2237-04-23 - Second Time Around

Beckham and Tamlin decide to give married life a second chance.

Date: 2237-04-23

Location: Chapel - Battlestar //Galactica//

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The chapel is always a peaceful place, but it's even more so with so many people off the ship on shore leave. Aldrich just so happens to be hard at work... or at least as 'hard' at work as chaplain work ever gets, when there's no one else around. In this case, it happens to be cleaning the altar, which was a bit overdue for it.

The rumour mill about Dorn and Niles had spread about the ship like wildfire, so it's little warning that the couple would finally make their way to the chapel. However, the way that they are dressed speaks volumes about the reason for the visit. Beckham is in his dress Caprican uniform, cleaned up from the ball - Tamlin, is a beauty in a simple white dress that hugs her body, a lace bit of white theaded into her hair, a simple bridal dress. "...Ensign?" Beckham speaks up first. "Do.." he actually blushes, glancing aside to Tamlin. "...do you have a few moments to carry out one of your duties?"

It's probably, mostly, definitely bit disingenuous for her to be wearing white at all, but at this precise moment, but Tamlin doesn't seem to be the sort that seems concerned with that sort of formality. She, like most women, was probably more concerned with finding just the right dress. A nudge of her elbow into Beckham's side, "El-Tee." There's no censure there, only humour. "Five minutes, tops. And then I'll even help you with the altar."

Aldrich glances up at the sound of voices, and his expression blossoms into a brilliant smile. "Oh my goodness. Why yes, I do. Come in! I'm so glad to see that things worked out." He does seem to be genuinely pleased. "If I'd had warning, I would have worn something more appropriate than a uniform, but I think the gods won't mind." He's too polite to mention the mistake regarding his rank, but chuckles a bit when Tamlin does. "Nonsense," he adds, to the thought of her helping with the altar. "You should take a day pass and have a little honeymoon, while you have the option. Is there are particular ceremony you want, or will the typical Caprican one do?" He's already clearing away the cleaning supplies as he speaks.

The nudge to his side reminds Beckham that he was more than a little distracted by the fact that they're doing this again and he laughs. "Sorry, we should have had a celebatory toast to your el-teeness, sir." he offers gamely as he draws in his breath, and looks aside to Tamlin. "Our first marriage was Caprican.. maybe something more.. universal?" he asks, considering that much like the colonies, the two of them ae joining together again after time as seperate entities. "Unless Tamlin perfers being traditional." Their rings aren't on at the moment, only removed temporarily so they can put them on each other proper. "Well.. we've been putting the cart before the horse this long." he admits with a laugh.

Tamlin shakes her head, at the refusal, "It would be the least that I can do, seeing as I'm not, we're not, coming with the usual offerings." She pauses to consider, "Although I do know where there's a stash of chamalla I might be able to liberate." Tamlin comes to a halt, slipping her hand into Beckham's, "I don't think anything we're doing is strictly traditional." A laugh, at Beckham's comment, "No, that would be if I was walking in here waddling, and then asking to be married." A smile, back to Aldrich, "Your choice, Chaplain."

Aldrich goes back to a small cabinet hidden in a nook of the chapel. He's still limping on that bad leg, but he seems to be getting better with each day that passes. In any case, he starts pulling out candles until he has an armful, and hauls them over to the altar to start setting them up. "It's really not necessary," he insists. "I was almost finished, anyway. And given everything that you do have been through to find one another, I think even the gods can agree that you have sacrificed enough already."

Beckham frowns as he notices the limp. Not that his arm is much better, as the medic moves. "Just relax, sir. We don't need all the bells and whistles.. just the basics.." Though at Tamlin mentioning she could be waddling down the aisle, he coughs. "Not that we're in the family way, sir!" he quickly amends. "Just ready to correct the one biggest mistake we allowed in our lives." he adds quickly, squeezing Tamlin's hand.

"That is the most un-Gemenese things I have ever hear you say, Chaplain. I was expecting you to say something like, "There is always something more that you can sacrifice to the gods." Tamlin flashes Beckham a grin, as he coughs, her face wearing the most innocent of looks, before she returns the squeeze of her hand. "Yes, we're completely find with...'Do you?' 'Do you?' 'Fine. We're done.'

Aldrich chuckles a little, and reaches under the altar to pull out a book of matches. "Yes, I quite Un-Gemenese, but I think people have to decide for themselves what the gods require of them." He smiles, and lights a match, "Still, there /is/ a limit." Apparently that limit lies at eliminating the candles. Who knew. In any case, as he starts lighting the candles, he adds, "You can stand at the altar and hold hands."

"Can't suck all the joy from the Chaplain's duty, Tamlin." Beckham teases a little as he moves to stand with her, joining their hands together as he draws in his breath and straightens up. Considering how many times that Aldrich may have to do the opposite - and has given last rites - prosiding over a wedding may be just the thing to lift all the spirits.

"Chaplains are allowed joy in their duties?" Tamlin manages the question with a completely straight face, as she moves as Aldrich has instructed, and ends up at the altar, again, holding Beckham's hands, again. She leans in, stage-whispering to Beckham, "Next time we steal his matches." Next time? Hopefully not. Finally, Tamlin allows herself to grow serious, as she settles in to await the start of the ceremony.

Aldrich snorts faintly at Tamlin's comment, but refrains from saying anything more. He tucks the matches away, and then looks back to Tamlin and Beckham with a bright smile. Apparently chaplains /are/ allowed joy. "Beckham Niles. Tamlin Dorn. You have come here to stand before the gods..." And he launches into the start of the ceremony. It's fairly brief, hits the usual notes, and soon enough comes to the important bit. "Beckham. Do you take Tamlin, to love and defend, to stand with through good times and bad, in this life and into the next?"

"I dunno, you make me do this a third time, I might say no." Beckham responds half-seriously before Aldrich starting to speak draws his attention. He lifts his blue eyes to meet Tamlin's dark ones as he listens to the Lieutenant Chaplain's words, and squeezes Tamlin's hands. "I will." he says, the promise reflected in his eyes and his smile. He realizes something else, but he doesn't voice it yet.

For a wonder, Tamlin actually manages not to get a comment in during Aldrich's speech, or Beckham's questioning. She's content to stand still, hands tightening only briefly, as Beckham's gives his answer in the affirmative, the thumb of her left hand idly rubbing across the back of Beckham's hand.

Aldrich smiles a little and returns his attention to Tamlin. No surprise what comes next. "Tamlin. Do you take Beckham..." blah, blah. "...and into the next?" Once she gives her reply, presuming it's going to be in the affirmative, he glances between the two. "Is there anything that either of you need to confess to each other or the gods before embarking on your life together?"

Aldrich smiles a little and returns his attention to Tamlin. No surprise what comes next. "Tamlin. Do you take Beckham..." blah, blah. "...and into the next?" Once she gives her reply, presuming it's going to be in the affirmative, he glances between the two. "Is there anything that either of you need to confess to each other or the gods before embarking on your life together?"

It's only after Tamlin responds that Beckham speaks. "I don't want to use my last name, Tamlin. It has brought us nothing but shame and hurt and nearly destroyed us once. I want to bury it. Will you allow me this?" he asks her quietly.

Tamlin is caught off guard, as she was, for a wonder, seriously considering the Chaplain's question, her furrow coming to her brow at Beckham's request, "Of course, if you like. If you're sure." Dorn is no less fraught with danger, but..."Yes, you may." A glance towards Aldrich, "Only that I wish that I had trusted when trust was required." She looks back to Beckham, "I might have saved us years of pain if I had." She looks back to Aldrich, 'I have kept my vows, from the day that I first made them.' She has no other confession to make.

Right. That. Beckham draws in his breath. "I had made the mistake of thinking our vows erased - and I broke from you three times. Will you forgive me my trespass in return for my faithfulness to you alone for the rest of our days?" he asks quietly, earnestly.

Tamlin looks back to Beckham, her hands tightening on his, as she hears his confession. Perhaps she's had time to make peace with the knowledge of Beckham's faithlessness, sometimes between the revelation down on the planet and now, or perhaps, more likely, she recognzes where the true fault lies, "There was never anything to forgive, Beckham. How can I blame you for thinking that, when I did it with my own hand. But yes, if you believe you need my forgiveness." She looks back to Aldrich. They're ready.

Aldrich stands quiet as Beckham and Tamlin share these thoughts, perhaps growing a bit anxious with Beckham's confession. When Tamlin offers her forgiveness, he gives a brilliant smile. "Then in my capacity as chaplain in the Colonial Forces, I declare you sealed. Go forth and be good to each other. And congratulations." That last bit may have been an improvisation. And is that a little sparkle of emotion in his eyes? Maybe!

That faithfulness is sealed upon Tamlin's finger as the ring is slipped on her finger anew and Beckham offers a brilliant smile, his eyes alight with love and expressiveness to be sealed with a kiss once Tamlin slips the ring on his finger in return, a smile offered to Aldrich and a grin at that hint of emotion.

Tamlin takes a long moment, considering the ring she's set to place on Beckham's finger. It's been resized, but the marks and mars of the years it spent around his neck are still visible. That, more than anything else, is proof enough of his faithfulness. She slips the ring on to his finger, a smile offered to the Chaplain, "Thank you, Chaplain, for bringing Beckham back to me." Divine intervention and all.

Aldrich grins at Tamlin, and shakes his head. "Don't thank me, thank the gods," he recommends, then starts to blow out the candles. He picks out a smallish one, and holds it out to the newly wedded couple. "Here. Take this and light it as a reminder in times of darkness."

Taking the candle, Beckham slips it between them and then without any warning, lays a kiss on his official wife, just have to sign the paperwork and all to make it official.


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