2237-05-17 - Beachcombers

Aubrey arrives on the //Vanguard//, and runs into an old friend. Remi has great fashion sense.

Date: 2237-05-17

Location: Berthings, //Vanguard//

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Abigail toes open the hatch to the berthings, a set of her EOD gear in her arms, the woman herself wearing her sweats, looking as though she just climbed out of said gear. It's the heavy duty one, so it's about the same as trying to move a box too sizes too big. It's impossible to see anything in front of her, "Budge over, someone push me towards the right bunk." Well, it's not that hard to navigate sideways, but the shit is awkward. Like playing pin the tail on the donkey.

Glancing up from his bunk across from Abigail, chuckles as he hears her voice. "Five steps, then turn port." he offers to her, "Then continue on to my voice."

Aubrey Naxos has spent the last 6 months on Picon, which is about as cushy of a gig as a Viper Pilot can get. But the other day, the new assignment came, the Timber Wolves, stationed on the Vanguard. Surfing would be out, but being part of a special forces group is just what the Lieutenant JG has been hoping for.

Her BDUs are so new, they haven't even faded yet. Aubrey only graduated from flight school half a year ago, but someone somewhere must have seen something special, because here she is. She steps through one of the hatches to the berths, scanning her transfer documents for her bunk assignment. Her long, dark hair is in a messy bun at the back of her head, and she has her shirt tied around her waist, the tee and tank combo looking as shiny new as everything else.

She stops cold to prevent herself from colliding with Abigail, and clears her throat. "Can someone tell me where bunk 'R' is?" she asks.

"Okay, thanks." That's to Remi for his directions, and she actually does turn to go down the first row. If one could see over the piles of gear, they might be able to see Abigail perk up at the sound of Aubrey's voice. A voice she hasn't heard in ages. The armor, she promptly drops on the floor, not realizing that it may end up on either her foot, or Aubrey's, "Bree?" Oh shit. "Bree! What the hell are you doing here?"

As Abigail squeals as never before, Remington is up from his bunk, hearing the cacophony of crashing armor and makes his way over, dressed only in a pair of boxer briefs, having already stripped down for the night, not that the massive Tauran is embarrassed of his marked physique. "You alright, Abigail?" he asks as he rounds the corner on the two women.

Aubrey leaps back a foot to avoid being crushed by the EOD gear, then her face gathers an expression of pure shock. "Abby!? Is that you?" asks in disbelief. This is likely the last place a pair of surf gear models and beach bums would meet back up. "Frakkin Hell it is! OH MY GODS!" She throws herself at the other woman for a hug.

"I was just transferred to the Wolves. I'm a Viper Pilot," she explains, which might be the shock of the century. Aubrey was never much about authority or military service. She was about catching waves. Remi gets a looking over briefly, but the shock of Abby being here is still center stage.

Abigail knows how to skirt obstacles, and she clears the armor in a single leap, leaving it where it fell, thankfully not having crushed anyone in the process, and moves to bridge the distance between herself and the other woman, even as Aubrey comes in for a hug. The two woman are markedly different, one dark of hair the other light, but they both have that comfortably baked in the sun look. "Me too! I mean, just got transferred, not a viper pilot. Nope, they let me blow shit up for a living." She grins, glancing over at Remington, then back at Aubrey, sharing that glance between girls that really only girls understand, releasing her into one of those loose-armed half-hugs, "I know, right?" Because gorgeous guy, "I'm fine, Remi, this is Aubrey Naxos, I've known her since...I can't even remember when. Bree, this is Remington Cain."

Pausing for a moment as the two women greet each other, Remington nods, and starts to gather Abigail's EOD gear. As bulky as it was for her, it's not quite as much for the large Marine as he nods his head. "Sir." he greets the officer properly enough, not quite recognizing the dark haired woman as the same one that's arm and arm for a Picon beach photojournal in his bunk, then again, he didn't recognize Abigail with her clothes on at first, either.

"They let you blow shit up? Are you kidding me?!" Aubrey asks with a bright laugh. "I wouldn't trust you with a beach bonfire back on Picon! But, then again, they let me fly an expensive death dealing machine. Maybe the CF isn't so wise," she jokes. She nods to Remi with a little bit of a grin. "Hello mostly naked guy. It'll be a while before I remember your name, thanks to your introductory fashion sense." She leans on Abigail with a twinkle in her dark eyes. "Don't you dare tell him how long!" She looks back to the big man. "We used to do photoshoots together, and I was in some commercials back on Picon."

"For real! I've been in for years," which would explain why she'd been back to Picon only rarely. "Started out in the Coast Guard, transferred to the Marines as a Diver." She finally releases the woman, offering Remi a warm flash of a smile, "Thanks. Just by the bunk is fine." A wrinkle of her nose, "I am so not calling your Sir. That is right out." But she probably would, if she had to, "Well, it might not be wise, but it'll be a hell of a lot of fun. You said you wanted R? That's on top of Remi. Who has excellent fashion sense." She chucks a chin towards where the big man was, "We made a good pair, a good triple when they got that redhead in...what was her name? Madeline?"

"Abigail is used to seeing me in less." Remington offers simply, leaving it at that as he moves to carry the gear back to the bunks, listening partially to the conversation as he hauls the EOD gear back to the bunk that's right across from his - namely Abigail's.

Abigail says, "A lot less."

"It all seems so long ago, now," Aubrey murmurs, a wistful expression on her face. She follows along towards the assigned bunk. "I get to bunk on top of the hot guy? This assignment is getting better all the time," she quips. She tosses her duffle up onto the top bunk. "I'm guessing not just in the showers?" she asks with an arched brow and a grin.

And for a moment, Abigail took, gets that far away look, "Seems like something we dreamed we did, or watched on reality television." Because that was totally a thing. She laughs, releasing Aubrey fully and heading over to help Remi with her gear, waggling her brows at Aubrey. "Not if I can help it. Seriously, I am so glad to see you."

There's a snort of a chuckle from the large Marine. "She seems more than willing to return the favor." Remington offers simply, trying his best, but there is just the hint of color on his cheeks as he moves back as Abigail takes control of storing her gear and reaches up to tap the bunk above his. "Just means I get to watch you climb up and down."

"A familiar face is the best thing I could have asked for," Aubrey admits. "I've only recently been released into the wild from flight school." Her smile fades a little. "I joined up when things went to hell. My mom," she murmurs, and just trails off. Abigail might remember Alice, her schoolteacher mom. She snorts at Remi. "Appreciate the view! All the PT has kept it in shape, even without surfing."

Abigail's face softens, as Aubrey gives the news, "I'm sorry. I loved your Mom." The two women are not related by blood, but Alice Naxos probably had as much a hand in raising Abigail as her own mother, "You're a rook? Gods help us." Her face brightens, in the practiced way that people have when they've learned to deal with so much tragedy. "It's quite a view."

"I'm sure if it's half as good as Abbie's." Remington trails off as he leans back in his bunk, chuckling a bit, but doesn't want to intrude too much on the two women catching up.

"Yeah, Dad and I were on location filming a damned ad for Breakers Beachgear when we got the news. Dad hasn't been right since. I needed to do something. Get back at those frakking toasters." Aubrey sighs and shakes her head. "How are your folks? Shop still open on the Bay?"

There's a flash, momentary, of guilt, on Abigail's face, as she looks up from her work. Hard to be the lucky one, who didn't lose anyone to the cylons. "Yeah, they're still trucking. Dad's been expanding to fishing cruises. Daria's married. (that's the younger sister), and Jamison's about to be a senior." A slight shadow passes over her face, "Addy's (that's her twin) a pilot too. I haven't seem him since the war started. We used to write all the time, but I don't get many letters anymore."

There's a little frown, a thoughtful look from Remi as Abigail shares information that.. he never considered asking. And perhaps should have. Grabbing a small piece of scrap metal from the edge of his bunk, he lifts it to study it for a moment.

Aubrey sets a hand on Abigail's shoulder. "I'm sure he's fine. Just busy. I was mostly incommunicado the last six months myself." She smiles then. "If we get some Picon leave, I'd love to visit your folks. And catch some waves of course," she murmurs. "Listen, I have to get to a boring first day on board briefing, but after, maybe we can catch up?" She looks to Remi, "Glad to meet you, bunkmate. You take care of my girl, you hear?"

"Yeah, I know how it is. I know where they've been piling the gear, I'll go grab it and bring it back." Save the other woman having to court the madness of the deck while she's still trying to get settled. She waves Aubrey off, as the pilot ducks out, looking back over towards Remi, "Walk a girl down to the deck?"

Rising from his bunk, Remi reaches over to pull on a pair of pants. "Sure, Abby." he offers as he works to get somewhat dressed to move to walk you to the deck.

As the pair move off, Abigail looks over at the big man, "She's my oldest, bestest friend." But for some reason, Abigail doesn't look happy about that. But then who would, as short-lived as viper pilots tend to be, "And now she's here." The pair make their way out, heading down on an expedition to collect the gear of one El-Tee Naxos.

"I would not want to try to replace her, Abigail." Remington says simply. "Our.. friendship.. relationship.. is along different lines?" he asks as he walks with her as he frowns a little, glancing to her. "You can only do what you can to make sure she has reason to return home."

Abigail reaches out, touching the big man's forearm, "I know you wouldn't, and yes it is. But the idea of her being here. She's as much a part of me as Addy. I worry about losing him every day. Now...what if I lose her too?"

There's a nod of his head as he moves his hand, covering hers for the moment. "I did not know you had a brother. We moved very fast into our relationship. Do you regret it?" Remi asks, not judging her, just curious at the idea as he looks to her. "I do not want to be just another thing you worry about."

Abigail smiles, as the conversation turns to her family, "Yes. I have two. Addy, Addison, we're twins. He and I enlisted at the same time. But he went to the Academy. Daria's five years younger than we are. She just got married. Her husband is...eh, he's alright. A bit of a nerd, but she's happy. Jamison is the youngest, he's only seventeen, about to be a senior." She considers, finally shaking her head, "No, I don't regret it. I mean, we both enjoy what we do together, and we're adults." A curl of her lips, "I've seen you in action. It's not you I worry about when I see you fighting."

"I do not have siblings." Remi admits as he walks with her, and settles his hand against hers for a moment. "As flattering as that is, I was shot in the head as well, you know." he reminds, reaching up to touch the healing wound there.

"I can't imagine being an only child. Did you have cousins at least, that you would spend time with?" A laugh, as she pats his hand, "And you're still standing, and you field dressed by bullet wound. Not bad for a day's work."

"Having the proper motivation if a powerful thing." Remington responds, lowering his hand after the pat, assuming that's all the PDA and affection she wants to allow. "Not really - as I said, there's a reason I ended up almost alone at the mines."

"That was just an unfortunate circumstance." Abigail heads down the stairs, making her way towards the hangar, "You were isolated, but there's no reason to be now." She waits for you to catch up, though in truth, you're the one slowing down so that she can keep up.

"I know I'm not. And I have no complaint." Remington says, "Though this is not the way I had envisioned seeing the colonies when I first started to collect the posters." he admits as he keeps his steps slower for her. "Even if it is far more efficient."

Abigail laughs, as the pair finally make it to the hangar deck, "Maybe that should be the next recruitment poster. 'See the Colonies, faster than you ever imagined!" With that, the pair head off to the hunt.


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