2237-05-17 - Restless

Cate isn't happy about being kept on restricted duty.

Date: 2237-05-17

Location: Head, Vanguard

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Scene Number: 1029

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Set at one of the sinks, Tucker is currently glancing over his hair, running his fingers through it as he studies the roots with a sigh. "Getting old, Carrington." he murmurs to himself, reaching to pluck at one of the greys attempting to infiltrate the darker blondes. The pilot's in his sweatpants, though the shirt is off, and a towel around his shoulders suggests he just recently finished shaving.

Cate comes in from the hallway, a scowl on her face. She's already dressed in her khakis, the white of a bandage peeking out from under her right sleeve. She heads immediately over to the sinks, and is a little surprised to see Tucker there. "Oh, hey." The scowl eases a bit on seeing him.

"So, you upset that I have a grey hair too?" Tucker asks with a lift of his brow, reaching over to touch her hand for a moment before he turns to lean against the sink. "What's up?"

Cate tilts her head at him. "You've got a grey hair? Hardly seem old enough for that." She looks around the head briefly, taking stock of where the people are. There's someone at the showers and another closed bathroom stall who could walk out any moment, but she dares a quick kiss in greeting. Then she flips on the sink to wash her hands - it looks like there's some kind of grease stain on one of them. "Frakking doctors," she grumbles. "There's a mission tonight and he won't clear me to go."

Returning the kiss, Tucker considers after a moment, and then lifts a brow. "The Cylon snake thing ripped into you what, two, three days ago?" he asks as he watches her clean up. "Is there another medic who is better condition to fill in for the mission?"

"Four days," Cate grumbles back. Because that extra day makes soooo much difference. "Four days of sitting on my ass while my friends go out and get shot at." She scrubs at the dirty hand as if it had caused a personal affront and sighs to his latter point. "I'm sure they'll find someone to fill in, but it's my spot in the rotation. So somebody else has to pick up the slack. We're already stretched thin, especially with Becks gone." The frown deepens, turning sad there.

"Would you send you back into the field if there was someone capable, Cate?" Tucker asks with a small frown as he considers her. Part of him wants to protect her - it's natural, comes with the relationship. The other understand the void of duty that she's feeling at the moment. "If it helps, I'd be chomping at the bit to get back out there too."

Cate frowns some more. She grabs a towel to dry her hands. That motion gets a tiny wince, but even so she turns to look at him squarely. "Actually yeah, I would. Long as they could do their job. Athletes play hurt all the time."

"Athletes play hurt, but when they lose it's just a game. Soldier plays hurt, they mess up, others die." Tucker counters with his own little frown. Are they actually having their first fight? "It's better to have you at full fighting strength so your team knows they can fully rely on you."

Maybe a little, though Cate doesn't seem angry at him in particular, just at the situation. "I'm not going to mess up," she counters stubbornly. "I've worked with worse than this. My team knows they can rely on me. But now I won't be there for them." She slams the scrunched-up paper towel into the dispenser with enough force to make herself wince (probably kinda proving the other doctor's point, actually). "I have to go. They've got me doing frakking QA reports in sickbay. You going out later?" The irritated scowl gives way to worry.

"Yeah. You know the drill. I'll come home safe." Tucker gives her a little smile, perhaps a little guiltily that he does get to help. "I think your team would rather know that you were recouperating instead of.." He takes her arm, checking to make sure she just didn't tear her stitches. "...trying to prove a point."

There's no fresh blood on the bandage at least. Cate regards him with a tender worry. "I'm not trying to prove a point, Tucker. I'm trying to make sure they come back." She shifts her hand to squeeze his forearm, and leans her head in to nuzzle his. "<<Be careful.>>"

"And I want to make sure you're not pushing yourself. You care for them. I care for you." Tucker says as he closes his eyes against the nuzzle. "I have to. <<Your heart is in me.>>" he offers to her as he starts to pull away, a brush of his fingers along her jaw. "Still owe you that date."

Cate smiles faintly at him, his words driving away the scowl. "Hopefully I'll have a chance to cash in on that raincheck soon." She kisses his cheek and then turns to go. "I'll see you later."


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