2237-03-23 - Riding the Bull

Some of the crew gathers for a last hurrah before their time planetside is over. There's lots of drinking and a mechanical bull.

Date: 2237-03-23

Location: Crow's Nest - Ruanira

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Scene Number: 966

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The news spreading that the BSG crew might soon be heading back to their metal encased home has brought personnel out of the woodwork, putting in for their passes to have one last hurrah. While nothing 'official' was organized, the bar's staff has put together a little extra effort tonight for the crowd, with shot specials, luau decor and to top it all off: they've brought their mechanical bull out of storage and set up a padded area for those brave - or drunk - enough to take a turn.

Calliope is here for the party, dressed down in a military-issue tank top and trousers. And lots of sunscreen. She's not so much space-pale as natural-pale, and all this time on the ground as left her burned when she neglected to cover up or encase herself in a high-grade SPF. She side-eyes the mechanical bull. It is not immediately approached. She does zero in on those shots, though. "Hey! Hi! I'll take one of those. The kind of amber drink, yeah."

Geoff is in no way difficult to entice out on a social outing. As soon as the word went round that people were planning to party, he was on his way to getting ready. Unfortunately, he doesn't own any non-military clothes. So he's in his tanks. But it looks like the outer one has some kind of subtle pattern drawn around all the edges in black. Which is absolutely not regulation. He orders two shots of something blue.

Cate wanders in, taking off a pair of sunglasses she scavenged from someplace. She's wearing her regular duty uniform, having come straight from her shift, and she looks tired. She heads over to the bar next to Geoff. "Got your own custom camo pattern going on there?" she asks with an amused gesture towards his tanks.

Miko has civvies. Miko has an excuse to wear civvies. He pushes open the door wearing a pair of jeans and floral print shirt open over a white tank top, arguing with someone over his shoulder even as he props a boot against the kick jam to hold it open for Eli who enters behind him. "I'm just saying, if the plural of goose is geese, the plural of moose should be meese." He turns to face the people starting to gather, shoving his fists over his head in a triumphant manner like he expects to be greeted by name by the lot of him. "PEOPLE. IT IS TIME TO DRANK YOU DRINK AND GET DRUNK."

Calliope only has on a couple of non-military pieces. A pair of very pink flip-flops, and matching pink sunglasses perched on her head. "Woo!" she hollers when her shot's poured. She raises the glass, and Miko's order, and drinks! With the practice of one who's spent time in many-a-bar.

Geoff shrugs at Cate, smiling. "Just my coolness showing through." He offers one of the blue shots to her. "You want this? I don't know what's in it." When someone yells about getting drunk, he puts a hand in the air and yells, "Wooo!" just like Calliope does without even looking to see who yelled it.

Eli really did want to fall back on his off-duty sweats, but a certain marine gave him shit when he tried. So he's wearing a pair of drawstring loose, linen pants with flip flops and a gray t-shirt. And yes, the formerly be-beareded doctor has shaved, and shaved again recently. He's also quite well-tanned. This part of Canceron is kissing cousins with Argentum Bay's climate. He opens his mouth to say something in response to Miko's declaration, but then the shouting. He winces and rubs his ear. "Are you pre-drunk?" he murmurs.

Cate grins at Geoff. "I like it. Who needs civilian clothes?" When he offers the drink, she shrugs. "Sure, if it's any good. Thanks. Hey, Bullseye," she greets Calliope when she sees her sitting a few chairs down. Mikolas' shout causes her to turn that way, smirking. "Always making an entrance," she observes dryly.

"WOO!" Miko echoes after the others, looking aside to Eli with a bit of a smirk. "Can't go to the main event without a little pre-gaming. Consider it warm-ups for my liver." He hitches his head towards the bar where there are those he recognizes, not giving the good doctor a chance to hang back. "What are we drinking folks?" Of course it's rhetorical. "Forget that shit. Bartender? Line us up a bunch of Scorpian Car Bombs." Which of course is a 3/4th beer with a shot of whiskey dropped into it.

"WOOO!" Calliope adds more high-pitched yelling to the air, for good measure. She orders another drink right off. A cocktail, with lots of fizzy soda and rum, rather than a shot. Cate's flashed a quick grin. "Hi, Rhodes. GODS I totally needed this tonight." Her head turns toward Geoff's 'Wooo'ing and she raises a hand to offer the Marine a high-five.

Eli shakes his head and rolls his eyes as Miko orders his terrible concoction. "No, no no, Fire in the Jungle." The drink name is not a common one. When the bartender indicates he doesn't know what it is, he leans in to whisper the instructions. His grin is...well, a bit devilish. The bartender's face shifts and eyes go wide. He nods, then dips (suspiciously) around back before emerging a few minutes later with a tray full of shots that look faintly red. He holds up a hand, then says, "Anyone who's taking one has to just shoot it. No sitting there trying to figure it out."

"It's really fucking unfair that everybody else has civilian clothes," Geoff tells Cate. "But whatever, I improvise." He looks to see who she's talking about. "Oh," he says. "What's his deal, exactly?" Whatever that means. He shoots his blue thing, then high-fives Calliope as soon as she gives the signal. "Are those shots free?" he asks Eli.

Oh look, the chaplain is here. Exactly what you want when you're about to down a mystery shot! Ahem. Aldrich steps inside, sees familiar faces, and just sort of stops there for the moment. Is he going to stay? Is he going to run for the hills? It is anyone's guess! He certainly looks a little torn about it as he lingers near the entrance.

Cate sips at the blue shot experimentally. "Not bad. What's this called?" she asks Geoff. Then seeing Calliope high-fiveing Geoff, she says, "Bullseye, do you know Court?" Cate is a notorious name-shortener for her marine pals - some mind it less than others. "Yeah, I've got a set but it's not really fit for public consumption any more." She shrugs to the question about Mikolas, and admits. "I don't really have a good answer to that one. You either love him or hate him I guess. Or sometimes both."

There is a narrowing of eyes at Eli as he changes Miko's suggestion for a round of drinks, "You call it, you pay for it." He tells the doctor good-naturedly, reaching out to torque a finger into his ribcage. "Yeah, gimme some of those!" Calling over the bartender, he sees about plucking them off the tray and pushing them into everyone's hands who'll take one of this Fire shot. "To no more mosquitos!" Hey. Gotta look on the bright side of going back to the tin can. Without waiting for anyone else, he shoots back the vaguely red shot. And coughs. And keeps coughing. "Frakker." He hisses at Eli.

A late comer to the party is Finn O'Day. THat's probably a bit unusual, as he's known to hit the bottle hard when given the chance. Once he does arrive though, he is quick to make his way towards the bar, nodding to those he recognizes on the way. Upon his arrival he slows and comes to lean against the bar top, eyeing the others who are apparently about to take a shot, "Hope I'm not too late." He is currently dressed in his civvies, which reflect his place of origin. Farmers clothes, old and worn from years of use, and then many more years of storage. Still, the simple garb is better than his duty uniform.

"I don't know, the shot menu said 'Submarine Dream' so I got it," he says. But I don't think it's like a regular drink you can order when they're not trying to get marines drunk. He does not turn down the shot that's soon in hand, and he knocks it back as instructed.

"YEAH!" Calliope shouts at Geoff, as they high-five. Her blue eyes go wide at the mystery shots. And she totally ignores her cheery cocktail - complete with its paper umbrella - to grab one. "Hi, Farm Boy! There's, like, mystery drinks!" There's a blink, when she spots Aldrich, but the chaplain is waved at, too. Once her hand is settle, she does her shot! Instantly, her blue eyes bulge and her face controts. For a second, it looks like she might spit it out. But she does not. She is a practiced 'Woo' girl. It is swallowed, with a gulp.

"This tray of death is on me, yes," says Eli to Geoff. He laughs when Miko does the shot. He watches the marine purposefully, then does a shot himself. He shakes his head, but otherwise handles it well. "The trick is to not let it touch your lips!" Someone towards the edge of the crowd presses one of the faintly red shots into Aldrich's hand. "A warning..." he calls out a bit too late for poor Calliope and Miko, "...it's a little spicy." The doctor, it should be noted, it looking more relaxed than anyone on the ship has ever seen him.

"HA!" Miko comments as he clunks down his empty glass on the bar, wedging for a minute between Cate and Geoff to do so. "Submarine Dream. Get it? Sub...marine. Because you might end up under one of us if you drink too many." Then he's stepping back to let them continue whatever conversation he just eavesdropped on. "Aldrich!" Miko's fists thrust overhead again.

Cate eyes the people trying the red shots, "Uh, yeah, I'll pass thanks." She chuckles at the explanation of the blue shots. "Guess that could be good or bad depending on which marine, Kovac," she quips to Miko, before the shout draws her attention to the chaplain. "Hey padre," she says to him with a wave.

Geoff coughs once. "Frak," he says, but he doesn't seem /too/ destroyed by the spicy drink. "Too many?" he asks. "Don't sell yourself short!" But that's just banter, in the same vein as Cate's. When people start calling out to Aldrich, Geoff toasts him with the empty shotglass.

Aldrich gives a little wave to Calliope, with a vague sort of smile. A shot is passed into his hand, and he holds onto it, but he doesn't drink it. Maybe he spotted those reactions already. He does, however, carry it with him as he approaches the bar or wherever everyone is gathered. Miko earns himself another surprised, owlish blinks at the greeting, and he lifts the still-untouched shot as he passes by. "Mikolas." He's less enthusiastic, maybe, but he's trying darn it! "Everyone. Looks like a party..."

Eli backs up from the edge of the bar and jostles into Aldrich. He was busy paying the bartender for the tray of shots. Best to get that out of the way early. He turns and mumbles an apology, and then he realizes who it is. "Aldrich. Hey." And Miko is right there too.

Miko is right there, yes, but he's managed to ring a woman around the waist and drag her over, planting Calliope between himself and the other two men as he hugs about her waist. "Betty, have you met Doc Cadmus and our illustrious Chaplain, Aldrich yet?" He asks right before he open mouth bites her on the shoulder playfully. "Betty here is going to ride the bull, aren't you dollface?"

Cate grins at Geoff. "Seriously," she agrees. "So what's the verdict on the red drink o' death." Mikolas introducing Calliope gets a peer. "Betty?" Blank look time.

Mystery drinks, eh? Finn takes up one of the mystery shots and eyes it for a moment, then sniffs at it. He oofs visibly at the smell, but slams it back like a good sport. There's a cough and then a deep inhale. "Damn...that was not a good way to start the night." he comments quietly, mostly to himself. The shto glass is set down on the bar top.

"Butch! You're alive!" Calliope flashes Mikolas a grin. She nods to Aldrich, but shakes her head at Eli. "I've met the chaplain. Kind of, sort of. Hi again!" She raises a hand to wave. Because she's had two shots in the space of fifteen minutes. "I'm, like, familiar with the Doc but not familiar. I try not to frequent Sickbay. Hi! What was in that? Am I going to die?" To Cate, "It's a nick-name. It makes no sense. Butch doesn't make any sense either, though, so I feel like we're even."

Aldrich gets bumped into and Tabasco shot goes /all/ over the floor. Whoops! Too bad, that. "Oh... frak..." He glances up, and there's Eli, and he gives an awkward smile. "Hi. Yeah, I... wasn't going to drink that anyway, it's fine." He glances back and forth between Miko and Eli, the former with 'dollface' and the later with his tray of drinks, and after a moment of blank deer-in-the-highlights hesitation, he smiles awkwardly, and looks around for a distraction. "Oh look, there's Geoff. I should go say hi." He kind of awkwardly sets the now-empty shot glass on Eli's tray, then slips away to claim a spot on the other side of said marine. "Hi, Geoff. What are we drinking?"

Something feels awkward. Geoff squints at Mikolas, Aldrich, and Eli in turn. Then he raises a hand. "We can make it a competition if somebody gets me one more shot!" he announces. He upnods at Aldrich. "Get yourself a Submarine Dream," he advises.

"On the contrary," says Eli to Finn's comment, "I think it's a great way. Better than something sweet that tricks you." He looks over at Calliope and Miko, eyes dropping to the hand on her waist, then up to the medic. "Peer pressure, Mikolas," he says mock-sternly. "Don't let him talk you into anything. Or...do, but do do it while you're sober. I.." He watches Aldrich slip away. He hesitates a moment and considers calling out, but he lets him go.

"They're not too bad. I like drinks that are a little sweeter though, myself," Cate says to Aldrich, gesturing toward her half-drunk blue shot. Calliope's explanation gets a smirk. "Butch and Betty? Hey I've heard stranger nicknames." Then Geoff is talking about contests and she looks confused. "Wait, what competition? I think I missed something."

Miko releases Calliope with an open handed swat to the butt, "Butch makes perfect sense. It's because I'm so manly." His gaze follows Aldrich for a second before it swivels back to Eli with something that might actually be a vague sort of apologetic tint. Then. "You!" The medic's attention bounces around like a hamster with ADHD on crack, because now he's pointing at Finn. "You! You're going to ride the bull, right? You heard Dreamboat over there." Geoff. "It's a competition now! Whoever can stay on the longest wins...wins..." His fingers snap, looking for suggestions as to the prize.

Aldrich nods a little and looks for a bartender, because there's got to be one somewhere, right? "Submarine Dream it is." He glances skeptically to the mechanical bull, but he seems more interested in getting that drink, first. While he's waiting to get the attention of the bartender, he adds a little smile toward Cate. "I don't like them too sweet, myself, so that sounds just perfect."

Calliope blinks at Eli. "Are you telling me not to frak him?" Blink at Mikolas. Then another blink at Eli. "I don't think I can. Isn't that against the rules? That are, like, so many rules in the military. It's still weird. Why does the admiral care who I frak, right? But anyway, I'm not going to tonight! But thanks, Doc. That's, like, really sweet." She gives Mikolas a playful parting swat back, as he disengages. She blinks at Aldrich as he wanders off. But shrugs. And reclaims her cocktail, with its jaunty umbrella.

"I'm gonna ride that frakkin' bull," Geoff informs Cate, flashing teeth in a grin. "See, they're already planning out my prize." He lifts his eyebrows at Aldrich. "You wanna keep time? Unless you want to compete," he teases.

Needing something to wash the awful spicy red shot down, Finn flags down the bartender, "Beer. Anything as long as it isn't light." And then he is talked about riding a bull. Finn arhces a brow at Miko, then looks over at Calliope and shrugs, "I dunno...Never rode a fake bull before." Obviously he's ridden real ones. On the farm.

"Unless it's for medical reasons, it's not my business to tell people who to frak," says Eli. His tone is deadpan, and maybe a touch prickly. He pushes back through the crowd, trying to find a spot at the bar. He needs something more than a tequila shot if this is going to turn into a bull riding tournament.

Cate ahs when Geoff explains about the bull. "Oh, heh. Good luck, I guess. Don't let one of the pilots win." Though there's a good-natured grin at Calliope when she says it, more a game than any real marine pride there. The medic looks around, just people-watching a bit. She's still barely touched her drink.

Aldrich smirks a little at Geoff, one brow raised. "You say that like there's no chance I would," he comments. And then oh look, there is booze, and it is blue! He takes an experimental drink, then nods approval. "If you need someone to keep time, I can do that. But you better do it while I'm still sober enough."

"I mean, there are medical reasons to tell people who to frak," Calliope says to Eli. Because apparently they're in a conversation now, she's decided. About this. "Does he have, like, a disease? I mean, one you can catch like that. He seems to have survived that fever pretty well." She picks up her cocktail again and starts sipping it now. All the talk of the bull makes her give it a thoughtful look.

Miko crows after the 'frakking' question, "Save a marine, ride a bull!" Or something along those lines. "Another round of red things on me, and then that fellow is the first up. And winner gets..."

The bartender speaks up, filling in the blanks. "Their bar tab paid for!" Because good entertainment is good for the bar.

"There! That!" Miko points enthusiastically. "And if you win, you better be two shots shy of alcohol poisoning. And that is /not/ my medical advice." He grins and then winds back towards the bar, hip checking Cate when he gets there. "/That/ is alcohol abuse." He motions to her nearly full glass.

"I'm not able to discuss medical histories," says Eli to Calliope as he gets up to the front of the bar. He orders an IPA. When he hears the prize being shouted out, he arches an eyebrow. "Well, that should get some takers."

Geoff swoops in on that tray of gross red drinks once they're ready. At least he knows to expect the spice this time. He sets the glass back on the nearest horizontal surface and nods at Aldrich. "All right, I'm gonna hit it first, and I am gonna need a big-ass cheer on my way," he requests from the other bar patrons, taking his stride.

"You should totally ride it!" Calliope says, with high-pitched enthusiasm, to Eli. Her new buddy. She gets herself another shot, when Mikolas orders them. At least this one isn't immediately downed. She has a cocktail to sip on. "Are you going to try it, Farm Boy?" she asks the Aerilon pilot brightly. "You seem like you'd be good at it. Represent! I totally want a ride tonight. I mean, on the bull. Not on anythign that'll give me VD!"

Cate points to Aldrich. "You should totally have a go at it, padre. Got as much of a chance as anyone." She smirks at Mikolas when he hip-checks her. "What, you mean you don't need someone to be the designated walker?" She arches an eyebrow at Eli's response to Calliope, and then says, "His only disease is not being able to keep it in his pants," she ribs him good-naturedly.

Cate gives Geoff a little whoop as he goes. Not quite the big-ass cheer he requested, but it's something. "Go get 'em, Court."

Getting his beer from the bartender, taking a sip from the bottle as he watches Geoff head over to the mechanical bull. More shots? Yikes. Farmboy nods to Calliope, "Yeah Bullseye...Think I just might..." He sips again from the bottle and looks to the bar tender, "Round of shots. Straight whiksey." Nothing fancy for him it seems. He runs a hand through his hair quickly and shoots Calliope a quirked brow, "Who's giving you VD?"

"Sweetheart, I plan on being /rolled/ out of this bar tonight. Walking sounds like too much work." He tells Cate. Miko only hears snippets of conversation around him, but at one he turns and crotch chops with one hand, "VeeDee Free since Twenty-two-thirty-three!" There may or may not have been a sketchy time four years ago. Only his medical record will tell. "Let's go, Dreamboat!"

Eli looks over at the bull, then back to Calliope and Cate in turn. "Not happening. For one, it's ridiculous. For two, I'd frak up my back." He sips from his pint and watches the first victim move towards the contraption.

Geoff mounts that fauxbull with plenty of bravado, and he rides the best he can. And with all the panache he can muster, one hand in the air. After not too very long, he loses his seat and ends up sliding off one side onto a hopefully padded floor. He rolls to get up and pumps both hands in the air. "Accepting drinks from everybody who admires the courage," he announces.

Aldrich gives Cate a little crooked grin, "But then who's going to time it...?" Then Miko is there, a little too close, and he downs a pretty respectable gulp of his drink. "Maybe I will after all." And he slips off his bar stool, taking his drink with him as he goes to linger a little closer and watch the others and time their runs while he waits for his turn. Did he just volunteer to ride a mechanical bull just to get further away from Miko? ...Maybe.

Calliope cackles at Cate's comment about Miko's disease. "Yeah, I've read things on the Head wall." More laughing, at Finn's question. "Nobody, yet. I'm saving my fear of potential infections for my last days of shore leave. I want to get a tattoo before we leave Canceron. There are some parlors in the civvie town that look pretty slick." Eli gets a pouty look, when he says he won't participate in the bull riding. It involves a lot of lip.

Cate points at Mikolas, then smirks at Calliope. "I rest my case." Then Aldrich is considering it and says, "I'm sure we can find someone else to man the stopwatch for your turn. Go for it, padre." She's content to stay at the bar, though, watching the bull-riding shenanigans from afar. Calliope's comment about tattoos actually gets her to gulp down half of her shot.

Chugging down half his beer, Finn nods at Calliope with a vaguely bemused expression, "That sounds wy better than VD. I heard he's had it since Twenty-Two-Thirty-Three. Sounds nasty." A few moments later, the round of whiskey shots are delivered and Finn takes one up, downing the shot without pretense. He finishes off the beer, sets the bottle down and heads off towards the bull. Round two. Ready, Player One...Well, technically Two.

Miko's eyes are twinkling when he leaves Cate's side, perhaps not realizing that Aldrich just vacated because of his vicinity. "That's how rumors get started, Farmboy!" He's picked up on that moniker, even if he isn't directly acquainted with the man. "Love it." He's chuckling by the time he comes back to the side of the man he walked in her with, leaning in to mutter something.

Eli lifts both brows at Calliope. "You don't know me, so you'll be forgiven for thinking that would actually work on me." The grumpy doctor is living up to his reputation tonight, it seems. He drinks, then looks towards the mechanical bull. He blinks as he spots Aldrich in the queue. Huh. He eyes Miko as he approaches, sure that the marine is bringing trouble with him. After the whisper, he shifts, clears his throat, and rubs the back of his neck. Then he takes as big of a swallow of his IPA as any man can stand.

Geoff gets a cigarette out of a pocket and lights up. He doesn't seem too interested in watching the others compete now that he's had his turn. He goes back to Cate. "Man, I thought I could ride 'im a little longer than /that/!" he complains. He does turn back when he notices that Aldrich is lining up. Huh.

Cate chuckles softly at the exchange between Calliope and Finn, but then her attention is drawn to Eli. "What happened to the good mood you rode in here with?" she makes a vague gesture between Eli and the door. "You either need more booze or less of that red stuff, Doctor C." Then Geoff is coming back and she says, "Least you got to go first. Get it out of the way."

"GO FARM BOY! GO FARM BOY!" Calliope yells and leaves her stool at the bar to hop and clap, cheer-leader style. Gotta support your Air Wing fellows. "GO! GO! GO!" Her third shot remains sitting peacefully by her cocktail. Its time will come. The look she shoots Eli is completely innocent. What's she working? She doesn't inflict her lip on him again, though.

Miko touches Eli's back as he mutters something else, with his smile never faltering before he looks back to Cate. "Big crowds. Loud noises. If he sees his shadow, we might be in for six more weeks of the Spiro Fever." He turns his back to the bar, resting his elbows on the lip of it as he watches the festivities.

Aldrich dutifully keeps an eye on his watch, keeping time while the other take their turns. In the meantime, he keeps working on that drink, and finally finishes it off and sets the empty glass aside.

"I'm mercurial like that," says Eli in response to Cate. "I guess this party just reminds me that we'll all be sealed in a tin can again soon enough. I've been enjoying the fresh air. Marines actually get to go outside now and again. Medical staff, not so much." Which may or may not actually be the cause of his switch in mood. He gives Miko a look at the groundhog comparison. "No more Spiro Fever. At least, not the kind the Cylons tried to engineer." He raises his glass in a salute to modern medicine, whether anyone rises to engage with him or not. "Cate, tell her," being Calliope, "...that faces like that don't work on me?" Then after Miko leans in, he looks up and nods once, though he bites the edge of his lip.

"We can't be thinking about that tonight," Geoff says to Eli. "Clearly you need something else to drink. /Maybe/ something that's not fire-flavored?"

Without much in the way of fanfare, like someone who has actually ridden a mechanical bull before (who knows what they do in bars in the boonies on Aerilon), Finn mounts the mechanical bull and extends one arm out for balance, using the other to hold on tight as it starts into the motions. Finn is quick to put some distance between ass and saddle letting so he isn't jostled quite as much as he would be otherwise.

"Marines get to go outside and get shot at .. I wouldn't rank that up there with the fresh-ish jungle air, Doctor C." Cate smirks at the other request then looks at Calliope. "Pouts don't work on him. Actually I didn't think anything worked on him, but I guess Kovac works on everyone." A wry smirk at her fellow marine there.

"Oh, don't they?" Calliope laughs to Cate. "I'll try something else then." With that, she sticks out her tongue and blows a loud raspberry at Eli. Not that her tongue stays dangling from her mouth long. She needs cheerleader volume for Finn's turn on the bull again. "WOO!"

At that last little bit from Cate there, Miko looks over at her with a bit of a surprised look, trying to bite away the sheepishness from his guilty grin by chewing on the inner pad of his cheek. "It's my spunk. It has magical properties." Because you can take the man out of the Marines, but you can't take the Marines out of the man. He's got a smartass comeback for everything.

"I'm drinking IPA. It's bitter flavoured," says Eli to Geoff. Bitter like his soul, apparently. "The getting shot at part I could certainly do without, but I don't relish being cooped up again." He blinks rapidly at Calliope's raspberry. He dabs at his face like he got spittle on him from that, then shrugs. "He's working on me?" he looks at Miko, then back over. "News to me." But his tone is wry.

Cate chuckles at Calliope's raspberry, then notices the cheerleading. "So Farmboy's not just a clever name, huh? He looks like he's actually done that before." Mikolas and Eli get a look slanted between them, then she gives Miko a little shrug. "Normally I'd take your word on that, but it seems like there's some doubters out there."

There is an elbow aside to Eli, Miko's tone dry. "You heard the lady. Drink more of my little swimmers, so I can have max effect." The medic pushes off the bar, giving Cadmus one more look that almost looks like a silent question, far above his mask of bravado.

Farmboy's not going to be setting any planetary records here. Not even bar records unless everyone here is terrible at mechanical bull riding. He is however looking pretty good for beating Geoff...Maybe he'll get free drinks out of it. A few moments after that thought, Finn finds himself tossed off the bull at a violent buck and he lands on some pads with a thud. "Frak..." he mutters and gets to his feet, brushing off his flannel shirt and making sure his sleeves are properly rolled up. It's all about the farmer flannel.

Calliope winces when Finn finally gets tossed. Though she does more cheering for him, for that performance. And, finally, takes her third shot. Because she is Doing This. Another holler, and she's off toward the bull. She kind of awkwardly throws herself at it and has to do a bit of flailing to get herself up on it correctly. "I'm good! I'm good! I'm totally good!" is the prelude to her starting it up.

"Uh-huh," Geoff tells Eli. "Then you better make the most of it while you're on land."

Eli swallows the rest of his beer down pretty quickly. He eyes the mechanical bull and the queue of riders, and the drunk Calliope headed that way. "That really was a ridiculous idea. I'd better not find anyone in the clinic with sprains tomorrow." He really is a killjoy, but something about how he said it seems forced. He takes a deep breath. "I should go and check on some patients. I'll try to come back." This is said more to Miko than the others.

You know that patented look that Eli gives people? For once he's getting it back, this time from Miko. "Bullshit." Is all the medic says, pushing off the bar and turning in an opposite direction of the door, vaguely towards the bathrooms as the crow flies. "I gotta piss."

"Let's go Bullseye!! Just go with with the motion!" Finn calls out at Calliope as he moves back towards the bar. That's not dirty at all! He nods to the bartender and holds up a hand. "Beer me." And then he picks up another whiskey shot from the round and waits for his beer.

"Fake bulls are there to be ridden," Geoff tells Eli. He watches Miko walk off, then looks to Eli. "Things okay?" Not that it's his business.

"It would hardly be a very fun night of drunken debauchery if nobody ended up in the clinic tomorrow, Doctor C," Cate chimes in with a wry expression. Of course she's still lagging far far behind the others in the drunken department. She watches Mikolas wander off then looks at Eli disapprovingly. Very much a 'see what you did' look. "You could've at least come up with a better excuse for ditching the party. Nobody drives all the way back to the base after having a couples shots just to check on 'patients'." Deliberate air quotes there.

Eli sighs, rubs his forehead, then sets his now-empty pint glass down. He shakes his head at Cate, but he doesn't have a good rebuttal for that. Instead, he starts after Miko and reaches out to try and touch his arm.

Calliope does not instantly fall off! It's a victory. Of a kind. She does wobble and roll precariously through her first few seconds on the thing, but eventually she finds her balance. For awhile. She lasts about as long as Geoff does, but she's not going to be anywhere near winning this thing tonight. A hard buck sends her flying off. "Whoa!" It's just as a high-pitched as her 'Woos' were. But not as joyous. She grunts, shakes her blonde hair, and gets woozily to her up. "Totally. OK."

Aldrich flags down someone to bring him another of the blue drinks, but then turns his attention back to the bull and keeping track of Calliope's time. Maybe he gets a /little/ distracted by the exchange between Eli and Miko and the look the latter gives the former before stalking off. Then he remembers he's supposed to be keeping time, and he looks back to the bull and rider. When Calliope falls off, he grins a bit, but calls out an encouraging, "Hey, good job!" Because you know, he's Aldrich. As she's gathering herself, he takes a long drink of his second blue-whatever-thing and then starts to head off to take Calliope's place. "Someone keep time?" he tosses over his shoulder.

Miko nearly rounds back to Eli like he's going to hit him after that touch to arm, but it's restrained. Thinly. "It's okay. Go back to base." Words are hard to form when you're clenching your teeth, but he manages. His wide palms come together suddenly then, clapping before he folds his bottom lip in and gives a whistle for Calliope. "GO BETTY! Good job, sweet cheeks!"

Eli drops his shoulders, and then leans in to say something to Miko that can't be heard over the din of the crowd.

Geoff watches Eli and Miko when Eli makes no reply to him, then turns when Aldrich calls for time. "I got you!" he says, looking at his watch as he approaches the line and bullriding area.

Calliope laughs herself silly on her way back to the bar. She tries to return Miko's whistle, but it goes out as another awkwardly-blown raspberry. "OH MY GODS THE CHAPLAIN'S DOING IT!?!?!" is exclaimed, with glee, when she sees Aldrich going up to take a turn. She promptly starts doing more cheerleading. "GO!"

Cate frowns at Eli and Miko, but then she's giving another of those whoops for the bullriders. "All right Betty! Show 'em how it's done Padre!"

Miko's hand comes up, but at least it's not to clock the doctor one, but to clamp it on the back of Eli's neck and draw their foreheads together albeit roughly. Words are muttered before he's released, as well as some of the tension is leeched from Miko's shoulders. "This is like the best start to a bar joke ever. So this Chaplain walks into a bar...and starts riding a bull..."

One might expect the doctor to pull back from the contact. But Eli is surprisingly cooperative. He murmurs something back, tucks something into his hand, then says something else before slipping quietly for the door.

Aldrich glances back and gives a little kind of self-conscious smile and a wave toward Calliope and her cheerleading, because hey, she's being nice. Then he gets a bit more serious, and climbs up on the mechanical bull. In fact, he's got quite a look of concentration, in addition to the flush of slight tipsiness. The ride starts and he clings on. And right about the time everyone was probably expecting him to fall off, he does the opposite of that. In fact, he stubbornly hangs on far longer than a chaplain has any right to, just managing to beat Farmboy's time before his grip finally slips and he gets thrown to the floor with a rather ungraceful topple. For just a second, it seems like he might stay down, but then he pops back to his feet, looking a little green and disoriented, but at least still in one piece.

Geoff claps his hands for Aldrich. "Yeah, ride 'im!" he yells. "Ow!" He throws his head back and laughs when he sees how unexpectedly well the chaplain is doing. He does check back in with that watch, though before the preacher finally flops off. At which point he yells out the time, cheers and claps.

Cate winces when Aldrich finally topples, but then cheers when he gets back up. "Nice!" She snickers at Mikolas' joke and says, "The Chaplain and the Farmboy..." As Eli moves off, she comments, "You should've kissed and made up and completely ruined his reputation as Doctor McGrumpy."

Ok, so let's be honest...Finn really didn't expect to be bested by the Chaplain. He takes up the newly served beer bottle and he sips from it before he pounds down another whiskey shot. He needs it because a Padre just beat his time. He is from a farm. There were cows there. Ok, so he's never ridden an ACTUAL bull, but he's ridden a mechanical one before. Finn sighs and does another shot for good meaure, coughing as it goes down hard. "Well that was kind of awesome..."

Calliope waves back spiritedly to Aldrich as he rides. "WOO!" Her cheering starts out mostly just nice. Because the chaplain being so game is fun. But she actually looks impressed the longer he manages to stay on the thing. She returns to hang near Finn and reclaim her drink. "I bet you could totally beat him on a real one. But, yeah, that was kind of awesome."

There is a bit of a nod from Miko, whatever he was given by Eli is surreptitiously slipped into his pocket and he only half keeps an eye on Aldrich's topple as the other part of his attention is watching the doctor exit. "Do you want Cadmus to have a stroke? Because that's how you get Cadmus to have a stroke." He comments to Cate as he returns to the bar, apparently not having to pee after all. "So...if the Padre won, what does that mean? The bar's out like, a buck fifty for his bar tab?"

Cate snickers. "Well we don't want that. Especially when you're plastered and I'm off duty. And yeah - looks like the bartender made out on that deal. Maybe that was his plan all along eh? Send in the Chaplain ringer."

Aldrich takes a little stumble to the side, but he regains his footing eventually, and gives a little laugh at himself. He swings by to pick up the remainder of his drink, and makes his way back to the bar with it. "You know, that's not so different from a children's game we have back on Gemenon. Just a little more tilty." Whatever that means. He drops himself onto the nearest stool, finishes his second drink, and waves to the bartender for another drink because apparently tipsy is not good enough. "Wait, did I win?" Yes, even the chaplain is apparently surprised by that.

"You won," Geoff says, clapping Aldrich on the shoulder. "Let's get some food, huh? You can pick up a drink for me, too. I got third place or something."

"Yeah, you won Padre." Finn offers up. Yeah, he might be just the tiniest bit bitter. He's the next best thing to a cowboy in the room. He sips from his beer, looking over to Calliope with a smirk, "Good luck finding a real one. Padre beat me fair and square. I'll take my lickin' like a man." And be only mildly surly about it.

Miko tosses some credits on the bar to cover whatever tab he (or subtly Eli) might have rung up for the evening. "I should go check on him." He mutters to Cate, slipping away to do just that.


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