2236-12-27 - We Have No Secrets (Except These Secrets)

Mikolas finds out information about Danica that has been withheld from him. Eli's good deed can't go unpunished.

Date: 2236-12-27

Location: Officer Berthings

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Scene Number: 934

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It isn't completely unheard of that an enlisted should brave the lion's den of the Officers' Berthing, so long as they behave themselves and it doesn't become a too regular occurrence. Perhaps what is odd, however, is that one Mikolas Kovac of the marines has taken up residency within their bunks. Most notably that of Danica's. He's made himself at home too, kicking off his boots and tucking them along the wall on the floor. The privacy curtain is only half pulled shut, and so his noisy snoring flitters out with every deep exhale of sleep. Wearing just CMC stamped sweatpants, he's in a tangle of her bedding and drooling on the balled up pillow beneath his stubbled cheek. She might never get the smell of medic out of her sheets.

Washing Miko's sheets after the glitter incident is now considered handled. And by that, one means, Dani bribed someone on laundry duty with Pican chocolate, bourbon, and a couple stim pills to do it for her- ahhh, the joys of the pop up ship economy. That's given her time for a long shower to get most of the glitter off her, even there's still pieces somehow magically appearing from out of her hair and at least one ear. So, it's pretty unexpected that she finds Miko /in/ her bunk and not just /around/ the Officer berthing area. She stops, wobbling slightly at the sight just beyond the half-open privacy curtain and takes it in.

A small sigh is pushed out of her closed mouth as her hand allows her to lean on the bunk space as she watches him. Her smile complicated as she observes him and falling into a conflicted space. She hesitates, her hand reaching out to tap him on one shoulder and again, debating if she should just get in herself but instead, she veers at the last minute. She leans into the bunk as quietly and carefully as possible, reaching beyond him and into a small basket full of stuff in a cubby. Trying to very, very quietly retrieve something, which is unfortunate since everything in that little basket is choosing now to make what feels like riotous levels of noise.

Some where during her stalker-like waffling decision, Miko's breathing becomes quieter, the snore falling away to just a low rumble in his chest like a thunder cloud stubborn about the storm coming to an end. It's somewhere around the time that plastic clinks against metal that his sleepy voice pokes fun up at the figure leaning over him. "Sure you weren't born on Tauron? Because you're like a frakking bull." Half-blindly he reaches up, following the length of her arm with patting fingers until they close on the edge of the basket and he just passes over the whole damn thing. "You smell like a girl."

"You never complained before." Dani's eyebrow quirks just slightly down at Miko not elaborating about which part: the girl part or the Tauran sensibility for delicacy in all things. Her hands take the small basket from him, juggling it to her casted hand as she gives into the hesitation to touch him on one shoulder. "Go back to sleep, I'll find another bunk," she informs him, managing a small, soft smile for him. "I just needed... something." Y'know, officer things. Girl smelling things. A Tauran pocket marching band.

Eli is still looking weary and haggard. Seeing as he's wearing scrubs, it can be implied that he's just off duty. He pauses and squints at Mikolas' shape. He considers for a moment, making an issue of it. Instead he just lifts a shoulder and moves towards his own bunk which is a few racks away. He's got a lower one, not far from the door, to more easily slip out in an emergency without disturbing others.

Miko rolls over onto his side, mainly so his body can clamshell around Danica with knees and elbows. He's just about to raise a hand to give her a firm slap on the backside when he spies Eli traipsing in. "Hey Doc. I'm selling spankings, one credit a piece. I'm letting you get in on the ground floor, before the rump is red."

Danica is half in her own bunk, leaning over at Mikolas. This can't possibly look as awkward as it feels, right? ...right? But Dani appears not the wilting type as she looks over her shoulder and scrunches slightly lower to get a better look at Eli. Eli for being present gets a roll of the eyes directed at Miko's comment. "Just what you wanted, I'm sure," she offers with an apologetic grin before she withdraws from the bunk, only to sit in the created space Miko's allowed by shifting around. The basket placed in her lap as she tries to root around in it, quietly for whatever's at the bottom that she needs. "He's here by war crimes," she informs Eli, turning her head to glance at Miko with a shit-eating grin. Still not sorry.

Eli levels his gaze on Miko. "Do I really have to go into why that's inappropriate, Sergeant?" He reaches into his bunk for his off-duty sweats and tugs the scrubs over his head to reveal a white tank top. He's got an angry scar on his left bicep. "Look, I'm not a stickler for the rules, but some people are. Just as long as you both know you're on thin ice." He runs a hand over his head. His hair sticks up in mighty bedhead without him ever lying down.

"Yes!" Miko points at Eli, now that his prey has released herself from his evil clutches. "Tell me, oh wise one, what regulations I've busted. Either I'll vow to do better, or your voice will lull me back to sleep." He rolls back into a supine position, lifting his foot to wiggle his socked toes in Danica's face while she roots around. "She glitter bombed my bunk - and me - I needed some rack time before my night shift." Wiggle wiggle wiggle. Smell the marine boot funk, Dani!

Danica pauses in her basket rooting to show Eli a conceding, not casted hand. "Hey, that's fair. If anything, I'm the one who needs the bust since I created the situation," she replies with an understanding nod and a willingness to fall on this sword. Her mouth twitches a temporary burst of glee. Stilllll not sorry. "But in fairness, if I may? Reynolds has brought a quantity of Marines into her bunk which I shant articulate because that would be slut shaming. So I'm not saying but I /am/ saying that she fakes orgasms like an airhorn." Dani's eyes drift to Reynold's unoccupied bunk, narrowing her eyes at the absent LJG for the noise crimes. Miko's foot in her face is batted away gently with her casted arm, giving the rejection more heft as she pulls a small box out of the bottom of the basket, finally. It's popped open and Dani takes the contents and pops two in her mouth quickly and follows it with a dry swallow.

"Inappropriate and regulation busting are different things. I mean the ass slap comment." Eli seems to not be really paying attention to their antics. What he said to Danica the other day appears to be true. While on duty, he's the compassionate doctor. Off duty? He Ain't Got Time For This (TM). "Sneaking a little cross-ranks public humping is different than your partner catching rack time in your bunk. It sounds stupid, but one of these things'll get you in more trouble." He pulls off the pants of his scrubs to reveal regulation boxers. He pulls on sweats.

"Hear that? We're partners now." Miko nudges Danica's side with his toes, being as annoying as possible while exerting the least amount of energy. "Whatcha got there, little Fish? Going to share with the class?" His short stub of fingernails scratch at some ink on his chest, this particular one is a chain with some sort of coin that's tattooed around his collar bone that mimics the one he wears around his neck with his doglegs. "First lick of shore leave we get, I'm seeking you out, Doc."

"Pilot vitamins," Dani misdirects, with a tone that seems to want to dodge 'what' and move on entirely. She bats away Miko's toes again, gently again. "Hey, he's just repeating what you've told half this ship...," she states in response to Miko's needling, her head turning to look at him with more sharply raised eyebrow before she looks away at him. The movement brushes aside some of her wet but air drying hair, revealing a tattoo of her own the back of her shoulder that wasn't there before. It's a small blackbird mid-flight, pointing in a direction that seems intent on leaving Dani's shoulder the first minute it can. "He's just going to ask you for extra antibiotics," Dani rolls her eyes a little flatly at Eli even if she's grinning a small amount. "Whorehouse safety third."

If Eli has any ink, it's not readily apparent. Then again, he changes pretty swiftly and in a way that reveals as little skin as possible. He's practiced at this communal living thing. He's either a prude, or private, or both. "Do I want to know why you'd seek me out on shore leave?" he asks as he sorts out his scrubs and pushes them into a laundry bag.

"To see if that stick is regulation or if it comes out when you're in your civvies...if you even own civvies." Miko tells Eli as he does some sort of half-assed sit-up in order to reach for that medication box of Dani's. "Bullshit, I know every pill that passes your lips. I've memorized your chart forwards and backwards by now, lemme see that shit."

Between Danica and Miko, they've got a handsome list of healing injuries. Miko's shoulder, Danica's ribs. A somewhat properly matched fete. She slinkweaves away from Miko, sliding just a little further out of his reach. The lazy way to put up a fight. "It's Sagittarian smart pills. I bought 'em off late night TV. I can feel myself getting smarter alllready," Danica deadpans, as she looks at Miko. The comment towards Eli cannot stand being let pass and instead, Danica lets out a small puff of a laugh. She looks at Eli and the Miko and then Miko. "He's Scorpian, Beast. They got ways to ruin your life," she informs Miko, probably only somewhat inaccurately as waggles an index finger at him. "...with just one finger!" Her head turns to look at Eli, looking for earnest confirmation.

The only confirmation Eli gives is A Look leveled Danica's way. A similar look is cast Miko's way. "Surely you're not accessing patient records for reasons beyond your job as a medic, Sergeant," says the doctor pointedly. "I'm a doctor. I can ruin your life by not lifting a finger when you're bleeding out," he deadpans.

Miko's hand goes to his injured shoulder with a grunt as she moves out of his lunge, the stretch of it causing discomfort from its recent dislocation. "Then I damn well hope you ordered a lifetime supply, because you've got a long way to go before you reach 'smart' on any scale." He just goes back to kicking her, because that's less painful. "She's my patient, who do you think splinted her hand in the field? You'll find my name all over her chart. It's part of my job to know about preexisting conditions and current medications before I make recommendations about her care off the field, don't you think?" He flicks a glance in that direction, a smirk appearing. "I know you, Doc. You'd at least stick that finger in my bloody hole."

Danica just takes the kick of protestation her way. She sways slightly in the other direction, like one of those inflatable toys that sways and rights itself when you bat at it. Miko does get a peevish look his way. "Don't worry about it, Meek, I'm fine," she offers instead, which likely has the opposite effect but she does slide back within Miko's reach, seeking out a warmer spot than the cold end of the bunk against her legs. She looks back at Eli with a meaningful glance. "Noted, be nice to you," she smiles at Eli, a touch warmly where Eli's ability to keep all of her blood in her body is concerned.

"You don't think that represents a conflict of interest?" Eli seems to mean that question frankly rather than saying it an accusatory way. He flops back on his bed and then says, in a muffled way, "I'm not sticking anything in any of your holes."

"Tell that to the War." Miko says about conflicts of interest, as he was the most qualified after the crash to apply field dressings. "And you never know doc, it might loosen you up a little bit. Man can't keep his fingers to himself for too long before that shit backs up and makes you crazy." And then he's rolling over onto his knees, shimmying over to the end of the bed that Danica occupies, proceeding to hip-thrust at her shoulder with an unf unf unf noise to boot.

Danica looks up at Eli, dryly as her shoulder is dry humped by Mikolas. She jostles just slightly as her shoulder is lavished in pure romance before a grin breaks loose on her lips despite her commitment to being annoyed by this. She shoves her shoulder backwards into the side of Mikolas' hip in response. "Quitit, dumbass," she chides him with a toothless affection. "Kovac and I have known each other since we were barely walking. There's incriminating toddler bath time pictures and everything. There's not many secrets between us, all and all," she explains. Except perhaps the pill box in her hand kind of secrets. "I know that's not just about us, though. Rules and whatever. But he's gotta point about the number of medics versus just everyone else on this ship and the things that happen. He couldn't really wait until evac got there, just in case I was slowly drowning in my own lungs or whatever."

"You don't need to tell me about the realities of emergency medicine," says Eli without defensiveness. "But there are ways around it." He doesn't volunteer more. Instead, he pulls a book from one of the neat little pockets hanging in his bunk. He's pointedly ignoring the Magic Mike routine.

There is a dramatic grunt as Miko grabs his crotch, both hands laced over the front of it as he slow-mo topples over into her lap. "Right in yogurt factory." He wheezes, even if Danica's elbow was far from hitting anything important, either that or he started tucking the other way. Of course this is just an elaborate ruse to get his hands on that damn medicine box. No secrets my ass.

Danica huffs out a breath of air, moving a few strands of hair that have been shoved into her eyes for Miko's very graceful all into her lap. Her good hand falls into his close cropped hair, the jury out if this ends in affection or pulling. "Yeah well we wouldn't want all the Tauran whorehouses to lose out on your shore leave revenue stream...," she mutters, her casted hand trying its best to move the box out of his reach. Her grip is poor and her reflexes are slightly dulled and Miko intercepts. "Meek-," she begins trying to snake her arm between them to wrestle it back. "What kind of work arounds?," she asks Eli, trying to liberate her pill box from Mikolas like trying to take an iPhone away from an absconding toddler.

Eli opens his book and flips to his spot, but doesn't start reading right away. The cover is pulpy and shows a man with a gun leaping over a guard rail with a dark-haired woman with beestung lips chasing him. The Caprican skyline is clearly visible in the background. The title is 'Never Die Again.' It's a Jan Brund novel about a Virgonian spy. "Just request to not go on missions together. Then he's far less likely to treat you."

Success! Miko isn't going to risk her getting the box back away from him as he tries too sit there and identify the pills by their markings. So instead he just dumps some into his palm and then upends them into his mouth followed by a thick swallow.

Danica is poised to reply to Eli in the sense that she's about to smirk slightly and grinningly reject his suggestion. Avoid missions together? What is this? The military where there's sense and good judg- "FRAK!" She's yelping, now and trying to squirm out from underneath Miko. "Barf those up, Mikolas Kovac. BARF THOSE UP RIGHT NOW OR I'LL USE YOUR MIDDLE NAME IN FRONT OF THE DOCTOR." The big guns brought out.

Eli missed what actually happened. He ignores the ruckus at first until Danica uses 'barf'. He turns around, then his eyebrows knit in a serious disapproving face. And then he says flatly, "What did he do."

"It's Phineas. Sorry, Fishie, I learned to embrace it years ago. Turns out, it's kind of a turn on for ladies for a big gruff marine to have a sensitive sounding middle name." Miko slowly starts to sit up, making a sucking sound against his teeth. "Not until you tell me what they are. Kinda chalky. Not birth control though, is it? I don't want to get boobs." He gropes his bare chest with his good hand as if he can already feel them developing, keeping his bad arm tucked up next to his midsection as he likely hobbled it with all the roughhousing. At Eli's tone, he looks in that direction with the 'she started it!' expression on his face.

"It's uh... the stuff you prescribed... the other day...," Dani's slumps, her tone sounding defeated. Cross off the middle name from the list of Miko leverage tactics. The 'you' is directed at Eli, her expression ringed in a kind of guilt that probably seems more directed at Miko even if its displaced. "...he's not gonna fall into a coma is he?," she adds in question, her eyes ticking from Miko to Eli and back again. "...but he might feel better about himself," she adds with a twist of a grin that comes and goes before she looks at Miko again. Another peevish look or an attempt at such, the guilt in her expression making it difficult to look wholesale mad at him.

Eli is suddenly more alert at Danica's fill-in of information. "You better have cheeked those damned pills," he says. "Otherwise you're going to die." He sounds deadly serious. Deadly. "You're an idiot both ways."

"That'd be a waste of good.." Miko opens his left hand, the reason he kept it cradled to him wasn't that he cheeked them, but palmed them. After all, cheeking would ruin their integrity with all those marine cooties. "...looks like," He examines them quickly. "Antidepressants? Anxiety meds?" A different colored one is plucked up from the mix to study closer, "And sleep aids." Whatever they are, they get unceremoniously dumped out onto Danica's mattress and he's vaulting out of her bunk. "You. Should have told me." He points at Dani with an accusatory finger before be bends over and snaps up his boots. Any other of his belongings he'll have to retrieve later. "And you." He rounds on Eli, a muscle twitching in his jaw and his pulse throbbing in his temple. "Next time you call a kettle black, make sure you don't resemble a frakking pot." And with that, the medic is headed to the hatch.

"Meek-," Danica begins in self defense. But it lacks an end. Her eyes fall on the discarded meds on the mattress as Miko hastily gathers his shoes. Her gaze rises to meet the finger pointed at her attached Mikolas' hand. In a better world, Danica would have been out of her bunk and fighting back but that isn't this world and so instead, Miko's finger pointed at her in accusation is like magic wand that collapses her shoulders. She sinks, slinking and deflating in place like a dog that's been shamed for its behavior. She watches Miko turn on heel and attempt to leave, a sort of misery in her expression that longs for the nearest hole she can crawl into and then pull the hole in after her. Her eyes avoid Eli's in a bid for some self-preservation in this moment.

"If you weren't a medic, her personal health information would be none of your business," says Eli dully as Mikolas storms out. Then he glances to Danica. "I don't know what's between you, but what medication you're on is your own business, no matter how close you are."

"It's... complicated," Dani says quietly, more able to look at Eli in the moment after Mikolas disappears from the doorway. Isn't it always? Her mouth closes and seems to mull something, as if savoring it before she speaks again. "It's... his... just...," she tries on each false start, none of them fitting well before she seems to dump the whole thing. "I just know what he's been through," she summarizes instead, an excuse and an explanation in one. "But-," she continues, looking at Eli more directly now. "Thanks for trying to help me, I appreciate it even if he's kind of a dick. You're still a good man. But don't worry, I'll tell anyone who listens that you're the worst." She forces a smile at the doctor, slowly sliding back into her back in that way that seems to assuming Eli's not one to labor the point.

Eli is not, and he's also not a shrink, or someone to push in when he's not obviously wanted. He lies back in his bunk. He's quiet for a moment, then he adds after it seems like he's not going to speak again. "You can blame me if it helps. I can take it. And I'll defend your right to medical privacy."

Danica settles in, pulling herself into the spot the Mikolas vacated with a ginger air owing to one not so working wrist. She settles in on her side, looking at an angle across the aisle at Eli. "Nah," she states with a slight shake of the head and surety of conclusion. "I'm at fault for why it's like this." Surely this isn't a complicated saga, do Picans even understand the meaning of such things? She offers up a smile to Eli across the aisle. "Go to sleep, Doctor Distemper," she psuedo-chides, her smile a touch warmer at him like its an inside joke. "You got to put fingers in toaster-made holes another day, yet."


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