2237-05-03 - Second Surprise

Kell reports to the CAG, gets another surprise.

Date: 2237-05-03

Location: Vanguard - Ready Room

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Scene Number: 1000

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Webb is sitting near the front of the room, watching replays of gun camera footage on one of the screens. He's wearing his duty greens, leaning forward in the chair a little with his chin resting on his elbow.

The new addition to the Viper ranks certainly had an interesting arrival to say the least, as Kell was expecting to be transferred to the Galactica but has been deposited onto the Cutter-class vessel instead by the Raptor that brought him to the Scorpia Shipyards. After speaking to a couple of the pilots onboard, the young Ensign finally makes his way to the Ready Room and finds who he has been searching for, the CAG. Kell is currently in his duty blues, in pretty new condition and lacking any previous squadron insignia, most likely revealing that he is also a new transfer into the Colonial Forces. His right hand holds the straps to a duffel bag, now hanging at his side and the left hand holds a sheet that has been tri-folded, transfer papers. Instead of announcing himself loudly after confirming the rank on Webb's outfit, the Libran remains silent, not wanting to interrupt the Major's viewing of the gun camera footage.

Hearing the hatch open, Webb glances that way. The new arrival is given a curious look for a second before Webb looks back at the screen and pauses the video playback. He rises, turning to meet the other pilot. "Let me guess - new arrival?" he asks in a friendly tone, his voice betraying his Virgon origins.

Once the Major pauses the footage and turns his attention on Kell, the latter lowers the duffel bag on the ground before standing to attention to offer the CAG a salute. Properly done, which most likely adds to the evidence of the Ensign being a new arrival. "Yes sir, Ensign Kell Draygo report for duty. Inbound flight was delayed as was my transfer. Original orders was to report to the Wolfpacks but at the last second before departure, I was informed that I am to report to the Timber Wolves upon arrival, to you, Major." With that said, Kell approaches and offers the sheet to Webb which has his transfer orders.

Webb reaches for the transfer orders instead of returning the salute. "We don't stand on ceremony here. Spit and polish belongs on the parade ground, not the hangar deck. Where're you in from?"

On that note, Kell nods once showing understanding and retains a more relaxed stance, "I was with the Libran Air Force, sir. Viper pilot." For now the duffel bag remains unattended to where he had left it.

"Libran, huh." Webb nods a bit. He opens the orders to give them enough of a cursory glance to conclude that, yes, they're transfer orders, without actually reading them in detail. "Well, you must have something going for you if they sent you here. Expect you'll be seeing more action than you had been."

That would be an understatement for sure and Kell has a slightly sheepish look in response before schooling his own reaction. His parents must've had a helping hand in having him sent to the Galactica, but this extra step to the Vanguard was unexpected, "Yes sir, I am sure that will be true." There is a pause before he adds, as if unsure if he should be voicing this, "Original orders had me based on the Galactica, before the delay in my transfer. Did something change, sir?" It looks like the Ensign was not fully briefed on why they are on the Vanguard now instead of a Battlestar.

"Different unit. They're the Wolfpack, we're the Timber Wolves. Special operations. Which means you've lucked out, mate. Posh post for an Ensign. So pay attention and learn a thing or two," the CAG says, flashing a brief grin.

Special operations. A blank look is given again for a split second before Kell could retain his composure and school his facial expression, "Understood sir." They definitely didn't tell him about the special operations transfer, and being young, he is more than willing to tackle the opportunity at hand than be concerned about the potential of this posting before much more dangerous than being berthed on a mighty Battlestar. "I will definitely not disappoint. I'm glad to be part of this group. Is there anything I should know that the others have already been briefed on, sir?"

Webb seems to take some pleasure in that brief flash of surprise. He shakes his head then. "Not really. We're jumping out to Canceron tonight. There'll be a briefing tomorrow morning before air ops begin. Don't die and don't frak up, that's about it."

Sounds like the new transfer made it onboard just in the nick of time, that also explains why there was a lot of activity on Hangar Deck earlier, "Understood sir. My plans don't include dying, just turning a lot of Toasters into scrap. If that is all sir, I won't take up anymore of your time." Plus he will need time to square his gear away if they are jumping out tonight.

Webb bobs his head. "Berthings are two decks up. Head forward when you come out of the stairwell. Grab any bunk where the locker's not taken. Welcome aboard." He'll offer a handshake.

Leaning forward, Kell takes the proffered hand and shakes it firmly before releasing and straightening his posture again, "Thank you sir. I'll go get properly situated now then." From the quiet Libran Air Force to the trial by fire Special Operations. The Ensign is in for a ride.


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