2237-04-09 - Just Lie to Me

Eva and Finn put all their eggs into one basket as they try to wrangle a heavy raider off of Canceron.

Date: 2237-04-09

Location: Isabel Island

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Plot: Operation: Jungle Fever

Scene Number: 737

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Eva and Finn have been ordered to stay in the jungle, and not to interfere in the attack on the raider, no matter how dire the circumstances might be. But that's a hard thing to ask of two pilots who are only too accustomed to being on the front lines. Still, recognizing that the greatest value they have IS only valuable if they are both alive, Eva hangs back, crouching down a short distance from where the main force is preparing their ambush, eyes searching the sky for the approaching raider. "Novel, right? We'll actually be able to see one of these things when it's not trying to shoot us."

Front lines for Finn and Eva usually involves a cockpit and an endless ocean of space...but still, he's used to being in the fight, not on the sidelines. He hangs back with Eva as they lay in wait. Armed, just in case, though odds are they won't need it, Finn has his rifle settled on the ground near his foot. "Personally, I'd rather be seeing a viper landed there."

Eva, also armed, though she has a service pistol, only so many rifles to go around, glances over at her wingman, studying his expression. She actually can do that, because neither of them have helmets on, those having been lost after they were taken prisoner, though they are both wearing their flightsuits. It really will be a suicide mission, even if they don't get the message through to the colonial forces, if they make a mistake in juryrigging this raider to ensure that the oxygen supply continues to function once they hit hard vacuum. "Well, you're welcome to wait. I'll bring one back to you." A flash of a grin, in Finn's direction.

"And miss out on all the likely chances of dying on this mission? No way, Cherry. I'm in it to win it." Finn replies with the sort of mock confidence that he is used to projecting in these hours of desperation and need. He glances to Eva, smirking at her quickly, "We probably need some sort of plan here. One we get in that thing, one of us needs to start working the life support, the other needs to start examining their flight control systems."

Eva nods, actually growing serious, because that's her coping mechanism, trying to be the funny fat kid when things get dire. Just beyond the edge of the tree cover, the raider is just landing, and she tenses, as the hatch begins to open and the ambush begins. No, she's not going to rush out, but she does bring her sidearm to bear, just on the off-chance that one of the cylons spots them, and they need to defend themselves. "You've got the life support. You're better at hardware than I am." A systems engineer will never trump a mechanical one. "And we're going to need to move fast, no time for you to see if I can rise to the occasion." The firefight is quick an brutal, and soon enough, they're being waves in by the Marine LT, as the rest of the team makes their way towards the village to secure it and its survivors.

Finn is quiet as the firefight begins, his own rifle held at the ready as they lay in wait. A better explanation for him having a rifle her not would be that she's the better shot. He needs to rely more on spray and pray as a tactic. Still, the fighting is over quickly and they get the all clear. Finn is quick to rise and move out towards the raider, "Life support, got it." He still as his rifle at the ready as he moves, though he does double check the tool belt he brought with him.

One they get the all clear, Eva moves in, keeping pace with Finn, though she does need to rush a bit to keep up with his longer stride. It's a short, nasty, wet run from their cover in the jungle through the rain towards the raider. Thankfully, the prisoners as well as the fall cylons have been cleared from their path, so it's smooth sailing up across the exit ramp and towards the front of the raider. There's a flash of momentary panic, as Eva sees the actual interior of the ship, a definite, 'gods help us if we've bitten off more than we can chew,' before she makes her way to the flight controls.

Finn rolls Mechanical Engineering+Wits: Good Success (7 6 6 5 4 4)

Finn rolls Technician: Good Success (8 7 7 5 4 3 1)

Eva rolls Cyber Operations+Wits: Good Success (7 6 6 6 5 4 4 3)

While Eva moves off to go look at the flight controls, Finn immediately moves to the consoles and electronics housing for the control systems of the ship. He sets the rifle down next to him and pulls out several tools, starting to remove access panels and look for the life support systems, "They've got this all routed to the containment areas..." he mutters out loud. Makes sense really though. "No oxygen flow to the cockpit at all...I'm gonna have to pull the O2 lines from the containment area and feed them up to the cabin before we can do anything." he calls out more clearly.

"I think you've got all of the heavy labour, Farmboy." Of course, Eva will help if she's needed, but for the time being, she's caught up in trying to figure out the controls for the flight systems. Because, damn those cylons, there are no flight controls. Frak it all. Now she’s going to have to do some real work. This she can probably overcome. The real trick is going to be trying to figure how to plug in the transmitter and route it to the comms system. And they won't have a way to test it until they actually are in the air. Damned cylon jamming. Her hands move along the control board, looking for the panel to pry off to allow her to get into the hardwiring that runs the ship’s flight controls. She manages to get more right than she gets wrong, as she tests the hotwiring, only zapping herself a little. "Yell if you need me."

Eva rolls Cyber Operations+Wits: Good Success (8 8 7 5 4 3 3 2)

Eva rolls Technician: Good Success (8 8 7 6 5 4 2)

"How's that different than any other day?" Finn calls out as he stats to work on rerouting the oxygen. A lot of this work will require running hosing through the cabin to actually feed the oxygen into the cabin instead of having it dedicated the to the small containment cell they used for captured humans. Fun. Still, it's not that complicated, just requires adjusting the flow rate to be higher so they don't pass out. "I'll start on the comm systems in a minute, I need to finish jury rigged the oxygen flow meter."

"So true. Too bad I can't be back there to watch you work." The banter between the two of them seems to keep Eva's attitude more upbeat than it should have any right to be, considering they're in virgin territory right now. "I think I've managed to get the flight systems where I can actually get some control over it." So thank goodness for that. Eva's turned her attention to trying to juryrig something herself, namely the lighting system so that she can utilize one of the buttons on the console that would normally just turn the signal lights that assist in visually cuing a ship’s location full on or full off, to be used to be able to tap out messages by light signal. "I'll get the transmitter in place."

Finn rolls Mechanical Engineering+Wits: Success (8 6 5 3 3 1)

Finn rolls Technician: Success (8 7 5 4 2 2 2)

Where the life support wasn't that big of a deal to manage, all things considered. It was just some hoses, a regulatory flow valve and rerouting the flow hoses away from the containment area to the cockpit. Labor intensive, but not difficult. The comms array is a whole different ordeal. Finn moves over to a different access panel and pulls it away to start reviewing the wiring, and eventually saying, "You're gonna need to reprogram the array for Colonial frequency scanning. There's no hardware switch for that. I can redo the wiring to make sure we're powering the transmitter correctly, but we gotta hit the right frequency."

Eva pauses in her work, as Finn comes up to give the system a once over. She waits for his evaluation of the work required, before she finds the right system, and calls it up to begin to make the adjustments, "I'll start working on it, let me know if I'm hot or cold." Since she can only see one part of it, the programming. It's up to Finn to determine how well the system can be made to accept the commands she's rerouting.

Eva rolls Cyber Operations+Wits: Good Success (8 8 6 6 5 4 3 1)

Eva rolls Technician: Good Success (8 7 6 4 2 1 1)

There is a version of this conversation that would be full of innuendo and double entendres about being hot and cold. There isn't time for that, so Finn sticks with business. "Lukewarm so far..." he begins as she starts to configure things. A few moments later he gives her a thumbs up, "There you go, that's enough on the off sets to hit the right channels."

As soon as Eva gets the thumbs up from Finn, she stops fiddling with the programming. Better to leave it as is, than risk messing up something that looks, for all intents and purposes as though it might work. She goes back to her previous work, double and triple checking it. Finally, she decides to just leave well enough alone. There’s only a single other pertinent system to look for, which is the FTL, or something that very much like it. When she and Finn were in the air, they saw at least a few who were able to wink in and out of Canceron airspace. A few precious minutes are spent, between the two of them, before the acknowledge this particular worst case scenario. This is not one of those raiders. There's nothing left to do but look over at Finn, as the pair come to the same conclusion. They’re going to have to make this fight in one shot, with no hope of easily evading the cylon patrols that must be in the planet’s airspace. "Tell me this is going to work, Farmboy."

Finn gets himself up off the floor of the cockpit, where he'd been working under one of the panels, at the question. He leans against the console, next to Cherry, frowning just a bit. "It's the best shot we've got of getting out of here quickly. I think it's a solid plan. Let's just hope the comms play out."

Eva listens to Finn's honest, logical explanation and evaluation of the situation they've gotten themselves into. But possibly, probably at this moment, she doesn't want the logical answer, just the one that at least she can cling to with some hope. She looks away, just for a brief moment, as she hits the controls to close the hatch, the first test of the rerouted oxygen system, "Just lie to me. Tell me this is going to work."

There's a nod from Finn, and he runs a hand through his hair, "This is gonna work, Cherry." Much better answer, right? He turns and starts checking some of the controls while she works on testing the oxygen. Preflight, fuel levels, things like that.

Eva rolls Piloting: Great Success (8 7 7 7 7 6 5 4 3 2 2)

Finn might just be telling her what she wants to hear. He might be flat out telling her a bold-faced lie, but Eva will take it. She turns her attention back to the job of getting the raider off of the ground, the vehicle stable, and ready for action. She drilled down, focused on not making any mistakes, or at least, any more mistakes than might be impossible to avoid. The DRADIS system or such as it exists here, is called up, and everything is brought online. "Say a prayer for me, and let's try to get the hell back to Galactica."

Finn rolls Gunnery: Good Success (8 8 6 6 4 3 2 2 2 1 1)

Once Eva starts to get all of the systems up and running, Finn leaves the preflights to do their work and he moves over to the co-pilot/gunner’s seat, getting himself strapped in. He takes a bit to get himself acclimated to the new controls here. First, he's no ECO, and second, these aren't Raptor controls. "Frak, I haven't been in an ECO seat since flight school..." he mutters quietly and begins to run through the basics, getting the systems online.

With no FTL, and no ability to maneuver the ship in anything but the most rudimentary way, there’s nothing for it but a straight shot up into the atmosphere and, with any luck, out of the range of the cylon signal jammer.


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