2237-02-07 - When Sacrificial Birds Attack

Eli is chipper and Aldrich comes in with an unusual injury.

Date: 2237-02-07

Location: Edson Air Base - Clinic

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Surely there are people who can stack shelves and organize bandages - people who aren't surgeons. But here's Eli, neatly organizing and unpacking a shipment of supplies. They haven't been on the ground long, but he already looks a few shades darker. His mood has improved, too. Case in point: he's humming.

Cate comes into the supply closet, a tray of gauze and casting supplies in hand. When she sees Eli there she stops and blinks. "Never knew a surgeon with such a thing for organizing supplies," she observes casually.

Eli glances over his shoulder towards Cate. He grins. He grins. "Ah, it's relaxing. And I'm anal. So the nurses let me do this. And then they rearrange it all later. Probably. I try not to check after I walk away because it'd make me twitch."

Cate mocks astonishment, "My Gods, he does smile." The teasing smirk is good-natured. "Well, it's good to have a hobby. Hopefully after you're done it won't take me ten frakking minutes to find the fiberglass wrap."

Eli points to a spot on the shelf. "Wraps, organized by size and width. Over here, bandages, again, organized by size and width. Then you have your assorted disinfectant, tensor bandages, et cetera." He motions to the shelf. "Ah, ad here's my favourite bit." He steps to one side and opens the drawer fully. He tugs a small crate off the bottom shelf. "In this bin are the contents of your standard first aid kit."

Cate is standing in the doorway of the supply closet, while Eli is inside pointing at stuff. Cate watches this with a mixture of amazed disbelief. "Okay, yeah, you've clearly got way too much time on your hands. But thanks, at least it'll be easy to put this stuff away." This stuff being the tray of gauze and stuff she's holding.

If Eli has had too much time on his hands, that's probably good news for... well, pretty much everyone. In any case, some of that free time is about to be robbed, because Aldrich comes wandering in with what looks like a bloody handkerchief pressed against his hand, and looking kind of grumpy. He spots Eli and Cate, and starts walking that direction.

Eli spots Aldrich, spots blood. Then he looks at Cate and pulls out the handy first aid crate. "Aldrich. What happened? Did a ceremonial knife slip?" That's a joke, but it's delivered with his usual dryness. So, maybe not Pod Eli.

Cate stashes the tray she was holding in an open spot on one of Eli's carefully-arranged shelves. She might come back to put it in the right place, but probably not. She inches to the side then to let Eli pass with the first aid kit, slanting Aldrich a concerned look.

Aldrich would normally have more of a sense of humor about that, but he shoots Eli a slightly sour look. "Actually, it was a sacrificial bird. It bit back." Eli gets a sharp look, as though to say 'NO THAT IS NOT FUNNY,' then a less annoyed look at Cate. "Sorry," he adds, "I didn't mean to interrupt."

"Lucky for you, you can't interrupt anything when you come into a clinic looking for help." Eli doesn't laugh. He doesn't. There is, however, a twinkle in his eyes. "Well, we're going to have to give you a shot, probably. Never know what kind of interesting diseases birds sacrificed to the gods hold. C'mere, sit down." He pulls a stool over. "Cate, could you bring me some disinfectant, please?"

"I hear the birds around here are particularly vicious," Cate deadpans. Nope, not laughing. Really really working at not laughing. She fetches the disinfectant and hands it over. "Least it wasn't a rodent - then you'd have to get all kinds of fun injections."

See, now Cate is getting the same irritated look that Eli was getting. Good job. "Do whatever you want," he sighs, and settles onto the stool with a little awkward hitch, since his hands are currently engaged in keeping the wound from bleeding everywhere. "Just don't tell that fracking Gemenese zealot. That's the last thing I need."

Eli pulls up his own stool and sits across from Aldrich. He takes the other man's hand and tries to get a look at the wound. When he sees that it starts to bleed when he takes the pressure off, he gives him a clean cloth. "Here, press down with this." He arches his brow at the comment. "I don't tend to go spreading rumours about the medical history of my patients."

Cate offers Aldrich a quizzical look. "There's a zealot? I miss out on all the fun stories," Cate laments dryly. She makes herself useful feeding supplies to Eli like a good little medic.

Aldrich presses down when he's told to, frowning at his hand as though it had done something to offend him. "Well....don't," he says to Eli, then glances over at Cate. He gives a sigh, and answers, "Yes. But if you think it's /fun/, then you've clearly never been to Gemenon."

Good little medics are Eli's favourite kind of medics. He is a man who appreciates efficiency and a well-oiled machine. He goes about cleaning Aldrich's wound efficiently and surprisingly gently. Then he works on tightly binding it. He glances at Aldrich, then over to Cate. "He and Stefan had a bit of a stare-down the other day. Since you aren't bruised..." he says this to Aldrich, "I'm guessing it didn't come to blows."

Cate arches an eyebrow at the responses from the two men. "Luz?" She chuckles softly. "Pretty harmless for a zealot."

Aldrich snorts faintly, and shoots Eli another annoyed look. "Who says /I'm/ the one who would come out of such an altercation as the one with the bruises?" He glances between Cate and Eli once or twice, then looks back at the hand being bandaged. Cate's comment earns her a sharp glance. "Pretty easy to call it harmless when you're not the one that gets judged by the actions of people like that."

"It's not an insult to say I don't think you could put a man down in one punch. I certainly couldn't. Some of the Marines couldn't." Eli shakes his head. "You know, I'm going to step outside of my area here and say you need a good dose of religious weed. The damned sacrificial bird probably bit you because you were handling it too roughly."

Cate meets Aldrich's sharp look with a bland frown. "Seeing as how he's my friend, I'd say you could do worse than to be judged by the actions of people like him." She looks to Eli then. "Did you need anything else, Doctor?" she says with an unusual degree of formality.

Aldrich narrows her eyes at little at Cate, and then shakes his head, pressing his lips together and looking back at the wound being bandaged. "What I need," he says, to Eli, "Is a day off to go into the city. But I was not mishandling a sacrifice. I wouldn't do that." No, he wouldn't abuse the poor thing. Just...you know. Kill it.

Eli finishes bandaging Aldrich's hand. He gives the hand a pat, then glances to Cate. His eyebrows raise at the formality. "I need a vacation, a fat joint and a hut on a desert island. That'd be great." There's that twinkle in his eyes again.

"Right, wouldn't want to hurt the bird before you killed it," Cate says dryly. She mirrors Eli's eyebrow-raise and says, "Well, drugs I'm sure you can find but we're fresh out of desert huts. If you'll excuse me." She tosses a bandage wrap in the trash and seems poised to go... somewhere.

Aldrich glances toward Cate, with a vague frown. "I'm sorry, would you prefer if I abused it first? I assume when you settle down to a steak dinner that you'd prefer the cow was dispatched with a minimum of suffering..." He glances to the bandaged hand with vague curiosity, flexing the fingers a bit to test it.

Eli can't really chide anyone for being caustic. That would be hypocritical. Still he does do the eyebrow thing again to the man's comment. He doesn't say anything to interrupt Cate's purposeful walking away, but he does watch her as she moves off.

Cate half turns while starting to walk away. She shrugs to Aldrich. "I'm all for a minimum of suffering," she says vaguely, but then continues to move away. The clinic isn't very big, so she's not gone far, just into one of the other exam rooms to check on a patient.

Aldrich sighs a little as Cate goes, and glances back to Eli. "Are you done? Or was there some shot I'm supposed to get?" he asks, more wearily than caustic at this point.

"You're fine. The assorted cocktail combined with your regular vaccinations should cover bird bites." Eli looks directly at Aldrich. "You shouldn't let him get to you. And I know a thing or two about being hated by my own people."

Aldrich shakes his head a little. "I shouldn't, I know. But it's... difficult." He fidgets a little with the bandage, then leaves it alone and sits a bit straighter. "And it's not just that. I have a lot of things on my mind at the moment. I used to know people here." He scrubs his non-injured hand over his face. "I should probably get back to the temple and stop alienating the people who are still willing to tolerate me."

"Hah," says Eli. "If people are tolerating me, I think you're pretty safe. Believe me, these people are nearly impossible to properly alienate. I've tried." He inhales slowly, and seems to be debating whether to say what he says next. "Look, I'm no shrink. And I fully admit how helpful I am changes with my mood. But if you need someone to talk to..." he motions with a hand, then drops it.

Aldrich glances toward the direction Cate wandered off to, then back to Eli. "I think it would be more easier if I were making offerings to Dionysus instead of Ares." He at least smiles a little with that, and takes a deep breath. "I don't need a shrink. I need something to do besides waiting for the gods to /do/ something. I guess that doesn't make me much of a chaplain, but... there it is."

"Something to do. Don't say that too loud or someone like me will put you to work scrubbing assorted fluids off assorted things," says Eli wryly. "And honestly, I'm serious about the pot. We're outside, and off that tin can. We have a defense perimeter. Relax a little. Maybe the gods will come to you if you're not so wound up."

Something to do. Cate is at loose ends for such a thing after checking on the patient in the first exam room. She goes over to the sink near the administration area, washing her hands and casting a glance over at the two guys still chatting.

Aldrich looks toward the ceiling. "You know what I meant." So he seems to believe, anyway. "I'm not the person I want the gods to come to," he adds, with a shrug of a shoulder, and an uncomfortable glance to the side as Cate comes in. "Anyway, I should go. I'm sure you both have plenty to do. Thanks for..." He lifts his hand to indicate the bandage.

"That's my job," says Eli. "Bird bite is a new one, though." He grins a little. "If anyone asks, I'll say a non-venomous snake lunged at you." Then he points at the bandage. "Come back tomorrow to have that looked at. First thing in the morning."

Cate doesn't seem to be paying them much mind, apart from a glance now and then. She parks herself at the admin desk, flipping through some papers.

Aldrich gives a crooked little smirk at that. "Don't know why anyone would... But yes. I will," he promises, and starts for the exit. He footsteps slow a little near the desk, and he offers a solemn, and maybe slightly awkward "Sorry" before he heads for the exit and out.


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