2237-04-06 - Mission Impossible

Two pilots plan an impossible mission to escape the island. As you do.

Date: 2237-04-06

Location: Jungle, Isabel Island

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Scene Number: 970

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It's been a few hours now, since they escaped the farm. Enough time for the four survivors to be brought back to Ryan's basecamp, and for Webb to get, well, whatever passes for the best care under the circumstances. Eva, having asked for, and been granted a short amount of time to herself, has wandered down to the stream, thank you jungle, to peel off her flight suit, take as much of a bath as the situation allows, and wash out and put out to dry sweats, tank, and other things she was fortunate enough to be wearing underneath. The flight suit is currently in the process of being cleaned as well, though that is a bit more of a delicate process, given its mechanical systems. But she's perfectly respectable, thank you very much, thanks to having borrowed the duty greens jacket of one of the largest marines she's probably ever met. She has the sleeves rolled up, so as not to irritate the bandages placed over the raw skin of her wrists.

Given that they are taking some time at the basecamp, Finn apparently had similar ideas in mind as Eva, albeit about twenty minutes after she got there. He showed up in some sweats he borrowed...probably from the same marine. His sleeves are rolled up and so are the legs of the baggy clothes. Finn slows a bit as he approaches the water to see Eva already there, "Hey Cherry..." he offers quietly.

Eva looks up, a smile replacing the look of intense concentration, as she was using a scrap of rag to wipe down the interior of her flight suit. Who knows if the thing is still spaceworthy. But she's been trained to take care of her tools. "Hey, Farmboy." She holds out her hands, for the clothes and flight suit he's also brought down. "I can help with those." And then, "Thank you for letting me go first." Not much privacy, given the situation, so turns are necessary. Which is perhaps a bit strange, given the usual head situation onboard ship, but perhaps not. "But you didn't have to."

A glance is cast down at his clothes, and then Finn grins just a bit, moving the rest of the way to the stream, "Thanks..." he replies quietly, "I was thinking of just burning them and telling the supply crew that the Cylons stripped me down and I had to escape naked..." he moves to the waters edge, kneeling down and setting his bundle of gross awfulness on the bank of the river. "Thoughts?"

Eva, for her part, to her credit, does give the idea serious consideration. Because Finn. Finally though, the idea gets a shake of her head, "No, I don't think that will work. You'll have to give those back eventually," a hand indicates the sweats, "and also, there are too many biting things in the jungle to go naked. Although...it would be a glorious sight." Eva separates the sweats and underthings from the flight suit and rises, wading out into the water, to kneel in the soft sand of the riverbed. She's not a short woman, but the jacket still hits her only a few inches above her knees. The hem once again gets soaked, but given the heat of the jungle, that's probably a bonus.

Aerilon was all dry heat. This swampy jungle heat is really more than Finn has the ability to deal with. So, sweating and uncomfortable, he also wades into the water. It's refreshing. In addition, he removes the sweat top he was wearing so he can try to at least rinse of the days of grime and sweat. "You've seen me half naked plenty of times. But I guess you're right, I don't want to die of a thousand bug bites. That sounds awful."

"I've also seen you all the way naked." There's a flash of the old Eva, as she waggles her brows suggestively, "Which is really the only way to go, in my opinion." She starts in on your clothes, seeming to have a knack for it. There's no soap, but there are rocks, and she picks a good sized one for scraping. Sometimes it helps to be a miner's daughter. "How are your shoulders?" Brute forcing yourself free is no small feat.

Finn glances over at Eva, smirking and splashing some river water her way, "Yeah, spoiler alert, we've all seen everyone all the way naked." Still, this isn't the head and he's the only one washing off, so he doesn't get all the way naked regardless, just using his hands to splash water up on his torso to wipe away some of the days accumulations of awful. "I feel like I just got beat with a two by four." He pauses and then looks to Eva again, "How are your wrists?"

Eva laughs, ducking to avoid the water splash, a hand freeing itself from the stone to attempt to splash some water back your way, "Well, yes, but that's not always a good thing. Oh, some of the things I've seen...scarred for life." She chucks her chin in the direction of slightly further upstream, "There's a depression there, it's not perfect, but you can almost lie down as if you were in a tub, you could get a bit more off that way." Eva sets aside the clothes for now, leaving them to soak in the stream after using a few rocks to weight them down, "Bad, but they'll heal eventually. Come." Eva makes her way towards the spot she pointed out.

Finn has gotten washed down enough that at least he's cooled off in the heat. So he follows her over to the area she mentioned, water slushing around his legs, small waves emanate from there. "You gotta learn how to not see that kind of stuff. It's a special kind of blindness" He grins just a bit. He follows still silent the rest of the way.

Eva leads you over to the low place in the stream, helping you down if you need it. She'll settle behind you, so that you can rest your head in her lap. No drowning risk or anything, "Well, this is when I had only just joined the Navy, before I knew any better." She has no liniment, or any sort of analgesic, and the stream is cold, but not icy, but at the least she'll start trying to work at the aches in your arms and shoulders. "Thank you for getting us out of there."

Finn isn't going to turn down a shoulder rub, a cool bath and getting to lay his head in a pretty lady's lap. And so Finn indulges in these things. He doesn't need much in the way of help getting into the recess in the pool. He takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "We were tall tanned gods in the Aerilon navy, so we never had that problem..." Finn smirks quietly. "You did more than I did. You got out without leaving yourself chained up...and you shot that one to get us going. All I did was smash one with a piece of wood."

"You still are, so no need to worry about losing your status there." Eva seems content to remain where she is, tending to the injuries of their escape with the few tools she has at her disposal. There's a part of her that takes comfort from being alive, and with Finn, and for the time being, feeling as safe as one can be but perhaps there is also a part that knows that she also needs to do what is necessary to finish the mission, which is to escape, because her words follow that stream, "Only because I have smaller hands. And you killed a cylon, and made it possible for us to save Webb and Gelman, and ourselves." She pauses, "We need to get off of this planet, Finn. We can't wait for rescue."

There's silence from Finn at first. He gives off the smallest of grimaces as she works at the knots in his shoulders. He could just lay there int he water forever until they get rescued, but obviously part of him agrees because when he finally speaks up, it's to say, "Tall, tanned gods we may have been, but we couldn't fly without ships." He pauses and then adds on, "I'm open to suggestion."

Eva considers, leaning forward to take one of Finn's hands in hers, working at the stiffness there. "We have ships, Finn...probably half a hundred of them, just waiting to be put into service." She says that in all seriousness, despite the absolute lunacy of what she's suggesting, given that the only ships they've seen since the bombing have been cipers and raiders, of both varieties.

Again, silence as Finn arches his head back in Eva's lap to look up at her, brow raised up, "Yeah...Cylon ships. Has anyone ever flown one? And even if we did, we'd get shot down by our own people..." He chuckles and takes his other hand out of the water to wipe at his face, "Are you serious right now?"

Eva certainly looks serious, as she meets your eyes, "I don't know if anyone's ever flown one, but we know they fly ours, and the heavy raiders, at least, must be able to support human life, because they use them to round up prisoners. I majored in cyber operations and systems engineering, you're a mechanical engineer. We could figure it out, I know we could. And we could find a way to signal them, maybe hooking a radio into the comms system so we could transmit a colonial signal, or finding a way to use their lights to send a coded message." She pauses, considering, "You don't have to come with me, if we even get the okay to attempt it. Ryan will keep you safe."

Finn chaffes a bit at that, brow furrowing at her, "I don't need to be kept safe..." he intones quietly and moves to sit up, turning to face her, "Look, if you want to do this, then I'm with you. Let's do it. I'll probably be able to figure out the life support in a heavy raider..." he pauses, considering, "We've got a problem with the comms, but a coded message might work."

Eva grimaces, realizing she used the wrong turn of phrase the second after it left her mouth, but she doesn't look away as Finn turns to face her, instead kneeling up so they can be on the same level, "Yes you do. Even when I know its impossible, I have to try. Because this time we're not prisoners. This time I really am asking you to possibly die with me. For not good reason other than I had an idea." She nods, considering the problem, "They'll probably have moves to new comm frequencies anyway. But maybe morse code, or..."

"Yeah, and I risk my life every day to be a pilot. This isn't any different. Why would I let you run off to do this alone anyway?" He frowns then and shakes his head at her, "I'm not staying here alone, while you try to fly a heavy raider alone. So you're either taking me with you, or this isn't happening." He keeps his gaze locked on hers, stubbornly holding his ground.

"I know you do. And I don't have any control over that." Eva shakes her head, holding out her hands, palms up, for yours, if you acquiesce, "I wanted you to know that you had a choice, Finn. That's all. That you always have a choice. I want you with me. I couldn't do it without you."

Finn falls silent once more and eyes her hands as they are set out for him. He looks from her hands to her eyes once more and then back down down again, "Ok good. Long as you know you aren't getting rid of me that easy. Goin' off, hoggin' all the glory like you do." He sets his hands in hers, smirking just a touch.

There's that moment of anxiety, as Finn draws out his decision, and Eva nearly withdraws her hands, but only for a moment, before they're together again, partners in crime, "That's only because I'm the better pilot." Which is so totally not true, the pair of them being evenly matched, with Finn being the better at gunnery.

"Uh huh..." Finn replies, rolling his eyes at her exaggeratedly. He lifts one hand of hers and kisses the back of it lightly before pressing it against his forehead, "Ok, so...Now that we've gotten that out of the way...How are we gonna do this?" He keeps his face pointed down towards the water at that question.

Eva actually looks, not surprised, exactly, but perhaps suddenly shy, at the kiss. She does attempt to cover with some cheek, "Not quite how I pictured our first kiss." But then she tries to settle down to actual mission planning, the hand at his forehead drifting down to trace the outline of his cheek, "I figure we have two options. Try to find a raiding, no pun intended, that has left the raider abandoned, or at least so lightly guarded that we can overcome the guards, or try to find an encampment and distract them long enough to get into one. But that would take a large group to create the diversion."

Finn glances up at her first comment, grinning just a bit at her and shrugging once, "Baby steps?" he replies after a moment, brow quirked hopefully. He then follows the conversation to mission planning. There's actual business to attend to. "I think we're more assured a shot at a heavy raider with option two than one..."

"Baby steps." Eva smiles, in answer, before she settles back into the sand, now sitting cross-legged in the stream and drawing your hands back into her lap, starting back to work, "I agree. But that will mean getting Ryan involved, and getting the cooperation of the rest of the group. And potentially the supplies we might need to create the distraction."

While not invalid, that point causes Finn to frown just a bit, "Right...and getting Ryan involved is a bad idea..." because they don't want operational support. "Ok, so option one is gonna require us to have better intel of the area. Do we have any tactical or operational maps of the area we can work from? Something that would help us track down previous raiding sites?"

"Only what I remember from flying missions. We can extrapolate from that, but you know Ryan is going to know more about that than I would. Although..." Eva considers, "Gelmen. Deck crew, they always know the mission specs because they need to know how to fuel and what ordinance to load, depending on what intel tells us the cylons are doing.

Finn falls silent while he thinks, trying to remember the various overlay maps and mission parameter reports he saw before...everything. That was several cylon beatings ago now, and he seems to have little luck, "You figure Ryan's gonna xnay the plan before it gets off the ground?"

"To be honest, I don't know. He seems to be in the right headspace, but I honestly don't know him that well. But I think we will need some sort of ground support, even if it;s only to help us get some intel on where we need to go."

A few slow pensive nods later, Finn speaks up again, "Then we need to bring him in the loop. We need operational support, and we need Ryan's knowledge of enemy encampments. Plus if we have to involve him regardless, then we might as well go for the solution that has the highest chance of getting us the ship we need." So, just break into an enemy base, steal a fighter, fly it away without being caught...NBD.

Eva grins, the look in her eye the same wild look they get every time the call comes for the alert vipers, "Piece of cake."


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