2237-05-12 - Crazy and Dumb

After the Raptor has left, Evan and Charlie remain with the Cylon sniper for the next ride out.

Date: 2237-05-12

Location: Somewhere on Canceron

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Charlie is jogging back to meet with Evan at the tree line with the emergency kit as the Raptor takes off. She doesn't look entirely pleased that he's remained there with her. Not in the state he's in. But at least they have aforementioned kit. "You should have gone with them," she's saying once she's in talking rather than shouting distance. Her hands are covered in blood -- his blood -- as she fumbles with the kit to get at the medical supplies within, but said kits were made for that. "You need proper medical attention. I could've managed keeping watch here just fine on my own. Sit." They're near enough a tree that he can help hold up.

She's also doing a really good job of not looking directly at him.

"Yeah, you could have done fine on your own." Evan grumbles as he leans back against the tree. "It's just a couple of dings is all. Armor took most of it." Even he knows it's a bullshit lie, she would too. He's in no means in critical condition however, not even close. There's pain now that the adrenaline is wearing off. "Just need to hit me with some of the pain killers, bandage them over. I'll be fine, I've had worse." He as well is taking a very dedicated effort to avoid eye contact.

"What the frak were you thinking? Charging a fortified position? You should have gotten your ass killed."

"Don't frakkin' conflate the two." Charlie works methodically once he's settled in. Removing the outer layers of his gear. There's the injection for the pain killer followed by cleaning up the wounds as best she can. "The target was taken out." No, he's not getting any compliments on his shots. Not yet. He can have those later. "I'm a sniper myself. Solo I could bunk in until a ride arrived and you'd never know I was here. Gather intel on the canner-" she huffs, applying bandages.

"As for what I was thinking... I was thinking we had medics, a mechanic, and other higher ranked personnel all taking severe injury and a new model of Cylon we haven't encountered before. By drawing its fire and potentially taking it out, I was saving asses and maybe making someone in intel smile." She sits back, smearing blood-soaked hands across her legs. "There. Best I can do since you turned down a proper medic."

"We had the position fortified. Medics and ranks were getting back into the raptor out of line of fire. The Cylon couldn't advance without coming through us." Evan counters as he winces at the bandaging. "I told you, it's not that bad. And you don't leave someone alone... you don't leave someone behind." Someone is hesitated on, the word catching for a moment. When she sits back, he looks at her hands then finally makes eye contact with Charlie. "Team."

"You know it's worse than that, Evan. You're going to spend at least a couple days in sickbay once we get back up there. Stop trying to bullshit me." Charlie digs around in the kit before surfacing with a water bottle. It's just busy work because she doesn't even open it, she just holds onto it. "For all we knew, the instant we all began loading into the bird, it might've gotten one of us in the head." A lot of the wind leaves her proverbial sails, then, because she's made eye contact back with him and that doesn't last...

...but only by nature of the fact that it's hard to keep up eye contact when you're closing the distance with someone and trying to kiss them. At least she has presence of mind enough to put her hand on his knee rather than his chest.

The moment of eye lock is enough to see her intention and Evan's hand reaches up to catch her cheek. There is no rejection of the kiss, he leans forward to meet Charlie in order to greet her kiss with his own. Whether it's post battle or some other mess of emotion, in that moment Evan gives over to it. Only after time passes requiring breath does he pull to whisper. "I knew I'd be fine."

Tilting her forehead against his when they part, Charlie lets out a bit of a sigh before she actually does draw in a breath. "I don't care." There's a slight tremor of frustration in her voice. She tilts her head slightly into the hand at her cheek. Almost more of a headbutt than a nuzzle, but it ends with a drag of her lips over his palm before she leans back further. "But I just found you. You're not meant to go and get shot like that." The water she'd grabbed is opened and a good bit drank before she's passing it to him, finally meeting his eyes again. "It's only going to get you stuck on the ship longer, after all."

He accepts the water and before Evan takes a drink from it, he pauses to quirk an eyebrow at Charlie, his playful look that he forces through despite the dirt and the blood on his features. "I thought I found you... you found me?" Taking a drink, perhaps a bit more than he would normally, it is definitely a sign of him not feeling great. "Ugh, don't mention the ship. Maybe I'll find a nice hospital here on the planet to stay on.."

"Yeah, I found you. Incapable of doing your own laundry. I should have left your ass there." Charlie's pulling out some of the rations while he drinks the water, moving in to sit up against the tree next to him. She'll hold him up while he holds up the tree. "You stay on the planet, I'll stay with you." She gets into one of the protein bars, breaking it in half to offer half over. "Eat."

Evan pauses and then he just breaks out. It begins with a soft chuckle but eventually is a full throated laugh that ends with him grimacing against the pain in his chest. Accepting the protein bar he glances at Charlie next to him. "I know how to do laundry... I just wanted an excuse to talk to you." There's even a bit of blush at the admission. "I was all set up to go, saw you come in and decided to play dumb. Well, play dumber." He takes a small bite of the protein bar, not shoveling it in, really just a nibble.

There's just a sort of baleful look for the man, but Charlie can't entirely hide the look that she's at least a little flattered. "Oh frak you," she manages before leaning in against his arm. At least she's chosen to sit on the side of him that looked marginally less injured. "Well, it worked, even if I wondered how you ever made it to Sergeant for about a week." She takes another sip of the water before just sticking her half of the protein bar in her mouth. It's chewed at while she uses the rest of that bottle to rinse off her hands best she can. There's more water bottles in the bag and unless things go tits up, they won't be stuck waiting for more than an hour or two.

"It was what they used to bribe me to come back. Said they wanted a ... how did they phrase it? A man with experience in the field fighting battles that they shouldn't win." Evan shrugs his unoccupied shoulder as his hand falls down and out, resting on Charlie's leg. "Also, I do want to point out, if I hadn't stayed here with you, we would never have had our first picnic."

"You came back for a promotion." At least Charlie is kind enough to leave out the 'dumb motherfrakker,' even if it is evident enough in her voice. She does glance up and sidelong at him. Her hands as clean as they'll get with the water, she sighs faintly and moves away from him and the tree. "I'd prefer a proper picnic." Digging in the bag again, she gets out the antiseptic wipes. The first couple are used on her hands now that the bulk of blood and other debris is gone. The rest? Sorry, Evan, but they're getting used around the wounds. She even straddles his lap as she works. "It's too humid out here to risk you getting infected. I'd never forgive myself." It's the mumbled explanation she gives as she gets to it. At least she gave time for the pain killers to set in and for him to eat a little.

The pain killers help to numb the impact; but the cleaning still hurts enough to bring a wince occasionally to his expression. Still he focuses mostly on Charlie's eyes as she works, it seems to help. "I didn't come back just for the promotion, it was the icing on the cake. I did it because I'd prefer for us to not be made extinct." The last part, despite it's dour words does come with a soft smile. "Lot of good things to fight for after all." Finally he pauses to glance down at her cleaning work. "I mean, you came in didn't you?"

"I thought I told you." Charlie has to peel back some of the initial bandaging to clean around the wounds. "I joined because I was an idiot teenager. I stayed because... well, I guess I'm still an idiot." She gets everything as clean as possible, dropping the wipes aside and securing his damaged armor and uniform back in place over the bandaging. It won't negate all chances of infection, but it applies added pressure and it'll help. She also doesn't stop straddling his legs, but meets his eyes. "You'd better get better. Fast."

"I've been shot before. This isn't as bad as the last times. I'd say maybe a day... two at the upper end and I'll be back to doing laundry and kicking in my sleep." Evan quips back to Charlie, still smiling. He's doing his best to create the illusion of being better off than he is. It's easy to look at her sitting across his legs and drift into the daydream, so easy that his eyes slide shut for a moment before snapping open. "I'm fine. Just tired. Adrenaline rush is running off. Plus you know, I have my blanket here with me."

"I don't care about the other times." Because she wasn't there to see it. Or fret over it. Charlie looks to the emergency kit, as if wondering what else she can use to dote over him. This is a new position for her. In more ways than one. She lifts a hand to his cheek when his eyes open again. Her fingers curl in under his jaw, thumb rubbing lightly against the stubble on his cheek proper. "Hey, I need you to stay awake, alright? I'm not sure, but I think you passing out without a medic around might be bad."

"Probably shock. Don't know why." His eyes tilt down, he can't really see the wounds that well considering the armor keeps him from looking down to much. After that attempt though he looks back up at Charlie and smiles. "So tell me a story... since I already know about your failed prom date." Evan pauses, blinks his eyes from closed to wide and adds, "Which did you ever go back and kick his ass? Because if not, you should really consider doing it."

"Because you have a literal gaping chest wound, Calhoun." Charlie does manage a smile in return, leaning in to press her lips to the side of his mouth. She lingers there, briefly, before leaning back. The woman adjusts, slightly, for comfort. She does not, however, leave his lap. Nor does her hand leave his face. Her thumb keeps up its light movements in an attempt to help keep him alert. "I didn't have to go back. Monday, at school, he demanded to know why I'd stood him up. I asked him what happened to the deposit I gave him for the limo -- that's right, I'd paid for that -- and he began telling me what a great deal he'd gotten on the bike and how cool it'd have been to show up on it. So I hit him. Just the once. Right in the nose. Broke it, too. Got suspended."

"Badass for life." Evan whispers to Charlie, letting his eyes stay with her as she strokes his jawline. He smiles warmly when she kisses the corner of his mouth, asking softly. "So you spend the night with me but only now decide to kiss me when I'm shot up? Our timing is god awful." Even as he says it, his own hand on the non shot side lifts up to touch her cheek again. "You're not going to make my life complicated, are you?"

"I wouldn't count a nap after some dumbass engineer spilled shit all over my bunk spending the night with you." But Charlie can't help but smile in return. She's remained close, now, her voice low in the close space. "When I think of spending a night with you, there's a lot less clothing involved..." Her eyes focus on his a bit more intently. "Less sleeping, too." There's a laugh for the question and though she initially answers with a shrug, the Corporal settles in against him just a bit more. Mindful of the chest wounds, which means most of the connection is at the hips. "I can't make any promises other than to do my best. Life is already pretty complicated. I just think you're hot and I like your company. A lot. But yes, our timing might be awful."

"Well that's good. I mean, I wouldn't want you just liking my company, or just thinking I'm hot. The both definitely work together." The tone sounds a bit confused for a moment but then Evan's eyes open up again and he glances beyond Charlie. "Hey, beautiful? I think that's a bird on the horizon. Either a real one or one of ours..." The look past Charlie fades and he comes back to her. "Can we send them away? Just stay here for awhile longer?"

"Well, it's a good start at least, right? Though I'm pretty sure I went a bit mental when I saw you got hit." A bit? Charlie's just about to kiss him again when he mentions something on the horizon. Her hand slides from his cheek to his shoulder as she sits up a bit straighter, turning to look. "Looks like it might be one of ours." There's a small smile as she looks back to him. "I think we need to get you back so the doc can yell at me about what a terrible job I did patching you up." Now she does lean in to kiss him. It's a brief one. "But I promise. As soon as we can have a proper picnic, we will. Alright?"

The brief kiss is barely enough for Evan, he brushes his nose against Charlie's when she withdraws but it is in the motion of a nod. "Alright. Now, let's put on the face and drag my ass up out of here." Even as he speaks it, Evan's demeanor starts to thicken some, toughening and drawing on resolve to put on the 'Marine' face that is needed around the pilots. "And if you tell anyone that I have a remotely soft side..."

"Take it easy getting up," Charlie warns, withdrawing further... albeit reluctantly. Her fingertips drift along the side of his neck as she gets to her feet. She stands just far enough to offer an arm out for him if he needs help getting to his feet. There is a bit of a smirk in answer to his warning. "Same goes if you tell anyone I ran down a Cylon because they hurt you and not just because I'm insane." Seems she'd rather just be considered a reckless nut than to have been driven to it because she saw that he'd been shot. But once the other marine is to his feet, she's stepping in to kiss him again. This one is perhaps more firm. More lingering. More '...I need this' in nature. And when they part, she murmurs against his mouth: "...since I don't know when I'll get to do that again." by way of explanation.

Evan isn't going to contest or dispute Charlie kiss him, in fact he kisses her back with an equal amount of intensity in that moment; particularly after the comment about having gone blood lusty because he got shot. The arm on the non shot up side slips about her waist for that lingering kiss before he whispers back when she breaks away. "We'll do it again when we need to. And you're secret... it's safe. We'll tell everyone you're just bat shit crazy. And that I'm too dumbass. They'll all believe it."

There's a quiet laugh about how believable it'll be. Her being crazy and his being a dumbass. Charlie lingers for a moment in the crook of his arm, savoring the closeness. Even if they both smell of sweat and blood. She can still smell that which is Evan beneath it. "Will you be alright while I see what I can collect off that toaster while our ride lands? I want to see if I can get a few parts for intel to play with, or at least for training purposes so teams can ID quicker in the future." And thus maybe less bloodshed from a future sniper encounter.


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