2237-05-16 - A Call Home

Salvae has a chance to catch up a bit with folk back home.

Date: 2237-05-16

Location: Vanguard

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Scene Number: 555

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"Ay, Ray."

"So, ya gone ta da rhubarb yet?"

"Pertnear, had a toaster treatn me like Danno's truck the other day. Frakker tore up my console, good thing I had both hands on my stick, else I'd still be spinnin round. "

"Ah, ya always did have both hands on your stick! I hear ya in dat Jungle, now, no more dat spacin, eh? It hot enough for ya?"

"Ah ya, jock itch like a mutherfrakker in these rubber suits, Doc's bein stingy with the spread. Almost had an allhands down there by the beach--buncha miners moanin, stealin things. ya'd like it, fit right in. Been mostly slow, though... OH! Nails n I got Jigger to shotgun a can of gravy in the mess, but he yaked it up all over himself. What a frakkin disgrace. How's the stead?"

"Same same, ya. Had pah drinkin lika a hero after hearin bout ya livin through that tilly, had two sleeves of whiskey.. wasn't too herioc when he shit his pants at my cousin's social."

"Frak, Ray! He didn't!"

"He did! Guess he's too old to giver anymore, hey?"

"Gods, same ol pah, though. Frak, gotta go when ya get some time send some all dressed, hey?"

"You betcha."


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