2237-01-05 - Old Time Religion

Geoff and Danica meet Aldrich, the new Chaplain. Cadmus' reputation is further analyzed.

Date: 2237-01-05

Location: Gym, Deck 08

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Geoff is in here working up a sweat on one of the heavy bags, his hands wrapped from wrist to knuckle for safety's sake. He seems to be earnestly at it, guard up, shifting his position as he throws jabs and crosses, then bends his knees to get in a body blow.

Danica piles in soon after, a small towel draped over one shoulder and dressed in the usual double tank and PT issue shorts. The cast on her left hand is gone, replaced with a softer brace. In her right, she's holding a water bottle to some bar on some beach on Picon. "Hey," she says in greeting to Geoff as she saunters in, scanning the room as to which machine to start on first.

It takes Geoff a moment to even notice he's been addressed, but when he does, he stops hitting the bag and straightens up, lifting a hand in a wave. He takes the opportunity to move toward his towel and water bottle.

A new face arrives, with that oh-so-familiar lost look that people tend to get upon entering a new gym for the first time. Like the others, he is dressed for a workout in his faded green uniform pants and tank. He lingers for just a moment on the edges of the room, getting oriented, and then starts toward the back where the exercise machines are. As he passes Geoff and Danica, he offers a friendly sort of smile.

"I see the Doctor let you live," Danica grins at Geoff, with a teasing edge as she settles on a treadmill and edges that way as she references their earlier interaction wit Eli. "Or did he?," she adds an air of mystery to the outcome, stepping on to the belt. Danica looks up at Aldrich, upnodding at him as he draws nearer. "Hey what's up," she offers in greeting and adding in a smile. Does she know this person? No, but that detail seems unimportant to her.

Geoff lifts an eyebrow at Danica. "I don't think he gives a shit about me one way or the other," he says frankly. He rubs the towel over his face, then his head, then shoulders. His gaze follows Danica's gesture. "Who's that?"

Aldrich glances toward the ceiling then back to Danica with a certain sort of smile. Yes, he's thinking about making The Joke. The worst joke ever written. Definitely thinking about saying it, but.... then he just gives a bit of a chuckle and refrains. "Hello. Just exercise." He has a faint accent that is difficult to place, but definitely not strictly standard. He glances to Geoff and answers the question, "Aldrich Kavanagh." As though that answers much... In any case, he continues to another treadmill.

"Our brother in the struggle, Courtois," Danica informs Geoff with a playful smirk, cracking wise. She shrugs though, then. "I'unno, some guy." Her head follows Aldrich as he walks by just as Aldrich clears up the mystery and gives his name. Dani's eyes narrow at Aldrich a touch, as she idly starts to program the treadmill. "...you're not Gemenese are you?," she asks him before turning her attention back to Geoff. "Cadmus is a robot. But not the rebelling toaster kind. There's just a medical dictionary where his heart should be. They think he'll live a full, normal life anyway, though."

"Some guy called Aldrich, I guess," Geoff adds to Danica, eyeing Aldrich. Then he looks at Danica. "I mean, whatever, I'm sure doctors have their own damage in all this," Geoff says. "But he's dreaming if he's worried about lung cancer in grunts like me."

Aldrich glances between Geoff and Danica. Dani's question earns her an uncertain smile. "Well. Yes," he answers, "Or at least, I was born there." He turns his attention to the treadmill, poking around at the buttons to figure out the settings. He does glance over at their conversation, but he refrains from commenting.

"He's just screening you out for the lungs when he eventually sells your kidneys on the black market," Danica nods sagely, her fingers tapping a few more buttons before the belt on the treadmill starts out on a slow crawl. "So, don't go into any dark alleys with him on shore leave." Dani's attention shifts back to Aldrich, her pace meandering on the belt. "Thought so," she grins at him, if there's an issue with being Gemenese Dani's grin betrays nothing. "Hello, welcome to here," she adds, in Gemense, really, really terrible Gemenese.

"Well, what's the point of shore leave if you don't go down dark alleys with people?" Geoff wants to know. He looks between Aldrich and Danica with mild suspicion. "Don't go leaving me out of the conversation."

Aldrich gives a slow, crooked sort of grin at her terrible Gemenese, and answers with a string of something she probably won't catch if her Gemenese is that terrible. At least it doesn't /sound/ rude, and his smile is friendly enough. He looks back toward Geoff, and switches back to Standard. "Wouldn't dream of it." He finally hits on the conversation of buttons to make the treadmill go, and it catches him a little off guard, but he catches his balance quickly enough to avoid anything really embarrassing. "I think the danger is in going down dark alleys /alone/, isn't it?" he observes, just a little distracted by the starting of the treadmill.

Danica snappoints at Geoff. "Just check sure there's no /obvious/ signs of VD but if you're too drunk and forget, Kovac might hook you up with a way to take care of it." She grins at Geoff in the next. "I'm just saying hello, Courtois. My mother might have forgotten me in a barn but she at least reminded me to be nice on her way out."

Dani's focus shifts back to Aldrich with an expression that is immediately blank. Nope! Hello seems to be the extent of her ability. She grins impishly at Aldrich even so. "Well, /sure/ what is the fun of going into a dark alley alone? That's just going for a walk without an increased likelihood of getting murdered," she replies to the newcomer, apparently considering him now officially apart of this conversation.

"I'm a big believer in the buddy system," Geoff replies, looking amused. Then he looks at Danica with mock shock. "Are you saying you suspect the good doctor of having an indelicate condition?" he teases, adopting a snobby accent for the last two words.

Aldrich looks thoroughly amused by the whole thing. "So is it going into the alley /with/ the doctor now? I thought the doctor was planning to ambush him for his kidneys? Or was that someone else?" Geoff earns a grin for the snobby accent. "Or is he giving him a disease and /then/ stealing his kidneys? Seems rather rude to me..."

Danica laughs, shaking her head. "Cadmus? I think he's only attracted to his swollen intellect. Nah, I'm talking about Kovac? Mikolas? I thought all you Marines knew each other?" It is known, just like all Ensigns automatically know each other everywhere... except the Ensign that is not Dani in this conversation. Science? "Hey, who can predict the wily whims of Scorpians in dark alleys," she grins at Aldrich, hitting a button and picking up the pace a little.

"I don't know anybody; I only got on the ship like two weeks ago," Geoff says to Danica. "Who the hell is Kovac?"

Aldrich snorts a laugh at Danica's last comment, and glances to the display on his own treadmill before glancing back to the others. "So Cadmus is the doctor," he observes. "And you're Courtois?" Back to Danica, as he observes, "I don't think I caught a name for you..."

"Well, if you ever need stuff you can't get out of the PX, then you might wanna go see Kovac," she advises Geoff, in a light jog. "Tall, dark hair, medic, tattoos. Says frak a lot. Believe me, you'll know." Danica's attention shifts to Aldrich. "Reznik. I fly Raptors. Or Danica, whatever you want." She grins at the man with the slightly Gemenese accent.

"I'm Courtois," Geoff confirms. Then he looks to Danica, smiling. "Sounds like the kind of person I should be keeping company with." He's not jogging, not even on a treadmill. Maybe he's done getting sweaty for this session.

Aldrich seems to be keeping himself to a walking pace for now. "Well, it's your name," he points out, somehow amused by being given the choice. "You know, I've noticed the pilots on this ship seem to all have... interesting senses of humor."

"Oh yeah?," Danica responds, her eyebrows raising slightly at Aldrich in interest as she look at him during her light jog. "It's probably the radiation in space that's slowly melting our brains," she continues with a playful grin. "But you probably have to be kind of a crazy asshole to want to zoom around space in a tube, so there's that." Her attention shifting back to Geoff, she nods. "Yeah, for real. I an introduce you if you need something."

"All too smart for their own good," Geoff judges, then smiles at Danica. "Well, a fella never knows what he'll need 'til he needs it, right? But it pays to make the contact ahead of time."

Aldrich chuckles a little, and offers, "I think I prefer Chartois's explanation. At least for the sake of those of us riding as passengers." He finally ventures to push a button on the treadmill that speeds it up to a bit of a jog.

"Hey, I've only ever crashed once," Danica grins, hitting a button again and picking up the pace just a little. The brace on her wrist may or may not be an indication. "So, Chartois here lights up the toasters. What do you do aboard the USS What The Frak, Aldrich?"

"Courtois," Geoff corrects. "My mother went to all the trouble of making up a nice name, so I insist you say it right." Whatever that means. "Anyway, it's time for me to go. Spent enough time using my lungs for their intended purpose. See you later."

Aldrich shoots Geoff a slightly startled, apologetic glance. "Courtois. Yes. Sorry..." At least he's quickly distracted by Danica, giving his answer quickly enough, "Chaplain." He lifts a hand off the rail of the treadmill in a farewell gesture toward Geoff. "It was nice to meet you."

Geoff casts a look back at Aldrich at this news that he's a chaplin, but he's already on his way out, so he only makes a vague nod and heads out, putting his towel around the back of his neck.

Danica looks at Geoff... oddly. Her head turned in his direction, she blinks a little with a bit of a 'wtf' expression as the marine is leaving. Saying nothing further, she looks at the chaplain hitting a button and slowing her pace a little. "Oh, yeah? What Lord do you rep?," she asks, looking interested.

Aldrich keeps going, glancing aside to give Danica a little grin. "All of them," he claims, continuing to trot along to nowhere. "Or at least, any that the crew needs."

"All of them?," Danica looks at the Chaplain with a keener sense of interest, by the way her eyebrows raise. "Is that a thing?" By her expression, it doesn't seem to be one that she's familiar with. "Most of the Gemenese I've met usually pull for a specific Lord, so I guess I'm a little surprised." She grins at Aldrich though. "My sample size though isn't very big. Since you're the second one I've met, ever."

Aldrich grins a little. "Probably not a thing," he replies. "I always was a bit odd, or so I'm told." The last bit draws his interest, as he hits a button to slow back down to a walk. "Who was the first? Someone on board, or no?"

"Yeah, a Marine? Lulezim. He was with the Sons of Ares." She presses the button again and the belt comes to a slow halt. Perhaps giving up the attempt at running and talking at the same time. She rolls her neck, testing the sweat on the nape with her fingers. "But war changes priorities, and all that. But, you seem pretty cool? Granted, I just met you but you don't strike me as someone who has a weird collection of shot glasses or an obsession with Caprican pop stars."

Aldrich nods a little. "Ah, well. Sons of Ares... Very impressive," he offers, more politely than anything. He laughs a little, at the last and shuts down his treadmill for the moment. "No shot glasses or Caprican pop stars, I'm afraid. But I think odd by Gemenese standards is not precisely the same as in the rest of the colonies."

"I dunno, impressive's in the eye of the beholder, I guess," she responds with a sort of errant shrug, that evades any sort of willingess to be impressed about the Sons. It's polite at least. She picks up the towel left hanging on the side of the mill, mopping her face a moment. "Gemenese standards aren't that bad. At least you guys aren't actively trying to blow each other up like the Scorpians, so I guess its all relative. I've only been to two of the colonies otherwise, but I don't know that Pican standards are impressive to anyone."

Aldrich grins a little. "Ah, well. That is a matter for Scorpians." He takes a moment to lean against the rail on the treadmill. "Picon, hm? I was there a few years ago. It is a beautiful place." He smiles faintly, and his gaze goes a bit distant. "It was a very good time, in fact. Is that where you are from?"

Danica nods slowly, one hip taking up one of the rails to lean on. "Yeah, outside Queenstown. Born and bred," she grins, proudly. "My dad's Libran but he pulled up his shingle and jumped the first flight back to the land of Ice and Snobs when I was pretty young." One hand shifting to grip the rail, she looks at Aldrich. "So, when did you leave Gemenon? Recently?"

"You know, I spent a short layover on Libran once. I had a fascinating conversation with a janitor while waiting for a shuttle... Always meant to go back..." Aldrich shrugs a little, and her question brings him back to the present. "Oh no. It's been... Perhaps a decade, now? Longer? I left after I finished my schooling. I'm here from the Leonese Foreign Legion."

Danica nods, her eyebrows raising a touch. This sort of Gemenese fleeing to Leonis story foreign enough to her. "I guess there's a different story for every life," she muses with a grin. "Pretty rare that the Gems leave the safety of the nest, so that's pretty brave of you. And I guess you're here to help me and others with spiritual problems and exisential quandries." Her mouth coils into a bit of self-directed smirk. "Probably best that I fly the Raptors and you work out the mysteries of why the Lords do anything."

Aldrich grins slowly, and comments, "It might have been braver to stay." Something about that amuses him, but he moves on from that quite willingly. "I'm here to help you with anything you need help with," he confirms, and pushes away from the treadmill rail he was leaning against. "Each person walks their own path. It's not my job to find your path for you. But if you need matches to build a fire to light the way... Well, that is something I can help you with."

Danica stops fidgeting a moment, looking at Alrich and his offer with a quiet, focused seriousness not always immediately present in the Ensigns demeanor. Her eyes travel the room, for a moment as if accounting for the number of others in the relatively sparsely populated room. Gaming something out. "I pull for Aphrodite. I guess some people find that weird since I act like an idiot a lot but...," she begins, her mouth not forming the grin that might normally associate with that kind of statement. "I'm kinda... trying to figure out something. And I dunno, I hang out at her altar about once a week but so far, I think she's been busy with date nights at Ares because she doesn't seem to want to come through with a reply. So, uh, maybe I could talk to you sometime?"

Aldrich grows a bit more solemn himself. There's a certain soft friendliness that never quite disappears, but a seriousness overlays it as he listens to her explanation. "You never struck me as an idiot," he offers, gently, and then smiles a bit. "You're welcome to come talk any time you like. I only just arrived yesterday... But I have a feeling I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the chapel."

Danica offers Aldrich a grin that's more like a secret smile, than anything else. Maybe its the response to the in-joke about her not being an idiot? "Yeah, that's probably true. A lot of people here claim they're not much for the Lords in general, but war has a way of making people think that the Lords are indifferent, I guess... else we wouldn't all be here. But I think, that we need some one to talk to otherwise, this ship's just going to turn into one big case of pregnant with alcohol poisoning. It's a ship packed with feeeeelings."

Aldrich can't help but give a little laugh at that, glancing down and trying to suppress it behind a polite smile, before glancing up. "Everyone handles grief and trauma in their own way," he agrees. "I do hope I /can/ help. Otherwise there wouldn't be much point to me, would there?" he jokes, quietly.

Danica steps down out off the treadmill, draping the small towel across one shoulder as she grins brightly at Aldrich. "There's not much point to any of us being here without a war. You're here to help, so that's pretty great." She pauses for a moment, before she adds. "But sleep on your back otherwise Cold Hands Cadmus will make sure you wake up in a tub full of ice missing a kidney. He's slippery, that one." She nods with a slow knowing certainty before she offers the Chaplain a wave and heads for the door.

Aldrich actually throws his head back in a bright laugh, the sudden shift of tone apparently having the desired effect. "I'll try to make sure I do that," he promises, with a grin, and lifts a hand himself. "Take care, Danica." And as she takes herself a way, he takes himself over to Geoff's abandoned punching bags to continue his own routine.


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