2237-04-15 - Payment in Advance

As Beckham recovers from a Cylon ambush, he and Tamlin find themselves drawn back together with an arrangement yet unspoken, but payment made.

Date: 2237-04-15

Location: Abandoned Mine Infirmary

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Scene Number: 976

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After taking Beckham in to patch him up, Tamlin would have waited a few hours while they dug the bullets out of him and put him back together. Eventually, the Marine is slowly starting to come to. As Cate said, one of the bullets had nicked and fractured one of Beckham's ribs. In a small plastic specimen jar next to his bunk, the bullet slug, warped and dented sits, the Marine's twisted request to keep the offending item as he starts to slowly stir awake.

Tamlin has had hours to settle back into camp. She assisted, as needed, with bringing the wounded back to base, and then helping with anything else that might have been needed to clear away the traces of the cylons, so that they would not, possibly, alert other enemies to their location. She ate, and then settled in to wait out Beckham's sedation. She borrowed a pack or two, using the pile to lean on, so that she could half lie, half sit beside him, her hand tucked into his as she slept. The contact alerts her, as he wakes, and she opens her eyes, coming back to herself from where she's been drifting.

Bleary eyed for a moment, Beckham glances up at Tamlin. "Must have died and you're my angel to guide me across the river." he offers dryly, in more ways than one as he struggles to move himself into a sitting position with a wheeze of pain and a cough. "Water?" he asks her quietly, his hand covering hers and squeezes.

Tamlin squeezes back, before she disengages her hand, reaching across you to retrieve the bottle of water, removing the top before she'll help you drink, if you need it, "Best not to move too quickly. Cate had to do a lot of work in there." As if you can't feel that. Although...given the amount of morpha in your system, you might not.

"Won't get much time to rest." Beckham points out as he takes the bottle of water, considering it and something else as he draws slowly off of it in measured sips as he narrows his eyes in thought. "Colonel's gonna need every able bodied for the push tonight. May have gotten out of litter duty with the wounds, but still able to carry a rifle."

"Then it only makes sense that you rest while you still can, before you need to fall into line." Tamlin settles back against the pile of bags, studying your face as you drink. The hand you had been holding settled at her side, so as not to disturb you. When you were asleep is one thing, this is another.

Beckham seems to notice this, and he glances down. "Thanks for staying, Tams.. but you don't have to, you know. I'm a big boy. Been hurt before." he offers to you quietly, lifting his gaze to you for a moment. "But if you are going to leave.. have a favor to ask you."

Tamlin reaches out, a single fingertip tracing the scar along your forearm, "Where else am I supposed to be?" She meets your eyes, an edge of something dark in her eyes, "What's the favor?" They are trapped on a deser--jungle island. She doesn't have much to offer.

Closing his eyes against your touch on his skin, his free arm reaches for a moment to his chest, where his tags - and the ring are. Then he reconsiders. Beckham draws in a steadying breath, and you will notice the change of thought as a palpable thing as he moves down to his britches instead and reaches into his pocket to withdraw two ancient coins that he presses into your hand. "Know you ain't religious, but we had an agreement on Sagittaron." he explains. "One of us falls, we make sure to collect the toll for the ferryman. This is my toll. If I go down tonight, you make sure to pay him, alright? That way..." his voice quiets. "...I can be waiting for you on the other side."

Tamlin's eyes follow your hand, and the significance of the gesture isn't lost on her. It takes all of her strength to try to keep her face calm, and steady. The last thing you need, is to see her breaking down. She watches your hand, the coins that you pull out, and nods, as you hand them to her and she moves, to slide them into her own pocket. She has no coins to offer to you, but she does take advantage of your prone state, to reach for your dogtags, tugging at the chain, so that she can unclip it and take them off of you. She slides the ring off, turning it in her fingers, your tags left to pool on your chest. Finally, she reaches for your hand, taking the ring, as she did so many years ago, and sliding it on to your finger, "I'm not ready for forever, Beckham. Maybe I never will be. Maybe you never will be, but we have today. Tomorrow...we'll face that when you come back to me."

After she pockets the coins, Beckham seems satisfied, but then she continues, the simple gesture she makes is deep and profound. And now it's his turn to hold the stiff upper lip as he feels that familiar touch to his hand, the coolness of the band of gold transposed with the warmth of your fingers on his skin as he feels the bite of its tightness into his skin, his finger not quite the same size of the eighteen year old boy that she had put it on years ago when they made a promise of forever.

One that's not made today, the Marine listening to his Deckie wife as he draws in a breath and lets out a small chuckle that's half cough. "..you realize, I die with this thing on, two things are gonna happen - first, you're gonna be a widow - guess that means you get my pension." There's a smirk after that. "Second, I'm going to haunt you for the rest of your life."

Tamlin releases your hand, eyes focused on the ring on your finger. Like most of the things in their lives since they've met, this second time, it both fits and doesn't fit. There's a sigh, "I wish that I had mine." She exhales, settling back, enough to find some small amount of comfort on the ground, "But I left it on Galactica." Yes, she still has hers as well. A curious look, at your chuckle, a sniff at the first, "I'll be living in the lap of luxury, a real professional widow." And then a smile, even if it is tinged with sarcasm, "You have every day since I met you...how would that be any different?"

"Because I won't disappear this time." comes Beckham's simple response. He doesn't offer to put her ring back on her finger, as much as that longing may show in his eyes. However, his hand finds yours again, twining their fingers for a moment to squeeze it. Neither of them may be willing to say 'I love you' yet, but it's all in the actions - which mean far more than words. "So, you really going to give up all my hard work on that croc skin and give it to Geoff? Know how to make a guy feel wanted, hon." he says with his own sarcastic lit.

Tamlin laughs, giving Beckham a rather brazen once over, the sort that, if their roles were reversed, might be followed by a paper bill in a very small piece of clothing, "Well, all things considered, I think that I might be able to live with that." This time, she does not release his hand, though she does settle on close enough to rest her head on his shoulder. The good side! "I don't know that he would accept it...but it's not very flame retardant." And deckies have been known to burst into flames.

"Try to show a girl a good time and this is how she repays you." Beckham laughs a little, and when she looks him over, he meets her eyes for a moment. There's a want there, a longing once thought lost as she leans against his shoulder and he kisses her scalp. "Have you actually gotten any sleep?" he finally prompts. "We have a push to make tonight, and you might want to be alert for it."

"You need to stop trying so hard...next thing you know, you'll be losing limbs right and left." An answering emotion in her eyes, before she tucks herself against his side, smiling at the kiss to the top of her head, hand still intertwined with yours, "A little while. I slept when you slept." She nods, considering, "We should both try to sleep." Which she seems bound to do after a while.

"At least until we have to get ready to head out. I'll wear the body armor this time - but I want you to take my helmet." Beckham says simply. "Don't want your brains all over the place, and your head's a big target." The tone's teasing, but the meaning behind it is sincere. His hand squeezes yours securely as he feels himself starting to drift back under the affects of the morpha and his own body's want to heal. "Find your ring when we get back.." he says quietly.

"It's because of my big brain. Didn't you know? That's how I got my callsign, 'Genie'." A grin crosses her lips at the memory, "We were in C-School, and I managed to reroute a very tricky reaction malfunction, and one of my shipmates said, "How did you do that?" And what could I say but, "Because I'm a frakking genius." She settles in, momentarily content, as you start to drift off, and she follows, "I know just where it is."

"We'll find it when we're back. Together." Beckham promises as he closes his eyes and drifts off, leaned comfortably against the equally dozing Tamlin.


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