2237-02-01 - Gods and Cylons

Aldrich and Cate talk about whether the Cylons have religion.

Date: 2237-02-01

Location: Edson Air Base

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Cate is out for a walk, enjoying the... well, the air is technically 'fresh', but it's also stiflingly humid, so... tradeoffs. Her path takes her on the sidewalk that passes in front of the temple.

So there's a temple, and that means Religious Stuff. Which might or might not explain why Aldrich emerges with a rust-colored smear on his forehead that looks suspiciously like blood. Hm. Gemenese, whatdyagonnado? He squints a little as he comes out into the bright sunlight, but when he spots a familiar face, he offers a smile and a friendly wave.

Cate returns the wave, smiling slightly when she sees the chaplain. She alters her path to make sure she comes close enough to say hello. Which she does. "Hey Chaplain." Then the smudge on his head gets a perplexed look from the medic. "Someone get hurt?"

Aldrich gives Cate a blank look. "Hurt...?" It takes him a moment to catch on, but perhaps the focus of her look that clues him in. In any case, he glances up, then back down again with a sudden laugh. "Oh! This. No. Just... part of a ritual. It's nothing important. How are you?"

Cate ahs softly, nodding. "Oh, well, glad nobody got shanked in the chapel. I'm all right, I suppose." A little shrug there. "Glad to be off the ship and not getting shot at. How about you?"

"Nobody human, anyway," Aldrich jokes, gently, with a little bit of a laugh. He glances around, squinting a bit less now that his eyes have adjusted. "It's nice to stand in genuine sunlight for a change," he agrees.

Cate lets out a little heh a the joke, then follows his look around. "Yeah. I mean, even with a ship as big as Galactica, it still feels pretty claustrophobic sometimes. I could never be a pilot. Bet this is pretty different from home though, yeah? Isn't Gemenon mostly desert-y?" In point of fact it has varied terrain like any other planet, but for some reason it's the vast rocky desert sections that foreigners fixate on.

Aldrich gives a slow sort of crooked grin. "Well. I mean. I'm not from the desert, but I'm not from a jungle, either. So... No, it's not like home, but to be honest, I traveled a lot before the war." He lifts a shoulder, and adds, perhaps a touch more somber, "I lived not too far from here for awhile actually. But that was years and years ago."

Cate ahs at her mistake. "Yeah that's like me. I mean, we didn't have anything like this on Hibernia." Understandable, since it's a moon and not a proper planet. "First time I saw a beach was Hyperion." But that's a touchy subject, so she quickly veers away to look interested when he says he lived around here. "You did? That's cool. So you know all the fun local places then?" She smirks.

Aldrich raises an eyebrow, with a little smirk of his own. "Well... I was here studying a local religious sect. So I think 'fun' might be relative..." he offers, and the smirk fades again. "And things have changed since then. But! I do know that there's a beach."

"Fewer Toasters here last time, I imagine," Cate agrees dryly. Then she looks curious. "So, Gemenon, Leonis, Canceron - you've traveled quite a bit, huh."

Aldrich nods a little, but seems happy enough to leave the question of the Cylons behind. "A bit, yes," he agrees. "I suppose I was a bit of a drifter for awhile. But I was trying to gather stories about different religious practices. In a way, I suppose I still am, but that project is mostly on the back burner at the moment. For obvious reasons."

Cate nods. "That's interesting. Bet there are a lot of different ones around the colonies." She frowns a bit, then wonders. "Do you think it's possible for the Cylons to have a religion? Or, like... some kind of frakked up programming that makes them think of it like a religion?"

Aldrich tilts his head a little, glancing to the side a little. The thought clearly hasn't occurred to him before. "Well..." he says, slowly. "I think you are getting into questions of... what constitutes 'thinking'? Are the Cylons sentient? And if they are, does that mean they have souls? But if you mean do I think the Cylons might learn to mimic religious behavior.... Perhaps. They certainly have shown themselves capable of mimicking other human-like behavior, when it suits their purposes, so it wouldn't surprise me."

Cate shrugs. "I don't know if they are. But, I mean, something made them decide to go all genocidal." She chews her lip a bit, considering. "I heard something, when I was on Picon. A message from the Cylons urging us to surrender. It said: 'Surrender and know love. Resist and know death. God has spoken.' God, singular. That's not exactly mimicry." She frowns. "It was creepy. What those Toasters said on the hangar deck reminded me of it."

Aldrich nods a little, thoughtfully. "Well..." he says slowly. "That does sound like religious speech. It /would/ be fascinating to study a nascent artificial religion..." He trails off, lost in thought for a moment, before he snaps out of it with a little smile. "Not that it's...possible, of course. There are so many questions unanswered, aren't there?"

Cate nods, still frowning faintly. "Yeah, well, they haven't exactly been very chatty except to tell us to give up or let them be free." Her lips tighten. "Or threatening us with the recorded screams of the people they burned alive." Not that the bitter doctor is bitter or anything. And that particular detail probably wasn't widely broadcast when news of the firebombing of the Hyperion pyramid stadium made thr rounds. Just one of many Cylon atrocities.

Aldrich glances down, eyes hooded for a moment at that. "And yet they don't respond all that well to being told to... go be free, do they?" he remarks, quietly. But then snorts faintly, and sighs, summoning up his usual smile. "Perhaps this assignment will turn out to be a good thing. I've been thinking of arranging something to help boost morale. Something fun."

"Not so much. Though at this point... frak them and their freedom. They're malfunctioning machines that need to be sent to the recycler." Cate blows out a breath, running a hand through her hair. Her frown eases a little when Aldrich smiles, but doesn't disappear completely. "Yeah that sounds like a nice idea."

Aldrich looks at Cate a little more closely, curious. "Is there anything in particular that might make you happy? Traditions from home that you miss or... just something that sounds fun to you?" he wonders.

Cate thinks for a minute, then lets out a bleak chuckle. "I don't even know - how frakked up is that? I mean, I like pyramid, but not everybody's into sports. I know a lot of the guys are just itching for the chance to get blitzed on the beach." The question of home ges a smirk. "There's a game we have back home - sort of a faster version of football -" the soccer kind "- with sticks. But that'd probably cause riots with the Virgon guys so... yeah." She shrugs. "What about you? What do you do for fun?"

Aldrich grins and shakes his head a little. "Yeah... So I've heard," he responds to the beach bit. "It's not totally out of the realm of possibility, you know. There are plenty of religious festivals that involve getting blitzed. There must be at least /one/ that involves getting blitzed on a beach..." He smirks a little. "The trouble is convincing the people in charge to let it happen, I'd imagine." The last question is met with a little grin and a wink. "Oh, you know how it is with the chaplains. Prayer. Ritual. Blah, blah. Fun times."

"Oh I don't think they'd be particularly concerned where the party was, as long as there's booze involved." Cate shrugs. "Me - I like to keep my wits about me." A serious note there, but then her eyebrows go up in a hint of amusement. "Really? Come on - there must be something. Rituals with the sacred wine? Wild orgies? Nothing?"

Aldrich gives a burble of laughter at that and glances toward the sky, and shakes his head. "I like pyramid," he confesses, with amusement. "I am clearly not as exciting as you think religious people are supposed to be."

Cate tsks, though one might get the impression that the levity is a little forced. "I'm disappointed, Chaplain. All those crushed expectations." She offers a little smirk. "But I suppose I can forgive it since you like pyramid." She pauses, "I'd better get going though. It was nice chatting with you."

Aldrich shrugs a little, with a slightly teasing apologetic smile. It fades again, as he grows a bit more serious. "It was nice to see you. And... I do hope you'll come around if there's anything you need."

Cate nods. "Sure. Thanks - you too. I'll see you around." She lifts her hand in a little wave and then heads off.


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