2237-04-07 - Mission Impossible Redux

Eva and Finn pitch their plan to Ryan.

Date: 2237-04-07

Location: Isabel Island

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Plot: Operation: Jungle Fever

Scene Number: 736

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The XO's jungle digs aren't too different from the other group's, only instead of hiding out in an old mine, they've found a couple natural caves in a hillside. There are about twenty survivors in all, including some wounded and the three most recent arrivals. Despite being dirty and mildly injured himself, Colonel Ryan has maintained his upbeat, personable aura, and morale is pretty decent. Patrols go out every day to check for signs of Cylon activity and bring back food. One such patrol has just gotten back, and Ryan is finishing up listening to their report. "Good job," he tells them. "Pass out those fruits and take a load off." The XO flashes a grin before stealing a mango-type thing off the top of the makeshift basket.

Side note: Webb is still alive, but out of commission.

With Ryan back in his office, as it were, it seems as though now might be as good a time as any to approach him. Especially with a successful patrol coming back. Eva's done her best to clean up. She's not in her flight suit, because heat, but she has made herself presentable in her sweats. She waits, until Ryan has finished giving the orders, before she pauses just inside the demarcation of where his 'office' space is. "Colonel?"

Finn apparently decided that half his flight suit would do. It's on, but only up to his waist, and he' just got his standard tank on underneath...The struggle is real. He came with Eva for his mission, since he's going to be a part of it. Still, he's going to let her do the talking, because, Cherry. Farmboy is good for farming, not for talking.

Ryan has on his actual uniform - a bit ragged now but complete - maybe makes some of the troops wonder if it's true that the XO never sleeps. "Cherry," he acknowledges with a brisk nod, giving the pilots his attention. "Samuels' group just brought back some fresh fruit," he points out, in case they didn't notice.

"Thank you, Sir. Perhaps a piece after, if you have a moment." And with only a glance to Finn to make certain that he's still onboard, she returns her attention to the Colonel, or, perhaps for the same of this meeting, better to say, the raptor pilot, "So...I've had an idea about how we might be able to get off of this island, possibly this planet, sir."

Finn oohs just a bit. Fruit? He glances back at the exit longingly for a moment...But then Eva's on track for the conversation so Finn swivels back to attention. He nods to the Colonel once and then glances to Cherry, then back to Ryan, "A damn good idea at that, sir." He adds on. Look at all that helping!

Ryan tosses the fruit up and catches it like a baseball, an idle gesture before nodding to the pair of them. "Let's hear it," he says with genuine interest.

"We'd like to commandeer a heavy raider, Sir." Because really, best to get the crazy out there right away, "I have the training in cyber systems and systems engineering, and Farmboy in mechanical engineering. We can do the work required to reprogram the raider if needed, and to figure out the way to fly it and to signal the fleet once we located them. That would be the first option. The second would be a pair of cipers. Those, as far as we can tell, would not need a large number of modifications." So on to the hard part, "We do not have the resources to escape any other way, nor enough power in the transmitters to radio beyond the island. With a heavy raider we could potentially evacuate the wounded, or at least alert the fleet to our situation."

Farmboy debates how to help. He considers the Colonel and listens while Cherry speaks, "A heavy would be preferable, it'd be easier to rig up the life support in it. I think this plan has a lot of merit sir..." he pauses and then adds on, "Plus it'd give us some experience in the mechanics of their fighters." Not that they likely don't have a lot of junkers for research, this one would be fully functional. Bonus?

The XO's eyebrows shoot up. Because yeah, crazy. "Well you don't mess around, do you," he says lightly. The hand with the mango makes a motion like a ship zooming off into the distance and says, "Go right for the craziest possible idea." But there's a good-natured smile on Ryan's face as he considers their idea. "So let's say you do manage to steal one and get off the ground. Just for the sake of argument. How do you plan on getting through Cylon airspace without getting shot down by their birds, and close enough to Colonial forces without getting shot down by ours?"

"No, Sir, I've never been known to mess around." And to their credit, she and Farmboy both have the skill and the kills to back up most of their crazy ideas in the air. "I go for the idea most likely to result in success, sir. We need a ship to get off Isabel Island. There are no colonial ships. So, we have to use what we have available." At his question, she considers, "The heavies have FTL, or at the very least, something close enough to it that it does the same thing. It's probably short range, like the raptors, but we can do an in-atmo jump, move out beyond the airspace of the planet and do short hops until we get to airspace we know is colonial. Then we just need to worry about making sure our signals get through to the colonial fleet." You know, so they don't shoot first and ask questions later.

Finn could say that Eva comes up with the crazy and he just backs it up, but for now he'll leave that alone. "We'll need a distraction sir. Something to draw Cylon attention so we can short hop the raider to another location, rework the systems so we can survive the trip, and then rig up some sort of comms beacon to alert our own ships to our presence. We don't need long to make the first move and we should have time to make the second. We'll take the risk of getting out of local airspace alive if it means we can bring back help for the others."

Ryan listens, nodding in a few places. He tosses the mango a few more times, thoughtfully. "You're checked out on Raptors?" Assuming some sort of affirmative, he purses his lips. "Everything we've seen so far, it's not too much of a stretch to assume their tech is comparable to ours. They're still flying our damn Vipers after all." A sore point for the ex-pilot, judging by his frown. "If you can use the Raider's comm system to boost the signal on one of our transmitters, it may give you a chance to phone home before they blow you out of the sky. The Cylons have got the jamming back up, so we can't do that on the ground. But if you can get out of atmo, you should be able to signal any nearby ships."

"Well, sir, I feel in that area, you are imminently more qualified than I. However," she holds up a hand, "I do not feel, that telling the group that their XO is flying off on a potential suicide mission is going to go over quite as well, so I will have to do." Eva, is, at the end of all things, trying to be humourous. She nods, considering the intel on the comms, "We had also considered using their exterior lighting to send a coded message, sir, which the would also be able to see, even if they couldn't read out transmissions."

"We'll adapt to conditions in the field, sir. If met with inbound vipers or raptors, we can attempt visual code communication as well. If their comm tech is familiar enough, we can send out a boosted transmission. At the end of the day, anything is better than us having no way off this island until we are hunted down, no?" He pauses and then shrugs, "As qualified on a raptor as I'm gonna be, sir."

Ryan grins at Eva, taking her comment in stride. "No, I don't think that would," he agrees. "And I'd imagine you'd rather be flying off on some crazy-ass mission that leading this posse." He nods to them both. "The techies still think they can break through the jamming eventually. I know we did it on Picon, so it can be done. Whether it can be done with spare parts cobbled from trucks and TVs in little jungle farm villages remains to be seen. One of the other groups suggested trying to get someone overland to Kona, on the other side of the island. Hopefully they haven't been overrun too. We could also try to get a boat out from Ruanira and get to the mainland. So..."

Having said all that, he looks from one to the other. "I don't want you to think rolling the dice here is our only chance of getting out of this damn jungle. Though it may be the fastest. Still game?"

"I never for a moment considered that we might be the only potential route to escape. We're too creative, not to mention determined for that. But we also have a number of injured and so do the other groups. Including the CAG. We're managing as best we can, but eventually our supplies in that arena are going to fail." She doesn't even have to look at Finn, trusting that he'll back her play, "Still game, Sir."

"In for the win, sir." Finn replies confidently, no hesitation. "All possible paths to success, and if it helps us get assistance a day earlier, it's worth the risk at this point." A beat pause, "Plus, it sounds like more fun than waiting around here to get rescued."

Ryan nods briskly. "All right then," he says, offering them both a little smile. "Then I think I know where we might be able to get you a Raider."


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