2236-12-20 - Creature Comforts

Finn's bunk is invaded, but Eva comes bearing gifts.

Date: 2236-12-20

Location: Officers' Berthing, Deck 7, //Galactica//

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Aerilon airspace has been invaded. At least the imaginary airspace that belongs to those members of the officer's berthings that are from Aerilon. Eva, apparently, has decided that Finn doesn't actually need his rack. After all, he's off on duty or something...whatever, just not in his bunk. She's sitting cross-legged, a rag quilt piled up in her lap as she works on the last little bits of it.

Given that most of the Wolfpack is on CAP right now, the officer berthings are mercifully quiet. Which is what Finn was counting on. He enters the berthings from having showered, and cleaned up from some time in the gym, and specifically not on duty. They've built up more crew, there's more downtime now. Not a lot of it, but more of it. Finn has a towel over his shoulders and apparently he dressed in the showers, as he's wearing sweat pants. He eyes Eva when he spots her in his bunk and smirks a bit, moving off towards his locker next to his bunk, "Comfy?"

"Very, actually." Eva scoots over, leaving plenty of room, such as the bunk affords, and pats the bedding next to her, "I was hoping to be finished before you got back, I even sent that JiG with the high and tight in there to try to distract you, but it clearly didn't work." Or the woman chickened out before she ventured into the head. She doesn't have much work left, and her hands are familiar enough with the simple task of finishing the seam that she sews and talks easily enough.

Finn sits down in the motioned to seat, leaving the towel around his neck hanging on the locker door he just opened. "It's a comfy bunk, I know." He grins just a bit and settles back against the back wall of his rack. "No one tried to distract me...You should get your cubits back." He stretches...which is easier with more room. So his legs stretch out over Eva for a few moments. And then conveniently rest there. Handy dandy Eva. "Whatcha workin on here?"

Eva shifts on the bunk, even moving the quilt out of the way so that Finn can stretch out his legs across her lap. "My Da's been sending me scraps and bits and bobs. He knows I like to keep myself busy, and there's no way they were going to OK a potter's wheel up here." The woman doesn't do anything fun like drink or smoke. She's all about textiles on this tour, "So I just put things together." She ties off the thread, the seam finished, and bites off the excess thread. The needle she sticks into a cushion she has attached to her wrist with some velcro, and she picks up the quilt, tossing it over him. It has various patterns and colours, but most are in the colour ranges of Aerilon's colours.

Finn...well, Finn drinks. It doesn't seem to impact his flying or his workout routine. He lays his head back against his pillow with his legs stretched out across Eva's lap. He arches a brow at her description of why she's been sewing and huhs quietly. "Crafty of you..." he muses. And then when she puts the quilt on him he arches a brow just a bit, "This for me?" A slow grin creeps across his features.

Eva has never made any judgement on Finn's habits. They work well together and that is good enough for her, "It helps to keep my fingers from getting stiff." She may not look, most days, all of her thirty, now recently, six years, but her career is starting to take its toll on her. Well, that and the fact that she hates to work out and likes too much dessert. "Yeah. I figured you might like something nicer than the burlap sheet they try to convince you is a blanket."

Conversely, Finn looks older than his thirty years. The weathered skin of years of outdoor labor, the small scars around his eyes and nose from too many fights. He probably looks closer to his mid thirties than his early thirties. "Yeah, boxing's not exactly easy on the hands." he offers by way of commiseration. He holds up his right hand, still bruised from knocking out Gray, by way of example. He smiles then at her, "Thank you, Eva...Seriously...Haven't had anyone make me anything in a long time..."

Eva takes the hand Finn holds up, hands moving with the skill of long practice, as she gently massages the bruised skin. If there were any doubt that she was a miner's daughter, this would be the proof; knowing how to tend to the aches and pains of long days of back breaking labour. "You're welcome, Finn." She looks down, studying the man's hand, "Do you box because you honestly enjoy it, or because it gives you a chance to beat up your demons by proxy?"

Finn doesn't put up any sort of fight here. Honestly, he usually does this himself. He shrugs a bit and watches Eva. His breathing shifts slightly, becoming somewhat more contented. "Little bit of both? I was never good enough to go very far with it. Still...I like how I feel afterwards." His tone, quiet and reserved, would imply this isn't something he often discusses.

Eva moves slowly, carefully, not wanting to make the pain worse. She'll switch to the left hand and then alternate, if you allow it, "It's very popular on Hibernia. There are a number of local places where they do bare knuckles boxing," she pauses, then continues, "with just the wraps like you wear under your gloves," she doesn't know if they have that sort of thing on Aerilon, so she offers an explanation, at least as far as an outsider can explain it, "The men needed it, I guess after putting up with the overseers and the deadlines."

Never one to fight a good hand massage, Finn doesn't pull back when she switches hands. "They do some of that on Aerilon. Young farm hands fight for pride...some for wages. I didn't fight bare knuckle, got lucky. My dad kept me in a league so I wouldn't get mixed up with that. And then I fought in the Aerilon Navy some. Organized bouts. I wasn't ever the top dog though." He shrugs slightly, "It's a way to pass the time...and to feel in control."

Eva considers, listening to your stories about Aerilon, "I think it's pride on Hibernia, mainly. Most of the bosses, well, they're Virgon and would sooner spit on you than acknowledge that you're a human being. It's hard to live that way and keep your self-esteem intact. So they fight each other to try, I suppose, to say, "I'm worth something. I matter." She looks back towards you, away from what her hands are doing, "Do you feel out of control most of the time?"

There's a silence for a time at that. Finn seems to give the question actual consideration. "Not when I'm in a viper..." he offers helpfully with a grin. And then he adds on, "The rest of the time? Hard to feel in control in a war I guess. No say over what's going on, no way to control your destiny. We react."

Eva remains silent, thoughtful, as she takes in your answer, "I don't know that I agree with you." Her words are said gently, with no desire to instigate an argument, "I think that even in war, everything that we do is about exerting control over our situations. You didn't have to stay in the military. Or take the seconding to or volunteering for Galactica. You didn't have to say yes when I asked you if you would fly with me whenever our shifts coincide. You made all of those choices. We can't control the world, but we can control the way we respond to it."

A shrug is his initial response, and Finn remains quiet for several moments again. "Could be." He offers a vague, weak smile. "Could be. I did make those choices..." He clears his throat a bit, "Maybe you're right...who knows, you know?" Well that was a solid series vague answers that went no where.

Eva returns the smile, finally releasing Finn's hands, and adjusting the quilt around his legs, "I don't know if people are in the habit of saying these sorts of things to you, but you're a good man, Finn O'Day. And I'm lucky to have you on my wing and at my back. I couldn't ask for better."

Finn smirks just a bit at that and adjusts some to sit up once more, though he does leave his legs resting across Eva. "Not that I recall of late." He keeps the grin, and nods to her, "Thank you, Eva Thorne. I'm lucky to have you on my wing as well." A beat pause, "Plus you look nice sittin on my bunk, makin me blankets."

Eva laughs, settling herself more comfortably as you move to a better position. As she's still serving as your leg rest, she also pulls some of the quilt across your legs and her lap, "It's the red hair. It contrasts so well with the grey of the quilt." She looks around the bunk, "And the paint...and the rest of the bedding..and most of the ship." A grin, "At least you never have to worry about losing sight of me in a crowd."

"Yeah, the hair helps." Finn confirms with a grin. Once they have both made themselves comfortable, he nods, looking from her hair, to the wall of the bunk and huhs quietly. "Yeah...It does really set you up nicely against the wall of the ship. Bet outside of a Battlestar, you'd say you're down right plain Jane lookin, huh?" He pauses just a brief moment and adds on, "I'm not saying that, but I bet you'd say that."

Eva gives the question her full consideration, as she settles, leaning back against the back of the bunk, "No. I wouldn't say that. And I don't mean that to sound arrogant. But I know that other people consider me attractive, despite the fact that I tend towards being rounder than seems to be the fashion for beauty standards in most of the colonies. In the same way that you have to know that you are attractive yourself. I acknowledge it, but I don't really pay it much mind, because it's not something that I can really take any credit for or do anything about." She pauses, as one might pause to pick up a piece of dropped thread, "Believe me, there were years when I tried everything that I could. I suppose that's why most of the time I still fall back into the 'funny, fat friend' role.

"Sure...I'm in pretty solid shape...and I'm not bad looking. I get it." Finn replies, and then he arches a brow at Eva, chuckling just a bit, "Fat friend?" He shakes his head at her after that. "Seriously? Because I've seen fat people..." You know...not a lot of them on Aerilon. Farmers do physical, back breaking labor seven days a week. So most of the people that Finn knew growing up were not fat. "You aren't one of em. You got nothin' to be ashamed of in the looks department. You're definitely good looking."

Eva shakes her head, lifting a hand to wave away the comment, "I don't mean that literally, though I do thank you for the compliment. It's sort of a stereotype from TV and movies. You know how in most movies they'll have the beautiful, popular girl, and then she always has a sidekick whose usually fat, or unattractive, but is really funny? What she lacks in looks, she makes up for in wit. It's sort of the same sort of trope that the girl whose ugly, but then once she takes off her glasses and blows out her hair, and maybe takes off her braces or retainer, she turns into a beauty queen. There were a lot of years, especially when I was in the Academy, and on my first few tours when I worked very hard to be that sidekick, so that people wouldn't look at me as anything else. And I still find myself falling into that roll, even years later."

Finn ahhhs quietly, "I get it now." he nods to her and offers a quick flash of a smile, "And that makes sense. I never really had to change my look or personality much to fit in..." But then, Finn looks like a viper jock. "I just kept to myself during my first tour and in the Academy." Which fits his personality.

"No, you wouldn't have to. You're both a man, and capable of taking care of yourself. Even if a woman were inclined, I can't imagine her thinking, 'I could catch him unawares and just take advantage of him.' Although it can be done, it would be pretty damned difficult to assault you. Physically or sexually." There's nothing accusatory or angry in her tone. She's doing nothing more or less than stating a fact. "It's not the same for women. And especially not from women who are from a segment of people who aren't usually thought of as deserving of the same respect and dignity as others."

There's a slow nod that follows her statement. Finn frowns a bit and considers Eva. To levity, or not to levity. "Pretty sure I'd take someone trying at this point." Finn jests with a mild sort of amused look. "In case you haven't noticed, I don't get around as much as some of the pilots." A beat pause and he adds on, "But your point is well taken. I have no idea what that's gotta be like for you and the other female pilots. I figure, the least I can do is to act like a gentleman and assume no woman is ever interested. That way I'm not in the wrong." Right...that makes sense.

Eva laughs, she can't help it. Whether or not there was levity intended, she definitely finds it, "I think you just have your head so far down you don't notice when someone's looking you over. I could name half a dozen women off the top of my head that would jump on and ride you like a bicycle, if you gave them half a chance. You just don't ever seem to be looking at them when they're looking at you." A shake of her head, "There are all sorts of rumours flying around. I think the theory that has the most traction, at the moment, is that you must already be married, and one of those rare, faithful husbands."

"Like a bicycle, huh? Never had one of those..." Finn muses idly, half a smirk across his features. The smirk fades though a few moments later and shakes his head, looking down at this hands, fingers fidgeting idly. "Not married, no. I was once. She died a few years ago..." A beat pause and he adds on flatly, "Cancer." He looks back up to Eva and says a bit more quietly, "Not that I need that to be the next thing floating around the rumor mill."

Eva reaches out, her own hands settling on yours, as if she might quiet the fidgeting, "I never had one either. But I've seen them in videos and movies." There's sympathy in her expression, at the revelation, "I'm sorry, Finn. I can't say I know exactly how you feel, I don't, but I saw what losing my mother did to my father." A shake of her head, "Of course not. I would never betray your confidence."

The smile he has on is weak, for show. That's the kind of pain that doesn't go away. "I appreciate it. Let them keep thinking whatever they want to think. I'm not opposed to meeting someone. Just not entirely interesting in something random." He pauses a beat, "Been there, done that, you know?"

Eva keeps hold of your hands, if you allow it, the closest she can get to any other sort of affectionate or compassionate gesture given her current occupation as your leg rest, "Yes, I know. And I don't blame you. No one wants to deal with that fallout, and you shouldn't have to settle. I just...I wish good things for you. You deserve some happiness."

Timing here would be somewhat fortuitous then. Finn, seemingly finding this positioning a touch awkward given how the conversation has turned moves his legs a bit and shifts a bit to sit next to Eva. "I have a bit. I get to fly. My wingmate's a hot lady instead of some sweaty, mouthy dude. That's gotta count for something, right?" He smirks faintly, shifting the conversation much as he'd done with his sitting position.

Eva moves as well, sitting back cross-legged, ans scooting to give you room. You know, seeing as it's your own bunk and all, you sort of deserve the bigger half. "Well, that is true. I mean, I can be mouthy, but I do it with real flair." She leans in, chucking you with her shoulder, before she sits back up straight. "Also, you are 2 for 2 in the boxing ring. A few more and people will be lining up to take you on."

"See, just one more thing I got going for me. I can beat up amateur's with the best of em." Finn quips, grinning to himself. The chuck to his shoulder is met with a smile and he sways away from her and then back in again, shoulder thumping into hers. "And yeah...you're mouthy, but I've learned to live with it."

"That's practically a bonus to being stuck on this ship, pretty much everyone is an amateur. So you could have matches from now until you were discharged." A grin, as she sways to one side before righting herself, "I do the best that I can. Although Gopnik, now she makes me look like an amateur in that department.

"Gopnik...She's the one who was hurt in the raptor malfunction, right?" Finn inquires, brow raised. He seems to think for a few moments and then he shrugs, "I wouldn't mind some sparring sessions with a few seasoned fighters...If only so I can lose and break my pretty face. Then you'll swoon all over me...It'll be really, quite magical I think." Welcome back to the party, levity.

"Yes, that's her. She was providing your colourful commentary the night you fought with Gray." Eva frowns, a thoughtful expression, "I know there's been some talk about organizing pyramid games. Why couldn't we also put out feelers for a boxing thing. All comes to a certain date and time, and then fighters get matched up. You advance from round to round until there's only one left. Gladiator style." Eva laughs, the sound so sudden it turns into an almost hiccup, "Oh, it really would. I would even have a basket filled with supplies to nurse you back to health."

A nod is offered by Finn as he seems to recall Gopnik now. "Boxing tournaments not a bad idea. I've served with a few other navies. We didn't do it in Aerilon, but they did it a couple of other ships. Let everyone fight...Maybe a pot for the winner. Something." He shrugs. "I like it. Doubt I'd get very far, but I like it." He then grins at her laugh, arching an eyebrow, "A basket of goodies, huh? Don't tempt me, I'll get hurt just to see what's in it."

"And it might help to get people more comfortable with each other. There's still a lot of friction between people from different colonies. Not only ones that don't like each other, but also people who just don't know what is and isn't proper. Something like a tournament, one that people can participate in and watch at the same time, might be just the thing to get people actually talking and bonding over a shred experience that doesn't involve trying to kill a cylon." A smirk, playful, "Now you're going to make me want to go down to the quartermaster and see if he has any extra baskets lying around. Speaking of, but not really, are you aiming for rack time this cycle, or were you just sitting here to make me happy?"

"I think that's a good idea. Somewhere rank doesn't matter...colony doesn't matter. It'd be good. I'll see if I can reserve a ring, get something setup for seats...Should be doable." Hopefully. Finn eyes the playful smirk and grins lightly at Eva. "I should probably get some rack time...Not that I don't like keeping you happy, but I should sleep." He leans forward, and provided she doesn't pull back, kisses her forehead quickly, "Thank you for the quilt, Cherry...Honestly, this is the nicest thing anyone's done for me in a long time."

"Yes, exactly. A place where people can just be themselves without having to worry about all of the things that, in most cases, don't really matter." She scoots forward, unfolding her legs and kicking them over the edge. Thankfully, it's a bottom bunk, and she won't have to drop down to the floor below. She accepts the kiss with a smile, a squeeze of your hand, and a slight lean of her back and shoulder into your chest. It's not quite a hug, but as close as one can manage in this position. "You're welcome, Farm Boy. Get some rest, I'll catch you later." She slides out from the end of the quilt and exits the bunk, reaching back to pull the curtain for you.


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