2237-05-01 - Five to Nil

Erin schools Beckham on Pyramid. Beckham schools Erin on being human.

Date: 2237-05-01

Location: Pyramid Court - //Vanguard//

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Scene Number: 998

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Dressed in a pair of sweatpants, tanks, and tennis shoes, Beckham has been at practice for a little while, grabbing the pyramid ball, throwing it at the goal and catching it on the rebound to make a goal. He's alone at the moment, and worked up a bit of a sweat as he gets in some much needed practice. It's been a while since he's had a chance to play and it's a good way to blow off some steam after the incident with Cate a couple of days ago.

"Sergeant." Oh, that's a familiar voice. It probably isn't a good thing. Then again, Erin's voice is usually sort of stony. Rough and hard. It's required for every snowflake, see: that sort of edginess that makes her oh-so-cool. And chilly.

"Care to play?" Erin's intent is masked ... if there's any design other than playing some Pyramid. "Watched you for a couple on your own. Looks like you could use someone to -- " Shrug. " -- I don't know. Compete with."

Pausing for a moment in his play, Beckham casually tosses the ball over to Erin for her to catch. "Sure. Don't mind getting in a little practice against someone." he says with a shrug of his shoulders as he pulls up the lower tank to wipe off his face and drops it back into place before settling into a loose stance between the goals to watch her make the first move. As usual, as cold and frosty as she is, he comes across warm and inviting.

Erin rolls Pyramid (7 7 7 4 4 3 1) vs Beckham's Pyramid (6 5 3 2 1)

Victory for erin.

The diminutive Marine catches the ball with two hands. Rookie sort of thing to do. "All right." Beat. "You'll go easy on me? I'm a girl." She manages to stay nice and frosty when she says that. Because she's mean like that.

A quick move left, then right. A seemingly-easy leap up in the air, and then -- like a mix between Stephen Curry and Brett Favre -- the Aquarian hurls the ball into the goal. Like a bullet. With a wiggle of an eyebrow, she gestures at Beckham. "Your turn."

Kindly, of course. She's not one to rub salt in. Honest. Yet.

Beckham rolls Pyramid (8 7 6 3 1) vs Erin's Pyramid (8 7 6 2 2 1 1)


"Wrong sport to ask for someone to go easy on you in. Might as well be asking your date to go easy when the clothes are already off." Beckham smirks at that as he moves to defend the shot, and ends up making a half-assed effort as she proves to be more capable than she let on. "Course it helps when you don't wear any underwear in the first place."

With a small snort, he takes the ball from the goal and moves to drive against Erin. Instead of trying to finese his way, the oaf tries to bowl her lithe frame over, and use his height advantage, but she has just enough jump reach to deflect the ball and send it bouncing off the side of the rim for her to recover as he moves back on defense, more wary of her now.

Erin rolls Pyramid (8 7 6 5 5 3 2) vs Beckham's Pyramid (6 5 4 3 1)

Victory for erin.

Charging is probably the best way to deal with a pesky, under-sized opponent. Whatever strength Erin lacks she makes up for in speed; however, that isn't to say she's a wilting flower either. Like a cornerback against a wide receiver, she pushes, grabs, chases, and then times her leap just right. Turnover.

Her turn again. A stutter-step, then a dash. Nimble. But after the move comes a run, powerful and sudden, to get open for another bullet-throw. And it is with this second goal that Chilly shows some emotion: she claps her hands together twice, and then gestures at the goal again.

"You know, I never thanked you," says Erin as she readies for Beckham's next attempt. "For introducing me to your wife."

Beckham rolls Pyramid (8 6 6 2 1) vs Erin's Pyramid (8 8 7 7 6 5 2)

Victory for Erin.

As Beckham backs up trying to chase her down, it shows that his defense is really -- awful and antiquated. Someone really only has a passing interest in the game as Erin is able to slip around him and score again. Down 0-2 already. This is going to be one of those days. But it causes Beckham to smile. Why? Because he gets it - she does have a life - behind all the hiding behind books, all the attempts to be cold and distant, there is a heart under all that ice that's just as human's as anyone elses.

He takes the ball and chuckles. "Figrued I'd actually prove that I'm just not all bluster; though you're right, she has the patience of a Saint considering all that she's gone through in order to marry me." he admits with his smile quirking just a little, and he moves, his offensive firepower and moves are impressive and it forces Erin to up her game, but again; easier this time, the ball is knocked out of Beckham's hands and she's able to recover it before he can even make a shot.

Erin rolls Pyramid (7 6 6 6 5 3 1) vs Beckham's Pyramid (6 3 3 2 1)

Crushing Victory for erin.

Good luck getting Ms. Frosty Box to admit that she has a heart.

Erin's block is one of those irritatingly-graceful lunges. Irritating, because she makes it look easy, when it isn't. She has to give up ground on offense due to size, and relies on her athleticism to make up for that. For whatever reason, her ceiling is high, but it's sensible, given her line of work.

"And, yes. I was interested in Cate." Ah-ha! Truth! And an admission. "But she made it clear, and -- " Erin shrugs. " -- there was no point in pressing." Beat. "As you said, there are others on the team and ship, but -- now's not the time for romance."

No, indeed. This time, Erin heads straight forward. Before there can be a tackle, the pint-sized now-running-back stiff-arms her opponent in the face, right before she spins around into the open. Like, ow. And then, that bullet-like arm lashes out. ping Another goal.

Beckham rolls Pyramid (7 6 4 3 1) vs Erin's Pyramid (8 8 6 4 4 4 4)

Marginal Victory for Erin.

When she admits that she had feels for Cate, Beckham lets his guard down for just a moment. Big. Huge. Hoooyge mistake, as Erin's palm smashes his face, bloodying his nose as Erin gracefull continues into the goal and slams the ball home. Lifting up his hand, he feels the cartledge for a moment before he grunts and moves it suddenly with a small snap to force it back into place. "FRAK." he hisses.

Wiping off the blood, the medic doesn't even call a foul for the contact on the play, as he takes up the ball from the goal. "I was rock-climbing with her when the attack came. A Raptor went down near where we were. The doors were jammed.. I was able to force it open, and Cate was able to get to the ECO, but the pilot was dead. We tried to blow the canopy to get him out, but it wouldn't go. Tree had landed on it.." he says as he takes the ball and bounces it a couple of times. He's breaking the Nancy rule, but not actually forwarding the ball so it's not a foul.

"We finally got it off and him out but before we got to the hospital, he died. Cate worked on him for at least ten minutes after he passed before I finally pulled over to stop her." With that, he moves towards the goal, but there's no real zing or heat to him, and Erin's able to get the ball back on a missed shot.

"We've both seen death before. But never.. on the side of the road, in a traffic jam, while in the space above, the world's falling to hell."

Erin rolls Pyramid (8 7 6 3 3 3 2) vs Beckham's Pyramid (5 4 3 3 3)

Crushing Victory for erin.

Sorry, not sorry. Beckham's a big boy, and Erin's a big girl. Topics on death and violence have a place in every Pyramid game. Like a more interesting version of Dr. Phil.

After the turnover, she shares her own memory. "The worst part is the smell," recalls Erin in a thoughtful tone. "The smell of cordite and fuel doesn't mix with burning flesh." Which is true, and morbidly so. "And then, the sound of machines." Beat. "That's what I remember from the day. The smell and the sound." She takes in a deep breath.

The topic of her world's frakking must give her strength or something. Once again, she heads straight towards Beckham, perhaps sensing that his defense isn't so great. Her arm goes up -- a feint -- just before she ducks, dekes, and jumps again. Hurtling forward, she lashes out another throw into the goal to make the score 4-0 in her favor.

After, she suggests: "Let's talk about something else." Another beat. "Met any new people on the ship? Been seeing them." But she's not talking to them, of course. That'd be against her character.

Beckham rolls Pyramid (6 5 4 4 2) vs Erin's Pyramid (7 6 5 5 3 2 1)

Marginal Victory for Erin.

"I'd already seen it all before. On Sagittaron." Beckham responds as he watches her for a moment before he steps back, giving her more room, perhaps to draw her closer. Again, he wipes his nose to clear the blood, as he continues. "Wanted to serve on the ground there. Make a difference. After all my family did to ruin so many.. I thought it was penance." he admits as his eyes half-lid for a moment. "I've seen what the Cylons can do; but it's nothing compared to what humans can do to each other, when given the proper reasons. The difference between is.. we know what we're doing, and yet we carry it out anyway. Sometimes for purely selfish reasons." Clearly, he's not talking about his nose, right?

"At least with the Cans, we know what we're dealing with. We can't break their morale. We can't appeal to them for mercy. We fight, or we die." he considers as she comes charging back in and he again is passed by before the ball goes in. "One more and you win under the nil rules." Five to Zero is usually considered insurmountable in one on ones. "Seen a few new people. Not really had a chance to make connections. Been a little.. indisposed." Remarrying Tamlin, a honeymoon, the Cylons arriving on Scorpia. "I'll try to straighten that out soon." He lobs the ball from where he is towards her goal, and she can easily intercept the pass.

Erin rolls Pyramid (8 8 7 3 2 2 2) vs Beckham's Pyramid (6 5 4 4 3)

Victory for erin.

Hey. All's fair in love and Pyramid.

"You're right." About humans. "And, you're right." And the cans. Gotta love cans. "Still -- " Erin shrugs, moving the ball between her hands idly. " -- what is it you said? Something aobut loosening up and being just like everyone else. Selfish as that might be."

Step. Step, step. And then Erin unleashes her cannon-of-an-arm, and puts the score up once more. "Five to zip." She gestures at Beckham. "Want to take a break and get your nose looked at?" Her suggestion is purely helpful, with just a smidgen of smugness. Because, who can resist?

"Yeah yeah, you win." Beckham is at least good-natured about it, no animosity there. Really, like all things, it just means he needs to try harder. "I should probably get it looked at." His nose that is. Taking the ball from the goal, he walks over to hand it to her, and before she can pull away, he gives her a quick hug. "You're a good person, Erin Hayes. A bit of a smug, cold, hardass at times, but you actually care." Releasing her, he grins as he starts to walk away, taking a towel to hold over his nose to head down to the infirmary for sick call. "But don't worry..." he adds over his shoulder as he leaves the court.

"...your secret's safe with me."

"Ah, ha, ha, ha, asshole." Erin rolls her eyes and returns the hug with a punch to the shoulder. "Don't get soft on me, Sergeant. I'll exploit it."

"I'm going to head to the Mess after I wash up." Beat. "Maybe I'll see you there." Maybe. Probably. After all, if there's one thing Erin does best, it's stalk Beckham. Because stalking is what frosty-cats do best, see.

She wouldn't bring up her stunning Pyramid victory in /public/. That'd be so gauche.


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