2237-02-12 - That Loving Feeling

Addison's flight in which he was shot down leading to his captivity.

Date: 2237-02-12

Location: Space above Picon

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Scene Number: 583

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"I don't give a frak. If you do that show boating shit again I'll make sure you're never on my wing again," Addison snapped, looking at the dark haired man. He had always hated this guy. It was personal. He knew it was personal but it didn't matter. Every since he'd found out that Abraham had ended up with his wing, under his command it had taken every ounce of being not to just slap him constantly.

The background? This was one of those assholes who had put his machismo bullshit moves on Abigail. For that alone, Addison hated him. What made him loathe the prick was when he was rejected, the names he called Addison's sister. It had taken a good amount of effort (and convincing from his sister) not to beat the hell out of the dark haired shitstain.

And now? Now it was three months into conflict, three months of dealing with Abraham, aka Blacklight, constantly trying to undermine. To him it wasn't a war, it was just a chance to show off. Maybe it was his coping mechanism but yet again it'd been an unnecessary harrowing encounter the day before.

The alert sounded before Addison could even finish his biting comments, resulting in an exchange of glowers between the two men. But the incoming warning was enough to get them out, get them into the vipers and get them to space.

Again, stuck with Blacklight on his wing, Addison found himself in the hell of a dogfight. Heavy Raiders swiping at the wing with the babies scattering beneath leveling gunfire and missiles enough to light up the sky with tracers and trails.

Addison had slipped the missile easily enough, calling over his coms, "Blacklight, watch for that missile swinging around."

"Frak off Hurricane (Addison)." The response was enough to cause Addison to glance at his sensors and then out of his cockpit to see, above him, Blacklight flying and taking the opportunity to flip him the bird; despite the intense combat taking place.

"What the Frak is your problem?" The words, echoed by others in the wing seeing the unnecessary display.

The battle raged, quickly, but it raged with several Vipers being taken down in minutes and only a small pack of the wing still remaining. The sequence was tough for Addison to remember. There was Blacklight, flying across the front of his Viper angling to cut off someone. A sharp yell over Coms, 'What the Frak are you doing?!' The sudden jerking of his own Viper as alarms and warnings klaxoned then the cracking of the cockpit. The spinning of the vessel no longer under his control. Instead of drifting out to space it began towards the planet. The heat... the bright fire...

Then waking up, leg busted and pieces of ship scattered about. The last lingering image of that asshole looking surprised being the image behind Addison's eyes as he fought to find consciousness.


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