2237-02-06 - After Boilermaker

Calliope and Priya power down and decompress after Boilermaker Bay. It is slightly more stressful than planned.

Date: 2237-02-06

Location: Raptor - Vanguard Hanger Deck

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Scene Number: 1210

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The Timber Wolves' flight has returned to the Vanguard after the air defense and SAR mission to the Ester Williams. The planes have landed, and the pilots are going through post-flight. And decompressing. Calliope hasn't left the pilot's seat yet, but she's unfastened her safety harness and removed her helmet. Fingers reach up, to run across her stringy blonde head.

Priya's helmet is still coated with ash and bits of debris from the burning ship, it clings to her flight suit as well. Her hands flick over her flight systems, doing her ECO duty of powering down and signing off all comm signals and footage. Seeing movement from the front of the Raptor, she glances towards Calliope. "Hey," she calls, voice tin-y from inside her helmet. Frowning for a moment, she pulls it off with a hiss of decompression. "You alright?"

"Huh?" Calliope had gotten out a tablet and was starting a post-flight checklist. It'll be cross-checked against Priya's own power-down log for redundancy later. She turns her head, blinking at Priya. "Yeah. It was a good run, I think. Right? I mean, only casualty was Fish and Nova and Meteor recovered him. And we evacuated that Picon ship. Are you OK? You look kind of soot-y."

"You were quiet." That seems enough reason for Priya in explanation as she gestures a gloved hand towards Calliope. "I'm not used to that." There's a hint of a smile at her pilot before she slowly cycles down a few more of her systems. "It could have gone a lot worse." The Captain's regards have been passed on. Blinking, she looks down at her suit for the first time and scrubs a hand against her cheek - leaving a black smudge. "I'm fine. Filthy apparently. Lot of ash in the air. Nice work staying steady in all that."

"Was I? Huh." Calliope shrugs. "Concentrating, I guess. I don't do SAR duty that often. I like it, though. I mean, it's satisfying watching toasters blow up, but getting those sailors on the beach safe was pretty cool, too." She smiles slight. The compliment gets a shrug. "It's getting easier. Like, for better or worse, you know? I remember just frakking bawling when Twinkle Toes died, back over Scorpia. When we lost Tucker a few flights ago...just kind of buckled in and finished the job. Mourned later. I'm not sure whether that's good or bad."

"I'd prefer if we weren't doing it over a big frakkin' ocean, but I guess my survival chances are better if I hit water." Priya shakes her head at the thought of having to swim in the ocean. She's not good at it. She crooks a half smile. "It was good work. I mean, I'll take blowing up Cylons any day..." But she's a little crazy like that. Her dark eyes fix on her friend as she nods slowly. "The deaths get easier... or at least least less immediate. A lot of the time... there's no time to mourn. I didn't have it back on Tauron at the start of all this. Barely have it now. I broke down that first week we were in flight training when it all hit me, that's when I etched that big tattoo on my arm and got chewed out by our instructor. Remember?" The tattoo at least. "I don't think I know how to deal with Tucker dead yet. Frak. I mean - I had to go tell Cate he kept a bit of her with him when he flew. You know?"

"We are so going swimming the next time we get shore leave on Scorpia," Calliope vows. "Or here, I guess. Maybe we'll get some of Picon pacified enough that we can soak up the sun on a beach." She can't manage confidence about it, given the intensity of the Cylon presence over Picon. But maybe! A smile flickers across her face. "I remember. Didn't really know what it was about at the time. You were still 'Tauron roommate who might strangle me'." She makes an "Ugh" sound at mention of Cate. "Gods. I should go talk to her. Not that I know what to say. It's just...they weren't together long but they seemed really into each other, and I didn't get the impression she opened herself up to him easy."

"Frak." Priya doesn't look /excited/ by this thought, in fact she looks rather pained. "I like the idea of managing to get some planet pacified enough that we can use the beach. Means a lot of dead Cylons." Priorities! She'll tolerate sunbathing for that, but even with months in space - her skin stays naturally tan in tone. "Apparently a new tattoo was going to affect my performance," she says dryly, rubbing her arm where it sits. Or it might have been the traditional and rough nature of it, bleeding through her bandages. "Yeah. I wasn't in a great place. Never did strangle you though, Caprica?" That actually does get a smile. She shrugs at the subject of Cate. "I don't really know her. I just flew enough with Tucker to know... he'd want her to know. You know. That he carried a token when he flew. Not sure that she appreciated the reminder."

"It'll be fun!" Calliope assures Priya about swimming. With an enthusiasm that might make one doubtful it would be fun for them. "I still need a tat. I want a bullseye. Just for posterity. And maybe, like, a super hardcore looking musical note? And Hallie and Astraea were talking about designing, like, a squadron one we could all get. You should talk with them. I'd be totally in." As for Cate, she nods a little. "I'm sure she'd appreciate it. It's just hard and frakked up."

There is a slightly suspicion look Calliope earns at her assertion of how much fun swimming will be. "Alright, but you're responsible for mouth-to-mouth after I nearly drown," Priya points out, wagging a finger at her Caprican friend. Seriously. "I could do that. Both of 'em really." She whistles at the thought of a squadron one. "I'd get it. Hallie can damn sure design better than I can, but I am in." She shrugs at how appreciative Cate probably ways, guilt still touching her features. "It is that."

Calliope's blonde brows arch at Priya at the crack about mouth-to-mouth. "Now you're just teasing, Sweetheart. So mean." It's tossed off lightly, though. "But, seriously, I would never let you drown." She gives her post-flight a third read, before finalizing it. "But, anyway, yeah, I think people would be really into a squadron tat. Kind of for a morale thing. Gods know we need it sometimes."

"Am I?" Priya wonders with a tip of her head, dark eyes fixed on Calliope as she leans back in her seat. One hand flips over a few controls, breaking gaze only to glance at a few final sundown commands. Calliope's promise draws a rare, warm smile to her lips. "I believe you." She double-triple-checks her own shutdown list, along with the comms list, licking her lips. "I agree. It's... rough."

"Are you?" Calliope repeats the question, blonde brows staying lofted. "I mean, I got the impression you kind of weren't into fooling around like that. Which is totally fine! I need all the friends I can get, and I'm really stoked you got a post here. Just...I am kind of getting some mixed signals right now and it's kind of hard to tell when you're having, like, feelings or just want to punch something. So..."

Ducking her head, Priya rubs her ear a little self consciously leaving another smudge of ash across her skin. "I..." She doesn't get a word in edgewise for a moment, before Calliope's closing comment draws a soft laugh from her. "I am not great at that." Presumably feelings, rather than punching things in which she acquits herself rather well. Looking up at Calliope from under her lashes, she shrugs awkwardly. "Feelings. That is. But no, although not to make anything awkward." If she hasn't already with mixed signals. "You're my best friend, Calliope. Period."

"Okay..." Calliope looks even more confused after that. "You're my best friend, too. And I guess that's...it. Period." She stands, moving toward the hatch. "Anyway, I've got to go file this with the knuckledraggers. I'll catch you later, Priya."

as she moves to head out the hatch, Priya's mouth setting in a frown. Exhaling a frustrated sigh, the ECO drops her head back against the seat. She'll finish her own filing and pass of the tapes once her embarassment eases.


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