2236-12-21 - Going for a Swim

A SCUBA team goes to retrieve the black box from the Raptor that crashed in the lake.

Date: 2236-12-21

Location: Atray Province, Tauron

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The XO isn't really "supposed to" leave the ship. But Colonel Ryan has a reputation for being hands-on, sometimes to a bizarre degree, and really who's going to challenge him on what is is or isn't supposed to do, other than the Admiral herself? Nobody. And so it is that the folks who answered the XO's call for SCUBA divers actually find themselves preparing to dive with the XO. He has just finished the mission briefing on the hangar deck. Basically - dive down in the area where Raptor Alpha Two Niner went down in the lake, find the wreckage, find the black box, don't drown, hopefully don't get attacked by Cylons. The lake is expected to be very cold, so they've got appropriate dive suits. The Raptor's waiting, as the team prepares to board.

A part of Charlie almost ignored the call. She knows that lake. That Raptor. Ultimately, it was that and a desire to overcome her own fear that drove her to signing on. The recon marine is crouched by their ride's wing, going over her own kid. Double-checking fabric to ensure there's no rips or tears, checking hoses, and so on. She looks up and over to the XO; mildly, but not overly anxious. "We aiming to recover the whole bird or just parts?"

Kahena is one of the handful of crew who was tapped for this mission, owing purely to the fact that she had the misfortune of putting her hand up when marines who knew how to swim were called for in morning briefing. She arrives on deck in combat gear, wetsuit jammed into her pack; she plans, evidently, on changing enroute to the drop point. Charlie is noted as she approaches, and given a brief nod of acknowledgement.

Overstreet is just tucking the ends of her long hair up into a sleek, tight crown braid. She wears the cold water wetsuit, her duty boots, and a dive knife is strapped to her thigh. The marine also carries a mesh bag which clips easily to a weighted belt slung across her hips, currently containing at least a dive hoodie and booties and fins.

"Just the black box," Ryan tells Charlie. Kahena's lack of wetsuit is given a curious glance. "Thought you were diving?" he wonders. Because there are a couple other marines filtering into the group to provide overwatch, and two other guys in wetsuits. He climbs up into the Raptor, where the flight crew reports that they're ready to go as soon as everyone gets situated.

Kahena likely wasn't counting on being addressed directly by the ship's XO. She stares at him blankly for a moment or two, then manages a dutiful, "Yes, sir," before ducking into the raptor to change into the wetsuit in her pack. Luckily, she's a pro at hot switching gear. Her hair is fixed last, deft fingers working it into a long, sleek braid with an elastic at both the top and bottom.

The breathing apparatus is the only thing Charlie isn't wearing yet. Too bulky and awkward for the ride out. "I recall roughly where it went down," she's saying, giving an upnod in Kahena's direction as she notices the other marine. "But not which direction." Nose or tail down. She'd been rattled around, after all. Once settled into the Raptor, she buckles in and sits back for the ride.

Livvie Overstreet is new to the Galactica, having shuttled in only last week, and is probably mostly known for the volume of laundry she brought with her. She hops up into the raptor with a smile to Kahena. It's not like all Sagittarans are paranoid about having enough gear, or getting shot down before they get to the water, but you can bet there's some kind of food in the mesh bag Livvie carries, sealed against water. Sag folk aren't paranoid. They're gifted with an abundance of preparedness.

Ryan nods to Charlie. "We have the coords of the spot where you were all picked up, so that'll give you a place to start." He settles into a spot on the bench, seemingly unruffled. "Anyone done cold-water dives before?" he wonders idly as the Raptor takes off.

"Not this cold," Charlie admits, settling in for the ride. She may even doze off at some point; a required skill for all marines. "But I made it through sans suit, so I'll make it with one."

"Yes," volunteers PFC Fortune from the back of the raptor, chin up as she tugs up the zipper on her wetsuit and cinches her armbands snug around each bicep. "I am thinking, we may have anywhere from fifteen minutes to two hours in there, before we lose consciousness. Is the raptor to remain on standby?" Her speech is careful and heavily accented; she likely shares a colony with Livvie, by the sounds of it.

Livvie pulls her zip and fastens the velcro over the back of her neck, sealing in the zipper in. "Rarely with a tank," she says, ostensibly to Ryan. Once in her seat, she swaps to dive booties and does a few slow stretches to test the flexibility of the suit, which is thicker than her usual attire. "So this should be mellow." Diving with potential enemy complication doesn't seem to phase her. Despite her somewhat laconic nature, she does seem alert and certainly looking forward to the dive.

Ryan nods to the trio. His eyes drift toward Kahena. "Hopefully we'll get closer to the two-hour mark. The water isn't frozen... though I'm sure it felt like it taking a dip in fatigues," he says with a sympathetic glance to Charlie. "But cold water dives can be a shock if you're not used to them. Don't hesitate to bail if you get into trouble. Not looking to lose people trying to get a piece of a wrecked Raptor." Belatedly he adds, "And yeah, the Raptor will be standing by on shore for us. We'll have a medic -" he gestures to one of the marines, "And some warm clothes and drinks waiting."

During the flight, the Raptor ECO reviews the expected location of the black box using the actual Raptor they're in to demonstrate. Before too long, they bird is touching down on the shore of the lake. It's cold but no snow on the ground here today.

"Will any of those drinks contain whiskey?" Charlie's voice is hopeful, but it's clear she doesn't have terribly high hopes on that front. Not on a mission. Not with the XO along. She does pay attention to what the ECO goes over, making mental notes. Once off the Raptor, the woman starts getting her tank situated, checking over her gear and starting for the water with the rest once ready.

Kahena smiles slightly at the question from Charlie, but she's mostly about business. Not that she looks the type to be drinking on or off the job. Unaccustomed to going in without her rifle and collection of sights, she checks her sidearm briefly before slotting it into the tactical holster at her hip. "I suggest we fan out until we can triangulate the position of the raptor," she tells the XO, gaze going to the windscreen as they touch down, and noting at least the lack of snow. That's something.

Livvie nods at the termination of review of from whence the black box must be yanked. She has a small pry bar for just such a purpose, in case the hull or plating is difficult. When you want parts and you want 'em fast, send marines. You'll probably even get the parts more or less intact. "Strobing acoustic beacons should do the trick." She hefts her tanks.

"If not, I think we'd best bring it up with the airline honchos," Ryan says with a good-natured chuckle after Charlie's question. He nods to Kahena then. "Can do. Don't get too far from your partner though. You and Overstreet. Me and Phillips. Wagner and Holiday." Once the Raptor has settled, he's picking up his tanks and leading the way out.

"Dunno about fast. That water was damn cold." But they're in wetsuits, so it'll help avoid that sluggisness from the weariness. Charlie nods to her own partner, following after the XO towards the water. Aiming for their 'sector' of the search. The lights on her suit are enabled. Wouldn't do to get lost in the lake, after all.

Kahena tugs up the hood on her wetsuit, and pulls her goggles on over top of it, followed by the breathing apparatus. "We move quickly then," she tells Charlie, voice muffled behind her equipment. There's a quick darting of dark eyes toward the woman, then to Livvie, before they switch to scanning the expanse of water she's about to get up close and personal with. "Ready?"

"Always." Livvie straps her tanks on once down off the raptor wing, and carries her fins and mask looped around the fingers of one hand. Her steps toward the water are light, a few sweeping glances of their surroundings taken before her full attention goes to the lake. She pulls on her dive hood then mask, the latter left up on her forehead until submerged. "Should have made a wager," she calls to her fellow Sag.

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