2237-05-15 - Food For Thought

After a very rough couple days down on Canceron, Aldrich, Geoff, and Lyn sit down for a meal and talk about the turn the war has taken.

Date: 2237-05-15

Location: Mess Hall - Vanguard

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Lyn spent the night in Sickbay, courtesy of one of those rotten new Cylon snipers. She has a bandage on the right side of her forehead, where shrapnel from her partly shattered helmet cut her badly enough for stitches. There will be a scar. She's stuck on light duty for a few days, thanks to the resulting concussion, which also means she is bored out of her mind and getting stir crazy.

The Sergeant stalks through the mess, with a tray of food in her hands and a scowl on her face. She plunks herself down at an empty table and glances at her meal a little greenly. The headache is making the very idea of eating unpleasant.

Geoff usually piles up his tray and today is no exception. He even got extra potatoes today. He looks like he might not be in the best mood, but once he spots Lyn, he moves immediately in her direction, coming to sit beside her. "Hey, are you holding up okay?"

Aldrich comes in shortly after Geoff has finished with his tray, but it doesn't take him long to fill his own plate. He avoids the potatoes and anything heavy and sticks to a salad today, in spite of how sad the mess hall salads usually look. When he sees Geoff joining Lyn, he heads in that direction.

Geoff's greeting elicits a grunt from Lyn, and she motions with her hand for him to turn down the volume. "I'll be fine," she rasps, "but I feel like I headbutted a glacier. Or drank three bottles of Aquarian Vodka." She looks away from his loaded tray and shoves her own away a bit. "You didn't get hit last night, did you?" she asks. As Aldrich nears, she flicks her fingers in something like a wave. Nodding like she normally would, would result in more pounding. "Chaplain. Have a seat."

Geoff ducks his head a little at the gesture. "You went to medical and all?" he asks. Then he looks down at himself. "No, I was fine. It's...weird. Two people got popped in the helmet, huh?" He looks up and nods at Aldrich.

Aldrich gives a little wince of sympathy at the topic of conversation, but sets down his tray and claims a seat. "I think I'm going to be as glad as anyone when we're done with this planet," he remarks. He picks up his fork, but just pokes at the stuff on his plate, for now.

"Always stay overnight in medical if they say you should," Lyn replies in a cautioning tone to Geoff. "Not because they're right, but because those damned beds are SO much more comfortable than our tiny little racks. They kept me overnight then let me go this morning." She gives Aldrich a wan smile. "Not sure a change of location will help. The toasters are starting to use real tactics. Baiting traps, programming specialized centurions for specific purposes. This war is changing and not for the good."

"Ooh, good to know," Geoff says, lifting an eyebrow. "Although I just got chewed out a couple decks down by that new sergeant for daring to say people sometimes need rest." He rolls his eyes and tucks into his food. THen he squints at Aldrich. "What's the matter?"

Aldrich grimaces faintly at Lyn's observations. "You may be right about that." He glances over to Geoff, and lifts a shoulder. "Nothing new. We lost some people to those snake creatures the other day." He stuffs a piece of lettuce into his mouth rather than saying anything more.

"Which Sergant was that? People do need rest, but we're not entirely considered people. We're soldiers. We only get to rest when we're bleeding, dead, or on leave. And the first two are way more likely to happen than the third," Lyn notes in a salty deadpan.

She looks to Aldrich and grunts. "So you heard about what happened to my recon squad the other day, and the crew they sent to evac us?" she looks between the two men with a grimace. "We had to kill frakkin sea serpents. Well stream serpents. Stream snakes? That doesn't sound nearly horrifying enough. The Cylons did something to these big old Canceron water snake things. They gave them metal teeth, and somehow programmed them to attack us... So they were still mostly animal, but part robotic." She makes big nasty pointy teeth of her hands to signify the horror factor.

"Frakkin' Walker," Geoff answers, frowning at Lyn. "People frak up when they're running on no sleep." He makes a face at this talk of snakes. "How the frak do they do that?" he asks, suppressing a shudder.

Aldrich goes quiet as Lyn starts talking, looking pretty intently at that salad. "Yeah, I was there," he remarks, quietly, but glances toward Geoff sharply. "Walker? Wait, which Walker?"

"Dunno, Courtois. The technical and medical stuff is way beyond me. I don't even get how they went from changing diapers as nannies to hiding snipers in bushes and shooting me in the head." Lyn has to turn things over in that aching head a moment to place who Walker is. "The explosives one? Don't know her well but, well, you know how demolitions crew are." She uses a finger to make 'cuckoo' circles near her temple. "When your main job is to detonate everything but yourself, you can't be totally sane."

She blinks at Aldrich. "Sorry Chaplain, that knock to the skull last night has me a little jumbled. I forgot you were there."

"I forget her frakking name," Geoff claims, but then remembers, "Abigail." He nods at Lyn. "Yeah, too bad this is a smaller ship. The nuts are harder to avoid."

"She? ...Oh." Aldrich's brow furrows, but he takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "Sorry, a Private Walker got killed by those snakes... Wonder if there's any relation." Lyn gets a bit of a weak smile and vague wave. "It's fine. I wasn't exactly much use, anyway, so I can't blame you."

"We could still be on the Galactica, Courtois, wouldn't matter. There's a certain strain of crazy that infects everyone that chooses to become a soldier. We all just show it in different ways," Lyn says with a small smile. It fades though, at Aldrich's words. "Yeah, we lost recon Walker. Engineer Walker is still with us. And so are Martinez, Rooker, and me, thanks to you guys coming to rescue us."

Geoff squints a little at Aldrich. But then his expression relents a little. "Sorry," he says more gently. "I didn't know him."

"I didn't know him either," Aldrich admits, but he still seems a little subdued about it. He eats some of his salad, and then toward Lyn, he offers, "Some people do show it more pleasantly than others."

"Yeah, pleasantly, but not necessarily healthily. But I agree with you, Chaplain. I'll be happy to see the back side of Canceron. Robo-snakes, the infighting, the endless mud and heat. Makes me miss Aquaria and clean cold air, with the occasional volcanic fog, idiot tourists falling down crevasses, and bossy scientists thinking they know more about the terrain than I do." Lyn snorts and gives a small chuckle, which makes her wince and press fingers to either side of the bridge of her nose.

Geoff shovels more food into his mouth. "Just hope the next place isn't /worse/. The toasters are branching out too much for my tastes."

Aldrich snorts faintly. "It made me miss Gemenon, and that is not something I ever thought I would say," he says, and chases a tiny tomato around his plate. He glances to Geoff, with a shadow of worry. "Yeah..."

"Not sure how we could find someplace worse. I mean, I didn't even mention the flooding and rescues, and then the recovery stuff, and the toasters, and the toaster snipers. Here's hoping we get assigned to work security for a puppy and kitten convention next." Lyn smirks, and she rises. "You're welcome to my food; my head hurts too much to eat. I'm gonna go lie down for a while." She looks between the two men. "You caught me on a really bad day. We need to keep our spirits up. This war isn't ending any time soon."

"Be careful," Geoff tells Lyn, with sincere concern. "We're gonna need you out there, so make sure you recover right."

Aldrich musters up a more genuine smile for Lyn, even if it's a little small. "Of course. Things will get better. Do take care of yourself... And let me know if there's anything you need?"

Lyn smiles at the pair, and then she shuffles off at half her usual speed, for a date with her pillow.


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