2237-01-22 - Cleaning Up

Isolde and Cate help to clean up the carnage in the hangar.

Date: 2237-01-22

Location: Hangar Deck

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Scene Number: 949

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Isolde is doing her part on the flight deck with the clean-up. She's in her flight suit instead of the bright orange deck crew coveralls, but that does not seem to stop her from helping those deck crew. She is currently hauling a box toward where whatever can be salvaged is being salvaged. She looks a bit tired, like sleep has been a bit elusive in the last night.

Cate hasn't slept, and it shows. She did, at least, have time for a shower and a clean uniform, so she's no longer splattered with blood. That's an improvement over the previous night. There's a pensive look on her face as she returns to the hangar with a satchel slung over her shoulder. Her path to the alert lounge pauses when she spies Isolde, and she steps over to the other woman. "Hey Isa."

Isolde sets down the crate, breathing out a slow exhale that seems to drag her shoulders down as if weighted. She blinks at her name, looking over toward Cate with a tired smile. "Gods, I'm so glad to see another exhausted person." If there's sarcasm there it is neatly hidden under a thick layer of sleeplessness. She looks around as she says, "Can you believe it? Cylons... onboard. My heart almost stopped when I heard."

Cate tilts her head, surprised by Isolde's greeting. "Uh... glad to help? I guess?" She's not quite sure how to take that. Then she nods, mouth tightening in a grim line. "Yeah, for a second my brain just locked up trying to process it. Bastards." A little sigh there. "You helping clean up?"

Isolde offers a small smile at the surprised reaction. "Sorry... I meant to say that... I'm glad to see you, exhausted or not." She then exhales with Cate's sigh and nods a bit around the deck. "Yeah... what little I can do..." She hesitates, adding uncertainly, "I can't believe that they used one of our own transports." Then she hesitates, sighing. "Actually, yes I can... but I can't believe we didn't think of it ahead of time. It seems like such a probable tactic."

"Good to see you too," Cate says with a wan attempt at a smile. "Everything's obvious in hindsight." She shrugs, though the movement causes her to wince. "I'm surprised they managed to pull it off - hijacking a ship without tipping anyone off?"

"You know what surprises me more?" Isolde asks, tone rhetorical as she continues onward, "that they used the tactic, but didn't actually do anything with it. Except, I guess, getting a message to us, but there are other ways to do that." She turns and sits slightly against the stack of crates. She frowns belatedly. "Did you get injured?" Behind the times, this one.

Cate nods. "Yeah, that's kind of weird isn't it? I mean, it sucks all the people in the hangar getting hurt, but they could've done a hell of a lot more damage to the ship if they'd blown up that transport on the landing deck or something." The other question gets a frown. "Yeah, but I'm all right. Could've been worse." A grim look is cast over to where a lot of the blood had to be cleaned up.

"Yeah... see... that makes this whole thing even more unsettling... because now I'm left here, thinking... well, what was the bigger move that maybe we missed?" Isolde looks at Cate, expression quite serious with all the doom and gloom. She then breathes out a slow breath, and then glances back to where Cate's gaze goes. She frowns deeply. "Yeah... it could have." She flares her nostrils slightly. Her arms cross at her chest, and she shifts against the crates.

"Yeah, it feels like we're missing something," Cate agrees. She sets down the bag she was holding on one of the crates, forcing her eyes away from that area. They settle on the crate. "That Raptor..." She sighs, frowning. "Explosions dredge up shit I'd rather forget, sometimes."

"I've felt that since this whole shit started," Isolde admits, and she hates admitting to feeling like she doesn't see the puzzle. "There are times I feel like we're playing an entirely different game, and that..." She then breathes out a sigh, shoulders once more taking on a small weight. "Yeah... I know." She touches Cate's forearm gently.

Cate blows out a breath. "I think we've been playing catch-up since the war began." A grateful little nod acknowledges Isolde's hand touching her arm, her expression sad. "I took care of the President of Picon once." The topics were connected in her head, even if the segue seems a bit out of the blue. "Suicide bomber tried to take him out at Triton. Sometimes I think we're worse enemies to ourselves than the Toasters are."

Isolde looks up as Cate mentions the President of Picon, and her brows arch high. Then she settles into a thoughtful expression, her frown returning. "Ever think that's why the Cylons really are out to wipe us out? Because we're shit examples of sentient life?" Deep thoughts there, but more and more of a show of her tiredness as thoughts so easily escape her.

"He was the Vice President when the war started. Got a promotion when the Cylons blew the president's brains out in a live broadcast." That bit of news undoubtedly made it out over the news nets during the early days of the war, but Cate doesn't know that. Plus she's just rambling. "Anyway." She catches up to what Isolde said. "Maybe so. Who knows."

"Gods, I'm trying to empatheize... I seriously need some sleep, the weak parts of my soul are showing." Isolde casts a dry look to Cate before she pushes off the crates and sighs deeply. "Cm'on... I've got an hour to shovel food in my mouth before I report to my actual duties." She offers Cate a wry smile then, giving her friend's shoulder a gentle press with her own as she steps up beside her.

Cate hefts the satchel she was carrying earlier, giving a weak smile back. "Sorry, can't. I'm supposed to restock the first aid kits down here. Do yourself a favor and catch an hour of rack time. You can grab a snack bar on your way to your shift." Such is the advice from the pot calling the kettle black. "I'll catch you later."

"Now... that sounds like a great idea... you have the greatest ideas," Isolde says, faking a slightly drunk tone. "See ya," she returns as she steps away. Then she smiles to Cate, offering a wave as she heads to the deck's exit, looking back at remains of clean-up with a slightly apprehensive look.


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