2237-05-05 - Down in the Dirt

Down on the ground, the Dorns work to restore some basic services to the local hospital and the tent city that's grown up around it.

Date: 2237-05-05

Location: Tent City, Canceron

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Plot: Operation: Mission of Mercy

Scene Number: 753

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With troops from Vanguard being deployed to the surface, Colonel Ryan had tasked the Dorns to work together - as far as in the same unit - planetside. A hospital that was spared the flooding from the tsunami and tremors, but has had to set up a tent city. The generator that they brought in to help provide light and power to the refugee camp wasn't working and they couldn't find someone on site to do repairs. Not only do they need someone to help repair the great tylium burning beast, but there was a need for a medic to help with small injuries and the like to free up the doctors to handle more cases.

Out on what was once a scenic park for patients to recuperate in has been turned into a tent city and refugee camp, where Beckham is working triage, while in the meantime, Tamlin has found that the old generator was neglected and not used in quite some time and needs to be cleaned out and re-lubricated before it can be brought to speed again to provide power or even started up.

Having finished his morning rounds, Beckham grabbed a Styrofoam tray with a makeshift breakfast in it as he made his way over to where Tamlin is working. The Marine's in his combat fatigues, his rifle over his shoulder as everyone was ordered to go armed in case the Cylons nearby showed up. Rapping his fist on the great metal beast, the husband of the two Dorns offers a grin. "Room service."

This is the good life. Squeezed through a small access panel, inside a hollowed out fuel storage tank, covered in grime, while scrubbing off the residue of fuel, combined with stagnant water, mud, and detritus. The husband Dorn's other half is even singing to herself, the sound setting up a bit of an echo chamber inside the emptied out tank, making actually hearing what Beckham says to her impossible. She does hear the rapping though, the tank serving as a perfect bell. "Huh? What?" Tamlin turns, peering over near the access panel, a smile flashing over her face, "Oh, hey. Yeah, hold on." She puts aside the scrubbing brush, making her way towards the access panel, "Thanks. Hold on, I'll come out." Because Beckham trying to get those shoulders through that panel would be impossible, and also, nobody wants to eat in there.

"Hey. Busy morning, huh?" A stethoscope hangs loosely from Beckham's neck as he stretches out, before setting the container on a table near the generator and reaching into his cargo pocket to pull out a bottle of sports drink to set next to it. He waits for her to join him before continuing. "Find out what's causing that rattletrap not to rattle yet?" he asks curiously as he glances over towards the camp. "There's a gastroenteritis going around the camp, so I'm keeping us on rations and bottled drinks at the moment. Soon as we get the generator up, we can start work on a water purification set up." he smiles a little at his wife. "How're you doing?"

"Yeah, good to be working though. I'm hoping I just need to catch a couple more spots, then I can hose the thing out, dry it out, get it refilled." She ponders the choice of rations, selecting the MRE labeled, 'Meat with lentils', and poking around for a spoon, "It's just old, full of clogs and now the much from the flood. A couple of hoses that needed patching, that should do for the tank. I can clean and relube the generator pretty quickly. Those things were really built to survive things like this. But I'm alright. You've been having the worst of it, I think."

"Eh, like you, I'm in my element." She takes the meat with lentils, leaving him with Chicken Stew, drawing a 'ugh' face from Beckham as he tears open the brown packet. "Just dealing with the usual bevy of complaints, and trying to make people as comfortable as possible with the supplies we brought down.." he grins a little as he considers the meal, then her. "I remember the first time you set up a picnic in the park for us. You wore that yellow sundress.. I swear it was just to tease me a little."

Tamlin, noting the face, proves her undying love, by reaching out to switch her bag with yours. See that? She sacrificed her mystery meat for you! She avoids you trying to get the thing back, by promptly digging into her meal, "You and the medical team have been great, but I'm not sure there's much more you'll be able to do at this point. I think, you do what you can, to heal their bodies, make them comfortable, but I think the real work is in here." She taps her temple. "I was sixteen. Most of the things I did back then were just to tease you." She doesn't say 'a little', because most of the time, it was the complete opposite.

Caught offguard by the switch, Beckham eyes you with a small chuckle. Though you may regret that decision as the chicken stew is a packet of yellow goop with suspended 'chips' of chicken and white, orange and green specks that may have been peas, carrots and potatos once upon a time. "Having the power back on and a restoration of a bit of normalcy may help a lot with the.." he taps the side of his head in a mirror of your motion as he starts to tuck into his meal. "Well, it worked." he comments, on her teasing, "Those are some of my fondest memories of us. I'm sure the young us would look at the current us and wonder what the hell went wrong.. but I'd not have it any other way." he admits as he looks across to you, and then shrugs. "What you're doing is just as important as our treatment of those caught in this calamity."

Tamlin has no regrets! Her time in the Navy has clearly redefined the term 'adventurous eater', in so far as her ability to master unpalatable MREs go. She seems content enough, turning her attention away to the tent city, eyes studying the relief workers, as well as the people being rescued, "They need music, noise, something more than this strange silence. You don't realize how much you need the sounds of life around you, until they're gone." She gives the comment its due consideration, "I don't think that they would have. I mean, certainly neither of us have the ready access to so many advantages as we did then, but I don't know that we would have let them spoil us and have turned out much different than we are now." A lift of her shoulders, "Oh, I'm sure it is, but it's background work, which I'm fine with. You're on the front lines, dealing with the good and the bad. Mostly bad."

"Yeah. Too bad you didn't bring a harp." Beckham winks at you, before he nods as she corrects him and the Marine reaches to give your hand a quick squeeze before he returns to his own meal, picking at the lentils to mix it up with the meat. "You're the one that makes sure they have all that - which is important. Don't sell yourself short, Tamlin Dorn." he comments as he moves to open the sports drink and take a draw from it. "There was one girl that came in that's clearly about to have her child - I went ahead and sent her own to the hospital proper. It's too damned.. improper to be out here dropping a child like it's some squat and pop on Aerilon." He's heard stories of those women.

"I had too much equipment with me to bring it down from the ship. I think they would have told me they would prefer items actually vital to the survival of the victims. Also, easier to carry around some recorded music than that big old thing." It's not that big, but these things are often relative. ""I'm not selling myself short. I just know that my job is doing all the things that need to be done, so that the people actually dealing with the public, such as it is, can do their jobs." She considers, "It is more sanitary, absolutely, but i think if it came to it, a baby comes when it comes."

"You know.. I'm teasing you, right?" Beckham for a moment before he lets out a sigh. "You always take things so pratically, which is one of your charms, but I would like it if you smiled at one of my jokes now and again instead of trying to correct it."

"No, I don't. I can see you're not being malicious, but I tend to spend most of my time thinking practically, so that's the first thing I think of when someone says something to me. So, no, most of the time I don't actually know when you're joking and when you're not." Tamlin's looks is apologetic, "I'm sorry."

"It's fine.." Beckham sighs. "I'm sorry. I know I used to tell jokes when we were younger and it made your smile blossom so easily.." Beckham sets aside his meal to reach to catch your hand, rubbing his thumb across the top of it. "We've changed. And still learning each other. Don't apologize for what you do now - I just want to learn you all over again."

Tamlin's eyes fall, studying your hand holding hers, "I think I just stop being able to see the humour in things as easily as I used to, Beckham. It's nothing that you're doing wrong." Most of the time, the two Dorns have been able to avoid seeing all of the things that have changed in each other. Maybe this is part of what it means to be in the honeymoon phase of a marriage. But sometimes, as now, it's staring them in the face.

"I know. And that changed us both.. I used humor in the opposite way.. to hide what was going on around me at times." Beckham says as he releases your hand. "Not that I'd change a thing we've done now." His finger brushes your wedding ring before he continues on his meal. "How long until you have that genny up and running, you think?"

"It can be a great coping mechanism. We use it on the deck all of the time." She considers, "I recall, when the we were getting out those ships off of Thalis, I joked that I was keeping them going with duct tape and my good looks. It was meant to be funny, but only to try to mask just how horrible it was. It's like that on the deck now. The first time you pull a body out of a cockpit, you start finding your humour real quick." A smile, as you touch her ring, "I wouldn't either. probably shouldn't wear it while I'm working," she comments, on the ring, "But I'm not ready to take it off yet."

"Well, Tams, your good looks would launch a Battlestar held together with bubble gum and chicken wire." It's sincere, meant to be a sweet compliment of the woman that he remarried as he holds up his own ring. "Just have to make sure I don't leave it inside someone." he responds as he meets your eyes. "There's no reason to take it off. Either of us. And I don't plan on ever doing so again."

Tamlin grins, "That'd be a hell of a lot of bubble gum. Could you imagine the production line to get that stuff sticky enough to be useful. And the joy of trying to pass it up the line?" Laughter, as she considers your hands, "Well, I work with electricity a lot more than you do. I love my ring. I don't want it fused to my skin like a permanent tattoo."

"Fair enough. But that's what they make gloves for." Beckham points out as he grins. "Just imagine the expansion it would have when it hit atmo." he teases playfully and meets your eyes. There's affection there, easily, and a deep love and admiration with respect for who you are now as well as the wife you still are. "There's that laugh that warms my heart with just a thought."

"Eh. Sometimes you need to be able to get your hands on something, really feel it, to work with it." Tamlin finishes her meal, closing the package and stick it into the reusable bag that's intended to hold the trash. She leans forward, hand cupping your cheek, stealing, after checking to ensure that no superior officers are around, a quick, hard kiss, the look in her eyes matching your, "Want to help me hose out this tank?"

Even if there was one around, what would they charge them with? Frat? They're already married. Beckham returns that hard kiss with one of his own, his hands covering yours before he nods to move away to assist with hosing out the tank. "I know all about how hard your hands work and feel around." is said quietly, lightly, as he puts away his own meal, taking your pouch to go throw them both away.

Likely something like conduct unbecoming, but that's neither here nor there. Tamlin snorts a laugh, as she catches, for real this time, the double meaning in your comment. She heads over to the hose, carrying it towards the tank, and rotating it, so that she'll have to crawl in from under it, so that the waste water can run out, instead of pooling in the bottom. "I'm sure that you do."

Holding the hose so that you can get into position before feeding it down to you and grins before you disappear. "Be careful under there, alright?" he asks gently, a touch of worry in Beckham's voice in the process.

"What would be the fun in that?" Tamlin's voice is bright with amusement, as she takes the hose and promptly turns it on full blast, quite likely soaking herself in the process, if the sudden deluge of waste water is any indication, "Good thing I wore my heavy boots!"


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