2237-04-19 - Check Ups

Beckham drops in on Cate for a checkup from his injuries during the Battle for Honnal - and they learn a bit more about each other.

Date: 2237-04-19

Location: Sickbay - Battlestar Galactica

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Scene Number: 978

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After the action of the night before to get off the planet, Beckham finally made his way into medical to get his wounds looked at. It wouldn't be right for a medic to avoid the medical bay after all, and he needs to be back at full strength regardless, considering that they may have yet another mission soon enough. Right arm in a soft sling just to keep it stable, the sergeant waits his turn for treatment, not considering himself a priority case for treatment.

They got back late in the night, and Cate hasn't left since - although she did at least take a minute to trade in her disgusting mud-splattered, blood-stained fatigues for a set of scrubs from the supply closet. It's not as good as a shower, but it's at least something right? Sipping at a cup of coffee, she passes by the waiting area and notices Beckham. "Nobody's seen you yet, or do you love this place so much you just can't stay away?" she asks with an arched eyebrow.

"Decided to wait for the off-hours after the patch job, Cate." Beckham says with a little chuckle. "After all, queue seemed to be a bit hectic last night and I would have been in the way." They all had a chance to get a good change in, and he's sitting with his water bottle. "You did a fair enough job last night, figured you'd want to give it a once over, make sure everything is where it's supposed to be. Or I just enjoy your company, who knows."

There's a flicker of amusement at the latter remark, but she presumes he's teasing and doesn't follow up. Instead she says, "Ah, yeah, it was a bit crazy in here. Settling down now finally." Cate rubs her face a bit, the exhaustion shining through despite her coffee and tough front. "Come on back, I'll get you situated for one of the docs to have a look."

Considering the flash of gold on his left hand, teasing is probably the safe bet - though she is good company. Pushing himself to his feet, Beckham chuckles. "Sounds good. How's the Chaplain doing?" he asks, knowing he caught it a bit worse than the medic did last night as he is at least fully ambulatory as he moves to follow after her.

Cate leads the way back to one of the treatment rooms. "He's all right. Wasn't too bad, they patched him up and he got out of here awhile ago. Hop up and let's have a look." As she puts on a pair of exam gloves, she notes idly, "I saw you're wearing your ring again. Sorted things out with Dorn, I gather?"

Glancing down at the ring for a moment, Beckham looks thoughtful. "It's complicated, but it ain't, if that makes sense?" he offers to her. "Owe the Chaplain a bottle of his choice of drink for his advice to let her do the talking.. she put it on me before the mission last night - said she can't promise me forever, but that is her way of making sure I came back to her. Said she'd return the favor." he admits with a shrug of his shoulders, lifting his blue eyes back to the fellow medic. "It's a shitstorm of a story."

"Chaplain's a good guy," Cate agrees. "And that sounds better than just 'it's complicated, period' at least." Something about what he says causes a sad look to flash in her eyes briefly, but she covers it by busying herself getting his sling off so she can see the wound. "Well, I wish you luck. And I can't compete with the chaplain, but if you ever need an ear to bend I'm no stranger to shitstorm stories."

Beckham chuckles a little. "We were married - her father annulled it because my damn was a felon. We both blamed the other, and now we're figuring out both our fathers were class A jackasses and figuring out what we want for ourselves. Pretty simple." he admits as he removes the sling for Cate to get a better look at his injuries and lifts his brow. "...you interested in him, Cate?" he asks gently. "I mean, I ain't the one to know anything about relationships, but I've seen that look before."

Cate's eyebrows shoot up when he tells the story. "Her father annulled it? Can he even do that?" she wonders idly. "But yeah - I'd say that counts as 'complicated'." When he asks if she's interested in him, she looks up, blankly. "Interested in who?" Then she realizes. "The chaplain?" A faint smile touches her lips briefly. "No. I mean - he's great and all, but no, that wasn't what I was thinking."

There's an arch of one brow that almost calls Cate out all by itself, but Beckham doesn't go chasing the bait as he removes his shirt and double tanks for the medic to check the wounds. "So, you were a doctor, and decided to be a medic instead? You one of those people that like jumping off bridges and cliffs and get a thing off pleasure?" he asks curiously. "I mean, if that's your thing, I'm not one to complain."

Cate sees that look, and sighs a little, "The chaplain's a friend. That's all. I was thinking about someone else." Once his shirt is off, she starts peeling back the bandages to survey the wounds with a clinical eye. His question gets a little smile. "Well, I've been accused of being an adrenaline junkie before, but no - that wasn't the main reason." There's a pause, gathering her thoughts while she works, and she says, "I was in Hyperion when the Toasters took it over. Spent six months fighting with the marines because they were short-handed. I saw that having a doc on the front lines can make a difference."

There's a nod of his head as he gives it a thought. "I can see that. I became a medic because it's what the militia was offering the best bonus for at the time." Beckham says, and then considers. "Didn't mean to call you out as a junkie.. was just curious. But the reasoning you gave. It's a lot better than anything I could come up with - including my own reasons for joining." he admits with a half-shrug. The stitching's holding so far - it may just take a little time for it to heal. "And you do make a hell of a difference, Cate."

"Nah it's fine," Cate says, not seeming offended. "Lot of people make that assumption. The wounds look like they're healing nicely. I'll get one of the docs to take a look and sign off on it." She strips off the exam gloves and leans back against the counter. "But thanks. I figure it's the best place for me to be." Her face shows the distant look of memory for a moment. "There was this one time, back on Picon... one of my friends got shot. Hit his spleen. I had to open him up in the back of the Raptor to keep him from bleeding out on the way back to base." Her lips thin, and she shakes her head. "After that... I couldn't just spend the rest of the war sitting on a ship in sickbay hoping my friends made it back alive." She clears her throat, then, self-conscious of oversharing, and says, "Anyway... why'd you join up? Your family situation?"

"Something like that." Beckham admits, as he listens as he watches her face and reaches to give her hand a squeeze. They both have those stories, after all. "Everything my family had was taken after my father was revealed as a crook. Ever want to find out who your true friends are? Fall flat and fast, and see who's left when the money's dried up. I was a bit of an ass when I had money, I admit. But shit.." he shrugs. "..Tamlin's father offered me some money for the time and trouble with his daughter, and I couldn't even consider taking it, so what else is a former rich boy party animal supposed to do but join the military? Asked them for the toughest thing possible - ended up on Sagittaron."

A wan but grateful smile is offered in response to the hand squeeze, and Cate falls quiet listening to his story. "So you're a glutton for punishment then," she says in a light teasing tone. "Straight from silver spoons to the shitstorm on Sagittaron. That's a case of whiplash waiting to happen. But you survived. Seem to have outgrown your ass phase." A brief smirk, then she grows more serious. "My dad went to jail when I was ten, so... I can relate a little bit. I mean, it's not the same - I was a kid, and it wasn't a giant scandal plastered all over the newsnets. But still... I know what you mean about finding out who your friends are."

Releasing her hand after the momentary squeeze, Beckham nods a little, looking thoughtful. "I.. figured in a way, I was punishing myself for what my father did.. and failing Tamlin." he sighs. "He had it annulled, you see, because we eloped. She was seventeen at the time, and used that as his basis." he shrugs his shoulders. "I don't know how legal it was, she signed the papers, I never did. But, we both know now that there's no such thing as a forever. We'll just figure it out." he says with a small laugh. "Yeah. I tried my best not to use my last name when I got to Sagittaron because I just didn't want that baggage following me. Still wish there was a way I could wipe that small part of myself."

Cate ahs softly. "Well, I dunno anything about the laws on Caprica, so... and anyway, I guess it doesn't matter now, except maybe as a technicality. Next of kin and all that." She seems to realize what she said and there's a flash of guilt. "Sorry, didn't mean to be all morbid. Occupational hazard." She waves a hand. "Least here people generally have bigger things to worry about than who your dad frakked over. I know I've gotten less shit since I got away from the Virgon military and came here." She smirks and tosses her exam gloves into the wastebasket. "Now I just get shit for playing doctor when I'm not supposed to."

There seems to be a snarky and perhaps flirty comment right on the end of his tongue, but Beckham tempers himself with a nod of his head. "Anyone that complains about your patch jobs, you can just send them to me to see how much worse it could be." he says with a wink before he considers. "So, what's the prognosis. Everything look right, or should I just keep letting you navel gaze?"

"I'll be sure to pass that along to Colonel Collins. She's a big fan of mine." Juuust a little bit of sarcasm in her voice. Cate actually chuckles at the latter remark. "I wouldn't dream of gazing at another girl's husband." Nevermind that she just was. "Especially one who likes blowing shit up as much as Dorn does." She pushes herself off the counter. "Looks fine to me. I'll go round up a Collins-approved 'real' doctor who can actually sign the damn paperwork."

There's a little laugh at that as Beckham considers, watching the woman for a moment. "Just finding something in common after nearly a decade apart." he admits as he shrugs. "Sure, see what you can find for me, Cate, and I'll just behave enough to get you a good mark on your next recommendation." There's a wink at her, and a grin. "One thing about being a medic - our paperwork stack is a lot smaller." he points out with a flash of a smile at her.

Cate hehs. "Oh, don't put yourself out. I think my next recommendation is pretty much a lost cause at this point." Cate shrugs good-naturedly. "But frak 'em. I'm not going to sit back and let people die just because I don't have the right pins on my collar. Sit tight, I'll make sure someone comes back soon." With a brief smile, she turns to go.

Once she's gone, Beckham glances down at the ring on his finger and gives it a little twist. Barely a week aboard and already his whole life's been turned upside down and tossed like a DI storming through a billets on a surprise inspection. And being away from Tamlin for a few gives him a chance to regroup his thoughts before returning to her.


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