2237-04-12 - Croc Hunter

The troops deal with a crocodile attack at the river.

Date: 2237-04-12

Location: Isabel Island

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Scene Number: 975

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A short walk through the jungle from the mine is a small river that serves as the camp's primary water source. (Random aside: They wouldn't need the river at all if they had a better way to collect the constant rainfall, but alas - giant water barrels weren't part of the jungle warfare kit that was sent down from Galactica.) It's been a pleasant day - no sign of Cylons on the patrols, the tail end of the boar meat to eat instead of rations, nobody seriously wounded. But now the sun is starting to go down, and the peaceful evening goes to hell in an instant when there's a sudden commotion down by the river. A scream, indistinct shouting, another blood-curdling cry of pain and terror, and a woman (Cate) yelling, "FOR FRAK'S SAKE SHOOT IT!" A gunshot rings out.

Anyone coming upon the scene will see Cate in the water trying to drag another marine (Corporal Wynick) out of it. The water around Wynick's leg has turned red, and Wynick is the source of all the screaming. A third soldier stands nearby with a panick-stricken look on his face, his rifle still aimed at the river, looking for a target.

Tamlin's been settled down at the small banked fire where some of the more industrious, or maybe just more experienced members of the ground crew are attempting to dry som of the boar meat into some crude form of jerky. Tamlin, of course, is fascinated, poking the tip of a knife at the meet where it's smoking. That is until the shot rings out, and she jumps to her feet. She reaches down, grabbing up her rifle. The one she carried with her all the way from Edsom and takes off at a sprint, heading towards the sound of the commotion. Too far to hear voices, but the gunshot is reason enough to get there as quickly as possible.

Aldrich is not exactly by the river. He's out in the forest, probably communing with nature gods or whatever it is he does out there. It's not important, except that he's close enough to hear the shouting and not too long after the gunshot goes off, he springs out of the forest, looking grim and worried. He pulls up short when he spots Cate dragging the Corporal through bloody water. "Oh gods... What happened?"

Elsewhere, Beckham had taken a guard shift, moving along one of the paths near where the river passes nearest the encampment and where the shot rings out from. The Marine Medic freezes in place at the shout, that sends tropical birds airborne, the shot that rings out sending yet more avians into frantic flight. Gripping the assault rifle he carries, the Marine turns to start to run towards the sounds of the struggle as he moves along the bank of the river.

The main reason for his response to the scene is the screaming, however, because the medic has a feeling that he would be needed for treatment sooner or later - possibly as he comes up nearby, medic bag slapping against his side. Aldrich has already asked the obvious question, instead, he's looking towards the injured as he moves to unstrap his bag. "Hold on, Corporal, help's here."

Cate's rifle is by the riverbank somewhere, but she dropped it to grab hold of Wynick. She was in the water with him - nothing like wading in a bloody river to ruin your new fatigues - but by the time everyone gets there Wynick has been dragged up on the riverbank and his nasty shredded leg is there for all to see. Blood spurts from an artery until Cate clamps a hand over it. Her eyes are wide, breathing ragged as she looks to Aldrich to answer his question. "I think it was a crocodile. He was trying to spear some fish and it got him, tried to drag him under." Seeing the other medic come up, she says, "Got a tourniquet in there?"

The third marine is still sweeping the river with his eyes, rifle ready. "I think I hit it. I don't see it now." Man he looks jumpy.

Help is here! Tamlin Dorn, the ultimate multi-purpose tool. Well, at least, as she finally makes it to the river, and catches sight of the situation. They did NOT cover alligators in her emergency medical class. Also, she catches sight of Beckham dashing in, and she makes an easy decision, as she steps forward to take up a guard position, "Chaplain, you better take care of that." A tip of her head towards the Marine who looks as though he might start shooting if someone even looked at him funny.

"Hey Rhodes." Beckham says as he is releived that there's another medic present, though he realizes the irony in the moment that Tams served on a ship of the same name. "In my emergency kit." Opening it, he sets between the two of them. "Only one wound?" he asks, with a crocodile, there's probably multiple punctures as he takes out the pressure cuff and small staff to start to wrap the tourniquet kit around the wounded man's leg six inches above the injury.

"Dorn, take my rifle, if that thing pops up again, shoot the frakker." It's not an order, he just has his hands full, and it's better for Tamlin to have the weapon at the moment than him. "I'll keep the pressure on the tourniquet, check him for shock." It's better for him to do the grunt work on the holding the pressure and keeping the blood from seeping out further and to let the real doctor handle the more delicate stuff.

Aldrich darts a glance out toward the water the moment someone mentions a crocodile. "Frak..." He glances to Tamlin, with a nod, but first he steps over to Cate and the injured man, "You need to get him further up the bank first," he states, in a tone that brooks no argument. Rule the first is 'get the patient out of immediate danger', right? "They can jump up on land, and we're making enough noise to bring it back for a second taste." That tidbit of information offered, he steps over to the freaked-out looking dude, and gives him a light touch on the arm to get his attention. "Hey... why don't you come up the bank here with me, eh? We can watch from safety and shoot it if it comes up out of the water where we can see it..."

"I don't know - it was thrashing around, might've bit him more than once." When Beckham takes over the bleeding control, Cate scoots down further to peel back what remains of his tattered pants leg to examine the wound. That is, until Aldrich's forceful recommendation gets a blink of surprise. "Frak, they can do that?" They don't really cover crocodile attacks much in medical school on Hibernia either. "OK guess we're moving him. Once you've got the tourniquet secure, grab his shoulders."

Panicked marine takes Aldrich's suggestion too, nodding his head a few times and going where the chaplain leads. The marine looks over at Tamlin though, since she's taken up guarding. "Do you see it?"

One deckie. Two guns. This could get interesting. Tamlin picks up the rifle Beckham, of necessity, cast aside, moving to take the place of the third marine, who's now with Aldrich. Her original weapon she slings over her shoulder. Beckham's is much better quality anyway. She does not move too close to the river, heeding the Chaplain's warnings, nor does she look at the marine as he asks her question, "Not yet, but I'll handle it. Go with the Chaplain, now."


"We're moving? Alright." Beckham says as he gets the tourniquet tied down as he moves to tie down and secure the device into place before he moves back. "It's secure!" he tells Cate, before moving to take the shoulders as asked. "Ready." he says, waiting for Cate to pick up the other end so they aren't dragging the wounded leg before heading inland in case the crocodile still has a taste for flesh.

Aldrich makes sure to lead the marine far enough up the bank that the croc would have to actually walk up the bank to reach him. "They /do/ have legs," he points out, toward Cate. "But they don't walk as well as they swim. Get him all the way up here, and it'll be safe." He gestures to indicate the appropriate safe distance, and then turns his attention back to Panicked Marine and Tamlin. "Watch closer to the shore, in the shallow water. It'll be easier to spot it there, but if we're up here, it probably won't come back."

As Cate is counting off the 1-2-3 before they move the injured marine to safer ground, Tamlin spies the dart of a 'V' in the water close to shore. Like Aldrich said, it's not coming after them now that the movable feast has moved, but it's just skulking around.

Cate does her best to stabilize the leg when they're moving him. "Start an IV, we'll load him up with fluids and antibiotics." She nods her thanks to Aldrich. "I didn't know there were any in the river here."

It's not coming for them, true, but Mama needs a new pair of shoes! Well, no, but the camp needs access to their fresh water without needing to worry about their safety. And sure, there are probably more..but this is the one she sees, "Should I try to kill if it I have a shot?"

There's a pause as Beckham looks at Cate. "I don't have antibiotics. I have 50ccs of saline, an emergency IV kit, and a morpha injector." And that's really going to have to do as he rolls the Corporal's hand over, moving to inject the morpha into the man's side first before starting on running an IV line in the top of the hand. "Once we get the drip going, I'm going to help Dorn, you have this?" he asks the other medic, meeting her eyes for a moment and smiles grimly.

Aldrich shakes his head a little, squinting toward the water. "Only if you have a clear shot at the head, I think. Otherwise you might as well not waste the ammo. It'll be gone before you can line up the shot." He glances away from the water to shoot a worried look toward the injured Corporal. "Is he going to need a transfusion?" Then what Beckham says registers, and Aldrich shoots him a startled look. "They didn't send antibiotics?"

"My vote's for yes," Cate calls over to Tamlin.

Panicked marine is all about that too. "Frak - you see it? Where?" Mr. Trigger Happy starts craning his neck to see.

Cate frowns at herself when Beckham points out that he doesn't have any. "Right, frak." She's a little rattled, but nods when he asks if she's got it. "Yeah, go." To Aldrich she notes, "I have some with the other stuff they sent down, but it's not part of the standard medic kit. And yeah, he might. He lost a lot of blood in the water."

"Can't carry an entire pharmacy on me, Chaplain." Beckham reponds with a grim little snort. "Just enough to dull the pain and stabalize, but there's antibiotics at the mines.." he nods in agreement to Cate as he moves to attach the IV line to the saline bag as he starts the drip and sets the bag on the man's chest and gives him a light pat before glancing at the medic and moves to join Tamlin. "You mind?" he asks, holding out his hand for his rifle. And hey, look, they're not snarling at each other.

Tamlin is still not looking away from the water. But she listens when the Chaplain speaks. He's already proven that he has more experience in this terrain than very nearly everyone in the group. More than anyone in the original group for sure, "I'd rather not leave it out here, not now that it knows there's fresh meat here." Namely...people. As Beckham approaches, she hands off his weapon, slinging the one on her shoulder back into her hands, "Need me to help get him back, Doc?"

Aldrich takes a step back out of the way to let the more experienced marksmen watch for the gator. "Well, if you get a shot at it, I'd take it," he agrees with Tamlin's sentiment. "But aim for the back of the head, if you do." He looks back toward Cate, his frown deepening. "I'll give blood if you've got a way to do it. And... if I'm the right type, of course."

Wynick has passed out, mercifully, and Cate works to get a dressing wrapped around the wound. Tucking the saline bag into the crook of her neck, like one might hold a telephone, she nods to Aldrich. "Great, we'll check types when we get him back. "Reynor," she calls to Mr Trigger Happy, "Help me carry him back." To Tamlin, she says, "We've got it thanks. Good luck getting that frakking thing.

Taking up his rifle, Beckham smirks. "If this thing can take down a toaster, lets see what it does to a crocodile - maybe it'll leave enough for you to get some new boots, Dorn." he says with a smirk as he starts to scan along the water line, looking for a blood trail to find.

Tamlin looks over at Beckham, her tone serious. She's not trying to be some sort of crazy superwoman, "Go on back with them. Doc might need you, and I haven't seen hide nor hair of Mikolas this evening, so you might be the only good help she's got. If it turns out the Chaplain won't do, and you need me for the transfusion, I'll be here."

Aldrich gestures to Reynor, "I'll hold your weapon," he offers. "You help the doc and I'll keep an eye peeled." He glances back toward the bank, still a little concerned. "Don't get too close to the water's edge," he reminds Tamlin, and possibly Beckham if he ignores Tamlin's suggestion to go with the injured man.

"Could someone get my rifle too - I dropped it down there." Cate gestures towards the river, where sure enough is her weapon. Reynor gives his rifle to the chaplain, though he looks a little disappointed that he won't get to go croc hunting after all. Cate does the 1-2-3 countdown again as she and the other marine heft up the injured one to cart him back to camp.


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