2237-05-16 - After Action

Ryan follows up with Evan after the sniper mission.

Date: 2237-05-16

Location: Ryan's Office

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Scene Number: 1025

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Colonel Ryan has an office somewhere on the mid deck near CIC, and it's there that Evan has been asked to report by his senior sergeant. The Colonel's door is open, and he's sitting at his desk shuffling some papers around.

It's been a couple days post surgery, having been released from sickbay only a couple hours earlier. To say that Evan wasn't expecting this would be a lie. A cluster like what happened would always involve a debriefing of some kind, but with the Colonel was a bit of a surprise. Reaching the door, a soft knock is given then proper military posturing and greetings offered to the Colonel while Evan awaits his instructions.

Ryan looks up at the knock, and nods when he sees Evan. "Morning Sergeant. Have a seat." He motions Evan to the chair opposite the desk. "Sickbay turned you loose, I saw. You feeling all right?"

Moving to settle into the chair opposite the desk, Evan nods his head. "Yes sir, feeling fine. A little stingy on the pain killers but nothing I can't live with. Will be most likely cleared for Therapy in a couple days, back to rotation sooner. Good doctors here."

"Indeed there are. And I'm glad to hear it." Ryan replies easily. He holds up a paper briefly for illustration. "I got your report about the incident with the Cylon sniper. I want to know your thoughts on it. The ones that aren't in the report." He sets down the paper. "How'd the team pull together after Sergeant Jayne was hit."

"We didn't." The answer is straight forward, to the point. Evan settles into the chair, a posture that is conversational but still with respectful posture; he looks to know how to play the game. "We simply don't have the unity as a team, as a squad, to handle that breakdown in structure. Sergeant Jayne goes down and it went straight to hell."

Ryan looks unsurprised by the answer, and just offers a brisk nod. "So. You were ranking marine after Jayne went down. They should'a looked to you, and you should'a set the tone. I wasn't there and I'm not concerned with pointing fingers and laying blame. I'm more concerned with what we do to keep that from happening next time." His voice is firm but not unkind.

"It's not even an issue of laying blame." Evan responds levelly. "I needed to assert myself better; should have asserted myself better. It is a challenging situation, sir. We have a generally new crew, both in terms of ship and even in the greater aspect of unified colonies. In addition I'm new here and to this situation. That level of discomfort wont' happen again." He falls quiet for a moment then goes on. "In terms of specifics of the engagement, there are things that definitely should have been handled differently, which I've been evaluating extensively in sickbay while recovering. But to ensure it doesn't happen again, to that degree. We need to work together. PT is one thing, but unit cohesion is different. We need experience and time together. A firmer trust with one another where it ceases being following orders and becomes executing orders."

Ryan taps a pencil on the desk for a moment, nodding to Evan's words as he listens. "All good points. The sort of trust you're talking about - that takes time and practice. A luxury we don't always have. Sometimes it just takes a good old-fashioned kick in the ass from a sergeant." Ryan flashes a smile then says, "Seems like you've got a good handle on things. Just wanted to get your thoughts on the matter. Anything else you wanted to discuss?"

A few items rip through Evan's mind, selecting and dismissing them in sequence before he shakes his head, "I think for the moment no. As I get on recovery road I'll start pulling Marines in to the recovery PT and we'll see if we can get our shit in gear." Pausing, he adds, "Sorry." A smirk, he's not really that sorry. "Two weeks sir, and it'll look like a completely different unit."

"Good man, Sergeant," Ryan says with an approving nod. He smiles a bit and then says, "Carry on then."

Evan rises and does the military protocol stuff before making his way out.


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