2237-04-21 - Shindig

The crew gets all fancied up for a formal ball.

Date: 2237-04-21

Location: Argentum Bay, Scorpia

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The awards ceremony took forever - or so it probably felt like. Whereas Admiral Bauer isn't one for speechifying, this event - being the first time the CF was giving out awards and promotions ever, got the attention of the CF bigwigs. One of the high-ranking Fleet Admirals showed up to blather on about the important work they're doing and what a difference they made on Tauron and Canceron. Fight the good fight. Rah rah. Bauer gave a much shorter speech praising everyone for how they put aside their differences to come together as a team she's proud of. The Prime Minister of Scorpia even showed up to give a speech.

After the speeches, there were dozens of new rank pins to clip on and then the awards were announced. That took ages, the military being quite sticklers for the tradition of reading out the details of each person's awards. But yay for the first officially decorated heroes of the Colonial Forces.

By the time everyone was dismissed, it's going on supper time. The hotel is open to the CF. There's a restaurant and open bar (tab on the CF!) just off the lobby. The beach is nearby for those who want to get away. There's a veranda with some tables and chairs for chilling. And of course the main front area by the pool where the band and lights are set up to encourage dancing. Go forth and partay.

Generally, the main chance for Geoff to stay sober is a cash bar. So not much danger of that tonight. As soon as they are released into the wild, he's bellying up to get something clear and fizzy in that well-pressed dress uniform he's probably not worn since graduating basic training.

Sergeant Mikolas Kovac, combat medic from Picon, is dressed in the uniform of his Colony. All in black save the shiny gold buttons and his white dress gloves, his chin is held proudly high with his new accommodations pinned to his chest. That and the high collar was over starched by Support this time around. A grey beret is tucked underneath his arm, as he enters the resort and for once in his boisterous life: he looks uncomfortable. And more distinctly: alone.

Not especially decorated at the ceremony, Cap (maybe?) receives some basic campaign medals, but is still totally pumped for those! Because of course she is. Also for showing off her dress. So sophisticated! She's less pumped for walking around in heels, which it's glaringly obvious to any more cosmopolitan women that she has very little experience with, teeter-tottering everywhere. But the first goal is going around congratulating people, especially Eva (who got the biggest shiny) and Kazimir (just cuz), who get squee'd at in excited fashion, and maybe even hugged. Then it's off to get food (because LONG speech = plenty of appetite) and booze (because it's a party)!

Aldrich has raised a few eyebrows with his dress uniform, but not necessarily in a bad way. Most people who know anything about the Leonis foreign legion were probably expecting him to show up in the quite frankly ridiculous getup that they put their chaplains in. Surprise, surprise, /someone/ has been busy making alterations. Awful epaulets have been stripped, leaving a simple white suit with gold buttons, and a strip of crimson red fabric has been wrapped around his waist and left hanging slightly off-center in front. Instead of the bizarre hat that is meant to be worn with the uniform, he's wearing a turban that matches the belt. These touches lend a style reminiscent of certain Gemenese religious orders, so even if it's not strictly kosher, at least it makes sense, given his background.

Aldrich is accompanying Cate (and apparently a friend of hers?), but by the time the whole ceremony is over, he's already looking a bit weary. He covers it with a little smile as he leans on his walking cane and beelines for the nearest place to sit down.


Erin was not one of the ladies who took advantage of the chance to change. She remains in her dress uniform, as prim and proper as expected. She stands behind a bench, her hands bracing her weight against it as she leans slightly. Apart? Yes. Alone? Yes. Comfortable? Appears to be. And watching, predictably: always watching.

Calliope spent most of the ceremony trying to hang in the background. Even when stuff was being pinned on her. Which was a neat trick she did not quite accomplish. After all the speeching, she looks vaguely drained. Her hair started the night sleek and pinned and styled to perfect, but strands have gradually come out to fall around her face and return to their usual flyaway status. Her dress, at least, is still in good form. A sleeveless red number paired with open-toed pink heels. A designer Caprican thing that might be a relic of her walk-in closet back home.

Geoff is of course in the Caprican uniform which features--glory of glories--a cape. Which he can't help flicking with his fingers now and again, just to make it move a little. Like right after he snags a drink from a tray. But as he sips, he's already eyeing the dance floor.

There's no denying that Beckham, even when he was receiving his own awards, that the Sergeant from Caprica was just as excited for a fellow Caprican, Tamlin Dorn - not just for the awards, but the fact that the two of them are all but remarried officially. Dressed in the full uniform of the Caprican military, the Marine waited for Tamlin to get ready before they join into the swirl of the crow in mingling and congratulating each other. For the pair of them, however, it seems that the formality is almost old hat - if something neither of them have practiced in a while as he walks with Tamlin, the formal hat removed and checked with the cape.

Hearing the tones of music from a side room, a smile spreads across Beckham's face a she settles his hand on Tamlin's for a moment. "I do believe." he says casually and with a grin at Tamlin. "..that I would like a dance. But if we end up escaping from a balcony this time, it's totally your fault this time."

Finn and Eva came as a matched set. At the ceremony, he with his deep green uniform (complete with kilt!) and she in her complimentary scarlet red royal navy togs. They even spent most of the might being awarded together. Which is probably (only probably) why they're now coming in together. No longer in uniform, but wearing a pale cream floor length gown that only serves to highlight her outrageously red hair, Eva is now on Finn's arm. Oh, and he's still in a kilt. And they're heading for the bar.

Corporal Ezekiel "Zeke" Rodriguez is new. And so the short, muscular rifleman, in the dress uniform of the Tauron miltary, has decided to engage in that oldest of tactics for newbies: the social lubrication of booze. Stiff drink in hand, he exist the club, pausing and rocking slightly on his heels with awkward indecision as he scans the crowd, looking for a way 'in'. At last, however, his eyes come to rest on Erin, and he picks his way through the crowd until he is standing beside her. For a moment, he is silent, then he offers a dry, "What's your type?" A nod is given toward the milling crowd.

Cate practically bolted from the awards ceremony, and there's a shellshocked look that began when they pinned a medal to her scarlet dress uniform coat and never quite left. She's not wearing the red jacket any more. It's been put away somewhere - maybe burned, knowing Cate - and she's traded it in for a black knee-length dress. Funny, though, she doesn't look any more comfortable in the dress than she did in the dress uniform. But she walks along with Aldrich, craning her neck to look for someone in the crowd. "Oh, there she is," she says, pointing over toward Erin on the benches over yonder. But in the process of looking, she also notices Mikolas passing near by. "All alone, Kovac? Now that's not what I expected."

Waiting for his date in the main area, Kazimir is hard to miss in the bright red of the 'Rooster' of Virgon uniform. The older captain's beard is carefully trimmed, showing the light grey mixed with the blacks as Cap approaches, and he chuckles, clasping the young woman on the shoulder. "I only did my duty - I believe you were far more instrumental in the battle, after all." he offers to the young pilot as he holds a drink in his hand. "Have you seen Captain Niemec yet this evening? I fear I may have misplaced her as my escort for the evening."


Erin's attention is lazily drawn towards Zeke. Why, of course she's already seen him. That's what people like her are supposed to do: be observant and silent. Like a good cat. After considering his question momentarily -- and casting her eyes back over the scene in general -- the Aquarian murmurs quietly, "I'm not sure what you mean by 'type'." She may be trying to be coy and charming. "But if you must know, Corporal: the kind that knows just how to keep my attention." Great. Vagueness.

Tamlin was stoic, during the majority of the ceremony, save when the particular award, or the particular person required. Dancing, formally, and everything that goes with it, is a mindset you need to work up to. She has taken the time to change, since the ceremony, and this time, she enters in a dress that's all worked fabric, textured, pleated, managing to appear both bohemian and elegant at the same time. Strapless, with a fitted bodice and a flowing train, It was my fault the last time.' The pair head off, in the direction of the music. Once again, Tamlin's face is serious. Because this is serious business.

Like many, Paige is somewhat relieved to be away from the ceremony. The party is more 'old hat' for her, something she may not entirely relax at, but nothing that will put her on edge. Her history as a 'fresh face' in Caprican fashion is evident in her own wardrobe choice -- another stunning red number from Caprica, though a decidedly different cut than Calliope's. The captain is alone, and comfortable that way. She snags a light drink from a passing tray and, tucking one hand under the elbow of the hand that holds her drink, moves towards a convenient rail to watch the milling.

[Dance Ground]

The awards ceremony was awkward for many of them. Captain Niemec looked a touch out of place; the Tauron naval dress is bland, but she stood out simply because she had been dragged -- likely by Thorne -- to have her makeup and hair done before the ceremony. Also because she had not expected to be lauded for the events over Illi Dam. Few have seen Antonie blush prior to today and now all of the Colonial Fleet can claim that privilege. Plus whoever might have been watching any broadcast of the event. She fled promptly after to change; no one was allowing her to wear that dreadful uniform to the ball, no. When she arrives, it's without anyone at her side. The black gown is not just floor-length, but cascades a bit at her feet (https://loveisabella.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/092011-bridesmaids-9-383.jpg). It works well with the dark lines limned upon her arms, back, and neck and the woman herself is almost shy as she steps up alongside Kazimir. There's a light touch to his arm. "Captain Fairchild," she offeers in a quiet, almost amused voice. "I hear you were looking for me."

Calliope is not carrying around the Caprican cape anymore. It's been stashed somewhere it cannot malice her accessories anymore. Until next time. She works her heels with ease, tapping across the floor in them at a brisk pace. Like her feet were made for the spindly things. She scans the faces in the crowd, and bolts in the direction of Cate and Aldrich when she spots them. "Oh my gods, that was so long. Hi! Killer dress, Rhodes. You rock the black."

Miko gives Cate a bit of a pinched smile, but he's always ready with a sharp tongue. "Gotta keep the options open, /Corporal/. So save me a dance." You ever see a man hip thrust in a Dress Uniform? It's occurring now, even if it is a bit lackluster as he follows it up with, "My 'date' pulled the short straw tonight and is on duty. Of course I have an inkling that was by design." He explains, as his attention is caught by a flash of red on his peripheral. "Well shit fire and save the matches. Gods /damn/ Betty you clean up nice." Betty, being Calliope. It's a long story.

[Food Table]

"You got the medal, Captain. Pretty sure that means you earned it, don't be shy!" chirps Cap, grinning widely at Kazimir. "But it was really all so impressive. I could never have imagined being at something like this, something so historic, even watching people I know go up and get honored." Then when he notes his missing companion, she cranes her neck to look around. "Um, not since we changed. Your escort huh, is that like a -date-?" She brow waggles ridiculously. "Maybe she went for- oh!" And there she is. "Congratulations, Captain!" Insert salute. "Oh, the dress turned out so well, too. I love it on you." Then she waves a hand at Kazimir. "Don't let me keep him!" MORE BROW WAGGLES.

"Now, last time, if I recall right, I tempted you away with hopes of a bonfire and an evening in your arms." Beckham points out with a grin to Tamlin as he notices Cate and gives a wave with his free arm. "Rhodes, you look great.. as do you.." is offered to Calliope and Mikolas before he follows the tug of his wife to lead her someplace so the two of them can dance.

Aldrich slows when Cate addresses Mikolas, just in time for Calliope to approach. He gives a warm smile, and a little nod. "Congratulations are in order, I think. Well deserved..." He glances back toward Miko, one eyebrow raised. He starts to say something, but then shuts his mouth again, and shifts to lean a bit more heavily on the cane. Just in time, he spots a waiter passing by with a tray and snags a drink before it's out of reach.

Dr. Vedjovic has only been recently appended to Galactica's medical staff, and has largely been involved with business sickbay-side since then. Still, the opportunity to dress nicely is seldom one she'll pass up. It's an art form, as any other, and gets rusty if too long out of use. Fortunately, she doesn't seem at all out of practice, and when she appears at the afters in a form-hugging black silk and gold brocade gown, she moves in it like a second skin, at ease with the upright sort of grace it enforces. Cap is a sight in her gown, of course, and even if she wobbles in heels, the doctor still smiles and will raise a hand toward her by way of greeting if Cap's attention wanders her way.

There's a frown as Cap points out the fact that Kazimir was given the award. The Captain most likely would have rejected it, considering the condition his Viper was in after the battle. Drawing in a breath, he offers a tight smile. "Thank you, Lieutenant.." he starts to say, before he feels the touch on his arm and he finds his arm taken by a vision in ink and dark fabrics. "...oh.. wow." he says, blinking a little. "Goodness, Antonie.." he tries to find words to say and they're not forming and Cap's pointing things out and it's a good thing his skin's already dark, because it only gets darker with the blushing.

"Oh. Okay. Hmmm." Not put off in the least, Zeke scans the crowd, holding his ground beside Erin. "I'm guessing fashion won't do it. You probably like a man of action. But...someone unpredictable. Maybe with a zany sense of humor. Calls you a different nickname every time he sees you." His eyes dart over the crowd, assessing, sorting. "Someone juuust on the cusp of absurd. There's got to be /someone/ here like that!"

Calliope can't help but crack a grin at Miko. "Thanks. You don't look so bad, either, Butch. Though I kind of feel bad for the guys trapped in their dress uniforms all night. I was not dragging around that cape any longer than I had to." Aldrich gets a little shrug and half-smile. "It's all kind of a blur. I'm just glad we're back. And also...alive. I will never complain about life aboard a battleship again." She plucks a drink off that same tray.

Cate smirks at Mikolas' little display. "I don't think that's quite the sort of dancing that goes on in these places. But sure. Oh, and remind me to smack Cadmus upside the head for ditching." When Mikolas turns to Calliope, Cate's attention is drawn that way too. She looks down, maybe a little awkward for a moment. "Thanks. You look really great too. I like the red as long as it's not a uniform jacket. Also congrats, fearless leader." She looks to Aldrich then. "You want to go sit down over by Hayes and rest that leg?" She gestures over towards where Erin is sitting.


To Zeke, Erin says quietly, "Right." She draws in a breath, and then sticks her chin out towards Paige for just a moment. "Look at Captain Greystone," she tells him. "Doesn't she seem comfortable? Like this were completely normal. Like all of us will be doing this again in the near future." A noise is made in her throat, and she chin-jabs at someone else: Mikolas. "And look over there at Sergeant Kovac. He's one of us -- a Marine." Beat. "Watch him. Listen to him. He's the life of the party." Another beat. "Which do you think is more likely to fit the bill, if I had one, Corporal?"

[Food Table]

Cap is in full imp mode grinning at the Niemec and Kazimir Captain-couple. "Such a very striking couple, too. Anyway, um, have fun?" One more brow-waggle and then she's traipsing off... well, wobbling off. Damn heels. She spots the good Doctor en route to food and drinks. "Heya Doc. Gosh, you look amazing!" Because really, while Cap is attempting grandeur with the woman's advice, when the master (mistress?) stands before her, her elegance is clear! "Thanks again for all the help, the dress is just -perfect- after we went to get it altered. See?" She does a spin. "You get anything to eat yet? Or drink? They've got some fancy hors d'oeuvres and so much booooze. I'm gonna go grab some!"

Aldrich actually looks a little relieved when Cate suggests that he should go sit down. "I think I just might do that," he agrees, with a little smile. "Sorry, I'm afraid I won't be the life of the party tonight." Is he ever the life of the party? Hm. He does give a mock toast and has a sip of his drink, then gives Calliope and Mikolas both a little grin before he starts off toward said bench.

There is something that looks suspiciously like a wink giving in Aldrich's direction from Miko before he reaches out and tucks an errant lock of Cate's hair behind her ear. "Congratulations are in order for everyone, I think. Promotions and Accommodations abound! That means we need to get shit faced, I think, and see who strips out of their uniform first and ends up in the pool." His elbow cocks out for Calliope. "M'dayum." Leave it to the medic to put a spin on a polite term.

[Food Table]

Bean was probably the first one out the door, and so that means he's the first one looking to get some food. He is still in his Caprica dress uniform, which he actually wears impressively well for a street kid. He has tucked away his cap, and is trying to not look like he's just here for the food. He glances up toward Cap and Niemec as he catches tidbits of conversation, and the grunt snorts. It is only the sight of Cate that has him offering a slight grin. "Doc," the thirty-something Marine known as Gramps greets, up-nodding.

Paige's attention is pulled slightly when Erin lifts a chin her way. The captain's head cants slightly, a brow rising slightly in curiosity, though she can't hear the conversation. But, she recognizes the marine and slowly crosses to the pair on the bench. "Chilly, isn't it?" she says by way of greeting, recalling the woman's callsign. She gives Zeke a polite nod of greeting as well. "Quite the ceremony, wasn't it?"

[Dance Ground]

Geoff isn't close with that many people, and he can't see any of them on the dance floor from his vantage point, but that doesn't make him shy about starting to cut a rug all by himself. Enhanced of course by that blue cape.

Antonie was already blushing, but Cap only makes it worse. She cannot, however, help herself with a bit of a grin. There's a slight shake of her head after the other pilot, but the woman offers a "Thank you" after her. And "Congratulations." Because there were awrds and promotions all around, weren't there? She's a bit hesitant in that way that a woman her age probably shouldn't be, stepping in to place a hand on Kazimir's arm, lifting her chin to look up at the Viper pilot. "You look good, Fairchild." A bit of a broader smile. "Dancing or drinks?"

"My guess...?" Zeke narrows his eyes and watches each for a moment. "I think you would pick...oh, hello!" Zeke quickly shifts gears at the sudden approach of one of their conversational targets. He might be laughing, except that /if/ he is doing such a thing it is silent, and it is hidden behind the glass of his cocktail. He sips at it vigorously and waits for an introduction.


Erin smiles for a moment. She has to. Under the right circumstances, her callsign is pretty silly. "Captain Greystone." Her voice has a note of formality to it that matches the way her dress uniform fits her. "This is Corporal Rodriguez. He's a recent transfer from Tauron." She straightens, and takes a step back from the bench on which she was leaning. "The ceremony was as I thought it would be. Thankfully, I had a lot to consider at the time." Whatever that means.

"If you value your feet, Niemec, you'll choose the drinks." Kazimir responds as he moves his free hand to cover Antonie's for a moment before he releases it. "Plus, if I'm drinking, you can get me to talk more." he points out. "If I'm concentrating on dancing, I will not wish to speak as much."

Calliope rolls her eyes at Mikolas when he talks about stripping. It's a fond sort of eyeroll, though. Mostly. "You before me, Butch. But, yeah, I am totally up for free drinks and, like, something fun before things blow up again. And thanks!" That last to Cate. "I haven't broken these shoes out since I left Caprica. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to look for food. And also mingle." But, mainly look for food. Her heels click-clack off in search of hors d'oeuvres.

Cate looks over when Bean greets her. "Hey Bean." No she does not call him gramps - quite possibly because she's not that far behind him, age-wise. But then she's a little distracted by Mikolas. "Abound indeed. Look at all your shiny new medals and stuff. You almost look respectable. And I'd lay odds on you being the first in the pool." She nods absently to Aldrich when he starts moving off. She'll catch up eventually. Right now she's busy smiling in faint amusement at the sight of Geoff dancing alone in his cape.

Vedjovic reaches out with one long arm to press Cap's hand with her own, if let, as she comes closer. "They've done good work with it, and you wear it very well," she encourages the fledgeling glamourpuss, though she might be extolling the effort above the talent, as yet. A half-step back eases her away from the spin, which makes her smile even as she shakes her head. "A drink, yes, that sounds lovely." Although from the periphery of her vision the flash of a blue cape arcs her brow in a delicate pique of interest, her attention remains with Cap for the nonce. "I'll go with you." She even offers her hand to be kept, or arm, for support, if those heels send Cap a-teeter over again.

[Food Table]

"He isn't in the pool yet?" Bean says without actually looking at Mikolas. He then notes Geoff dancing, and he groans. "I am not his wingman." He manages to score some kind of saucy meat thing on a stick and chomps it down in one bite. He doesn't eat the stick. The "old" Marine does look around as he starts to gauge those around him more steadily. Out of the corner of his eye, he spies Erin the Odd, and he upnods fromt he distance, accepting any or nothing he might get in return.

"To be perfectly honest," Antonie admits to Kazimir as she shifts to stand alongside him. "I'm not sure I can dance in this." She curls her fingers at the inside of his elbow, her free hand reaching down to catch up some of the skirt of the gown. "Let's go get some drinks. I hear it's on the Fleet's dime and I feel I would be remiss if I did not contribute to the tab." There's a few words of congratulations for people that pass who either received promotions or awards. Or even compliments for women on their own choices of dress. She leans in slightly to the taller pilot, murmuring a bit to him as she angles towards the bar.

"Welcome to the Colonial Fleet, Corporal," Paige says to Zeke, offering a rare smile. She lifts her drink to salute them both before taking a sip. "It's a helluva ride." The Caprican is well-able to ignore old feuds between one planet and an other... mainly because her name makes her fairly universally reviled by those that don't know her or her service record. "There are damned few like us." And a lot of them are dead.

The fact that Miko's arm remains empty is hardly a deterrent to the Marine having fun tonight, leaving Calliope to her search of food his eyes swing back to Cate and the newly arrived Bean. "Respectable? Now don't go ruining my reputation with misleading verbiage like that. But feel free to use 'well hung' and 'sex machine' as you will."

Aldrich makes his way to the bench where Erin & Co. are gathered, carefully balancing his drink as he goes. Those already present get a friendly smile as he sidles up and then lowers himself onto the bench. "Hello, sorry, don't let me interrupt. Just resting my feet a bit. Carry on." And he has a sip of his drink.

"Very pleased to be here, Captain," Zeke says, his lips parting reluctantly with the edge of his glass. "And a pleasure to meet you. Kind of nice to meet people out of uniform, though gods know I will probably recognize no one in the morning." He offers a lopsided grin, the wiggles the glass. Only ice remains and it clinks lightly. "I'm off for a refill? May I bring either of you anything?"

[Food Table]

Cap takes the offered arm very gratefully, and it will in fact do a wonder for her balance. "Thanks. I'm really still getting the hang of these. How do people manage all the time? Or dancing in them? I can't even imagine." Her voice is a little less chipper-loud than usual, asking these secretive questions, as she doesn't want to tip off the whole world to her bumpkin status (even if it's painfully obvious). Once to the table, she collects a plate and piles a few things on it, restraining her -usual- mess hall tendency to eat EVERYTHING, but still taking a healthy portion. Drinks are nabbed off convenient dude with tray. "How did you like the ceremony?" she'll wonder there, mere conversationally, while her eyes wander among passers-by, checking out the couples... and maybe spying for lone prey. Maybe?


'Odd' is not a bad way to describe Erin. She seems one of the few women remaining in their dress uniforms. And hers is probably unique: Aquarians are rare in the Colonial Forces. When Bean looks at her, Erin acknowledges him by bringing two fingers to her brow and half-saluting. But, then, Zeke poses a question, to which she replies: "No, thank you." She's likely not the drinking type. Then, to Paige: "Captain?"

"Now there's the Kovac I know," Cate says with a smirk, when Miko speaks. Bean's comment gets a little aww look. "I think he kinda needs one though, don't you?" Then her gaze shifts back to Mikolas. "I need to go say hi to someone, but after that I'm claiming that dance. Provided you haven't been thrown into the pool before then."

Paige shakes her head lightly, her glass still mostly full. "I'm fine; thank you for offering." She does, however, take half a step back. "Though, I'm not trying to run you off." It's a tacit offer to retreat, if her presence makes the two marines uncomfortable. It wouldn't be the first time; won't be the last. So, no offense taken.

Calliope gets a plate, not exactly piling it but getting a mix of finger-foods available. "Oh, gods, I haven't had food like this in what feels like a hundred years," she comments randomly to Cap. Who she's ended up not far from, in the course of her food collecting. "What looks best? Do you think they have snails? I kind of developed a taste for them on Leonis, but it's hard to find them anywhere else. I mean, fancy snails." Regular snails abound.

"No, no, Captain. You're not." Zeke offers his most reassuring smile. It makes his cheeks dimple. "I need to grease the wheels. And it wouldn't hurt to introduce myself to more people...even if it does make we want to pull my shirt over my head and run into the water. Besides. I know the Corporal here thinks of you as a friend. I'm sure she welcomes your company." Giving Erin a light pat on the back, he moseys toward the club.

[Dance Ground]

Geoff just appears to be having a good time, pausing his dance moves on occasion--or at least toning them down--so he can get a sip of alcohol to fuel it all.

Vedjovic angles her head just faintly toward Cap, lifting her free hand to rest on Cap's and stroll with her as girls might, givng her support without making the endeavor obvious at all. "It is as with anything else. The endeavors to which you give your time will be those in which you shine. You have simply given your time... elsewhither," she completes the sentiment with a tame curl of a smile, letting loose of the young woman again to alloww Cap to go after the food. "As for myself, it was part of the curriculum at first academy." At Calliope's question, she finally gives the spread a quick and thorough scan while gracefully selecting a flute of something fuzzy from a passing tray.

Liv took a bit, in fact she spent time changing into her picked attire for tonight after a last-minute shopping trip. Then into her pajamas with her mnd moving to refusal. Then into her more dress uniform... And the inner argument showed as her space quickly became a clothing hurricane as she fumbled into the newly bought outfit and the lightly elevated heels that kept the flowing of pantlegs from being stumbled upon. It was a must, sadly, as she was short, and it was too late to have it altered so she could wear her boots beneath instead.

"Frakkin'," a mutter as she walks towards the door and the clicking of heels just seems so pointless to her, let alone the functionality. A deep breath and she enters, though, despite the apprehension.

Hands are clasped in front of her, shoulders squared, and the reflection of the decollage of metal studs at the cuffs of the sheer sleeves of her top are the only thing that decorates her in a 'jeweled' manner. One piece, sleeved and dipping into a low 'V' upon her chest to mid-ribcage where the fabric of the formal attire cinches at her waist and only billows out at the curve of hips to drop into the flowing pants of a near gypsy fashion.

Those deep blue eyes glance around, snaps of motion that carry her first towards refreshments (On the House, right? Because she puts one drink in each hand) and then once someone is recognized, mainly Erin first, followed by Paige, Cate, and Bean - she makes her way over, dodging any who press too close with a dancers grace and a lithe maneuver (ignore the heel caused fumble of ankle there!) and she is nearing the benches.


"Corporal." Erin calls out to Zeke as he starts to depart. And then, she makes an unsubtle signal towards Cap, Calliope, and Vedjovic. "Maybe they need a drink?" she suggests to him. Then, she draws in a deep breath, and lets it out. Her hands come to rest against the bench again, and she half-leans while supported. Clearly, she does not appear willing to leave her vantage point, which gives her a good view of everyone else. "The evening treats you well, I trust?" says Erin to Paige after one, two, three moments of watching others, particularly Liv as she approaches.

Bean fixes Mikolas with a look, but it doesn't caring the full weight of Bean. He nods off to Cate as she departs, and for a moment, he looks a bit like he's lost his herd. He glances to Geoff, who is really doing just fine without him. Really. No one should get too close. It might be contagious. So, he grabs himself another passing tidbit that is trying too hard to be something it isn't as he starts to cross the room toward Erin the Odd and her companions. He somehow manages to score two or three more passing puffs or skewered meats on his way.

Miko makes a kissy face at Cate, complete with smoochie noises as she moves off to go say hello to someone. "I hope you've been perfecting your booty clap, Corporal." And then he's being left along with Bean, and Mikolas shifts his weight slightly, the only indication his bravado has a crack. "Right. So. This is awkward. Wanna go do body shots off the waitress?"

Paige lets a wry smile touch her lips as Zeke makes his -- reasonably legitimate -- excuse and subsequent escape. "Well enough," she assures Erin, pivotting slightly to follow the other woman's gaze over the crowd. She, too, spots Liv's approach and inclines her head to the other marine in the same simple greeting she's used most of the evening thus far. She steps aside slightly, simply so that Erin does not have to leave her favoured bench and so that their 'conversation group', as it were, appears more open to others. "How about you? You look like you've scored a prime vantage point, here."

[Food Table]

"Snails?" Cap looks around, either with horror or bizarre curiousity, at Calliope's question. "You can eat them? We always just tossed salt on them if we saw them in the vegetable garden." Her own choices are probably a little more conservative by default, although occasionally she'll grab something just because it looks interesting. Vedjovic gets another semi-awed look over her impressively broad education. "I guess I'll learn. Or... I'll get sores and regret this, and probably not have another reason to wear them for a while anyway. Dunno if there's gonna be much dancing on the Vanguard." Insert a more serious tone shift here.

"Wassat?" Zeke keeps walking toward the club, but turns to give Erin a look. When he sees the the trio she is pointing out, he lifts his glass in salute. "Of course!" Abruptly changing course he marches right up to the food table stopping right by Cap, Calliope, and Vedjovic. He pauses, the sucks in as deep a breath as he can manage as says in one big rush, "Hi my name is Zeke Rodriguez, newly transfered to the CF, I know no one so hello and I am on my way to the club to refill my desperately needed drink and can I get any of the three of you anything?" The air fully expelled from his lungs, he draws in a new breath, then lifts his eyebrows with Great Expectation.


Erin looks to Paige, and the left corner of her mouth arches upwards a little. "Thank you." As if finding excellent vantage points was her thing. Go figure. "Yes. Actually, I'm doing very well." She gestures with a chin-jab at Zeke. "My friend seems to be getting along and around smashingly." Then, she looks to Cate, Mikolas, and Bean. "And the other Marines are picking on each other, as they usually do." Beat. "Watching from here means that I will have plenty of stories to tell when everyone wakes up bleary-eyed and semi-conscious. Blackouts truly are the gifts that keep on giving." Her delivery is beautifully deadpan, if it were a joke and not some cynical remark.

Calliope smiles and nods with enthusiasm to Cap. About snails. "Yeah. They're a delicacy. The Leonans cook them in sauce and it's the best. I actually tried to eat some of them wild when I was on Canceron but. Not as good." From her nose-wrinkle, that's an understatement. She nibbles on her non-snail finger foods, chasing it with a sip from her wine glass. She's taken a little bit of everything to eat. "I don't know what the Vanguard is going to be like. They make it sound really hardcore. I'm trying not to think about it too much. The speeche are over. That's enough for me tonight." A blink at Zeke, and his rush of an introduction. "Umm. Wow. Hi!" At least she smiles at it. "Calliope Drake. I'm good, but thanks. Welcome aboard!"

Cate just gives Mikolas a look as she moves off, probably not sure whether to be amused or horrified. Maybe a little of both. It's a running theme there. She finally makes her way over to the benches where Erin and Aldrich have settled, standing somewhere in the vicinity. "See you found a good spot," she says to Aldrich. What is up with that turban, by the way? Then she shifts her gaze over to Erin. A little smile greets hello, but she doesn't interrupt since the other woman seems to be involved in conversation with Page and - maybe also Zeke? Cate's still getting the lay of the land.


"You following me, Rhodes?" Bean suggests as he ends up scooting in near the benches too. He got there second, so obviously she isn't, but it is a fair jab. He collects something that looks vaguely like an upscale sausage in a rather buttery crust, perhaps content on eating his fill on odd tidbits all night. He's blissfully sober, as well. He looks to Erin and Paige, and both get a nod. Then he turns slightly to observe the space he just abandoned. This is definitely where the cool people are. Definitely.

Erin's deadpan is a deadpan Paige entirely appreciates, however. "A cunning and exceptionally valid strategy," the captain affirms, looking serious as she does so. Except that her blue eyes hold a hint of amused appreciation in their cool depths. Probably because it's a strategy she, herself, likes to employ. The wine glass she holds now? She'll be nursing that aaaaaaall night. She notes the approach/presence of others, and returns nods and greetings with a hint of formality, but not unfriendliness.

Aldrich is almost through with his drink by the time Cate joins him. He totally wasn't eavesdropping on Erin. (No, he totally was.) He smiles at Cate, but the question causes it to fade a little into a more self-conscious expression. "It's a Gemenese thing," he claims. "I thought... it might look a little better."

"Sores and regret are common byproducts of the process. But eyes on the prize, isn't it?" Vedjovic narrows her own dark grey eyes playfully at Cap and even at Calliope, though she resumes a less jocular countenance when Cap points out the incongruence of present and future events. "Yes," she agrees. "Perhaps learning to walk in heels can be put on the back burner, for now. Still, you look lovely." And then Zeke is making introductions and it's suitably adorable. "Dr. Vedjovic," she introduces herself, without undue formality of tone, despite the fact that she doesn't introduce herself by her first name. She seems rather charmed, after an aristocratic fashion. "And I'm well, thank you," she lifts her glass to show herself already receiving ample libation. "Also, recently posted. I'll be finding my feet here along with you."

"Right." Miko stands alone again, his hands keeping busy by transferring the tuck of beret from under one arm to the other. As a waitress passes, the medic hones in on her, "I'm just going to follow you. Lead me to the booze. Say, do you like my new medals? I might let you shine them..."

Liv is at the benches as fast as those damnable heeled feet carry her, also while downing the one cup of spiked beverage, placing it on the tray of a passing server in exchange for a toothpick skewered orderve (Magpie move +10xp!), and was already sipping the next when she arrives at the benches and stands beside Erin, but just a notch back toward a momentarily cleared area of the floor. Paige is given a light lift of her chin and a small smile, the others glanced, but nothing said quite yet as she is still looking from face to face that she has only met in brevity. "Nice party. Looks like a good turnout." But now she holds up her skewered tidbit and creases dark brows. "What'd I grab?" I looks.... Iffy.

Zeke beams from ear to ear, as if to say: Talking to strangers works! What he actually says, however, is "Very nice to meet you Calliope. And you, Doctor." More confidentially to the latter, he leans in to say, "I am glad I am not alone. We need a code! Something we can say or do when we are staring at someone whose name we should know but we don't."

In between talking to Cate, Aldrich finishes off his drink, looks at it a bit mournfully, then glances around. Spots Mikolas. Gets a thoughtful look, and then calls over, "Mikolas! Send one of those waiters my way, eh?" He lifts up the empty glass to demonstrate what he means. Is he just checking to see what he can get Mikolas to do for him while he's still gimpy? ....Nah. Totally not.

[Food Table]

"Huh. Well, if you see any, lemme know." Snails that is. "I'll try anything once." Bold claim! Cap grins at the other woman, but again turns serious with talk of the new assignment. "It sounds... ugh. They don't even have chutes for the Vipers. Deck launch only. That's gonna be a disaster if we have to scramble to launch under attack." Though she hardly gives off the impression of hardcore soldier, she's nonetheless thought these things through a bit. As for the 'prize' the Doctor mentions, she does admit, quietly (though maybe not so much that Zeke doesn't hear it): "When I was changing I put them on without the dress... they make your legs and butt look -amazing-." Erm what? Oh, look, someone has just walked up and said hello. "Caprica Duncan, but that's Cap to pretty much everyone. And..." She gulps down her drink rather suddenly, then offers it to him. "You can get me a refill if you want." Fresh meat! Time for boldness!

Gustavo recognizes a few dresses before he recognizes faces, and how screwed up is that? He, of course, is in his Scorpian Army uniform -- the belt and cross-strap in army red instead of navy white, and he has a small pin at his left cuff with his clan's insignia. Unlike in CF uniforms it's difficult to spot clusters of Marines, so he goes on body language alone, heading over toward the benches, although Cap gets a wave of one big hand as he passes by her.

Calliope offers Vedjovic a quick smile and semi-wave of her hand. While she's raising it to stick a cracker topped with tasty cheese into her mouth. "Yeah, we're getting a lot of new people on board. Or, I guess, we're all going to be new to the Vanguard, technically. I've been on the Galactica for...six months I guess?" She says it with slightly wide eyes. Like she's just considering that stretch of time. A chuckle to Zeke. "I still feel pretty new. And we're all technically new again now. So, woo, solidarity!"


"Thank you, Captain." Erin graciously bobs her head. The curl in her lip increases. "I'm rarely complimented." Because she rarely hangs out with people, probably. But, then, there's Liv. "Captain Greystone, this is Sergeant Overstreet." One introduction. "And this is Corporal Rhodes." That introduction is made with a brief hand gesture in Cate's direction. "If you haven't met her; she was at the briefing." Beat. "This is PFC Bean." The Aquarian gestures to the older fellow. Just a /hair/ older, honest. "And this is the Chaplain, if you haven't met him." About Aldrich. Thusly, her introductions are made and completed. In case Paige didn't know any of them.


Cate offers a bemused smile to Aldrich. "Well, I think the rest of it looks pretty snazzy." No comment about the turban, apparently. Which is probably comment enough. She slants that bemused look to Bean next. "I think it's the other way around, Bean. I got here first remember? Have you met the chaplain? Chaplain Kavanaugh - PFC Bean." Hearing her name, she glances over at Erin and offers a polite smile to Paige. "Hi."

Miko hears Aldrich's call, looking in that direction for a bit before he leans in to whisper something to the waitress. He sends her in that direction with a little butt slap for good measure and then continues on his way.


"All of it," Bean tells Liv. "You never know when you'll get empty calories like this again." He crosses his arms at his chest, and he looks like he does during most briefings -- alert, thoughtful, and waiting for the other shoe to drop. His steady blue eyes glance down at Erin, but this focus returns to Paige. Bean has never really been able to break that inquisitiveness that comes with a decade as a cop. "Sir," the PFC says, nodding to Paige. Then he nods to Aldrich. "Chaplain." His greeting is a bit inquiring as he's not sure he's ever seen Aldrich before given what he may believe is a note of similarity.

"Sergeant," Paige says in greeting to Liv. "You're looking well." Then, to Cate, "Corporal." And, of course, "Chaplain." Then, in response to Erin's observation, she adds, "Compliments rarely given should be all the greater cherished... or so my mother would have told you." She again pivots to better open her corner of the group to outsiders, responding to Bean's greeting with a nod and "PFC... Bean, did I hear? A pleasure, I'm sure." She's courteous, at least. Maybe that just goes with the surname.

"That would come quite handy," Dr. Vedjovic agrees with Zeke in a tone of voice kept dignified, refined, and yet neither cold nor aloof, except to those for whom the two sets of adjectives have become synonymous. "Although I'm certain we'd both be forgiven a faux pas or two, given the circumstances." A small sip of her drink punctuates the sentiment, and she listens with sympathy to Cap's woes, then with a smile for Calliope's temporal musings. "It goes quickly, when the work is pressing."

Aldrich looks almost stricken by Cate's comment about his outfit, but covers it quickly enough with a smile. There are introductions to be made, after all. He lifts a hand to give a little wave to those he's introduced to. "Nice to meet you all." The waitress that Miko sent over gives Aldrich a chance to trade out his drink for a fresh one, but he takes this one a bit slower, at least. "You'll have to excuse me if I'm not very sharp tonight. It was a very long ceremony, wasn't it?"

"Well. If I work the word 'gearbox' into the conversation, you three will now know that I am completely flummoxed and in desperate need of help." If Zeke looked happy that his introduction actually got people to talk to him, he looks positively radiant when Cap finished her drink and shoves the glass in his direction. "You got it Cap Duncan! Anything in particular, or are you going for mileage?"


"Chauncy Enos Bean, Private First Class... they call me Bean, Sir." Because only a handful like calling him Chauncy. He nods agreeably to Aldrich. "Quite, but that's what we like..." The Caprican -- street-raised by the slight difference in his inflection compared to the uppity-ups -- considers the dance floor again, almost as if he's debating a series of things that aren't quite fitting together.

Calliope lets out a soft "Heh" to Vedjovic. "Yeah, and the work is never not pressing. I flew civilian ships before this. Liners and stuff. You couldn't exactly relax, but there was a lot of dead time and routine runs." Not so much now. "You said you were a doctor, right? What kind?" She giggles at Zeke. Taking that as a joke. "I don't even know what a gearbox is." Pause. Because now she's curious. "What's a gearbox?" She eyes her own wine, but the glass is half full, and she does not push for more yet.

"Or Gramps," puts in Tavo as he arrives by the benches in time for the full self-introduction. "Doc, I see you didn't go for sweats. Good choice." The others in the group get more vague nods, the big, black-clad bulk of a man seeming almost reticent to butt himself into the conversation beyond the addition of Bean's nickname and the compliment for Cate.

[Food Table]

Cap nods along with the others, as it goes for things time-related. "Yeah. Time passes fast when you're having fun and frakking toasters." She's very much in the party spirit. "So I wouldn't worry, the shiny and new will come off fast. You coming along on the Vanguard too? Figure we'll all get to know each other quick on a smaller ship." She also looks terribly pleased by Zeke's response, save for the name. "Just Cap's fine. Um...." Regarding the drink? "Surprise me!" Queue big grin.

There's a brief eyetic that is washed away with another lofted raise of her cup. Who knows what it was. Liv said "strong" and took what was handed to her, and now in an empty hand she holds a skewered mystery Bean is telling her to lavish in, in abundance. Is it suposed to look like a demised Jabba The Hutt??

The glare is obvious at it before Liv just eats it. Clipping teeth on the toothick and pulling it free in a slide that makes boldness close her eyes. Slow chews and one eye opens in a peek like after an explosion and you're waiting to open them to the Gods instead of the rubble before you. She lived! And it had a nice flavor to boot.


"Call him... Chauncy." Only because Live liked it better then Bean. "Or Unicorn Kicker." Blame that old cast.

Liv nods to Paige then, affirming it and then canting her head in a nearly bird-like manner to look down upon Erin with a small grin to Cate. Tavo's arrival and words... a.k.a. nickname though has a slow blink dragging her attention his way for a moment.


The waitress comes over with the drink Miko sent for Aldrich, rather than Miko himself. And that causes Cate to glance over in that direction with a slightly furrowed brow. But she tries to shake it off. A contrite look is leveled at Aldrich before she agrees. "Yeah, way too long if you ask me." Then Tavo is talking to her and she shrugs. "Seemed the thing to do."

Aldrich gives a bit of a crooked smile toward Bean. "Then that's what I'll call you. They call me Aldrich, generally. Kavanagh just seems a bit...formal, for my line of work." Tavo mentions the nickname, and Aldrich gets an odd look, slightly amused, and gives Bean a closer look. "Gramps? But you can't possibly be any older than I am..." He looks toward Cate, inquiring. The drink seems to be kicking in, at least a bit. "Did I get old without noticing?"


Erin considers what Paige says for a moment, while the Captain greets every enlisted person she just introduced. "Rare compliments, I think, are a different matter than being rarely complimented." The Aquarian's smile lingers for one, two, three seconds, and then fades away. Absently, she tugs on the hem of her long coat, to pull it straight at the front. "Did you attend many of these sorts of get-togethers before the war, Captain? You seem serene in the face of this chaos."


"Thanks, Tavo," Bean offers airily at the additional name. The Unicorn Kicker addition causes him to snort. "No more cast. Got a proper boot on. They say another two weeks." Beat pause. "If you're going to steal it in my sleep and put rainbows on it, I just ask its back beside my bunk by morning." Then he nods to Aldrich. "As you say, Aldrich." Then he chuckles, rubbing a hand back through his short brown hair. "When you're surrounded by eighteen and nineteen year olds in boot camp, you get assigned an age fast. Caprica City got hit, I signed up. I didn't care if they thought I was old." The PFC does grin wryly then. "They always underestimated me."


"I think you just wanted to avoid the red," is Tavo's response to Cate. He looks up and around the ballroom, shaking his head slowly in a less-than-impressed way before he's drawn back into the conversation, gesturing toward Bean's explanation before he adds his own response to the chaplain, "Have you seen how young enlistees usually are? Babies, all of them."

"Bean, then," Paige concedes, unphased by his 'street' accent. Most of the photographers she dealt with as a youth had that accent. She won't call him Chauncy at this point, any more than she'd call most anyone by their first names. She doesn't know them well enough, yet. She gives Erin a wry smile. "A few," she admits. "They can be tougher to navigate than a flight of toasters, but a whole lot faster to kill." She lifts her glass, an indication of one of the weapons of choice in such a fight. In short: "You get used to them, when you have to." So... maybe not her favorite passtime?


Cate waves a hand to what Bean said, answering Aldrich's question. "Yeah, that's why I don't call him Gramps. That would make me old too." She shrugs a bit to Gustavo, "Yeah, pretty much," she says flatly. She falls quiet, just listening to the conversation around her.


Aldrich has a bit of a drink, then shakes his head. "There's seasoned and then there's /old/," he comments, with amusement. He lifts his drink to acknowledge Tavo's comment. "But I suppose babies will think what babies will think. That's a very good point."


"I'm not even seasoned," Bean replies dryly to Aldrich. "I'm just salty." Ba-dum-cha. The recon marine snags another passing tidbit... this one looks like the tinest pot pie ever constructed, and he eats it in one bite without losing a single crumb. It is hard to say if the Caprican even chews it as next he speaks, his mouth is clear of pastry and warm gravy. "Alright. I'm half-considering a dance. Because there's a protocol here. I have a precise checklist."

Zeke straightens with enthusiasm. "A gearbox houses the mechanicisms, usually gears and gear trains, that provide speed and torque conversion from a rotating power source to a..." He slows and then comes to an embarrassed stop, before concluding with a light blush, "...it's a codeword for 'help me I am completely flummoxed'." Ahem. "I'll be right back with the drinks!" He holds up both empty glasses and gives them a little rattle, then turns to hurry toward the Club.


In response to Paige's comment, Erin nods her head slowly. "I grew up in an encampment atop a large glacier," she muses in a murmur, absently. "It's really all I knew for years. My parents. Our pets. Our food, our equipment. And the annual trips back to Heim, a vacation to where we would see others like us." She gently scratches a cheek with a fingertip. "Didn't go to a party like this until I was much older. And I've -- " Shrug. " -- never felt at home in them. Just -- " Another shrug. " -- I don't know, not my thing." Beat. "Even if I do enjoy watching and listening to others." And then, as if she can sense Liv looking at her funny, the Aquarian says familiarly, without looking at the other woman, "Something peculiar, Liv?"

"What kind did you have in mind?" Dr. Vedjovic curls a smile in Calliope's direction, a fairly kittenish expression. And then, by way of explanation, "I was on track toward a career in internist diagnostic research and pharmaceutical development, but I could not, for the life of me, kick the feeling that surgery was my calling. So I've ended up with somewhat of an extensive CV in both areas." Zeke's watchword elicits a faint chuckle from the doctor, and Cap's chugging of her drink in order to obtain a refill threatens to make her laugh aloud, but that she's maintaining a little more decorum than that, at present, and she only smiles kindly, instead.


Cate's reaction to Tavo's verbal jab quiets him, and he grimaces a little in silent semi-apology, stepping back a touch as one of the waiters comes by. Instead of just grabbing a drink and going, he actually seems to have a brief conversation with the other man, ending with the big NCO squeezing the waiter's arm in a companionly manner, collecting a glass, and focusing his attention back on the ongoing discussion. "A checklist for dancing?"

"Yeah, it'll be totally great," Calliope pipes, in general about the Vanguard. If she sounds a little more unsure than enthusiastic? She doesn't dwell tonight. She tries to follow Zeke's explanation of what a gearbox is. For a minute. But soon her blue eyes kind of glaze over, and she's just smiling and nodding. The codeword bit gets a giggle. "Oh! Good one. Good luck with the drinks." Another chuckle to Vedjovic, at her first answer. But a nod to the rest. "Yeah. You guys in medical have to do a little bit of everything, it seems like. I'm always glad to meet people who know how to put my insides back in after stuff goes down."


Aldrich gives a laugh to Bean's quip that is probably a bit more enthusiastic than it might be without the booze. He probably should have eaten something before he started drinking. Then Bean is drawing another puzzled look. "You have a protocol for a party? I feel like I'm back home again." He glances sideways to Cate as he says this.


"No... a checklist for attending a formal gathering," Bean clarifies to both Tavo and Aldrich. "Once everything's checked off, I'm allowed to go back to my bunk and resume reading my book." He looks to Aldrich. "I blame my mother. I have vivid memories of being given an actual checklist the first time I attended a school function. I wasn't allowed to leave until I did everything on the checklist." The PFC pauses, frowning. "I should probably unpack with a professional at some point..."

[Food Table]

Cap doesn't dare bring up that she, even as a flygirl, may know a mechanical thing or two. Nope. Zeke's long-winded explanation is far too cute to interrupt, and it shows in a dimpled grin and near-giggle that threatens to errupt throughout said explanation. Only when he's done, and gone, does she glance over at the other two. "Yeah it's really good we have people like you with us. Probably would have been easy for someone like you to stay home, yeah?" Of course, her mind is not -really- on the Doctor's medical career, as distinguished as it may be. And once the young man is out of earshot, breaks out with the (not unexpected): "He's kinda cute, huh?" Down girl!


Cate finally seems to notice Liv, offering the other marine a faint smile in greeting. "They have parties on Gemenon?" Cate's teasing is tempered by a gentle tone and mock-surprise. But she's still preoccupied, and finally says to the chaplain in particular and the other folks generally, "Think I'm gonna go take a walk. Try not to have too much fun." She actually manages a tiny grin to Aldrich briefly there.


Aldrich snorts faintly at Cate's teasing. "Occasionally, when the moon is blue and melons are in season." Hooray obscure idioms. He gives Cate a little smile in return, and a light clap on the shoulder. "Enjoy it on my behalf." Then his attention returns to Bean. "Actually, I think I rather like that idea. You never have to wonder if you're ducking out too early." Then the rest of what Bean said registers, and his brows lift with curiosity. "Oh, what book are you reading?"


"I'm pretty sure we all should," is Tavo's response to Bean. He nods to Cate, then shakes his head in amusement at Aldrich's comment, "I'm pretty sure that whenever you leave a party is too early, unless you're the first one out or you get drunk enough to do something really stupid. Because there's always someone staying later who is about to do something really stupid, and you don't want to miss that, right?"

Calliope beams at Cap, giving her a enthusiastic little blonde nod. "He totally is! You should go for it! Might as well have some fun while we've got some time on planet, right?" That makes her own eyes scan the crowd again. "Maybe I should check out the club before the party dies down..."

Paige nods to Erin. "Nothing wrong with that. There are some that might envy you it, even." Whether or not she's one, she doesn't say, nor even imply. It's simply an observation. But, as Erin draws attention to Liv, the ECO glances to the Sergeant as well, head canting curiously.


"Ydronis's Histories of the Lords of Kobol." Bean offers a shrug of a shoulder. "But I just finished Korin's Payday." As if to show that Bean does indeed enjoy things that do not weigh a metric ton in terms of philosophical thoughtfulness. He upnods to Cate. "Be quick before Miko notices you exiting." He then offers her a smile that at least initiates his chin dimple. Then he looks back to the others in his little troupe.

Vedjovic isn't shy of praise, as some might be. She knows she's good at what she does and she knows the benefits she brings with her coming aboard. Not to say she'll go on about it, but she nods graciously to both Cap and Calliope when they welcome her skillset instead of being any flavor of 'oh shucks' about it. She does dissent briefly to Cap's assessment of the relative ease of staying home, but it's not point worth pressing, especially in the light of Cap's burgeoning crush. "Yes, definitely," she gives her approval, for what it's worth, which is-- well. Considerable, given the authority with which she grants it.


Cate snorts faintly at Bean's remark. "Yeah, he's probably found some waitresses to do body shots with. Next time you see him he'll probably be in the pool." Tavo may get his wish after all. She nods to Aldrich. "I'll try," she promises, and then she's starting to wander off.


Erin's eyes move from Liv to Cate, as the latter heads off. There's a moment of silence between her and Paige. "Maybe." She concedes the point, and shrugs her shoulders. "I accept the way things were, and the way they are now. Still -- " She looks to the dance floor a moment. " -- there are times when I wonder whether feeling or being somewhat more -- " She searches for the word. " -- outgoing -- whether that would make my life more interesting, if not to myself then for others to hear of it." A self-deprecating smile follows.

Calliope gives Cap an encouraging thumbs-up, before she skips off to mingle some more. She skips well in those heels. It's a finely-honed skill.


Aldrich smirks a little toward Tavo. "I try to leave before I become the really stupid one." Then his attention is drawn back to Bean, and he proves what a real party animal he actual is by blossoming into a delighted smile. "Oh! That's a good one. I should go back to that one... You should look at... oh what's the name of it..." There's the wine kicking in again. He snaps his fingers, but it doesn't come to him. "There's a book by Behnam that counters the Ydronis in some really interesting ways."

Paige gives a mild, amicable shrug. "Possibly," she concedes. And she offers another (not-so-)rare(-tonight) smile. "You can always take the plunge and find out," she suggests. She looks towards one of the wider selections of food, beyond what the circulating waitstaff carry. "Will you excuse me? I haven't eaten since well before the ceremony. I think I'm going to find myself something a little more substantial." With that, she gives a courteous smile and nod to all nearby before she, too, takes her leave... at least for a little while.

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