2237-01-22 - Feelings and Stuff

Priya and Calliope reunite after the very strange incursion on the Galactica.

Date: 2237-01-22

Location: Officer Berthings

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With all the injuries in the infirmary, Priya's weren't enough to confine her to a bed. At least - not one that isn't her own. There's still blood on the front of her doubled tank, although her brow has been stitched and plastered, and her hands are bruised and raw. It might have been from forcing the barricades. Jaw set, she sits staring down at her clenched fists. The bunks are quite at the moment. Almost deafeningly after the chaos in the hanger.

Calliope missed the worst of the drama in the hangar. Her duties had her tucked elsewhere. She swung by the infirmary as soon as she was free and heard Priya had been on the very strange Cylon ship, only to find her already discharged. She's walking fast as she makes her way back into the bunks, blue eyes wide with a look of fluttery urgency. A big smile comes to her face when she spots the ECO. "Hey, Tauron. You look alive. Mostly."

A Cylon ship so strange that it wasn't supposed to be one at all. Priya misses the start of that smile, still staring down at her hands, sliding her thumb back and forth over an old scar. Slowly lifting her face, she tips her chin at Calliope. "Yeah.. that seems to keep happening to me," she says dryly, mouth too crooked to be considered smiling. "You look good, Caprica."

"I always look good." Calliope manages glib for about a second, before proceeding straight over to Priya. And attempting to hug her. She's not a hugger by nature, but she is smothering about it when she does it. She is tall and has long arms.

"Well, that's a frakkin' lie if I've ever heard on-" Priya's words cut off sharply as Calliope is suddenly in her space and hugging her! Smothering, really. A sudden squirm leaving the short brunette pinned with her nose in Calliope's elbow crook. She mutters something in Tauron, wriggling just enough that her protest can be noted but not actively trying to escape.

Calliope spends a beat hugging. Then lets Priya go and just kind of stares at her. As if a little embarrassed she did that. She shrugs. "Ugh. Yeah. So." She runs her fingers through her shaggy blonde hair. "Anyway. I am glad you're alive. When I heard you were aboard, I got kind of freaked. We're friends, right?" There's an edge of uncertainty to the question. "I mean. As much as anyone can be friends in the military. It's weird. So. Yeah."

As accepting of that hug as she can be, Priya awkwardly pat-pats Calliope on the elbow/shoulder. There, there. Hi? Rubbing the end of her nose, she looks up at the taller blonde and watches her with a sharp eyed gaze for a moment. "Thanks. I mean - really - Calliope. For giving a shit. I'm not... really all that used to that." A hint of embarrassment touching her features as she lifts a hand, rubbing at the back of her neck. Her gaze doesn't stray, but her mouth does - curving into a slow smile. "Frak yeah. We're friends. Haven't pushed you out of an airlock, right?"

"Yeah. Well..." Calliope shrugs awkwardly. Feelings. She returns the smile a little shyly. It stays small, but lights her cornflower blue eyes. "Not yet. But the day is young. Gods. I need a smoke." She goes to fish around in her bunk for her ciggies. She smokes a cheap Leonis brand common in the spaceports and cheap bistros on that planet. "Want one?"

Feelings. Priya's face crinkles up at the thought of Calliope doing something that makes throwing her out an airlock worth it. "The day's old enough, I think, to avoid that one. Feels ancient." Scrubbing a palm across her face, she glances up as she moves across the room. "Yeah. Sure. Why not."

Calliope lights up one of her cheap ciggies with the expensive monogrammed lighter she favors, initials 'HD' carved on it. She offers the pack to Priya, and will give her a light as well. "So. What the frak happened? The stories flying around are insane. I don't even think the brass has gotten a real after-action report together yet."

Pulling one from the pack, Priya lights it with only the slightest amount of fumbling from trembling hands. Siding the pad of a finger over the monogram, she hands back the fancy lighter without comment. As she tires to pull together her words, she takes a pull of the smoke. "Truth doesn't sound a whole lot more sane," she begins, pursing her lips. "We were boarded - killed off most of the crew and the rest of us barricaded ourselves in the bridge. I don't... we were flying back. I hit my head and only half remember how we got ourselves in there and out of firing range. There wasn't shit we could do as we landed... no matter how hard we banged on the windows. Couldn't warn anyone." Exhaling sharply, she turns the cigarette between her fingers. "Nothing."

"Frak." Calliope breathes the word out low, in an exhale of cigarette smoke. "Some of the techs said the Cylons were spouting...philosophy or some shit? Frak it. I don't know. Whatever those things say they want, what they're doing is trying to kill us all. Anyway. It's over now. You're back." Pause. "I'm glad you're back. In case I need to say it again."

"Some garbage maybe. Doesn't stop them from killing every frakin' thing in their line of sight," Priya spits out sharply. The cigarette caught between her fingers trembles, hand jittering up and down anxiously. "Damn right." Trying to stop it, she lifts up the cigarette and takes another hit. A hint of the tenseness in her features softens as Calliope speaks. "It's not over. But... nah. You're good. Thanks." Again. For caring.

Calliope nods, kicks off her boots, and sits down next to Priya. Her long legs folding under her. "Yeah. I mean. Sure." Another quick smile, and she pushes past the awkwardness. "Really glad you're back aboard. The other backseaters they have here are OK, but it was way too quiet. I've missed flying with you."

"What? You didn't fill up that silence by yourself?" Elbowing Calliope gently, Priya tips up her brows with a rough laugh. "It was weird being on the ground for so long. Busy. But... too many reminders of what was home. I'm damn glad to be back in the sky," she admits. "So what'd I miss - aside from bringing back a heap of troubles?"

Calliope tilts her head, as if she's contemplating asking Priya more about her return to her home planet. She doesn't, though. "It's weird. Sometimes it feels like it all blurs together. You fly, and sometimes nothing really happens. And sometimes raiders pop out of nowhere and try to kill you and your friends. Gopnik - another ensign, I think her first name's Danica - her Raptor went down with some Marines. But they found her, got her back OK. I think we're making progress. I mean, sometimes I hear about the brass planning for stuff beyond Tauron when this op's over. But I try not to think about it. It feels, like, unlucky thinking about the future. You know?"

"Hrm." A thread of smoke sails up from Priya's lips as she nods her head in agreement. There is a blur of time that comes with being on duty and the steady echo and sharp change of days. "As long as we keep blowing them out of the frakin' sky. I'll be satisfied."

"Frak yes." Calliope agrees to that with a fierceness she does not often show. There's a long pause, before she asks, "What's it like? Being stationed here. I mean, if you want to talk about it. I hear news from Caprica, in the feeds they let us see, and it's just...I want to be there. But part of me is glad I'm not. Does that sound awful?"

Dropping back into her mattress with a groan, and a bounce, Priya stares up at the bunk over top of them. It takes her a long moment to answer. "It's... Frak. I don't know. I didn't know I'd ever come back to be honest. Thought I'd seen enough of it scorched and enough bodies piled up." Taking a hit of her cigarette, she carelessly flicks the ash off the side of the bed opposite Calliope. "Feel like I need to be drinking to answer that." Snorting, she shakes her head. "No body wants to see their home world at war, Caprica. Seems pretty normal to me."

"I need to make a booze connection. Life in Condition Two frakking sucks." Calliope just nods in agreement to that last part. "Saw enough of it before I left. They say they're starting to retake territory there, but they don't talk much about how the fighting in the cities is on the news vids." Shrug. More smoking. "Maybe we'll go to Gemenon or something next. Get a break from Cylons, because who the frak would even want it, right?"

"Let me know if you manage that." Priya wrinkles her nose for a moment, sitting up slightly. "There were a couple of flasks floating around on the ground." Because of course. "Most news would rather focus on the positive than the truth." She matches Calliope's shrug. "Nah. They'll be sending us off after something important. Ship's too pretty."

"Yeah. I guess we've survived this long. So. That's kind of a win, right?" Calliope tries to make this statement sound optimistic. It doesn't quite get there. She laughs, giving her head a shake. "I should grab a shower, before I hit my rack for the night. You want anything? I can swing by the mess on my way back."

"Works for me." Priya cracks a smile at the optimistic thought. So positive! Darkly so. "I will not complain if you make it back here with a sandwich," she admits, sitting up at the thought. "Thanks. I should probably dig through my stuff for something that doesn't still have blood on it."

"I'm not sure no-blood is in fashion around here. But wear it if you've got it." Calliope hoists herself up again, and prepares to head out of the bunks. "See you in bit, Tauron. Don't get into any trouble while I'm gone. It's clearly bad for you." Wink.


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