2237-05-10 - Tin Can Telephone

Isolde and Cate share some old-fashioned girl talk over an old-fashioned tin can telephone Isolde made.

Date: 2237-05-10

Location: Berthings

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Used to be on the Galactica that Isolde ended up on the bottom bunk beneath Van, but now she can mix and mingle back with her old enlisted crew, and she has enjoyed that. Having chosen the bottom bunk with Cate this time around means she can easily pester her medic friend without having to go to the enlisted side of the ship. She leaning against the side of the bunk, arms crossed, and looking casual while she awaits Cate to arrive in the berthings. She has a little package wrapped in brown paper that has tucked under her arm.

Cate has been scarce around the berthings the last few days, spending a lot of her time in the med tent down in the refugee camp or on patrols. But now she's back, returning from the shower in sweats and her tanktops, revealing a bandage on her arm. Seeing Isolde by their bunks she smiles a little. "Hey Iz."

Isolde brightens at the sight of Cate. "Hi!" She immediately produces the package. "The first contribution to our bunks." She waits for Cate to take it and inevitably unwrap it before she begins to explain that, "Took me forever to find the cans... or at least the right sized cans. And the string. You would think finding spare cans and string would be easy, but no." She shakes her head ruefully, though she continues to smile. The cans are normal soup-can sized, and a hole has been drilled into each bottom just big enough to knot a string between them. An old child's trick of creating what everyone calls 'telephone cans' though the return of the old handheld telephone was only for the Galactica and Athena.

"What's this?" Cate asks, surprised and amused by the package and Isolde's description of it. She holds up the cans. "Hah, that's great. How'd you even think of that? Cool." She holds her end of the 'phone' up to her mouth to say, "You made it down to the surface yet?"

Isolde holds the other end to her ear, earing the resounding words from Cate's telephone echoing through hers. The marvels of science. She in turn speaks into her own phone. "Yes. Spent about eighteen hours down there before I had to come back. I have forgotten how many mosquitos they have down there." Just the mention has her lifting her foot to rub at the back of her opposite leg to scratch at one of the bug bites.

"I know right? At least these ones aren't carrying Toaster-engineered diseases." She smirks a little at the telephone, studying it before the smirk fades. "There was a little party down there tonight. I dunno, it didn't quite feel right, dancing and singing after so many people had died. I mean... we had wakes back home, but after something like this. I dunno. I guess their hearts were in the right place, wanting to cheer people up. Give them hope." Still, she doesn't sound convinced.

"I don't feel quite right dancing and singing most days," Isolde offers in solidarity. "Except at the ball thingie on Scorpia... but that was supposed to be all celebratory." She taps the bottom of her side of the telephone toy, and then looks up to Cate. "You know what really gives people hope? Getting rid of Cylons." She offers a small smile to that. "But I guess we can't do that every day. But you're right that it is kinda... not quite right. Dunno. I'll dance and sing and all that when there's something worth dancing and singing about." Like many others, Isolde is starting to feel the jadedness creep in.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I felt bad... Tucker asked me to dance and I think I hurt his feelings by bringing up the whole party question while we were dancing." Cate sighs there, looking like she's kicking herself inwardly. She looks lost in thought for a minute before a very tiny smile quirks her lips upward. "I kissed him," she says, lowering her voice to a conspiratorial tone. It's not the giddy girl-confession one might expect from a teenager - her manner is far too subdued for that. But it's clear she's pleased. "Not, like, at the dance. Yesterday. After that mission we were on."

Isolde pauses, looking over at Cate with a sharp raise of her brows. She then points to the telephone, raising hers to her mouth and whispers -- but the sound carries neatly accross the simple physics toy. "Like kiss him kissed him, or just kissed him?"

Cate puts the phone up to her ear. Her cheeks flush at the question, the smile creeping up a little. She shifts the can to her mouth to reply back. "Like, seriously kissed him." Lowering the can, she says in a more normal voice. "I guess it was a date. Kind of. I mean, I don't really know what 'dating' is supposed to look like in the middle of a disaster area in the middle of a war, but..." She shrugs. "I figure you and Newton were right. Life's short, and what am I gonna do - swear off men forever?" Her fingers fidget with the can. "Still scares the hell out of me though."

"Catherine Rhodes!" Isolde gasps in mock shock at her friend. She's not even sure if Cate's full name is Catherine, but she goes with it. Then she offers a shrug. "I'm no help. My first date with Van was in the V-World, and we snuck a couple secret dates in on Galactica here and there... our first real date was on Scorpia. So honestly, I don't think there's such thing as a real date but any agreed-upon definition." The ex-Techy shrugs again. "Look, if you like him, and he likes you, and he's a good kisser... what's the harm? And honestly, so what if it doesn't work out? Eventually you just kinda... I dunno... cope, I guess. I mean, we all have to kind of live like that... after Fairchild, it's pretty fair to say that none of us know when it's our time."

Cate chuckles softly when Isolde reacts like that. She doesn't correct the name, reinforcing Isolde's guess. "I know. I'm probably the last person anybody expected to be going around snogging a guy I just met." The latter comment, though, causes her to sober up. "I can think of plenty of harm, Iz. What happened with me and Jake back home - that really messed me up. And Evan, on Picon. We didn't even get together, but..." Whatever it was, Cate clams up and just shakes her head, lips pressing together. Her brain takes an abrupt 180 then to ask, "Is Newton doing any better?"

"Yeah, I guess," Isolde replies, though she sounds a bit uncertain. Perhaps she's dealing with stress in her own way, as she scratches at the back of her leg again. She frowns slightly as she slumps back again. "I guess... my point is... that you shouldn't let an opportunity go by because of possible pain." Then she shrugs a shoulder to the question, but follows up with a slow nod. "I think so. We did a long shoreleave on Scropia... just us. I think that helped. He's a bit more human again... he seems in better spirits, which is good."

"Sorry," Cate says, seeing the reaction on Isolde's face and feeling guilty for it. "And yeah, my brain knows you're right." Her heart may be another matter, but she doesn't belabor the point. "I'm glad you guys got to spend some time together. Quality alone time, I hope." A wan smile there, and then Cate is hooking the telephone can onto the corner of her locker to hang there. "I'm beat. Going to turn in. Thanks for making these."

Isolde flashes Cate a grin before she nods. "It was definitely quality." She offers a sly smile then before she shakes her head, laughing at the compliment about the telephones. "You got it. I'm off to the hangar deck. Sleep well." She gives Cate a smile and a wink, and then she starts to head off, leaving Cate to get some sleep.


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