2237-05-15 - A Sunny Disposition

Down in the CQB, two marines meetings is anything but cordial. A third salvages the day.

Date: 2237-05-15

Location: CQB, //Vanguard//

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Scene Number: 1023

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As the Vanguard is still occupied with missions on the surface, there hasn't been much call for the CQB to be used, and Abigail has been using it to her advantage. The room dividers are being rearranged, as she seems to be laying out what looks like a partial simulation of a collapsed building, with this and that brought in to fill the spaces, bags from the quartermaster and the like. She's in the process of pushing over a few of the walls, the sound a bit grating, but there you are.

Geoff pokes his head into the room, maybe looking for someone. Instead, he finds Abigail here, so he takes a step in. "Hey," he says. "You were on the mission yesterday, weren't you?" He pauses, then looks the reconfigured room over. "What are you doing?"

Abigail looks over, as she hears a voice at the door, tipping her chin at the man, "Courtois, right? Yeah. I got to have all of the fun. Barely got a scratch." She finishes setting the wall down, "We're a long way from done with this operation, and most of the crew, especially the sailors could do with some training in extraction in a disaster situation, so I thought I'd set things up, give them a chance to practice their skills and learn the equipment up here, where it isn't life or death."

"Nothing hit me, either," Geoff says, looking over each arm as though he expected to find some unnoticed bullet lodged there. "In fact...I don't think I've ever been hit. Besides by, like, a tree branch." He eyes what she's setting up. "Tough balance, I guess. Letting people get enough rest and enough training at the same time."

Geoff is standing by the door, Abigail further into the room. The place looks like a disaster area...literally. "Oh, I got dinged once." A hand indicates the place on her left thigh, up close to her hip where her fatigues are a bit lumpy over a bandage. "Cain patched me up, made sickbay a lot easier." Of course she probably has stitches, shouldn't be putting her full weight on her leg, but what they don't know can't hurt them. "Who won? You or the branch?" A grin, before she moves to grab one of the pile of roughly torso-sized bags, "I never heard any command say rest was more important than training, and we have people down their who still need help. Everyone's going to be losing some hours of sleep."

Speaking of Cain, the large Marine heard that Abigail was down here setting up something, so he wandered down to take a look. A bandage is resting across his head, covering a stitched wound above his right ear. "I am not a professional medic. Hope you still had it checked, Sergeant." he offers as Remi folds his arms across his chest to take in the setup she's working.

"Oh," Geoff says, following the line of the gesture, seeing that lump where the bandages are. Then he looks back to Abigail's face and grins. "Branch. KO'ed me." But he's smiling less at the next part. "I mean...when people are tired, they makes mistakes, you know?"

"If we ever get back to that part of the colonies, show me the branch. I'll get you some payback." Another grin, before her eyes shift to the big man walking in, "Yeah, they patched me up and sent me on my way. Thanks for that." Abigail hefts the bag on to her shoulder, the thing obviously weighted to be much heaver than you would expect from the size, "People make mistakes when they're well-rested too. That's why you train." She shrugs, tossing down the bag with an audible thud, "At any rate, I'm not the one setting the training schedules, I just got told to set up a scenario."

There's a nod to Abigail and Geoff, as Remi ohs gently, his mouth making a small circle. "Search and rescue scenario?" comes the inquiry as he gives a small grunt in thought. "We did some drills on those in collapsed mines." Looking to Geoff, the large Marine tilts his head. "Right. You were in the attack last night. I'm Remington Cain, Lance Corporal."

"It was back in the jungle," Geoff says, rubbing the back of his close-clipped head. "I think." Then he shrugs. "Oh. The way you said it made it sound like it was your idea." Then he nods at Remi, looking friendly enough. "Geoff Courtois."

"Well, it was and it wasn't. I was brought in because my specialty is EOD and salvage and rescue. So part of my job is going to be providing training and instruction in those areas. I had considered starting with EVA, but considering the current operation, it seemed as though this would be a better use of the crew's time and resources." A glance over towards Remi, at his comment, "So what you're saying is...yes, Staff Sergeant, I would love to lead a recon team, once this thing actually kicks off?" A curl of her lips, teasing there, "You've probably got the best training for this sort of thing, because you've got the other side, I imagine. How to get out of a collapsed structure."

"No Staff Sergeant, I'm totally not used to crawling around in too tight spaces." Remi offers with a small chuckle and shake of his head. "I can do it.. teaching it, that's a different story." he admits with a small frown as he glances towards the rubble pile and then back to the others. "Not that I needed it much after the Cylons took over most of the work force."

Geoff eyes the room again. "So is this the kind of thing we're gonna get assigned to mandatory or is it, like, optional?" he wants to know, after listening to Abigail's description of her decision-making process.

"Oh. Well," Abigail puts on a mock-disappointed look at Remi's answer, "And here I heard you used to mine for a living. So much for that." The expression lightens, as she bends down, using one hand to leverage up the wall, kicking out a knee to keep it up, so that she can use both hands to push the bag underneath as far as it will go, "If it was optional, would you do it, Courtois?"

"I'm not allowed to grouse, Sergeant?" Remi asks with a lift of his brow. "You give up far too easily. You need someone to go willing in there, sure, I can do it. Like I said though, I'm not much of a teacher. That'll be on you."

"No, ma'am," Geoff honestly answers Abigail, still watching her set up without diving in to help.

"So what is it that you expect to be doing with the Timber Wolves, exactly, then, Courtois? The bare minimum you need not to get called to a captain's mast? Or do you actually want to improve your skills and your chances to survive in hostile situations, and pull you weight with the unit?" Her tone isn't one of censure, she's honestly curious. A shift of her attention to Remi, "Oh, no need to worry, Cain, I could order you around all day."

"And you know I wouldn't complain once, Sergeant." Remi responds as he finally moves, though with his hear wound, he should probably be resting, but he's too wound up to rest at the moment. "What do you need help with?"

Geoff looks Abigail up and down when she asks him those questions, manner icing over immediately. "I'm sorry, are you giving me some kind of order or just trying to make me feel guilty, sergeant?" he asks. "I've been pulling my weight as far as I know. I was the one who talked those frakkin' miners down and worked with Preacher to keep shit from getting bloody. I was putting shots in all my targets yesterday, I didn't get hit once and I helped my squad mate soon as I could. I'm not perfect, but I don't think you know me well enough to judge me."

Abigail seems not to notice the icy demeanour that replaces Geoff's earlier mild on, not has her tone changed. She's still curious, "I'm not judging you. I'm asking you an honest question. Given your comments today, you seem to be implying that 1: rest should take precedence over training, and 2: that if you were given the choice to do additional training to improve your skills, you would opt out. So I am asking you what you see as your goals in the unit, since this clearly does not seem to be one of them." She glances over to Remi, as he moves further on, "You can sit and guard those bags. You're not moving anything with that head injury."

"Head's the hardest part of my body, Sergeant." Remi says wryly as he moves to go and takes a seat, peeking inside the bag, totally expecting a body in there - after all, this isn't the first time he's not seen one of these training exercises; though his attention is torn between that curiosity and the situation developing between Abigail and Geoff.

Geoff crosses his arms over his chest. "Are you asking me as somebody who outranks me or just as person to person? Because person-to-person, I don't think what I'm doing here or what my goals are is any of your business," Geoff says flatly, his attention on Abigail much more than on Remi. "You want to think I'm lazy, that's your business. I'm not here for your approval unless you're in charge of me."

The bag is just filled with weights and ballast, nothing remotely as interesting as a body part. "I was asking as a member of your company, actually, someone who has some stake in who her team mates are and what they believe in. Though it you need me to order you around, to consider having a civil conversation, instead of thinking that you can tell me off because you don't like the fact that I'm asking questions, I can do my best to accommodate you. And again, for the third and final time, I asked you a simple question, which you have chosen to turn into something completely outside of what it was intended to be. So, you know what, you're dismissed." Abigail turns back to her work, moving over to grab another of the wall panels and move it into position.

"Isn't the point of our unit the fact that we're supposed to work together?" Remi starts to ask, but then shrugs his shoulders, rising up to gesture to the panels. "Want help with that? Don't need to use my head to do some light manual labor."

"Fine. See you when it's mandatory," Geoff replies to Abigail. Then he looks to Remi. "See you around, Cain," he says in a slightly warmer tone, then turns and quits the room at that.

Abigail doesn't look after the departing Marine, her attention already back on her work, "No, it's fine. I wouldn't mind going over a couple of potential training scenarios with you though. You have any experience with water rescues? I'm assuming that's probably not a thing on Minos, but a girl can dream."

"Yeah. Water on Minos. That's cute." Now that they're alone for a moment, Remi's hand touches your shoulder for a moment before letting go. He's not going to ask, you handled it. He just wanted to let you know he's there. "Going to have to save your dreams for something else, Abigail."

"Forgive me, but I've never been." Abigail lifts a hand, touching the one you place on her shoulder for a moment, "It's fine. I'm used to it. Not everyone takes well to my sunny disposition." She goes back to work, dragging the panel into position, "I can't imagine a world without a drop of water on it. Just seems too unnatural. And yes, I know it's a moon, but people still live their, that makes it a world."

"No water. No atmosphere. But lots of minerals. And metals. So, it was set up." Remi offers a gentle look for a moment. "We're so different. You know the sun, the warmth, the wetness.. I've spent most of my life in a place where life shouldn't be. Cold, desolate. Devoid."

Abigail gives one final tug to the panel, letting it fall with a thud, before she moves to perch on the end of it, the heel of her hand rubbing at the part of her thigh just below the bandage, "And what about before you went there? You must have some memories of Tauron, of other places you'd been, before you left for the cold void of space."

"A few. My father was a miner. Actually headed the guild. Mother made jewelry from scrap metal." Remi gets a glance for a moment as he studies you, before he moves to take up one of the panels. "It's Tauran, we didn't have the same.. well, things on Picon. But we did our own things. I wasn't saying that we're too far apart - just we have things to show each other, sorta like this exercise, as you mentioned."

"So what sort of things do you have on Tauron then?" The work's almost done, thank the gods, and then she can rest, "You don't have to help." And then back to the topic of conversation, "I mean, besides flowers. And the occasional boat? I've really never spent much time anywhere except Picon and Sagittaron."

"I remember the fields. There used to be many agricultural fields. It was fun to walk through them, so temperate. But these days, there is much industrial construction." Remi explains quietly. "I worked with metals since I was young." he offers, turning thoughtful. "My mother showed me how to turn something ugly, something that was scrap, into something worthwhile." There's a shrug of his shoulders. "I used to have a small collection of things I made on my desk back on Minos."

Abigail finds a comfortable bag to sit on, and hunkers down, straightening out her leg in front of her, likely to keep the muscles from cramping up, "It sounds as though it must have been very beautiful. It makes me wonder if there are still fields you can walk through now." A lift of her eyebrows at your comment about crafting, "You know, there's an endless supply of scrap down there. Could collect a bit, the next time you go down, start practicing again."

"Haven't thought about it in a long time. It was a way to pass the time when I was alone." Remi is, however, weighing your words, and trying not to pay too much attention to your leg. "I know that Galactica had a swimming pool. I'm sorry this ship doesn't have one - means I don't get to see you in a swimsuit in the flesh." Was that him flirting and teasing a little?

Abigail rolls her head, working the kinks out of her neck, hands crossing across her chest to rub at the muscles of her biceps, "Seems like you're going to have a lot of time to pass here. It's the downside to being on a boat. Eventually you've seen every room, been to all of the places, and you have nothing but time to kill between missions." She pulls her head back upright, looking over in your direction, "Ah, well, there's always the showers."

"Mmhmm. Speaking of.." As he walks by you, Remi touches your shoulder, considering for a moment as you mention the showers. There's a mischievousness in his glance, as he offers to the Picon beauty, "...wouldn't mind checking the job I did checking your injuries, Sergeant." And with that, he's sauntering on.

Abigail, still with that heel rubbing against her thigh, looks over and up, at the touch to her shoulder, and then up to meet the big man's eyes, "And here I thought you said you weren't a professional medic, Cain." Abigail rises, taking a moment to inspect her work, and then, with a nod of satisfaction, heads off to follow Remington out.


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