2237-04-22 - Barroom Shindig

Meanwhile, at the bar.

Date: 2237-04-22

Location: Argentum Bay, Scorpia

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Not having had to change, Van has been at the ball for a while. His black Picon Navy uniform is starched and pressed, and he actually wears, glories of glories, a saber at his side. The white glove on his left hand has gathered up moisture from the condensation on his glass, while his right-hand glove remains unmarred. He stands at the bar, in casual conversation with another Picon Naval officer, although that breaks up quickly enough, the pilot clasping hands with the tactical officer and seeing her off with a smile.

Eva and Finn are at the bar, because, of course they are, and Finn's just handed off his jacket to Eva, who promptly slips it over her shoulders, all to the good, because there is not a lot going on in the decent amount of thermal insulation in this dress. "Because the war is only just beginning. In relative terms, we've barely scratched the surface of what's coming, if what we've seen is any indication. It worries me to see so much celebrarion, when we know what's coming ahead is only more tears."

Red is a good color on a Tauron, particularly one with Isolde's coloring. She manages to stride into the dance club on red satin heels that perfectly match the cherry red of her off-the-shoulders swing dress. It is tea-length, the swooshy hem falling to the midpoint of her calves. It's a dress that just screams TWIRL! and thus looks perfect on Isolde who probably was an avid twirler in her younger years. It is belted in satin roses, the green leaves a nice offset to the red. She is pretty much barren of jewelry, leaving the heart-shaped neckline to emphasize her collarbones. Her hair is neatly secured in a series of pinned curls on the left of her head, the rest of her hair a loose bob of brown.

Given that he is now jacket free, Finn rolls of the sleeves of his white button down shirt, and unbuttons the top two buttons. Which, paired with his kilt and over all look would make him appear to be fighting Aerilonian of old. He just needs an accent now. The whiskey and bubbling white wine drink are delivered and Finn takes one in each hand, holding out Eva's drink to her, "That...and I don't like stages." His reason for being irked is much less deep.

Van takes another sip of his drink, then starts across toward Finn and Eva. He is, however, distracted by the arrival of the woman in the Red Dress. He blinks, looking Isolde over again, and then shakes his head as if trying to clear the fog suddenly shrouding his thinking processes. Clearing his throat helps, and he turns to walk toward the former techie, offering out his right hand as he approaches, "You clean up quite well, Ensign Asa. Full marks."

There will be no dancing for Antonie. Mostly because the gown that Eva helped her pick out would be in the way more than not. But this isn't a terrible thing; some people prefer to spend time around the bar rather than on the dance floor. To each their own. The Raptor pilot arrives at the club on the arm of a rooster. No, wait, scratch that. Someone in the Virgon naval dress. Particularly, a tall dark and Viper pilot: Kazimir Fairchild. The two are talking quietly as they walk and while Niemec has one hand tucked against his elbow, the other is holding up a bit of the gown's skirt to keep it out of her and everyone else's way. They do not aim for tables or hors d'oeuvres, but the bar itself. If the Fleet is picking up the tab, you can bet the Pilots will be doing their best to make it a hefty one.

Eva accepts the glass, free hand twitching th jacket a bit closer around her shoulders, "I don't think anyone does, but they're as necessary as the awards, for those who look at them as something to aspire to." In a war of attrition, as the colonies are fighting now, that's sometimes all you can look forward to." Eva's eyes turn, noting the newly minted Ensign's arrival, as well as, just behind, Antonie and Kazamir. Eva leans over, stage whispering to Finn, 'I picked that dress."

Isolde dimples as Van comes into sight, and she tucks a bit of hair behind her ear. "Thanks," she murmurs before she takes his offered hand. "But I would really kill to be in a pair of flats." She doesn't walk awkwardly in the heels, nor does she look uncomfortable, but she might end up barefoot in a matter of moments if she has things her way. She lets Van guide her if he so wishes, and when she spots Finn and Eva, she starts to wave.

A rooster, indeed. Or a cock, as the Hibernian insult went, they crowed in the morning and they were easy to notice to shoot on sight. With the smaller woman on his arm, Kazimir is a striking figure in red with the dark skin as he gives Antonie a brief smile as they walk. "An admiral told me this joke one time.." he explains as they walk, apparently humor is his defense against being awkward, "...he met a Marine once, who was grousing about a lost rifle and that he was charged for it. 'What's wrong, sergeant?' the Admiral asked. 'I lost my rifle and I'm being charged 300 cubits to replace it, sir.' The Admiral chuckled a little, and pulled out his wallet to pay the man. 'And now you know,' he explained to the confused Sergeant, '..why Captains go down with the ship.'." Which is to explain why he didn't eject from his Viper, right, as he notices the other couples looking to him and he ducks his head just slightly.

Van's in formal mode. He does not shake Isolde's hand, he does not hold it, he bows over it. Without the saber at his side, it wouldn't work. But with the saber, nothing else would have. "I'm sure you could have found some strappy flats that would have worked, Izzy." That's quite enough 'Ensign Asa,' apparently. He moves to tuck her hand into his forearm, heading back toward the bar on a converging course between Eva and Finn and Antonie and Kazimir. They all get polite nods of greeting, and, since it's the first time he's really seen them since Canceron, a slightly bashful, "Sorry I wasn't down there with you." Thankfully, Kazimir is making a joke, which helps a great deal with not dragging the mood down entirely.

"In the Tauran military, they make you fashion a facsimile from materials around the base. I witnessed marines with giant wooden or pipe rifles before." This, to Kazimir, for her response to his joke. Even so, Antonie is grinning. The woman seems fairly at ease, overall. If she's unhappy with her date for the evening, it's not visible at all. From the smile to the ease in her motions, she seems comfortable. Her expression does modulate down into something understanding at Van's words. "I made it out fairly early in, myself," she provides, in a sort of solidarity. "I handled a medevac." And was thus not one of those stuck on the planet's surface. Not like Eva and Finn. For the two, she does offer a smile. It's not quite easy to meet their eyes, but there's no malice in her expression, either.

A glance is cast over to Van as he is making his way towards them. Though Van stops short, Finn offers him a nod. And then there's Antonie and Kazimir. He offers them a raise of his glass and then promptly downs the entire thing, setting the glass on the bar and motions for a refill. "It's on the CF tonight, afterall." As if him drinking needed explanation. He sighs and nods, to Eva, "Yeah, I guess everyone needs to feel positive from time to time. They could just drink, but I guess getting a shiny medal is fine too." He then nods to her whisper.

Eva remains at the bar, though she steps away from her seat in time to catch sight of Antonie sashaying her way into the club. As she and Kazimir approach, Eva sets her glass down, "Antonie, you look absolutely gorgeous." And then her eyes drift to Kazimir. And there's no real heat or animosity between the Virgon and the Hibernian, "You complement her very well."

The bow has Izzy blushing slightly, and shakes her head. "By the Lords of Kobol, please don't..." Then she shakes her head, smiling a bit as he reverts back to her petname. She huffs out a small breath, and accepts the arm. She catches the end of the joke when they approach, and she arches her brows with a small smile. The bashful note from Van has her squeezing his arm. "I hear it's an open bar. Big mistake... they should have done tickets. I once made an easy thousand at an event on Tauron buying and selling drink tickets." Which, surely, her Master Sergeant father enjoyed hearing all about the next morning. She does look to Antonie at her compliments, and grins. "It is very lovely."

There's a 'this isn't going to get weird... well, too late' look in Kazimir's face as he allows Antonie to take her stool first before he moves awkwardly to hold her stool before he takes his own seat next to her. "Two DRADIS drops." The vodka and goldschlager is mixed together, shaken and added with a few few drops of Curacao after the first two ingredients are poured into a tall cool glass. It gives the appearance of a clear DRADIS screen with small flecks of gold for 'stars' and the curacao drops showing as 'contacts'.

Van nods to Antonie, almost in thanks, at her interjection. Isolde's blushing prayer causes him to chuckle, his mood lifting a little again, "Please don't what? Call you Ensign Asa all night?" And then there's the commentary on the tickets, and he shakes his head, "I would assume that that's exactly why they didn't do tickets." Kazimir's order brings the chuckles back, "You're looking for carrier landings by the end of the night then, are you, sir?" Despite the easier laughter, he is still apparently the most by-the-book fighter pilot in the room.

The compliments have Antonie blushing again, though not nearly to the extent that Cap's gushing had. The woman squeezes Kazimir's arm before releasing it to get settled. That takes some work. Bar stools and her gown were not made to work together. "Thank you, again-" this, to Eve, "for helping me pick it out. Else I would be here in my dress uniform." And even she has to admit that wouldn't be the best situation. The Tauran dress may not have a cape, but it lacks... well... everything else. Even the awards she was issued earlier in the evening didn't do it any favors. "Oh, Lords, carrier landings-" she looks down, shakes her head. "Not in this dress." The woman leans over and, under the pretense of accepting her drink, murmurs something to Kazimir.

The whiskey is refilled and Finn takes up the second glass and nods to Antonie and her dress, which is a companion unto itself, "You look mighty fine indeed." There's that Aerilonian charm. He then offers Kazimir a quick grin, "Evening." he offers quietly, "Four Captains walk into a bar..." he muses quietly to himself and then promptly downs his second drink, putting it as well on the bar top and signaling for another. He's off to the races.

"Bow." Isolde offers a sheepish smile. Then she is settling into a stool near the rest and she glances to the bartender to get herself a whiskey straight-up. She is happily abusing her access tonight. She glances to the others, and she chuckles at Antonie's response. "Dunno... we could do up the skirts pretty quick." Then she sets an elbow on the bar, considering the foursome that her and Van have joined.

Eva shakes her head, "You're welcome, Antonie, I was happy to do it. It does set off that red splendidly." A hand rises, in the 'stop right there' motion, 'I believe my threat was...wear a dress or go naked." Eva does not mess around, yo. "I believe that was the only thing that got you into that dress." A glance over to Finn, "You'd have thought one of them would have known better and walked around. haha, she made a lame punny joke. A hand reaches out touch Finn's arm, but she makes no other comment.

Kazimir was mid-drink at Antonie's whisper, and it takes everything he has not to spill the drink as he sets it on the table, pushing the other DRADIS drop to Antonie to try as he covers himself ith a little cough. "Four Captains walk into a bar, and make one Admiral."

"I'm wearing a saber, Izzy. I can't exactly do much of anything else, now can I?" Van shrugs at Antonie, "Oh, I don't know if you're any worse off than Farmboy for impractical dresses, Squeak." He takes another look at the affair, then nods, "Okay, I'll give you a couple of steps beyond him, but it does look nice." He takes another sip of the drink in his left hand, although it's just the barest sip, the very definition of 'nursing' a drink. He chuckles at Eva's joke, and then notes, "No, that's what the Lieutenant does."

"Woah there, speedy." Finn intones at Van, though there's a smirk at the edges of his lips, "This kilt is only worn by members of the Aerilon Special Air Group. There's some historical shit in there too." He waves a hand vaguely and then picks up his drink as it is delivered. He then checks to make sure his kilt is straight and his sporran is all catywompus. All in order, he actually sips this whiskey. Thank the gods. "You just wish you looked this good in a dress." he notes to Van, and then glances to Eva at her touching, giving her a quick smile.

There's a sort of grin for the reaction, but Antonie just accepts her drink from Kazimir. She lifts it, downing it fairly easily. Mixed drinks never seem to offer much in the end. Delicious, but expensive. Thankfully, none of them have to fork anything over. "Another round, please!" This, to the poor sap having to deal with pilots and their fabled drinking abilities. For Van, she does wink when the farmboy's uniform is brought up. "So long as he's got boxers or somesuch on under there, I think he's set."

Isolde just snorts at the indignance. "Picons," is all she says. Then she takes a sip of her own drink before she listens to the buzz of conversation as she is oft to do. She admires Finn's kilt at the mention, though she tilts her head slightly. "Is it polite to ask about your underwear, Captain?" She offers a wry little smile, apparently caring not that she's a mere Ensign -- officially!

"We were told that they didn't wear anything under them in case they needed to turn around and let the enemy see their asses as a better target." Kazimir responds coyly as he grins at Finn. "And if you're offering peeks, already not interested." he says, taking his sweet time with the drink, unlike his date.

"Yes, I'm sure it's very historical, sir." Van intones, and then adds with a little more of a smile, "Historically inappropriate for carrier landings. I have absolutely no interest in looking up your tailpipe as you slide toward the wire." He finishes off the watery booze left in his glass, stepping aside just a little to set the empty on the bar, then adds, "And you have no idea, Farmboy. I absolutely do not have the hips to pull off a dress." Looking back to Isolde, he gestures to Antonie and Kazimir in turn, "Too late, Izzy."

Eva...always helpful in answering any and all questions, 'Oh he does." A beat, 'I checked." She finishes her own drink after that, though she doesn't signal for another. A serious look, "And to be fair...if it's long enough or you're not going up a ladder, who would know?"

"I haven't had this much interest in my underwear in...well...ever." Finn comments off handedly. "Which is probably for the best." He then clears his throat, eyeing Van, "Yes. Historical. They didn't use to wear undergarments." A glance to Isolde, "Now we do. I am definitely wearing things under hear. No peep shows necessary." A glance to Eva, and he smirks faintly.

Taurans and their alcohol. Chances are, Antonie's just trying to get to that point where she feels 'caught up' to the others. The woman decides to tack on a couple fingers of whiskey -- neat -- to her next DRADIS drop and this she drinks down, chuckling into the glass at all the interest in Finn's undergarments. It was a rather well-targeted strike, all told. The focus is on the farmboy, rather than her dress. It leaves her able to relax and enjoy her drink(s), one hand falling to rest lightly on Kazimir's thigh.

Van narrows his eyes slightly at Eva, "Have you never done carrier landings, Cherry? Do they not do that on Virgon or Hibernia?" He makes a sort of 'slow down' gesture with his hands, "You do not want to see someone in a skirt -- or a kilt -- do a carrier landing unless you want to see what's underneath."

Eva lifts her shoulders in a shrug, 'I've never let myself get that drunk or act that stupid.

"Round of Test Pilots..." Kazimir says, feeling that touch to his thigh and ordering another drink. Not that Antonie needs to get drunk, nor does he, but there's a decided feel on how the night may go for the two of them. When the bartender looks confused, Kazimir pauses, and glances at the bottles behind the bar, pointing. "Bit of lime juice, some of the flaernum, the Cointreau, shot of dark and shot of light rum, half a dozen drops of ambrosia, shake with crushed ice."

Isolde is quietly amused by the back and forth as she takes another swallow of her whiskey. She releases a heavy sigh, resting her cheek in her palm and elbow propping up her cheek. She glances down the length of the bar, as if curious to know who else has fled the main affair for some peace and booze.

Finn seems to just let the whole kilt thing blow by at this point. They'll get over it. "There's underwear underneath. Relax, sparky." Yet another nickname for Van. He finishes off his whiskey and eyes Kazimir as he describes the next drink, "Whatever happened to whiskey shots? All that crap sounds awful." He glances to Eva, then back to the others, "You guys enjoy that. We're gonna go do a lap I think." And with that, he takes Eva's hand and starts off towards the exit back to the main event.

"And that, Cherry, is a mistake." Says the by-the-book pilot. Apparently, he had a wild youth -- if he isn't still a youth. "I always liked depth charges myself, Twinkle-Toes." Van shakes his head, looking over to Isolde for a moment and then offering out his left hand, "And I think that we're going to go dance, since Izzy was kind enough to wear a dress absolutely made for it."

"Fairchild," Antonie intones as she finishes off her own whiskey and reaches for her DRADIS Drop, "you know your fair share of mixed drinks." There's a tilt of her head towards Finn. "I'm with Farmboy over here. Just some whiskey. Or vodka. Straight. Doesn't need all the rest." She looks to the colorful drink and shrugs. "But they are tasty, I won't deny that." There's a brief glance after the other couple, but she doesn't say anything. There's just a squeeze of the Virgon's leg as she looks back forward, studying the bottles behind the bar. Perhaps planning out one of her next drinks. As the others go off to dance, she laughs softly. "Enjoy."

TWIRL? Isolde's expression seems to brighten at the premise. She then downs the rest of her shot, because she's definitely not leaving that behind. Then she brushes her hands together, offers the Plethora of Captains a wave, and steps up to Van. "I'll even promise to only step on your feet... twice... maybe three times." She dimples brightly, having completely forgotten about Finn's underwear.

"I just like trying different things, as terrible as that may sound." Kazimir says as he leans against Antonie for a moment to respond to something more quietly as he at least leaves a tip for the bartender.

"I've been sitting at the bar for two drinks already. I'll give you four," Van offers to Isolde as he nods to the Captains Drink-aceous and then starts to lead the ECO off, "Especially if they play anything suitable for Queenstown Salsa."

"Not terrible at all, well- unless you use certain liquors. Like-" Antonie points out a few that she's personally found to be very much not to her taste. Whatever he whispers to her gets her to blush... and grin. The woman casts a look to Kazimir, then to the wall of bottles behind the bar. "You think we could talk a bottle to go out of them?"

"Gosh, you sound picky, Niemec." Kazimir responds, and chuckles. "..and I have done my research on these drinks for optimal alcoholic volume and taste. You should trust me." So sayeth the nerd before he considers. "One bottle of what the Captain wants." he says, agreeing to her terms and rises from his seat to offer his arm to the woman and her train.


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