2237-03-21 - Lost Letters

Somewhere behind Enemy Lines, the last pages of a journal are filled.

Date: 2237-03-21

Location: Picon, Behind Enemy Lines

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The price is high, but we are willing to pay that price. When people say there are no heroes they simply don't know where to look.

The words echoed louder now than they had in the past weeks for Addison. The metal roof overhead, rusted in spots and cracked in others doing little to nothing to shield against the constantly bombarded elements. The speech that was in his mind bounced around with an echo like sound made worst by the constant thrum of headache brought on by starvation. Still, the memory of the speech being played on the vid was present. Some old general or some sort, a military figure. In front of him sat Abigail and beyond them the rest of the class. As usual, everyone was doing their own things, not paying attention. Addison was trying not to pay attention but it kept pulling him back.

We must win this war, therefore I will work.. I will suffer, I will sacrifice and I will endure. I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost as if my effort were that which alone would win this war.

Why did this man give the speech? Addison's recollection of history was terrible, he couldn't remember the situation of the words or where it came from, only that it was spoken and was stuck in his head now. His eyes lifted from the page and out over to the prison camp just beyond the breaking of the hills. For three weeks he had observed and speculated, put together his plan. Turning back to his journal he began to write on the last page.

[[code]]To my Abigail,

If this is brought to you by someone other than me, I am most likely dead. They have told you I am certain that I was shot down some 4 months ago on mission behind enemy lines. I survived the crash and have been living in the wilderness, evading Cylon patrols, all this time. This journal contains details of my time... it is meant for you.

No matter what, I want you to know that I never surrendered. That I fought to the end.



He could not bury the Journal, to do such would hide it forever. So he did the next logical thing, set it out on a boulder. Rising, Addison brushed his hands on his pants and began to walk.

It was only minutes later when the metallic sound of Cylon legs and the clicking of auto-cannons fell into place behind him...


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