2237-04-09 - Checking In

Beckham reports to //Galactica// and meets Cassie in sick bay.

Date: 2237-04-09

Location: Galactica Sick Bay

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Scene Number: 972

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Inventory time is not the most fun duty. But Cassie seems to be taking it on with a smile. Clipboard in hand and a lanyard with a keychain attached hangs around her neck. One of the medicine cabinets is opened and she's one by one taking out a bottle, checking its seal and then making a note on the spreadsheet on her clipboard before placing it back into its rightful spot. A soft hum vibrating her closed lip smile.

Arriving at the sickbay, there's a sharp rap of a fist against the bulkhead, the young Marine it's attached to looking over the redhead that's on duty before he comes to. "Sir, you the duty doctor? Sergeant Beckham Niles, reporting for duty. Just wanted to check in with the medbay before I dragged my tired ass down to the billets to catch some shut eye."

Cassie turns around at being addressed. She beams a grin and points to her nurse insignia. "On Duty Nurse, that's me. Call me Cassie. Up from the jungle? Do you need a once over? Inventory can wait. Knowing you've not got something attached to your unmentionables often helps one be able to sleep."

"Not from the jungle, transfer from the Kratos." Beckham offers as he moves to take out his file and set it down so that it may be placed with the other medical personnel. "Call me Beckham." he says, after setting the file down on the desk and after a salute, offers his hand to the nurse. "Don't worry, hit it with hand sanitizer when I came over, no telling what type of cooties are over on those heavy cruisers." he teases with a wink.

Cassie giggle-chuckles softly as she returns the salute. She closes up the cabinet before stepping over to shake the newcomer's hand. "Can't exactly be a germaphobe in our line of work, even against the most dreaded cootie. Welcome aboard Beckham."

"I know, right?" Beckham offers, giving her hand a firm shake before releasing it. "Any word on the folks that got caught planetside?" he asks, adjusting his duffel slightly, having not yet headed to barracks to settle into a bunk.

Cassie gives her head a little shake, "Nothing that I've heard, but I'm a bit out of the loop as they say. I pretty much know what's going on the moment it comes through those doors. Sorry. I'm sure there's someone that can better update you in the bunk if not on the way too it. Don't let me keep your Sarge. It was nice to meet you."

"Yeah, but I figured a nice looking nurse would know the scuttlebutt." Beckham teases her for a moment, before he allows for a nod at her thoughts on the matter. "Here's to hoping they make it back safe. And to seeing you around, sir." he offers with a tipped salute before the medic turns to head back through the bulkhead and down towards the quarters to continue to settle in.

Cassie arches her chestnut eyebrows up. "That flirting work on the Kratos?" She teases back good naturedly. "You might have to refine your dosage on the Galactica there Sarge. Sleep sweet and be seeing you too." With a chuckle and a little shake of her head she turns about to unlock the cabinet again and return to inventory work.

There's a wave over his shoulder, and Becks calls out to Cassie, "If I was flirting, I'd been less subtle!" He shoots right back as he continues down the hallway.


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