2237-05-06 - Spar for the Course

Kell and Delilah have a spar and conversation.

Date: 2237-05-06

Location: Vanguard Gym

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Gym Vanguard
05/06/2017 ~ 05/06/2237
Condition 3

The Vanguard gym is much smaller than Galactica's, but still has the same basic components. There's a small changing area, a section with padded mats for sparring or gymnastics and a row of punching bags. The back of the room has a few treadmills and weight machines, and a rack of free weights. One of the walls has been lined with hand and footholds to make a modest climbing wall.

There is still a couple of hours until Kell is scheduled for his CAP flight over Canceron which means that there is not enough time for him to volunteer himself as an extra body down on the flooded disaster zone itself. So to keep himself busy, the new transfer to the Colonial Forces found the gym onboard the Vanguard and is giving himself a bit of a workout. With cardio already out of the way, the Ensign is now working on oen of the large punching bags. Military issued sweatpants and tanktop, along with a pair of gloves, the sound of repeated thud, thud, thud can be heard. Simple combinations, nothing too major.

Likely Delilah is on the same schedule for CAP since hers is also not for a couple of hours yet. With the worry of her friends and family below she's got some nervous energy to work off and the gym was the best place to do it. With her own sweats on, a tanktop and a pull over style hoodie, she glances around. It wasn't really busy with so much going on down planet so her attention is immediately drawn to the man pounding out the bags. With an easy step she approaches, a half smile given while she watches him a moment. "You only live once, might as well be a badass." The smile curves more fully and she reaches out to hold the back of the bag he's punching. "I've not seen you on Vanguard yet."

Her softer steps were not heard over the thudding of the punching bag, only when Delilah speaks does Kell pause in his workout and turn his gaze from what he was beating on to the new arrival. When it appears that she is choosing to help him, the Viper jock inclines his head in appreciation, "Thanks," With that said, he returns to the punches again before continuing to speak, "I was transferred in a day before the Vanguard left the Scorpia Shipyards. Was supposed to ship in earlier but transfer and flights got delayed." Most likely due to the unexpected Cylon attack on the shipyards itself. "I'm Ensign Kell Draygo, Vipers."

"No problem." In answer to his thanks. Delilah holds the bag, bracing for each of the punches, watching his form as he takes each hit to it. "Bad luck you barely missed Galactica. I got to spend all of two nights on there before I was ushered to this smaller ship." Tilting her head back a little she looks around at the general size of the gym before drawing her gaze back to him. "Well met, Ensign. I'm Delilah Abner, Lieutenant JG, also Vipers. You can call me Pixie if you want, that's my call sign." A crinkle of her nose, a sure sign she isn't fond of it. "Or Lila if you prefer."

Kell would usually defer to rank or callsign but seeing that slight wrinkle in reaction to her callsign, he grins and nods his head pausing momentarily in his workout, "Pleased to meet you, Lila. Guess we'll be flying together out there scrapping toasters, eh?" Then back to the punches, going through another set before taking a step back to rest, the continuous hitting another form of cardio as well. "Guess I wasn't the only one that was disappointed then. Transfer was originally to the Galactica but I guess it got scrapped right before I left the last stopover point since the Raptor took me straight to the Vanguard. In the end it isn't too bad I guess, facilities are a lot smaller but I'm told we're part of some Special Operations group."

"I'd be honored to." There's sincerity in the words as she gives them and Delilah drops her eyes to his grin she finds herself responding. "Nothing better than a dead toaster," she looks back to the bag when he starts hitting it again and offers a quote she'd heard once, "It's not just a heavy bag," she muses, "It's a therapist, a psychiatrist and holistic healer all rolled into a glorious hundred-pound bag of leather and canvas." A more solemn nod in regards to their current 'home'. "I volunteered six months ago but the transfer only went through right before we were moved to the Vanguard. I like it, I mean it's smaller and all and it's no Galactica.. there's no launch tubes which makes take off a little tougher." Or a lot tougher. "But we'll do fine."

Luckily for Kell, he never used launch tubes to launch from his Vipers in the past. With a brief break finished, he steps forward and begins his last set of punches again, eyes focused once more on the target as his fists makes repeated, solid contact with the punching bag. "I guess that makes sense, this is something that not only keeps you in shape, but can help you focus or alleviate stress." A pause for a copule more quicker series of punches, "Are the launch tubes that much easier? I'm use to manual take offs as I flew with the Libran Air Wing before, was stationed on an air base." Though the confines of the take off weren't as tight as it is here on the much smaller Cutter class vessel.

"I have heard a few other pilots lamenting the lack of tubes. We had training not too long ago that turned into nukes almost hitting the shipyard. It wasn't pretty." Lips twist into a frown and her brow furrows. "The nukes were taken out." A beat. "So was a Captain." Eyes drop again to the bag. "Libran huh? I understand though, I'm career Navy. I live and breathe it and have since the academy." A wry twist of her lips. "What about you, Ensign? What's your story?"

The last few punches are finihsed in his last set and with a long breath released, Kell steps away from the punching bag, taking deeper breaths for a moment before grabbing for his towel and water bottle. "Thanks for holding the punching bag." At the mention of a Captain lost, the Ensign can only wince as he puts two and two together on why there atmosphere of melancholy when he disembarked from his transfer Raptor. As for career Navy, he nods his head understandingly, "Same here, both parents are in the Libran Armed Forces, Father in the Marines, Mother in the Navy. They both did some missions with the ICJPK too. Tried my luck with a tranfer to the Colonial Forces and possibly the Galactica, and here I am."

"No problem." Lila releases the bag and steps back while he gets his towel. For herself, she starts her stretches, squatting then standing, then bending and reaching. There's a hesitation at the mention of both his parents doing the same. She gives him a curious look. "They're still together?" There's a dubious tone to the question though, but she realizes she had stopped her stretching and continues. "Will either of them join the Colonial Forces too?" There's a bit of weight to the questions, curious sure, but more than idle interest.

At the question of them being together, Kell arches a brow, surprised as he never considered them ever being apart. A nod of a head after he wipes off the perspiration off of his face and begins working on his arms, "Yeah, obviously they don't get to see each other often." Or him for that matter, "But they're still together. Guess both sides of my family are military families, so they know what it takes." As for them joining the Colonial Forces, the Ensign shakes his head, "Don't think so, and I doubt the Libran Armed Forces are too eager to let them go." Most likely his parents are a bit higher up in the rank echelon. Which may be another reason why he was potentially being transferred to the Galactica.

Catching the look of surprise there's a touch of an abashed look from Delilah. "I've never seen a military relationship work, but then again all I have are my own parents and my friends folks." It's given over in a nonchalant manner and she glances towards the hatch before looking back at him. "I know it does help having at least one parent in, my dad helped pave the way for me to get here I think. Either way I'm glad to be here, part of the Colonial Forces." Her stretching continues and she glances over towards the mat. "Want to try a spar? Not sure how well I'll do, but I'm willing to give it a shot."

There Kell laughs lightly and nods his head understandingly as he takes another long sip from his bottle of water, "I can see what you are coming from, even I don't know how they do it. But when I look at them, I can't imagine them ever not being together. Lucky I guess?" When she offers for a sparring match, he arches a brow again, surprised at the request. Looking over to the sparring mat, the Ensign shrugs at first, "All right, if you want." Putting his towel down on his bag and the water bottle as well, he heads to one corner of the mat to do a bit more stretching as well, "My parents weren't around that often, especially when they were involved with the ICJPK, but they do keep in touch a lot." Kell stretches not only his arms but legs as well, making sure he's loose and ready for the sparring since it is more than just punching a simple bag or running on a treadmill.

Lips quirk at the laugh from the Ensign, finding the touch of amusement there herself. "Definitely lucky. When I was ten, I think, I vowed never to date within the military." A lopsided smile is given and there's a touch of ruefulness in her eyes. "That lasted twelve years." A careless shrug that looks anything but careless is given, "Then another six after that." Waving away her own confession she smirks as she walks over to get some sparring gloves on and do a couple more stretches as he does. "At least they stay in contact. Since this tsunami hit I'm still waiting to hear from my mom. I mean our house wasn't anywhere near it, but I think a lot of communication is down at the moment, but I keep trying." She moves to the center circle of the mat, throwing a few air punches as she prepares. "Ready?"

"Your promise to yourself is not unheard of, I've heard of many others doing the same. Plus certain regs prevent doing so as well. Though isn't ten a bit... young to even think about dating? At that age, I think I was too busy getting into trouble." Then again, Delilah may have had a really bad experience with a boy giving her frogs or toads. When she mentions waiting for an update from her mother though, Kell winces again and nods his head, "I haven't been down on the planet yet or flown too close but it doesn't sound too good down there. At least she wasn't near the disaster area, not surprised communications is a mess groundside right now. I'm sure yo'll hear from her soon." When she asks if he's ready, the Ensign gives his wrists one final shake and then heads to the center of the mat as well, nodding his head, "Good to go." For now he stays in a more defensive stance, eyes focused on his sparring partner while keeping his feet moving, a slow circular path around his opponent.

"Ten is very young, sure. My mom was a dedicated military wife. My father, not so dedicated. It was easy to decide at that age." Delilah gives a half smile though in regards to the comment. "You know those vows? When I grow up I'm never going to be like that? Watching my mother go through it was enough for me to know." The smile fades slightly, "The planet looks like something from some end of days movie. Not the whole planet, mind you, but that part of it." Her people down there. Shaking it off as he approaches, she gets her feet shoulder width apart and waits to see what he will do. As his stance is more defensive, she opts to go for a more direct approach and swings a sparring glove covered fist towards his jaw in a right hook, just to check for preparedness.

The conversation stops for now as the sparring begins, especially when Delilah delivers a very nice right hook to Kell's jaw. Apparently the latter was not very prepared, either he hasn't done too much sparring and most self training, or he was just caught flatfooted, not expecting his opponent to just come straight at him. Whatever his excuse is, the blow is a decisive hit and lucky for the Ensign, they are wearing sparring gloves. It still stuns him for a moment though as he half stumbles, half retreats a few steps back. Still in the ring though as he shakes his head clear, working his jaw a little while keeping his hands up in front of him, "Stang. Nice hit there, Pixie. Definitely hit like one." Delilah has a chance to keep going at him, since Kell is still recovering from that last hit.

When he retreats the few steps back, Delilah doesn't immediately follow and go in for another attack. Not that she's giving mercy by any means, but she's not going to pursue if he needs a moment. "Thanks, Ensign." Her lips quirk at the counter, the play on her callsign, but she takes a step nearer, feints another right hook before kicking a leg out in a swooping hook to try and take him down on the mat.

The next exchange between the two sparring partners isn't as lopsided as Kell is apparently more prepared for Delilah's quickness, however she still manages to get past his defenses, even if it is a grazing hit. That vicious right hook from before appears to be coming at him again, though a feint this time. The Ensign react just in time where he doesn't get taken down entirely but he still stumbles a couple of steps to maintain his balance. No words are offered this time, instead his gaze narrows slightly as now he has a chance to advance on his opponent. It's a combination kick coming in, a left round house kick followed by a right round house kick, both aimed at her sides.

With every intention of connecting stronger, Delilah is thrown off balance a little when she only grazes him. His kicks come, one after the other, both striking true and the second one knocks her off balance so that she falls back to her rear on the mat with no small amount of force. "Frak! Nice kicks." She can respect a good fighter when she sees him and she makes her way back to her feet, if given the chance, and takes up a more defensive stance this time, cautious.

A brief reprieve is offered but only long enough for Delilah to get back onto her feet as this is a sparring match, meant for both of them to work on their skills, not an actual fight. But once she has her defensive posture up again, Kell is on the attack once more. He uses kicks once again, apparently preferring those over the fists depsite working on the punching bag earlier. This time, he starts with a feint round house kick that turns into a back kicked, aimed at his opponent's midsection.

Perhaps Delilah was expecting a kick this time, or the defensive stance she took was effective in allowing her to meet the kick with a more solid stance so it didn't knock her off her feet. Taking it, she counters with another right hook, intent on trying to gain back the advantage by knocking him off balance again. Competitive by nature, she doesn't try and lessen the blow so much.

Either Kell has gotten into a good rhythm now or he is just that good but he does see the next attack coming and is fully prepared for it. Instead of trying to dodge and duck out of the way, the Ensign brings a hand up and blocks the punch. Not only that, he manages to grab her arm as well and then steps slightly past her in an attempt to trip her by the heel, attempting to use the momentary advantage he has on the positioning.

Whatever just happened, that quick rush of limbs, her arm blocked before she could even attempt to connect and him catching it and forcing her backwards on the mat, her foot caught up in the attempt by him and knocking her down. It knocks the air out of her but only momentarily and she sucks in a few breaths of air to try and catch it again. While she's down, she scissors her legs in an attempt to lock them around him and bring him down on the mat as well.

With her going down, Kell had considered it a victory but he was too lax on his defenses following that maneuver as he suddenly finds his legs tangled up beneath him with hers. Her maneuver works out perfectly as he also falls over, losing his balance. Now it's a scramble to see who can get the superior advantage of either a mounted position or some sort of grappling trap. The Ensign is of course trying to out-maneuver Delilah for a better position while they're both down on the mats.

For the moment at least, they seem fairly well matched as he trips her up and she returns the favor. With him down and scrambling, Delilah does the same, trying to hold his legs with her own while maneuvering into a mounted position to pin him down. She uses legs, arms, elbows and everything between to try and gain the upper hand even as he seems to be doing the same. By now it was a battle of wills.. and strength.

The close range blows that Delilah tries to rain on him while they scramble are either blocked or they are just too closely positioned for them to be effective. While he gains no headway, enither does she as it appears Kell is pretty good at holding his own on the ground. Once more, he tries to find a way to get an advantage over his sparring partner. Instead of trying to extra his legs, he keeps them pinned with hers for balance and then goes to grab one of the arms she tries to elbow him with, as if attempting to maneuver her into an armbar position.

Her legs are effectively pinned with his and the fighting quarters are really close. Delilah looks up and murmurs softly, "You could use a shave." Her face almost buried into his jaw for a moment before he tries to armbar her. "Uh-uh," she counters, able to make the block, but it costs her, she's tired, but she's not giving up. With a burst of strength, she pushes back on his shoulders to try and force his back on the mat and try to pin him with her own body.

Her words do bring a moment of hesitation from Kell as he was pretty sure that he makes sure that he is clean shaven every morning before duty hours but apparently it was just baited words, giving Delilah the opening for her to escape his armbar attempt. A smirk appears as he senses a shift in the balance of their position realizing what she is trying to do. Instead of providing a counter-force to prevent him being pinned on his back, he actually adds his own force, as if to continue the motion so that he doesn't remain on his back but a reversal of position where the twisting of position continues onward so she ends up being on hers.

He was moving too easily towards that prone position on his back and Delilah catches on to his intention with enough time to counter it by stiffening her body and forcing resistance for the same thing he is doing, twisting him over again so she can be on top. They have rolled closer to the outer edge of the circle, but still within bounds. With her free shoulder, she pushes it into his chest to try and pin him down.. if she can.

This time Kell is out-maneuvered as they continue to go tumbling over each other on the sparring mat. If they had kept going they would've rolled off but Delilah's counter to his counter was effective. With her adding her shoulder onto his chest, it looks like the Ensign has been beaten and pinned. She would feel his grip on her loosening and finally releasing as he relaxes his posture, arms loosely raised over his head on the mat. "Your victory, good move there."

It had been very evenly matched and when his body relaxes, Delilah lifts her head, a few red strands are escaping their confines and green eyes look down at him in surprise. Having been so focused, she realizes it was over and his words register. An impish smile curves over her features and she puts hands on either side of him as she disentangles her legs from his and pushes herself upwards. Once on her feet, she offers a hand to the Ensign. "I learned it very recently. From an Ensign." She tosses a playful wink in his direction as if indicating he had given her the idea for the forward roll. "Very well done, thank you."

The proffered hand is accepted and Kell half climbs, half pulls himself up off of the mat. The sparring match was much more of a workout than he had expected, evident to him taking in larger breaths. Hearing where she learned it from, the Ensign can't help but laugh in amusement and offer her a nod of his head as he heads towards the edge of the mat where his bag waits, along with his towel and bottle of water. "That was definitely a good workout, was going to do some more running on the treadmill but after the sparring match, I think I'm done. Anymore and I'll just fall asleep on our CAP patrol." Taking a long drink from his bottle, he then uses the towel to wipe off more perspiration from his face and arms.

Once he is on his feet, Delilah lifts a forearm and swipes it over her forehead and smirks at the moisture there. Walking over, she collects a towel and wipes her face and her arm with it. And for good measure, her other arm. "I think I better hit the head before CAP, otherwise I'll stick to my flight suit." A soft laugh at the absolute unattractiveness of that imagery and a wry smile. "That was great though, haven't had that good of a spar in a long while."

"I think I'll be doing the same after I grab a quick sandwhich or whatever they have available in the Mess Hall right now." Kell only had a light breakfast, some fruit, and he prefers not to fly the CAP with an empty stomach. "I'll see you before we launch then, Lila. And yeah, you're right, it was a very good contest. Looking forward to the next one." The Ensign says with a grin before he starts putting his stuff in his bag.


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