2237-05-08 - An Ensign Accidentally Jumps Into a Minefield

A couple of days after 'Sisters and Cylons,' Kell decides to visit Captain Antonie in the Sickbay before accidentally broaching a subject that can be considered sensitive.

Date: 2237-05-08

Location: Vanguard - Sickbay

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For all of Beckham's field dressing, Antonie's right arm was damaged enough that the woman had to be transported back to the Vanguard and given surgery to ensure she'd be able to pilot again. It left Kell, Viper stick he was, stuck with handling the Raptor. Both from the site they rescued the civilian hostages and likely back from the town itself. The woman is convalescing in a bed- not yet released back to the masses and her own bunk as of yet. She's dressed in the classic dual-tanks and shorts, sheets drawn up to her waist. The arm is thoroughly bandaged and there's a few nicks and cuts elsewhere, but it's definitely where she took the worst of it. At the moment, she's got a tablet propped on a table angled over her hospital bed, watching some vid.

Even though Kell is assigned and prefer flying the sleeker, faster, and more maneuver Vipers, he is more than proficient enough behind the stick of a Raptor. So when duty calls, especially in critical times like this, he is more than willing to step up to the plate. When he enters the Sickbay, the Ensign is actually dressed like he's about to go out on another flight, he even had his flight helmet tucked under his arm. After assuring the nurses that his suit is clean and that he isn't returning from duty, they pointed him to the bed that Captain Antonie occupies. Unless the curtain is drawn, she would be able to see the young Viper jock approach.

"Pretty sure you're headed the wrong way for the Hangar," Antonie offers in a wry tone. The woman doesn't immediately look up from the vid she's watching, but does soon reach out with her left hand to pause it. The tablet is set down so it's no longer any sort of distraction and the Tauran woman reaches for a cup nearby to take a sip from... whatever is within. Probably water. Potentially tea. Whatever the nurses are allowing her. "Anything I can help you with, Ensign?"

Stopping by Antonie's bed, Kell inclines his head respectfully to the Captain as a greeting, "Just came from there though I may be heading back out, just finished my Alert-Five slot." Apparently he didn't tell the nurses the complete truth but it wasn't active duty since he just sat in the cockpit killing time. "Wanted to stop by to see how you were doing, Captain. The Staff Sergeant seems to have made his escape already." Looking at what she has here, which isn't much, he adds, "Do you need anything?"

"Ah. Maybe. Might be off getting a shower." Free of sponge-baths, perhaps. Antonie does cast a look to any other beds. She shifts, using her left arm to sit a bit more upright. "Draygo, was it?" Trying to recall the man's name without having to eyeball his flightsuit. She tilts her head in a bit of a nod. "It's appreciated and... no, I don't. I should be out in a day or two. They just want to be sure there's no infection, I think. All the humidity down there, breeds a lot of bacteria."

Another nod as she confirms his last name, "You can call me Kell, or Razor." His old callsign and possibly his current one unless the other pilots choose to bestow him another title, which is in their rights as he is part of their squadron now. As for them wanting to keep her here just to be sure, Kell seems to understand the reasoning, "Especially with that sickness going about, that your ECO apparently caught." The puker, poor guy. "Just wanted to make sure that everything all right, Captain. You know." There is a slight hesitation there, he isn't the type to poke at details or scuttlebutt but it sounds like this particular new transfer has picked up enough scuttlebutt to realize why the atmosphere was tenser and gloomier than it should've been when he first stepped onto the Vanguard's flight deck.

"That, too." Antonie makes a bit of a face. "Didn't have the best reaction to the anesthesia, but so far, so good." She has another sip of... appears to be water, setting the cup aside. The woman is quiet for a time, watching both Kell and his hesitation. There's a furrow of her brow as she considers it before she takes a deep breath. It shifts her shoulder in a way that makes her grimace, but through it, she manages: "What is it?" Her tone is soft, even if her features show the lingering pain of her injury.

Now it gets a little awkward for Kell, he isn't the silver tongued wordsmith nor does he have the most experience under his belt, still just twenty three. But she seems to have read his worries or concerns, issuing the direct question. There is no choice of dodging that question now, it would only speak worse of his character if he does so, something he learned from his father. "I heard about what happened and I'm sorry for your loss, Captain. Just wanted to let you know if you need anything or if I can help, here or when we're out there, let me know." After the words more or less falls out of his mouth, there is a bit of internal regret for following his father's teachings, perhaps wondering if this is one of those times it was better to keep his mouth shut.

"Oh." Antonie's brow furrows and the woman takes in a bit of a breath. She looks away from Kell, then, staring to some point by her sheet-covered legs. She's quiet for a time and there's the risk that he may think it long enough that she's upset. The Tauran woman, ten years older and marked with far more than just scars. Tattoos in black ink of strange markings- most of which are only legible to certain people from her home planet. Just pretty or strange sworls and lines to others. "Thank you," she says finally, looking back to him. "Most people have either acted like nothing happened at all or that I'm a mine liable to go off at any moment."

The initial reaction from Antonie was definitely not good, at least from Kell's point of view. In his mind, he just flew right into the Danger Zone with afterburners on full and he has passed the event horizon. When she says thank you though, it takes the Ensign slightly by surprise but there is a nod of his head at her words of appreciation. As for how the others have acted or reacted, it is harder for him to understand since he is still the new guy, one that decided to skip into a minefield that others were much more cognizant to be careful of. "I am sure they didn't act that way because of malice. I've been told people have different ways of coping and mourning, that may be a way they are mourning, or they were just waiting for you until you were ready, so they can join you." There is a pause as he looks towards the exit of the Sickbay, as if seeing the people that he has flown with and worked beside these past couple of days, "From what I can see, those who transferred here from the Galactica, they are good people. A group I'm glad to be a part of."

"They are good people." It takes Antonie some time to answer again. Likely, she's on some pain killers. The woman does finally manage a small smile for Kell. "I think... a lot of us have seen death, but not as much in... the unit we'd become. His loss was..." But she's not able to get much beyond there and her left hand comes up to press against her eye. She goes quiet again. "Either way. Thank you. And... I'm sure you'll fit in fine, Kell."

Perhaps it's a good thing that the Captain is on painkillers so this conversation that Kell accidentally initiated isn't too painful or heavy for her. Luckily for the Ensign, he has not seen much death yet, unless you count the civilian losses on Canceron, though he didn't exactly see them die, only the aftermath. In time he just might, when things escalate with the Cylons here, but for now he is still a nugget in that field of reality. "I'm definitely working on fitting in and being someone that others can rely on." And he doesn't mean just when he's in the cockpit of a Viper, "Like I said, if you need anything, just let me know. Or the others, I'm sure they will be more than willing to sneak you some treats from the Mess Hall." Everyone knows about the infamous sickbay jello!


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