2237-05-03 - Dancing with the Dorns

Beckham and Tamlin have a dance down in the gym and use the time to discuss parts of their lives the other missed out on.

Date: 2237-05-03

Location: Gym - //Vanguard//

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Scene Number: 1001

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Dressed in sweats and carrying their shared gear over a shoulder, Beckham gives a grin aside to Tamlin. "You know, when I asked you to dance, this isn't exactly what I had in mind." he offers teasingly as he moves to set up at the side of the ring, going to check out some sparring gear for the pair of them. "Next time you have the chance.. I want to learn a bit about the basics of disarming things with you. I mean, in case you ever need a hand out in the field and there's noone else around. Or if you're not in the field with us and there's not an engineer handy."

"Face it, Dorn, you just don't want to be beaten by a girl." Tamlin, the girl, is happy to let Beckham, the boy, carry their gear. As. He. Should. She does go ahead though, pushing the hatch open, closing it behind them. Hard to get out of the habit of that, even when they're not, strictly speaking, underway. "We can do that any time. But what I do, what we can do on the deck is a lot more about trying to juryrig something, than actually having the tools to do the thing right. We know how to blow shit up because we spend most of our time trying to make sure that shit doesn't get blown up. Hell, when Bullseye and I blew that tyllium truck on Edson during the rescue, it was a wick made of bandages and a cracked O2 tank to turn the thing into a molotov cocktail."

"Show me a girl and I'll be properly worried about being beaten." Beckham responds, because face it, Tamlin is not a girl. She is a full-fledged woman, and has been for several years. "Exactly. Sounds like the type of improvised shit we used to run into on patrols down on Sag. See a damned stuffed animal in a window and you have to worry if it's belly was full of nails and ready to be popped off in your face." he admits as he sits off on the side to start to pull on his headgear and gloves. "And the point is to learn what I can from you so I don't have to worry about carrying you in my back pocket on a mission - unless you're ready to trade in that orange for some less flattering green."

Tamlin steps not far from you, taking her own set of gear, pulling out some tape to tape up her hands, before she pulls on her gloves. She seems to have had some instruction before, as she even does that gross, pulling the gloves tight with your teeth thing. "Seems a bit strange, I mean, why would you want to pick up a teddy bear in the middle of a war zone? Now, a ham sandwich, maybe." Once she's ready, she starts towards one of the free mats. Okay, let's be real, it's one of the only mats. Damned small ship. "That's never going to happen. Even if I wanted to, there are plenty of engineers waiting in the wings."

"See a stuffed animal, pulls at the heart strings of some rook, he goes and picks it up - stomach full of shrapnel." Beckham says simply, flatly, in a tone that sounds as if he's seen it all before. After settling into place, he watches you for a moment before testing your defenses with a couple of practice rabbit punches, aimed to keep you off-balance as he lifts a brow. "I assume that means you don't want to?" he asks curiously.

Beckham rolls Melee (8 5 4 4 4 1 1) vs Tamlin's Melee (8 7 6 6 5)

Crushing Victory for Tamlin.

"Wouldn't the more prudent thing be to teach them not to do that?" It's not that Tamlin isn't sympathetic, it's just, well, she spends most of her life on a ship, working on a ship. It's easy to see things logically, when you don't usually experience them in the moment. She bops her hands together, which doesn't look intimidating at all, since she's really just settling her gloves on her hands. To her credit though, Tamlin knows how to use her smaller size to her advantage, and she manages to dodge and evade all of your jabs, before moving in to attempt a few of her own.

Tamlin rolls Melee (7 4 3 1 1) vs Beckham's Melee (7 7 6 5 5 4 2)

Victory for Beckham.

"Have you ever done a ground patrol? Building to building to clear out a zone?" Beckham asks with a rise of his brow. Stepping back against your counter-attack, he moves along with you, defending the strikes as he watches you, trying to time a place to find a way to break through what started off as a damned good defense. "Find a FNG who hasn't gotten the polish off his boots and you find yourself someone ready to earn their first Sacrifice Ribbon." he explains as he moves in against you, trying to exploit your size with his reach to tag you with a few punches hopefully. "They never tried to kill, wound, sure. Because it draws in the medics and the evacuation team for a juicier target."

Beckham rolls Melee (7 6 6 5 3 2 2) vs Tamlin's Melee (7 7 7 3 1)


"Not on the ground, but we did some of that when we trained to clear decks on a ship, trained on how to repel invaders. But it's not really the same thing, since we don't go around booby-trapping the decks. Someone would be stupid enough to set it off themselves." The two either are simply too well matches, unlikely, or they're just too familiar with each other's movements, more likely, and so, are more able to read each other's intentions. But never say never, right? Tamlin moves in, now trying to see if she can get past your reach.

Tamlin rolls Melee (8 4 2 1 1) vs Beckham's Melee (8 7 7 4 3 3 2)

Victory for Beckham.

"Yeah. Repelling Cylons from a ship is one thing. It's a bit harder when they're just as human and as crafty as you are. Though we should probably do something about denying the ship to boarders should the Cylons ever get on." Beckham admits, dancing around in the figurative sense as the two of them feel each other out. He mirrors her, using his reach while she uses her speed, but eventually Beckham moves quickly to try to push you back to overwhelm and force you down to the ground.

Beckham rolls Melee (8 7 5 4 1 1 1) vs Tamlin's Melee (7 7 6 6 2)

Victory for Tamlin.

"They did, already, when they invaded the hangar deck on Galactica." That was when Tamlin picked up her bullet wounds, "I think up to that point, everyone just imagined the ship was invincible." She moves, still dodging and avoiding the shots, "Although, they did not take kindly to my suggestion to vent the flight deck." No words, as Beckham makes his push, and they end up tangled, though it's Tamlin who ends up marginally victorious, as she's the one holding Beckham down on the mat. "Rematch, Marine?"

"I heard about that from Cate. Damn ballsy move, Deckie." Really, she's only on top because he wants her to be. There's a quick lift of his head to tease your cheek with a soft kiss before he grins. "Whenever you're ready, Dorn. I guess you're not quite done trying to kick my ass." the teasing lit is obvious as he releases you as he moves to get to his feet once you release him and get the water bottles out of the bag to share. "I got the concept - but makes me wonder, can a Cylon go EVA without shutting down?"

"Well, ballsy is a word for it. I think most anyone who heard about it thought it was too close to 'scorched earth' considering there were crew still in the ship they hijacked. I guess telling flight control that 'they knew what they signed up for' didn't go over too well." That's a hell of a lot colder than you've seen Tamlin, but perhaps she's different when the chips are down. The kiss she accepts, returning it with one that just manages to catch the edge of your mouth, before she rolls off of you, coming back to her feet. "Depends on whether or not their structure can survive in vacuum, I think. I don't see anything indicating that they need oxygen to function." She pushes in, trying to use the conversation as a distraction.

Tamlin rolls Melee (8 6 5 5 4) vs Beckham's Melee (7 7 6 6 4 4 3)

Victory for Beckham.

Oh no, dearling Dorn, Beckham's wise to your game. As he was about to move to get the drink, he senses your approach and moves quickly to counter it as he moves backwards, keeping his feet moving so you have no way of getting him off balance. He listens to what you said about the crew, considering the thought. It is a dark thought, but at the same time - he's seen what you've done in the heat of combat. "Sounds like we should capture a Cylon or two and experiment on them. See what happens when exposed to different elements and controls." he suggests as he comes in with a swing to try to catch you off guard and as you did on the deck with the ship, up the ante.

Beckham rolls Melee (8 8 8 4 3 2 1) vs Tamlin's Melee (8 6 6 5 2)


"Never going to happen. I mean, yes, I'm sure there's some research scientist off somewhere in a secure facility, whose working with a team to do just that. Probably the same place they took that heavy the Captains brought back, but it'd never happen on a ship of war. We know too little about how the interface with each other...what sort of tracking capabilities they have, what sort of ability they might have to interface with a ship." She moves in, pressing you back towards the edge of the mat, trying to push you off completely, if she can't get in a hit on you. "And the way they're evolving, who knows how quickly any data we collect will become irrelevant."

Tamlin rolls Melee (6 4 3 1 1) vs Beckham's Melee (7 6 5 3 3 2 1)

Marginal Victory for Beckham.

"That makes sense..." Beckham responds, realizing for a moment how much of a jarhead Marine he is.. and what a genius his wife really is, a well-earned call sign. However, he does sense himself getting closer to the edge of the mat. "I guess we won't know until we find one in space, and if it clings to a ship, we'll know." pausing and holding his ground at the edge of the mat, he moves as if to accept your charge as an embrace, but he's already moving to sweep you forward and use your own momentum against you to force you into a ring out.

Beckham rolls Melee (8 8 7 6 4 3 2) vs Tamlin's Melee (8 7 4 3 2)

Victory for beckham.

Tamlin rolls Melee (7 5 5 2 2) vs Beckham's Melee (8 8 7 4 3 1 1)

Victory for Beckham.

"I'm actually surprised they haven't already tried that, to be fair. I mean, if I had a fighting force that could survive in space, I would absolutely launch them at a ship and have them breech the hull from the exterior. We'd have no good way to pick them off without risking serious damage to our own vessel." Tamlin is pushed back, and she tries, unsuccessfully, to twist her hip and bring Beckham down with her. Instead, he manages to catch his momentum just before her weight would have dragged him off of the mat, "Cheater."

"Cheater? Just adapting to the situation." Beckham says with a grin as he quickly moves, picking you up squeezing you in a powerful hug, looking up at you for a moment before setting you back down. "Done dancing with me for now, Dorn?" he asks you as he returns you to your feet and heads to the bag to take out a water bottle to toss towards you. "So you hear the rumor that we're going back to Canceron for disaster relief? Sounds like I may be busy for a bit."

"That just makes you a creative cheater." An answering grin, and when Tamlin returns the hug, it's a full body thing, arms legs, and a bit of spidermonkeying. A sideeye, caught from someone else in the gym gets the middle finger from Tamlin, before she's put back down on the ground. "For now." She grabs at the bottle with her gloved hands, managing to catch it, but needing her teeth to pull the top open, "I think we're all going to be busy. Going to be a lot of vehicles down there that are going to be needing repairs for human transport." See? She's not just a space mechanic.

"I think you're just looking for any excuse you can to get off the ship and try to catch up with the shots - since I have one more than you." There's a smirk at that, after catching Tamlin's salute off-hand. "..so, I heard rumors when I first asked about about you that I better be prepared for a lot of time with a bottle of lube and tissues."

"Two more." Clearly Marine counting doesn't work on the deck, "It actually is nice to get off of the ship, even if I do miss actually having the tools I need for the job. As horrible as it was, I liked the challenge of it." Tamlin takes a long pull on her water bottle, before he starts to pull off her gloves, "Hmm? What's that?" She thinks a moment then gets it, "Oh, cause I was the original cockblock?"

"The original cockblock? Had that many suitors?" Beckham asks with a lift of his brow as he starts to pull off his own gear, now that he knows there's no counter attack coming. "You know, two bullets in the same shot only counts as one wound, right?" he asks her with a lift of his brow before he nods, moving to sit next to you, looking thoughtful. "...how did you end up on Deck anyway? Figured with your family, even without their influence, you'd gone into something medical related.." Perhaps it's why he volunteered to be a medic.

Tamlin heads over to one of the close benches, setting herself down as she takes another drink, "Hardly. But you know how it is on a ship, if you're not in the middle of a war or some operation, not much else to do when you're not working but eat, sleep, and frak. And not necessarily in that order." A thoughtful expression, "Well, you probably don't know, if you've spent most of your time on the ground." She sets down the bottle, starting to undo the tape on her hands, "I liked working with my hands. I mean, I kept up my EMT certification," which she had gotten the summer after she turned seventeen, "But that dream was always my father's. I never wanted to go down that road."

"Sorry, just recently started getting shipboard assignments, Tams." Beckham responds as he moves to takes off his gloves and starts on his own tape. "He was convinced it was what you were going to do - and he wanted me to be some desk jockey in the Navy. Take care of his little girl. I guess he forgot we had our own dreams." he comments dryly as he gets the tape and headgear off to put away. "Anyway.. want some chow?" he asks, a grin given towards you.

"Well, wait till you've been aboard for a few more months, they'll be women lining up to ride you like a bike." Tamlim, free of her gloves, tosses the tape, before she tucks the gloves back into their gear bag, "And the fact that you're married won't make a damned bit of difference. Probably make you more appealing. Wait an see." Tamlin, for her part, doesn't seem the least bit bothered. But then...she is the deckie known for blowing up all the things. "Oh, alright then. Shower first though." With that, the Dorns head off, and out of the gym.

"Sure, but I get your dessert." Beckham responds to follow you, a smirk offered. "They can want me in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster, Tamlin. Though I'm sure the guys will be far more interested now that you're off the market."

"Oh, I have no doubt," continues the conversation, as they hit the hatch and continue down the hall, "Half of them will want to see if they can take what belongs to someone else, other will be looking for someone who they think won't want any strings attached. I mean, what do you expect. Men." Says the woman to a man, before they disappear down towards middeck.


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