thirty seconds or so come to a close he ducks back in to Gray's reach and looses a few more shots. Still, this last exchange isn't in his favor. Simple jabs aren't going to take Gray down. He'll give as good as he gets, but no one's knocking anyone out right now. The buzzer times after thirty seconds and when it does, Finn backs away, hands up and over to go and reset it.

Eva flashes Finn a brilliant smile, before she looks over at Danica, "See? This is why I asked for him personally." Whether she's talking about her wingman's fighting style or, well, pretty much everything else about him, well, "You hear that, Gray? You do not want to get on the wrong side of those two." She jabs a quick finger at herself, then Danica, "Cherry (that's her), Gopnik (that's Dani). That there is Farm Boy, a fine, fine representative of Aerilon. That's Gray, you've probably already met." She doesn't know the inner workings of the Marines.

Danica offers Overstreet and Kahena a second wave, not that's it's needed. She offers Kahena a second closed mouth smile, it gilded in fine pallor of guilty caughtness. "I'm from Picon," she offers to the two women as if that explains possibly /everything/ before looking at Eva. "We're Lordsless heathens. We recently started wearing pants. It's been a real game changer."

By the end of the round Gray is neither proud nor upset with his performance...which, in all fairness, means that he probably could have done better. Still, he finishes the round on a decent enough note, smiling and catching his breath as the bell rings while letting Finn reset the clock.

"Your grandmother could kill us all," comes an amused reply from the older marine. Livvie can't help but laugh softly. She's only been aboard Galactica for a few days, but seems to know Kahena at least. To Eva, she says, "Livvie." She folds her towel neatly and tosses it over her shoulder. Since she busts no ones chops, she was probably joking about PTing folks. Or she isn't paying close enough attention to the actual sparring to see who's come out on top by points.

Finn rolls Melee (8 7 7 5 5 2 2) vs Gray's Melee (6 4 4 3 2 2)

Victory for Finn.

Start round 2...The rest clock buzzes about a minute later and then Finn sets it once more and it starts the timer for round 2. As soon as it is set, Finn moves back into the center of the sparring area and gets his hands up. He waits for Gray to get ready and get into the fight before he starts to move once more. He bobs and weaves this time, focusing a bit more on defense this time around, instead of quick firing punches at Gray. He's going for solid heavy blows instead. Feinted jabs and right hooks. So far, this is a good start.

It's entirely possible that it does. Explain everything. Kahena looks puzzled again by the pants comment, but doesn't ask for a translation this time. She does, however, continue to side-eye the pilot in between bouts of observing the sparring match. If she's pulling for either of the combatants, it isn't clear which one.

Gray does his best to block...but in general, after the first round he's really skewing too defensively. It's not that he doesn't block most of the inbound shots - that, he does. However he doesn't have many punches of his own that aren't aimed at deflecting Finn's punches: He's waiting for an opening and that opening just isn't forthcoming.

Eva tilts her head, giving Danica an entirely serious look, "Pants as is, we liked to go commando, or pants as in, we liked a nice breeze around our nether regions?" I mean is one of the perks of wearing skirts, yes?" She gives Livvie a nod, "Good to meet you." She turns her attention back to Finn, "If you win this round, I'll take another of your alert shifts." Now that's real incentive.

Finn rolls Melee (8 8 7 5 3 1 1) vs Gray's Melee (6 6 5 5 3 1)

Marginal Victory for Finn.

"Kick his ass, Gray!" Danica shouts, flipping teams. No loyalty this one, stupid Pican. Her eyes slide towards Kahena's observation, leaving it be before they concentrate again on the fight at hand. "Welll," Danica states in mild explanation as her attention turns towards Eva's question. "I think they tried to teach us a bunch of things - particle physics, super complicated economic theory, how to operate a waffle iron /without/ burning the shit out of hands- but the only thing that seemed to stick was the pants thing. So they threw up their hands and called it a civilization." Her eyes though account for Kahena's attentions again, looking at her more directly. "I'm kind of jackwagon. Call sign and whatever. I'd say you could punch me but your handwork would get lost on the canavas. You drink at all?

Much like his flying style, Finn is rather textbook as a boxer. There are pluses and minuses here. It makes him predictable in theory, but it also means that against less experienced opponents, he's a bit of a handful to deal with. He has a sort of cold and detached way of fighting and of flying. "What happened to wolfpack solidarity?" Finn calls back towards Danica and then he glances briefly at Eva, smirking at her, "Frak, that's a good offer, Cherry." And then he turns back into the fight, slipping once more into Gray's reach and loosing several more combinations at him.

Overstreet smiles to Eva and Dani, glances by the sparring again, taking brief stock of Finn's stance and Gray's hands. She spends a bit longer watching Gray, not that either's truly a notable duration. She's not shopping for organs.

Livvie looks to Kahena, and reaches up to touch the other woman's shoulder. "Will you join me for breakfast the day after tomorrow?"

Where Finn is textbook, Gray...clearly needs work. Unlike Finn, this...might not be one of Gray's pastimes. The truth is that he's mostly holding his own, but 'mostly' and boxing aren't like 'close' and hand grenades, and each shot Finn gets in wears him down just a little bit more.

Eva looks back at Dani, "And that's why he keeps me around." But Dani's comments towards the two female marines gets her the side-eye, "I think that last hit of morpha is finally starting to kick in." Well, that or this is Pican withdrawal symptoms to the good drugs. "Kick him in the balls." Hey, if the punching isn't working, right?

Finn rolls Melee (6 6 4 4 2 2 1) vs Gray's Melee (8 7 4 4 2 1)


It probably helps that they are sparring and not brawling right now. Sparring matches are short and they are about points, not broken bones. Still, Finn isn't throwing out light taps. Once more he moves in for an exchange of blows, combinations being thrown out perhaps a touch more quickly than they should be. Maybe he's trying to close in on an advantage, or he's overreaching to make up for getting tired. Or maybe he really wants that alert shift cover from Eva. Regardless, this exchange is more of a draw.

"Of course I drink," Kahena replies with a little twist of her lips to the side like she inadvertently sucked on a lemon. "I understand words come out of your mouth. I do not understand what they mean, when put together." Her tone isn't unkind; merely discombobulated. "If you want me to punch you, though, you wait until I have gloves. So I don't break your face." And she smiles, oblivious to anything that might have been lost in translation there. To Overstreet, a small but firm nod; she switches smoothly to Sagittaran, "Certainly. I've heard there'll be french toast in the Mess tomorrow morning, if we get there quickly enough before the pilots snap it all up."

Danica shrugs at Finn with apology before grinning at him. "Yeah, yeah, I'll take one of your watch shifts for my frakin' disloyalty. They might get salty when I take your Viper out, though." She grins at Finn with a (no so) innocent cat quality that tries to trap the canary in her mouth. She lets out a laugh for Eva's much more on the nose directive. "Nice," she grins at Eva with approval. "Morpha's weird shit, man. You have pretty good sex dreams, though, on it." Danica offers informationally, just in case anyone ever at all even once wondered about that.

"That's fair," she remarks to Kahena. "But let's get drunk first. We're gonna free your inner Artemis. You look like the type that likes to work it out on the dance floor. Respect." She grins brightly at Kahena before she whispers at her. "We're gonna be friends, dude."

Gray actually starts trying to get some punches in as Finn seems to fade just a bit. He's not overly-aggressive in terms of this...he's had a dropped guard taken advantage of just enough that he doesn't want to risk that. Even if, in spite of his weaknesses, the match is slowly but clearly taking its toll.

Finn rolls Melee (8 8 7 6 6 6 3) vs Gray's Melee (8 8 5 5 2 1)

Crushing Victory for Finn.

Danica's information is useful, "If that's the case, then I need to get shot down or blown up immediately." Only two ways to go, as a Viper pilot. "Just don't ask questions when she starts flying your viper backwards, Farm Boy." Eva turns to Dani, keeping calm under the increasingly loopy track of the drugged up woman's banter, "Come on, Gopnik, I think you can make friends more later. You need some rack time."

Livvie inclines her head slightly as she listens to Kahena's reply, a smile once again springing to her lips. "That, then. I haven't tried it in quite some time." That's in Standard. It's nice to hear and speak a little Sag now and then. Her hand drops from Kahena's shoulder with her question asked and answered. The Sergeant says to Danica, "You are very high." That's marine built observational prowess right there.

Danica grins, her head nodding very slowly at Livvie in confirmation. "Yup!" she affirms with grin as Eva steadies her away from the wall. "You should come drinking too. You got pretty hair!" She swings her attention Eva's way as Eva mercifully starts to remove her. "Just don't die. You're way too hot to die like that. Die under a Marine or something." Career advice.

Maybe he just needed to bide his time. Maybe he decided it was time to go hard. Either way, Finn jukes right with a quick shuffle step and then throws out two jabs in quick succession and then one very big right cross and left hook combo. At full power, these are bone breaking hits. In a sparring match, they are still, and they'll bruise, but aside from that and a headache, they aren't going to cause long term injury. Eva should recognize a hit like that, it's the one that put her on the ground last time she sparred with Finn.

And Gray was /wide/ open: He'd picked that moment to try and swing hard for Finn, and suddenly he feels one harsh punch to his head...and then another one from the other side? The Marine actually looks more than a little confused as he drops to the ground...he's not properly KOed, but for a sparring match it's clearly enough: He's on the ground and clearly trying to regain his bearings.

Did Danica just say something about 'freeing her inner Artemis'? Kahena, so distracted from the sparring match by now that she entirely misses the outcome of the marine/pilot dustup, simply stares at Danica for a few seconds in what has as much chance of being horror as confusion. She hitches her duffle's strap up on her shoulder, levels one last look at the morpha'd up pilot, and curves a quick smile to Overstreet before sauntering for the hatch.

"Hm," is Livvie's entire reply to Danica's commentary this time. Her tone is hard to place, and her expression gives little away. She glances over at the mat, and the marine on it, smiles faintly, and turns for the hatch herself.

"Forget she said that. She can't be held responsible for what she's saying." That Eva aims at the two female marines. To Dani she quips, instead, "Isn't that how you want to die? Under a Marine?" She walks Dani past the mat just as Finn pulls his surprise move and Gray goes down, "Never trust a farm boy." She's got her hands full, and so leaves it for Finn to make sure Gray is alright, "Extra sleep shift for you, O'Day."

The moment Gray goes down, Finn steps over and kneels next to him, checking to make sure he's ok. "Relax, Gray. You'll be alright. I'm gonna get you some water, you just lay back. You're head will stop spinning soon." And then he turns and moves off to grab his water bottle for Gray. To Eva he just grins, "Sweet...nice doin business, Cherry."

Gray...quickly decides to give the world a few minutes to stop spinning when his first attempt to get up doesn't get anywhere. "C...copy that..." Deep breath, deep breath...and then the welcome bottle of water comes in. "Good match, Finn..." he says as, world spinning aside, his wits slowly come back to him.


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