2237-04-01 - So Ordered

Aldrich and Tamlin have a brief, probably not that enlightening discussion as they change over the watch.

Date: 2237-04-01

Location: Jungle, Isabel Island

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Scene Number: 969

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It's early morning, just at dawn, and even though it's not Aldrich's watch, he's already up. Not to forage or anything like that. He's performing a morning prayer ritual that no doubt Tamlin would be familiar with. It's pretty typical Gemenese behavior. Normally he'd confine it to the temple, but that's not exactly an option here. So he has just staked out a spot outside the mine, under the trees. He seems to be close to finished, at least.

Luckily for Tamlin, it is her watch, which means that on the negative side, she's been up for most of the night, but on the positive, she might actually be able to sleep through most of the heat of the day. She's standing not far from where the Chaplain is praying, eyes scanning the surrounding area. Occasionally, her focus passes over the man at prayers, but she doesn't interrupt him. Actually, to be fair, she hasn't really done much in the way of communicating with anyone since she returned to camp.

Aldrich finishes up his morning routine, and then stands a little stiffly. He stretches out the shoulder that was injured during the flight from the base, with a little bit of a frown, then his back. Thus recovered, he starts to wander out to where Tamlin is, to join her. "How was your watch?" he asks, and looks out into the forest.

Tamlin steps away from the tree where she was standing, allowing Aldrich to enjoy the respite from the constant dripping. The leaves are large enough that it's almost a living umbrella. If she notices that she's now being dripped on, she doesn't give any indication, "Uneventful."

Aldrich doesn't seem to be too bothered by the constant dripping, unless he's hiding it pretty well. "Uneventful is good." He glances aside at Tamlin, thoughtfully, and then comments, "You know we need to work out whatever this drama is between you and Geoff. Before one of you gets the other one killed."

"No, we don't need to work anything out. Unless you feel that you need to dress me down again, in which case feel free, Ensign. As far as I am concerned, the incident is in the past. I will do what I'm ordered to do to keep us alive and to fulfill the objective. That's the only thing that matters." Tamlin speaks without a trace of irritation. She is what she's supposed to be, at this moment, an enlisted service member addressing a superior officer.

Aldrich raises an eyebrow slightly at Tamlin. "You know, you're awfully passive aggressive for someone who claims to be so concerned with rank," he observes, but mostly he just looks tired. He goes to lean against the tree, crosses his arms and looks out into the forest. "Geoff is a good person," he remarks. "Regardless of what you might think about each other. And honestly, I think you are, too. And it makes me sad to see two such good people go at each other over something so stupid."

"It wasn't intended to be passive aggressive. I simply made a decision yesterday that I would no longer involve myself in anything besides following my orders and doing what I was told to do to assist the group." Tamlin turns, not to ignore you, but simply to give her a better view of the next sector of ground outside of the mine. "I honestly don't care one way or the other whether he is or not, Ensign, as I haven't given him much thought. I don't know him nor am I inclined to get to know him. I don't need to know someone or to be their friend to work with them."

Aldrich shakes his head a little. "I can't order you not to isolate yourself like that, if that's what you want to do. But it's not a healthy decision." He keeps looking out at the jungle, but snorts when she says she hasn't given Geoff's goodness any thought. "You can stop calling me Ensign. If you want to use a title, call me Chaplain." He takes a deep breath, and lets it out slowly. "Look. You can claim all day that you don't have any opinions, but you made it pretty clear yesterday that you do. And now you're admitting that those opinions are not based in an actual examination of the person himself, but in your preconceived notions about people with his background. You don't have to admit anything to me, but I do hope you will at least give that some careful thought. And I'm going to tell him something very similar, in case you're feeling singled out."

"Actually, the entire thing started, because he chose to question whether or not I would be willing to commit to the necessary course of action, and I asked him why he would even think to question my resolve, given that he knows nothing about me except the colony that I come from, and that my accent places him in a different social class than mine. He walked down to the stream and treated me in a standoffish manner. Which seems strange, coming from someone who you seem to think /didn't/ have any preconceived notions about me, and would have had no way of knowing anything about me, besides what he could gleam from something as superficial as my accent. I don't care about his or anyone else's social class. Whether you believe that or not is up to you." Tamlin resettles the rifle on her shoulder, lifting one of the leaves to allow the collected rain to sheet off away from her.

Aldrich raises an eyebrow and glances aside at Tamlin, mildly. "Don't presume to guess what my thoughts are about /his/ actions... Like I said, I have a similar talk to have with him. But you can't control him, so your actions are the only ones I intend to talk about with you. And you /did/ give a pretty disgusting rant about his class background, yesterday. I think you were being more honest yesterday than you are today, and that worries me." He speaks quietly, watching her reaction as he speaks.

Tamlin looks back at the Chaplain, looking honestly confused. "I'm sorry, what rant did I give about his background yesterday? I never mentioned anything about his background at all. All I recall saying was that he was from the other side of the tracks, meaning he and I are from different social classes."

Aldrich raises an eyebrow slightly. "All that stuff about politicians and not giving a frack about people? Sounded like a rant to me." He sighs a little. "It doesn't matter. Your shift is about over. I should take my watch."

"Oh it was, except that stuff about politicians and people who don't give a damn about anyone else was me talking about the social class of people that I come from, Chaplain, not him." Tamlin nods, taking the dismissal for what it is, and sliding the rifle off of her shoulder to hand it over. "Try to stay dry."

Aldrich blinks a few times, a little too surprised by that to respond right away. "Right. Well, I don't think it's possible to stay dry here, but same to you." He's still puzzling over what she said as he adds, "There's still some fruit from last night inside. Help yourself."

"I'm fine. Thank you." Tamlin hasn't really been much for the whole eating thing, since the escape. But regardless, she heads off deeper into the jungle, rather than back towards the cave.


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