2237-02-19 - Barrel of Laughs

Cassie warns Cate about the dangers of Canceron flora and fauna.

Date: 2237-02-19

Location: Clinic - Edson Air Base

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Scene Number: 960

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One of the benefits of being assigned planetside for awhile is having a planet to explore and things to climb. One of the downsides of having things to climb is falling off said things. And so it is that Cate wanders into the small air base clinic with a slight limp and a rip in her khaki fatigue trousers. It's raining outside, as it often is here, so she's also a bit soggy. She pauses to wipe her muddy boots at the door.

Cassie finishes dabbing a bright purple paste on a patient making him look like a polka dotted sofa and just as miserable. He lifts up a hand that's been covered in a mitten that's been duct taped at the wrists. "If you itch, I swear by your pretty purple polka dots that I will add a big glittery pink bow." It seems that even though he takes her threat seriously, because he lowers his hand sheepishly, the nurse and patient exchange warm smiles. "Now sit on those mitts, it will all be dry soon and then it will feel much better." Spying the new comer out of the corner of her eye while handling the previous patient she gives a vacant cot-exam table-bed a pat after she removes her gloves. "Need help up?"

"Nah, I can manage, thanks," Cate says, not hopping up on the table immediately. Instead she goes to the cabinets nearby to start collecting some antiseptic and small bandages, as one might if they were a stubborn medic/former-doctor determined to take care of the scrapes on her own. She eyes the mitten man. "What the hell happened to him?" she wonders, eyebrows raised.

Cassie pulls a curtain around the polka-dot patient, "If you itch, I will know." Is the last thing she says to him before coming over to wait for Cate to be settled. "Ants." Her voice lowers, "Supposedly he looked at the wrong person and ended up waking up, covered in honey next to an ant hill." A little shrug is given, "Though I haven't found a bit of honey on him. So I'm sensing someone fell asleep where they shouldn't have and has aim to make his embarrassment pinned on a rival."

Cate snickers. "When in doubt, blame the other guy. Ants though... Gods, I've never seen so many bugs in one place. Damn creepy things." Upon closer inspection, it's probably obvious that Cate also has scrapes on her forearm and opposite hand in addition to the one on her knee.

Cassie seems to know better than to give Cate the same tough love treatment she gave Ant-Man. "May I help you please?" It's a very polite request, that she's tinged a bit with a 'so I don't get in trouble so you'd be doing me a favor' in tone. But she doesn't get pushy, standing by to aid if deemed worthy. "There was this worm thing that I had to pull out of someone's thigh. It wasn't like any leech they have on Picon..."

Cate hesitates at the question, seemingly ready to play the stubborn card, but then waves her uninjured hand. "Yeah, okay, long as you're not too busy. Just a few scrapes and bruises. Damn rocks here are slippery." She hops up on the cot, shuddering a little at the leech story. "Out of? That sounds horrifying."

Cassie waves a hand in a 'it's no trouble' way and she steps up to take up the duty of getting Cate all cleaned up. "It was tubular, had little tentacles with suckers on them fanning out around the mouth. It was like it was turning itself inside out into the vein. They sure don't put this thing on the Canceron Tourist Brochure." She gives a little shiver. "He.." She tilts her head towards Ant-Man behind the curtain. "...had an ant still clamped on his back. Welcome to the jungle, it's not all fun and games." She uses a clipboard to fan any sting away from the scrape on Cate's hand that Cassie is tending to. "So just be careful exploring."

Cate winces, though whether that's because of the sting of antiseptic on the scrapes or the story Cassie tells is anyone's guess. "Inside the vein? That is horrifying. Ugh. But yeah... snakes, creepy crawlies, plague-ridden mosquitos, slippery rocks - this place is a barrel of laughs." Or not, judging by her dry tone. In a some somber one, she says, "I forgot you were from Picon."

Cassie chuckles dryly, yeah, whole barrel of laughs. "Almost makes me miss shark bites, bar brawls and appearance modifying botches. But this is why I joined! New places, new people, new afflictions." She is quick but very careful and light touched as she cleans and bandages Cate up. "Do you want to see it? The worm? It's in a jar in the back..."

"Well, maybe if you get 'lucky' you'll see a shark bite here. Just like old times." The knee clearly took the brunt of the fall, and Cate winces as Cassie cleans it up. "Uh, no, thanks, I'll pass," she says, looking a little creeped out. After a beat, she asks, "Were you in the navy before everything went to hell?"

Cassie nods with a little smile as she snips the torn edges of Cate's khakis so there's not threadbares getting in her way as she cleans it out. Once clean she goes to roll up the pants with hope to not cut up the pants any more than necessary. "Maybe, of course if the bugs are any indication, the sharks will all have blood grooves and latching barbs on every tooth on this planet. I joined up a little late in life than most do. But yes, it was before the Cylons rebelled. Not too long before, but I did it in the memory of a ... friend."

"That'd be just our luck if some hapless Private ignores the signs and decides to go for a dip. One of the birds attacked the chaplain. Of course, he was trying to catch it, so... at least it was kind of self-defense. I don't know if they're usually so vicious." Cate nods to the latter explanation. "A more-than-a-friend friend?" she asks, eyebrows arched. Because she's nosy that way.

Cassie gives Cate a look up through her lashes that lets her know that Cassie thinks she's being nosy. But those eyes twinkle and she doesn't even have to answer. "What about you? When did you join up?"

"Sorry," Cate looks a little chagrined. Probably not the first time she's gotten that look from someone. A shrug answers Cassie's question. "I was in Hyperion during the siege. Guess you could say that's when I started fighting." Her lips thin. "Joined up for real after I made it out."

Cassie stands up straight and snaps off her gloves before taking the supplies back, "Welcome to the Laugh Barrel." But more sincerely now, "It's good to have you." The clipboard is then offered to Cate, "Since you want to save me time and effort you get to do the paperwork." A quick wink is given and she crosses her arms letting Cate have at.

"Thanks. Been just over a year now. At least I don't have to wear a Virgon uniform any more." Cate shrugs, then takes the clipboard. "I suppose so. Probably take more time to do the paperwork than clean the cuts," she observes dryly.

Cassie rolls her head with a long musical, "Yeeeep! See, I was just doing the easy part. Leaving the hard part for you to do. Helpful like that, Nurse Cassie." She points both of her thumbs at herself. Then over her shoulder, "Hands down Private." There is a whimper from behind the curtain and a soft whispered wonder of, "How did..." From behind. This makes Cassie give a silent but pleased looking chuckle.

Cate hops down off the cot, holding up the clipboard. "Remind me never to try and sneak around behind your back," she says with a smirk towards the mittened ant man. "Thanks."

Cassie laughs and jokes, "I was a Magician on Picon too, to pay my way through medical school." She winks and then gives a little wave to Cate. "Take care and don't go climbing without a buddy please."

"Good to know," Cate answers with a smirk. She nods unconvincingly to the latter. "I'll be careful. I'll take care of this." This being the clipboard. "See you around."


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