2237-03-05 - Rough Landing

The new CAG arrives, but doesn't exactly endear himself to everyone. Or anyone.

Date: 2237-03-05

Location: Edson AB Officer Quarters

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Eva, for once, actually seems to be in the barracks. Given that the woman seems to have been avoiding the building for the past few weeks, except when absolutely necessary, the fact that she's actually in the common area, and not looking to immediately be on the way out, is practically a miracle. And, as usual, she's working on paperwork. Thanks, Kallas. She does not, however look like she's relaxing, as she's actually still in her flight suit.

Calliope got off duty several hours ago and has had time to shower, eat, and wind her way back to the barracks. She's in a tank top and her hair's still damp. Though it's hard to tell if it's from the showers or is just from the omnipresent humidity on Canceron. "Cherry?" She does sound a little surprised when she catches sight of Eva. But it's pleasantly so. "Umm. Hey. Evening." All that paperwork gets a vaguely sympathetic wrinkle of her nose.

Eva looks up, as Calliope calls her name. She hasn't shown her face around, but her expression, at seeing the raptor pilot is vintage Cherry, happy, if a bit worn around the edges, "Hey Bullseye. Nice to see you. Where've you been keeping yourself?" There's humour there, as she sets down her pen. "I know, right? You think you get all the perks when you get promoted and then you realize it's literally the worst job ever."

Into the barracks comes a new face. Probably a replacement. Wearing his tank tops without the outer green shirt, it would seem he hasn't wasted much time getting acclimated to the humidity. Maybe he missed the memo about covering up for the mosquitos. A duffel bag is slung over his shoulder. He looks around briefly, surveying the room with a 'not bad, not bad' sort of lips pressed together. Dropping the bag by the door, he steps up Eva and Calliope. "Evening ladies." He flashes a smile. "One of you know where I can find a..." He consults a piece of paper in his hand with a squint, "Captain Thorne?"

"I would not know. Which I think makes me lucky," Calliope replies to Eva. She kicks off her shoes and finds a chair to fold herself up in. Cross-legged, stocking feet tucked under her. "Me? Busy as possible. Patrols. Riding the Marines out to the jungle. Just...anything. It's weird, without Kallas around. I mean, you're doing a great job. It's just...weird." Shrug. "At least he's going to be OK...ish, right?" Not that she really has time to wait for an answer, when the newbie arrives. "Uh, hi" is her reply to him. Her eyes to flick toward Eva, but she seems reluctant to point her out in a more obvious fashion.

Eva's face falls, at the mention of Kallas. His accident really hit the woman hard, and not only because she had to take his job, "I know. The squadron really doesn't feel the same without him. I hear he'll live...Whether or not he'll ever fly again--" She cuts herself off there with a shake of her head, as she catches sight of the new arrival. Once she hears the question, she rises, directing her attention to the man, "That would be me. What can I do for you?"

Webb smiles back to Calliope's hello, and it doesn't dim in the face of the grim mood hanging in the air. He extends a hand when Eva rises. "Kyle Webb. I'm here to take your job." The cheerful assertion is accompanied by a grin, then a little wave of his other hand. "Well, your acting job, anyway." For those familiar, his accent marks him as being from a particular province on Virgon.

Entering a few beats behind Webb is another of the Captains from the Galactica, Finn O'Day. He appears to be arriving from a workout, dressed in his PT outfit, though sweaty thus implying that he finished working out. He has a towel around his neck and is using it to mop the sweat from his hair as he walks in to find that someone is talking about taking Cherry's acting job.

Calliope's blue eyes flick between Webb and Eva, widening when he says what he's actually here for. For a beat she looks a little confused. Then, gradually, it dawns on her. Her mouth opens, as if to say something, then promptly shuts again. Finn is noted, and offered a relieved little wave. It's less 'Hello' than, 'Pffew, another person!'

Eva's own accent identifies her as well and truly Hibernian, a little more country, a little less rock and--nevermind. She nods, at the man's words, but before she replies, her eyes catch Finn walking into the room. A nod, more to herself than anyone else, before she looks back to Webb. She doesn't sound angry, or upset, or anything else. She just sounds businesslike. The sadness of a moment ago tucked away for another time. "I'll need to see your transfer orders."

Webb gives Eva a considering squint, as if trying to gauge her response. "Already reported in with the X, mate. Just here to find a rack and meet the new crew. Digs aren't bad, considering." He notices Finn arriving, and lifts a hand in a little wave. "And who might you be then?" he asks in a friendly tone.

A glance is cast to Eva, brow quirked, just a touch of a smirk. And then Webb addresses him and he clears his throat quickly, "Farmboy, sir. Finn O'Day." No need to state his rank. The Head Honcho will have the files, he can look it up later. "Welcome to the Wolfpack, sir."

Calliope sounds like the Caprica City girl she is. As much as one can tell, from the minimal amount she's speaking right now. "Uh. Welcome. Sir...?" it comes out as more of a question than she probably means it to. Even if he's not wearing bars right now, but it's probably safe to assume her new CO ranks her. She stares at Webb with obvious curiosity. "Calliope Drake. Ensign. Bullseye. Hi!"

Eva's expression doesn't change even a whit, the woman remaining on her feet as she faces the new arrival, "I am not your mate. I also have received no word from Colonel Ryan that the new CAG had arrived. And frankly, I have no idea who you are. So until such time as I either hear from the Colonel, or I see you transfer orders, this is still my squadron, and these are still my pilots." It's not that she's not welcoming, okay, it's partly that. But isn't also that she's clearly protective of her people.

"Good to meet you. Farmboy. Bullseye." Webb replies. If Finn is close enough, he'll extend a hand for a handshake, and then do the same to Calliope. Eva's response causes the cheerful grin to morph into a smug smirk. He straightens back up, eyeing the red-headed pilot. "You don't want to be mates, that's fine. Your loss. But get something straight, Captain. I'm your new CO, and this is my squadron, and these are my pilots. And if you need to hear that from the X himself, then by all means, have a jog right on over to his office. It's that red building down the way."

Uh huh. Well this is fun. He eyes Eva and then Webb. The offered hand is taken and shaken, "Good to meet you sir." He then moves around the new CAG and over to Cherry, standing near her. He finishes toweling off his head, "Not sure where your rack is sir. I've gotta get changed, I'm on deck in an hour." And with that, he pats Cherry on the shoulder and starts to move off towards his own rack.

Calliope has to get out of the chair she's curled up in to shake the New CAG's hand. She does so with supreme awkwardness, actually giving Eva a little 'Sorry!' look while she's doing it. She looks very envious of Finn as he flees.

If Webb meant for his tone, or his words to leave Eva mollified, they don't. Her face is still has hard, and implacable, and un-Cherry like as ever. She doesn't even look pacified when Finn walks over, and the Aerilonese man can usually smooth out her rough edges. "Nice to have a clear indication of the exactly the way this squadron is changing..Sir." Cherry reaches up, removing the CAG pins from her flight suit, setting it down on top of the paperwork she was doing. She turns to leave, and since she's already been given permission to leave the building, she moves to do just that. But it isn't towards the XO's office, but towards the flight line she goes. She's not wearing this rubber suit for the fashion appeal.

Webb bends down at least a little to meet Calliope halfway. After handshakes around, he watches Eva head off for a moment before clapping his hands in a let's get started sort of way. "Right then, now that's sorted, time to find the essentials. Good meeting you lot," he says, seeming untroubled by the tension with Eva. He scoops up the pin, but not the paperwork (since he doesn't actually know what that was... or maybe he's just being a dick and leaving it with Eva, who knows). He collects his bag and heads back into the billets to take over Kallas' old room.

"Yeah, umm, later. Sir." Calliope offers, with more awkwardness to Webb. Before properly fleeing to her bunk.


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