2237-04-26 - Missed Opportunities

Bean runs into Cate at the hotel bar. Things go well, until they don't.

Date: 2237-04-26

Location: Hotel Bar - Argentum Bay

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The Picon Survivor's reunion didn't last too terribly long before everyone went their separate ways. Cate's separate way eventually led her back to the hotel where a lot of the crew members have been staying while on shore leave. She's sitting at the hotel bar alone, watching the talking heads on the sports channel drone on about collegiate pyramid. Something about her stare suggests she's not really paying attention even though her eyes are on the screen. A drink is mostly untouched on the bar in front of her, along with a half-empty plate of nachos. The place has thinned out considerably from it's peak busy time. She's out of uniform, dressed in a blue tank top, capris and sneakers.

Bean isn't really a shoreleave kind of guy -- and this isn't a new thing. When he left the Caprica City Police Department, he had accrued so many paid days off, he probably still could be getting a paycheck while also doing his work for the Colonial Forces. The difference between a vacation and shoreleave, however, appears to be the orders. When your commanding officer orders you to get the hell off the damn ship or he's going to start handing out toothbrushes to clean the decking with, you take the hint. So, Bean is wandering into the hotel bar because he hasn't been bold enough to venture out beyond the hotel proper. He's dressed in casual style with canvas pants, shoes meant for copper-like proceeding, and a loose t-shirt of deep navy. He takes careful stock of the room before he spots Cate, and gravitates toward the familiar field medic. He drops heavily into a stool beside her, crosses his arms long the bar, and looks at the screen. "Oh, look at that... Preston University got beat out by the streetkids of Caprica City U." He knows his pyramid.

Cate jumps just a little at the unexpected presence beside her. "Oh. Hey Bean." Never 'Gramps' for her, probably because that would make her coming up on Grandma age. She's not slurring her words or anything dramatic, but his keen cop senses can probably tell this wasn't her first drink. "Does Caprica City U have street kids?" she wonders, apparently giving it some serious thought.

"Every colony as street kids," Bean replies dryly. "I'm a classic Caprican street kid, though I scored a pity scholarship to one of those uppity up academies in Caprica City." When the bartender passes, Bean almost declines, but he notices Cate's drink, and opts for one of his own. "Whiskey and soda, with a bit of lime," he offers before he looks back to Cate. "You're not one of those other Colonists that go for the Caprican stereotypes, are you?"

"Lime and whiskey? Interesting. Maybe have to try that sometime," Cate says, contemplating his drink choice. She picks hers up and sips from it, then offers a helpless shrug. "Hey, I hardly know any Capricans who aren't rich. What else've I got besides stereotypes and vids?" She smirks a little. "But I'm a street kid who went to school on a pity scholarship, so I'm not judging."

"Can't remember who suggested it, but it was a suggestion." Bean then grimaces when Cate points out the true problem with being a poor Caprican. "Well, that's true. Imagine the things we say about Hibernians." He then grins toward her. "Love those pity scholarships. I was probably the most hardworking kid at that damn school, and only because I'm sure my mother threatened to beat me senseless if I didn't take the opportunity I was being given."

Cate scoffs. "Probably don't have to imagine, I've heard it enough." She smirks a little at his description of college. "She sounds like a smart lady." She lifts her glass up and goes to clink his glass with it, saying, "To pity scholarships. Street kids unite."

Bean clinks glasses with hers, and he chuckles. "To pity scholarships." He takes a heavy swallow of the soda and whiskey, and he grimaces slightly as he gets a bit more of the latter. He then glances to Cate, his heavy brows arching slightly. "That's actually where I got interested in becoming a priest." He leans back slightly. "Had this theology teacher... real nutty, but had this amazing way to connect the Lords of Kobol to the real world. I was on the edge of putting myself on that path." He furrows his brows, as if trying to remember something. "... became a cop instead."

Cate takes another drink after the toast, then tilts her head curiously at him. "You wanted to be a priest? You should hang out with the chaplain more then. He's pretty cool. You guys can debate the scrolls and stuff." She runs her finger along the rim of the glass, fiddling idly, and notes, "So... priest, cop, soldier. Probably not the career path Mama Bean expected from your pity scholarship." After that dry observation, she snorts. "I was about thiiiiiiis close -" Fingers are held up a tiny bit apart to illustrate. "To going to work with my uncle in the mines. But him and my grandpa, they ganged up on me and talked me into applying for the scholarship. Pretty much the only thing they ever agreed on."

"No. I think she wanted a lot more." Bean flashes Cate a wry smile, then he nods. "Or a pyramid player. A priest or a pyramid player." Because he was a typical athletic boy. He then shrugs a shoulder slightly. "For me, it was the family my mother did housekeeping for. This was, of course, before Cylon housekeepers, so she was pretty secure in her job. One of the families she worked for had this dad who thought I had potential. I didn't really have much of a choice in the matter." He continues to watch the info on the pyramid games, though he does glance to her with a tilt of his head. "And your grandpa and uncle made the right choice."

"Well, I don't think you did too shabby, all things considered. Hopefully Mama Bean would be proud," Cate offers. Like him, her attention drifts between the screen and the other marine. "Yeah, worked out I guess." After a minute watching a replay of a game from earlier that evening, she says suddenly, "We should play pyramid sometime. I really like it. Got pretty good at Triton. Wasn't like there was a hell of a lot else to do. Fight. Drink. Watch Vids. Play Pyramid." Her lips draw together in a thin line at the memory, eyes locked on the screen again.

"I hope so," Bean says quietly, not saying more about his mother. He takes a deep swallow from his drink, this time without the grimace. He listens to Cate dutifully, head turned toward her and eyes finally away from the screen. He chuckles at the suggestion, and rubs at his knee. "Gustavo would like that." He shakes his head slightly. "I think I might be too old to really do well." He sometimes lets the 'Gramps' thing get to him... he then catches the slight change of demeanor, and he glances to Cate, then to the screen, then back. "Now there's a lot more to do."

Cate gives just a non-committal 'mmm' to the suggestion of there being more to do. The comment about pyramid gets a frown, and she reaches over to nudge his arm with an elbow. "C'mon, don't let all that 'Gramps' shit go to your head. You're not THAT old. Besides, Tavo kicks everyone's ass. That's not a fair comparison." She finishes off her drink and motions for the bartender's attention. "One of those with the lime, please." While waiting for it to be delivered, she leans her head on her hand, elbow propped up on the bar, and looks over at him. "So. Were you the one who put the note in my dress uniform pocket or was somebody pranking us?"

"No, I'm really that old." Bean flashes a wry smile before he finishes his drink. He gestures for his own refill, which is a good way to delay his reaction to her question. He clears his throat, offers a small shrug of a shoulder, and then nods. "Yeah, no... it was me. You were all over the place, so I figured that was the best way to ask that question." He looks up to her, and his expression is both a bit awkward, but still smiling.

Cate makes a face when he insists he's old. "C'mon, I'm thirty. You can't be much past that." She thanks the bartender for bringing the drink and takes an experimental sip. "Mmm, not too bad. Little weird with the lime mixed in, but eh. After you've gotten used to moonshine that tastes like paint thinner, just about anything is a step up."

She was actually convinced that someone was pranking them and prepared to have a good chuckle about it, so him copping to the note just gets a blinking stare for a moment. Then an equally awkward smile. "Really? Well, hot tip - you might have better luck if you put the note in the clothes I was actually wearing." There's a hint of teasing in her voice. "The cleaner found the note when I took the damn jacket to be dry-cleaned." In fairness, how was he supposed to know how much she hated that red coat and would ditch it as fast as humanly possible? But then, more seriously, "Why didn't you just ask?"

"Thirty-five," Bean supplies without missing a bit. Then they return to the note, and he clears his throat a bit, shifting awkwardly in his seat. He shrugs helplessly at her suggestions, and look up toward Cate once more. "Well, I admit I was just aiming for the closest possible pocket, and honestly, the dress you were wearing probably didn't have any." He offers a serious look, but then he shakes his head slightly. "Ah, well... good question." He clears his throat again. "I don't have a good answer beyond, well... I figured you were going to be quite busy, and you didn't need to waste time on me."

Cate is unfazed by his age. The mention of her dress does get a squint though. "Yeah, I guess it didn't. Still. Poor tactical planning, Bean. Missed opportunity." She's trying to be light and teasing, but can't quite shake the pall from her face and voice. So she takes another drink instead. "As it happens, I was the opposite of busy. I would've been glad to dance. Kovac was the only one who asked me, and he frakked off with the waitress, so..." A sullen little shrug there.

"I'll take note if there's a second opportunity that presents itself." He takes another swallow of whiskey and soda, sinking onto his elbows as he does. He considers the mood surrounding Cate, and he tilts his head slightly. "Well, that doesn't surprise me," he mentions when Mikolas is brought up. He shakes his head, and gives her shoulder a small nudge. "Had I been paying attention, I would have stepped up."

The nudge to Cate's shoulder gets a wan smile. "Well, thanks. It's the thought that counts, right?" She's trying, at least.

"Last call," the bartender announces, the abrupt shout causing Cate to jump a little.

As her heart returns to some semblance of its usual beat, she takes another drink and laments, "Guess we're gonna get kicked out soon." She swirls the drink around for a moment before setting it down. Still staring at the glass, afraid to look at him, she begins, "Soo...." There's a long beat, her throat bobbing with a hard swallow. "You... uh... wanna get out of here?" She forces herself to look at him, even as she's braced for the worst possible reaction. Despite a full dose of liquid courage, her bearing is a mix of tentative and hopeful. It's a tone more befitting a teenager asking out a crush than a combat medic who faces down Cylons without flinching. "We could, um... go upstairs?"

Bean knows someone who is trying their best to let some things go. He is almost reaching out to give her elbow a touch of comfort when that last call comes through. He recoils, taking a swallow of his own glass, and starting to pull himself up. He is stopped by Cate's words, and he blinks. "Oh," Bean starts, looking between her and the elevators that are shuttling folks up and down the various levels of the hotel. He straightens up his shoulders a bit. "Cate," he murmurs, shaking his head a bit. "You know, I am tempted... flattered, too. But, no... not tonight." He then does touch her elbow.

Even braced as she was, his answer causes a stricken look to ripple across Cate's face for a split second. But then she's covering it up, playing it off with a shrug. "Yeah, you know, it's fine. You're right, it was a stupid idea." Which is not at all what he said, of course, but FLAIL. She fumbles in her pocket for some cubits to throw on the bar. Too much, as it happens, but she doesn't have the capacity to screw around with change. At least the bartender's getting a nice tip. "I'll seeya later." She slides off the barstool, and at least still has enough equilibrium to keep her balance.

Bean winces slightly at the look, and he shakes his head. "Cate, no... it isn't a stupid one, just... not..." Words, fail. He grimaces slightly as she slides off the barstool, and he slides off too. He's a bit more steady, but only slightly. He should have taken a handful of munchies before he went onto number two. He reaches to steady her as politely as possible. "Let me make sure you get at least to the elevators okay, alright?"

Cate jerks her arm away. "I'm fine. I don't need a chaperone. And I don't need you feeling sorry for me." She's doing enough of that for herself, thankyouverymuch. Although the words are a little clipped, they don't sound angry so much as broken. And then she's walking. Fleeing, really, for the elevators, and actually walking in a reasonably straight line.

Bean raises both hands immediately after Cate jerks her arm away. He even takes a small step back. "Alright, Cate... Alright." Bean grimaces slightly, rubbing his hands back through his hand as she walks away. He stares after her, and deflates in his soles once she nears the elevators. He thinks he will stand here and count to, about, a million, and then he will be safe making his own slow retreat to the elevators.

Cate doesn't look back. Shoulders hunched, arms crossed, she makes it to the elevator and stabs at a button before sagging with her back against the wall. She just stands there like that until the doors close, and she disappears from view.


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