2237-05-19 - Pilot on Pilot Action

Or...Is that a euphemism? Shenanigans in the //Vanguard// gym.

Date: 2237-05-19

Location: Gym, //Vanguard//

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Scene Number: 1030

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"Look, Farm Boy, if you knock me out again, could you do the other eye? I got so much street cred from the first one." Yes. Because clearly the redhead doesn't know when to quit, or just when to run in the opposite direction, she's one again perched on her favourite pile of mats, but this time, the bag of cookies is off to the edge, and she's pulling on some gloves. "I mean, I know you can aim that well."

Finn had already been warming up while Eva was sitting on the mat...eating cookies. His gloves are already on and he walks away from a heavy bag, still swinging lightly from his routine. He's wearing standard workout clothes for the military. He moves towards the sparring ring, looking over his shoulder at Eva as he goes, "No promises...Same eye twice would give me more street cred afterall."

Bag slung over his shoulder, Evan walks into the gym area chuckling as he does so. "Bullshit." The word is stated flatly, it could well be said to just empty space for that matter. As he arrives his eyes cast about the Gym and he even spots a familiar face, calling out. "Cher! I heard a rumor about you shooting something down?" She may be getting gloves on and eyeing a boxing circle, but there's always time to offer acknowledgement for a job well done.

"You don't need more street cred, Farm Boy. People are still talking about you beating the frak out of Gray." There's a bit of flailing going on, as Eva works the gloves on, but anyone who tries to help will get a glare, until she finally takes things into her own hands and pulls them on with her teeth. She's mid-tug, when she hears Evan's dulcet tones, any comment in his direction met with a grunt, words muffled around the glove. An almighty yank, and she gets the left on, and frees up her mouth, "Just your chances, Calhoun." One glove down, one to go.

Finn knows better than to try and help. He leaves Eva to getting her gloves situated. He's got time and the cool down won't hurt him much. Finn idly starts to stretch his arms out, shrugging at Eva's comment, "I got lucky." He pauses a beat and then adds on, "Plus I haven't had much sparring time lately. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky this time." Cue the eyebrow waggle.

Charlie has made her way to the gym already dressed and ready to go. Largely. She's got sweatpants on, dual-tanks, and sneakers. As well as a music player in, earbuds tucked in and music already blaring. The sweatpants ride low on her hips, revealing the device itself clipped to the shorts worn underneath. She's not actually paying attention to anyone; eyes largely down and on the direct path before her. She's focused on the music and just making sure she doesn't walk into anyone or anything.

Calliope comes into the gym at a light jog. You can't run particularly fast through the corridors, but she limbered but a little. She's dressed down in sweats, blonde hair pulled back int a short ponytail. A quick, "Hi!" is offered all around. It's prompted by spotting Eva and Finn but doesn't sound specific.

Evan sets his duffle down and scoffs in a loud way towards Eva. "Pretty sure those chances were blown a long time ago." He calls it back out to the pilot, tilting his head at seeing a pair of gloves being pulled on and the like by the partner. Believing this to be a good enough bout to put off therapy, he starts to walk that way but stops. The arrival of Charlie does grab his attention and with a grin, he reaches into his duffel to pull out a towel, throwing it in her direction to get her attention.

There's an arch of Finn's brow towards Evan and then he looks over to Eva, his expression bemused. "Uh huh..." And then he waves her into the ring, "Quit stallin', and let's get goin'. If we're gonna get this fight night going, I need to whip you into shape."

Charlie rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 7 7 5 5 4 4 2 1 1)

Eva's voice is a rich, warm sound in the gym, as she tosses back at Finn, "I would say you should be so lucky, but, well..." She lifts her shoulders in a odd, lopsided shrug, as she's now yanking the second glove on. 'You are,' being the unspoken answer. A glance towards Evan, "Truth. It's all downhill now." "Soundbite!" Eva's attention darts to Calliope, seeing the other pilot wander in. "Want to see me wipe the floor with Farm Boy here?" She moves out towards the mat, shifting over to Charlie, the marine one she's seen, but never met (the player doesn't think).

You don't make it into recon without good peripherals. Charlie notices the towel before it smacks into her; hand coming up to snatch it out of the air. She looks up to seek out where it came from, blinking as she spots Evan. There's a twist of her lips in amusement as she tugs an earbud out, letting it drape by her neck as she adjusts her angle towards him and the ring. There's a nod for Eva and Finn both in greeting before she tosses the towel back to the Scorpian. "You dropped something."

"Oooo, Cherry and Farm Boy are fighting?" Calliope pauses in her general angle toward the treadmills, to go watch this. She grabs a spot next to Evan, to spectate. She laughs at Eva's words, but seems reluctant to pick sides in this. "I'm sure you'll both be awesome!" This is not how boxing works, Calliope.

"Technically I threw something." Evan points out to Charlie as he tilts his head at her and the other side of him, opposite of where Calliope sits down. "Pilot fight. These are always entertaining." He comments to the other Marine, grinning as he does so. Looking to Calliope at his side, he nods politely. "Oh, you're the one they call Soundbite that everyone talks about making an as..." Evan trails off, swallows with a grin. "Sorry. You're the pilot?"

"Only in my dreams, Cherry...Only in my dreams." Finn replies with a smirk directed at Eva. Once she's getting into the boxing area, he nods at her and moves over to the timer next to the mat, tapping the button. It starts a counter for the match. "Bring it on, Cherry. Wipe the floor with me." This is how you end up eating your own words. Still, he starts in, circling as he brings up a guard position.

"Really? I have very real, very, very vivid memories of something very much like that, Farm Boy." She looks over, to where the crowd seems to be gathering, "Save me a cookie, Soundbite." An answering nod for the female Marine, before she focuses her attention on the man across from her. One of them clearly looks like he knows what he's doing. The other...not so much. But that's what sparring is for...right? Right?" Eva moves in, attempting to tag Finn.

// Eva rolls Melee Versus Finn/Melee: Success (7 6 4 4 3)//

// Eva rolls Melee Versus Finn/Melee: Success (8 7 5 5 2)//

Eva rolls Melee (7 5 5 4 3) vs Finn's Melee (8 5 4 4 2 2 1)


Eva rolls Melee (8 5 2 1 1) vs Finn's Melee (6 5 2 2 2 1 1)


Eva rolls Melee (6 6 5 4 2) vs Finn's Melee (8 7 6 4 3 3 2)

Marginal Victory for Finn.

"Threw, dropped. Either way, you did a rubbish job of it." Charlie circles around Evan... which puts her in just the right position to smack him in the back of the head as he puts his foot in his mouth where Calliope is concerned. "I was there. That reporter was a dick." She also was of absolutely no help, but Corporal vs Reporter when there's an officer about? Damn straight she kept her head down and out of the way.

"Making an ass out of myself in front of a reporter?" Calliope finishes Evan's sentence for him. Making a face. She tries to laugh, though. It's a weak laugh, but she tries. "Heh. Yeah. That's me. Calliope's fine, though. Drake is also fine. Lots of names to pick from!" Some of which don't make her make faces. "And yeah. I'm a Raptor driver. What's your name? I'm still kind of getting to know the Marines, since we started bunking together." Her attention is half on the Marines, which includes Charlie, and half on the Eva-on-Finn fight. She claps for them both in a general, 'Go team!' sort of way.

Evan grins up at Charlie when she steps behind and smacks him. "You going to fight me when I'm healed up?" He asks it to the the woman, sliding some to make room for her on the mats he has claimed, along with Cali, as a bench for the fight. When Cali asks him his name, he taps his chest a bit. "Evan Calhoun. You probably haven't seen me around much, I'm usually spending time split between deployment and sickbay. Turns out I'm a bullet magnet."

In the next several moments of the sparring match, Finn finds that Eva's at least come quite a long way in her training. He spends the first bit blocking and deflecting attempts though a quick jab from him does find its way through Eva's defenses. The punch is quickly retracted, back up into Finn's guard position. He steps right a few times to gain better position.

Finn rolls Melee (8 7 6 4 4 4 3) vs Eva's Melee (8 8 6 3 1)


Finn rolls Melee (5 4 4 3 3 2 2) vs Eva's Melee (6 4 4 3 1)

Marginal Victory for Eva.

Finn rolls Melee (7 5 4 4 3 3 3) vs Eva's Melee (8 8 6 6 1)

Crushing Victory for Eva.

Eva is either incredibly lucky, has spiked Finn's morning juice, or has seriously been praying to the gods. One truth and two lies. She moves in, clearly either having learned to engage better, or, perhaps because Finn is really the only one who spars with her, perhaps getting to know his moves a bit too well. That or he takes it easy on her. It's probably that last one. A few taps, here and there, deflected, but she finally manages to get a good hit in, smacking him right in the chest because, well, she still fights like a girl. A pilot girl, not a marine girl, and peddles back, "Maybe I should go easy on you, Farm Boy." She glances back, "Calhoun, you up for giving the man a workout?" She glances at the group, finishing off the intros not everyone knows, chucking a chin in each person's direction, "Soundbite, Farm Boy, Cherry, Calhoun. Wagner."

"If we spar when you're all healed up, you'll end up in sickbay again." Charlie pulls her music player off her waistband, shutting it off. She winds the earbuds around it, propping up her knees and leaning against them, holding the device between her legs. She does smirk, sidelong, at Evan. There's a slight lean towards the man so she can elbow him gently. "Here I thought I'd be the bullet magnet, but no, it's him." There's a look to the mats and she snorts. "Right now? Wouldn't be much of a workout."

Calliope winces slight at Evan. "You guys have the hard job most days. The Raptors are pretty good at soaking Cylon fire. I mean, you're frakked those times they don't. But, that isn't most days." Shrug. She's looking on the bright side. "Were you guys out in the field when they found those Cylon snipers? Or the metal snakes? Now those sound frakked up." Her eyes flit back to the fight just in time to see Eva smack Finn. Wince. "Good fight?" She sounds a little unsure whether she should be applauding this, but she claps dutifully for her flightmates.

"Snipers, yes. Follow up mission two days ago as well." Evan confirms to Calliope, "I did miss out on the snakes though... thank the Gods. I don't do snakes." There is a slight stiffness to the way Evan moves, still nursing wounds. A lean of his head towards Charlie occurs, a pseudo, but gentle, headbutt. "What, you think I'm going to take it easy on you because you're smaller? The small ones are the most dangerous ones..." He looks out towards the fight then and shakes his head. "I'm still on restricted duty. Which in my book means, only putting myself in front of bullets, not fists."

The hit to the chest lands rather harder than Finn likely thought Eva was capable of. He staggers back a couple steps and and winces, rubbing a gloved hand at his chest. "That's gonna leave a mark..." he mutters, still wincing just a bit. Still, Finn's been doing this long enough that he isn't going to give the appearance of being taken out with one solid hit. He eyes Eva for a brief moment and then says, "That all you got?" Is that a wheeze in his voice?

"I was so sure you were going to man up, Calhoun." Eva doesn't press though. I mean, a bullet wound is a bullet wound. "Not too bad, Soundbite. But I don't have a single shiner yet." Eva tips a chin in Finn's direction, "You are the worst actor ever, Farm Boy." A few breaths, just in case he isn't, and she advances, moving in a bit lower than before. Hopefully she won't hit anything useful.

Eva rolls Melee (8 6 6 4 3) vs Finn's Melee (8 8 7 6 3 2 1)

Marginal Victory for Finn.

Eva rolls Melee (7 3 2 2 1) vs Finn's Melee (8 6 6 3 3 3 3)

Victory for Finn.

Eva rolls Melee (8 4 3 2 2) vs Finn's Melee (7 6 5 4 4 3 2)

Marginal Victory for Finn.

"Evan and I secure the first Cylon sniper," Charlie offers up. Hey, if he won't claim accolades for it, she totally will. That thing was a bitch to deal with! "Haven't dealt with the snakes, no. But definitely those frakkin' painted buckets. It's all they are, really. Just paint jobs and some adjustments to their programming." She does grin sidelong at the Scorpian as she half-watches the sparring match and half-watches him. "Don't encourage him. I need him to actually heal up at least a bit for once."

Calliope chuckles to Evan. "I'm surprised how popular beating on each other is in the Fleet. There's still lots of military stuff that kind of goes over my head. I'm trying to work on my fisticuffs with Hammerhead, but I'm still not very good." Another shrug. This doesn't seem a big concern to her. Her eyes widen some at Charlie. "It's freaky, right? Like they're learning. Which, I mean, maybe it shouldn't be a surprise. The I stands for 'intelligent.' But still. Fraks with your brain." A look between Eva and Finn. "You guys OK? I can never tell, after one of those."

This exchange seems to go more in Finn's favor. Maybe he was faking it. Odds aren't though. He's slow to start, fighting defensively, favoring his left side where he took the hit. Still, he seems to be fighting more tactically now, deflecting blows and landing a quick jab here and there. Except for that right cross. It's not a brutal hit, and it's not going to leave a shiner, but it's definitely a solid connection.

Finn rolls Melee (8 7 2 2 1 1 1) vs Eva's Melee (8 5 4 2 2)

Marginal Victory for Finn.

Finn rolls Melee (8 7 4 4 2 1 1) vs Eva's Melee (7 6 4 3 2)


Finn rolls Melee (8 8 4 4 4 2 1) vs Eva's Melee (8 6 5 3 1)


Evan winces a bit at one of the blows taking place in the ring, shaking his head before he grins at Charlie and nods his agreement. "Healthy for once would be good." Looking back to Calliope he ponders then tries to explain. "Fighting, well boxing in this case, is a way to let off some steam. It sounds incredibly weird, but sometimes getting punched is as relaxing as punching. You've heard the term punch drunk, right?" Probably not the same, but he does grin. Eyes drift back to Charlie and he nods to her, "She actually did most of the work. I just distracted the damn thing. But yes, they're going to adjust, modify..."

Eva holds up a gloved hand, covering the eye she just got popped in, "I'm alright. I'm alright!" Yes, it's a bit theatrical, and she did take a good hit, but she's, mostly tough enough to work through it, and clearly trying to play to the crowd to distract her opponent. Which she...okay, she doesn't really do. I mean, she does sort of push him around, not really, and she manages to wing his bicep, but no, not at all effective. "We're okay, less you want to give it a shot, Soundbite!" While Calliope decides, Eva moves in for another round.

Eva rolls Melee (8 7 5 4 3) vs Finn's Melee (7 6 3 3 3 2 1)


Eva rolls Melee (8 7 3 1 1) vs Finn's Melee (8 8 6 2 2 1 1)

Marginal Victory for Finn.

Eva rolls Melee (6 2 2 1 1) vs Finn's Melee (7 6 4 4 3 2 1)

Marginal Victory for Finn.

"I was telling Ara and Hayes the other day it's probably just algorithms. They've been watching us... They're using some of the same methods I'd use, as a sniper. It's annoying as frak is what it is. Part of why I got so godsdamned pissed." Yep, that's Charlie's story and she'll stick to it. Totally why she ran straight at the thing. No other reason. At all. "You did plenty," she chides Evan, with a quick glance his way. "But the man's right. Hitting and getting hit can definitely be therapeutic. Least when gloves are involved. They spread out the hit zone, so it's not as sharp a hit. More of a solid... thud." She shrugs, glancing past Evan towards Calliope. "It's hard to explain. You've gotta experience it."

To be fair, Eva in workout clothes is plenty distracting. Finn doesn't need extra help. Seriously. Still, as the round draws on towards the timer being up, he avoids any significant blows...in either direction. What hits he does land are quick body shots, nothing that's going to down an opponent. Finn is really out of practice it seems. "Just give up any time now, Cherry..." before the bell preferably.

Finn rolls Melee (7 7 6 5 3 3 2) vs Eva's Melee (8 6 5 3 2)

Marginal Victory for Finn.

Finn rolls Melee (7 6 6 4 3 3 2) vs Eva's Melee (6 4 4 2 1)

Victory for Finn.

Finn rolls Melee (8 8 6 5 3 1 1) vs Eva's Melee (8 7 5 3 1)

Marginal Victory for Finn.

"Makes me wonder if they're doing the same thing to their planes," Calliope mutters. Biting her lower lip as she considers that. It's not a happy thought. A little nod to Charlie. "Yeah. I mean, their programming obviously evolved when they...rose up and started murdering us. I guess it makes sense that they'd keep growing." She turns her head toward Eva and Finn. Considering. But, finally, shakes it. "Maybe next time. I need to get in some cardio tonight. I guess I get it. Blowing off steam. Working the heavy bag has definitely helped me get my head straight sometimes."

"I often go to the heavy bag when I need to clear my own head." Evan confirms to Cali, smiling at the pilot. "Why I came in here in fact. Some stuff up there is needing sorting out. Some unexpected things." He falls quiet for a moment, starting to speak, then biting his lip to keep from saying what crosses his mind instead turning attention to the fight. "Punch her in the boob." The offer is made towards Finn, "When you can't win fair, cheat."

"Aw, Finn, you wouldn't like me anymore if I gave up." But man, it's hard work pretending to be this in shape, and Eva does not acquit herself well, in their final pass. A hit to the cheek, one to the temple, and yes, one to the boob. "Ow!" Eva grabs at her chest, which is no comfort, because hard gloves, so she really just smacks herself again, "Ow!" As if to punctuate her discomfort, the buzzer sounds, and she falls back. "She just glares at the blonde, before breaking into a grin, "You know, that never gets old."

Calliope heads over to claim an exercise bike. She'll be absorbed in that soon enough, though her eyes might flick back toward the sparring on occasion. When someone says 'boob punching,' it gets noticed.

"Probably. Imagine how easy it is for them. Once the programming adjusts, just upload it across the spectrum." Charlie seems awful cheery about it for how grim it is. But then, the other option is to just be miserable about it and that gets no one nowhere. She does look sidelong at Evan as he mentions clearing his head. There's a tilt of her own, curious. She raises a brow slightly. "Everything alright?" It's asked in a slightly lower voice, but she does roll her eyes as he mentions boob punching. "Men." At least it's in a good-natured voice. "I came to do some climbing-" gesture with head towards the basic wall. "myself. Been having fun with that thing."

The punch to the boob earns a sheepish look from Finn. Definitely not his intention. That punch just got away from him. Now, if he had no gloves on...that would have been totally intentional. Still, Finn draws back a few steps at the glare and offers her a winning smile, "I'd like you just...Nope...You're right. I'd totally lose interest if you just gave up all the time."

At the boob punch, Evan actually winces then tsks and shakes his head, calling out again. "No... you don't back off and smile. You finish her while she's injured. Throat! The throat is like the groin of the head!" Either he's a really dastardly dirty fighter, or teasing pilots is too much fun. He looks back over to Charlie and smiles, nodding after a minute. "Yeah. Just... some unexpected things in life, need to be thought over a bit is all." A leaning nudge is given to the other Marine. "Climbing the rock is fun. I enjoy doing it myself when... well when I'm allowed."

Eva lets her gloves fall. She's not a good boxer, but it's still a workout, and she's feeling it. With Soundbite off doing the dreaded cardio, Evan leans down, gloved hands on her knees, catching her breath. "Well," she huffs, "Not all of the time." After a few minutes, she stands back up, starting to use her teeth to work off her gloves, words coming out in sporadic bursts, a nod of acknowledgment at Charlie's single word comment on the male gender, "Yeah. Frak them." Finally, she lifts up, shaking off her gloves, "So you interested in boxing after medical clearance of rock climbing? Finn and I, some of the pilots have been considering trying to start a boxing league." A beat, "Okay, not me, because I am completely and totally throwing him to the wolves. Interested?"

"Sounds deep. Careful with that, don't want to overwork that pretty head of yours." Charlie grins at Evan as she pushes herself to her feet. She reaches over to ruffle his hair, unwinding her music player as she does. There's a glance to Eva and a bit of a wink. "That's the preference, at least. As for the boxing league, she laughs, starting to put the earbuds in. "Ohh, have fun with that one." Seems she may be off to hit that wall. Or try not to let it hit her too hard.

"League might be a strong word..." Finn begins, clearing his throat as he moves over to Eva, using his teeth to untie his own gloves. "Phink of it...aaaassstthh moah of a..." he stops, realizing he still has string in his mouth and finishes untying the glove, then starts to pull the left glove off. "I was just thinking of a few fight nights really..." Organized. Into groups. With sparring in between. Ok, so it's a league.

Evan seems to ponder for a moment then shrugs his shoulders, "I may be game for a few fights here and there. Particularly if it means I get to pick my opponent once in awhile. It's probably my best chance of getting hit on around here." Ah, look, Evan made a pun. He's rather proud of himself in doing it as he's smiling while pushing himself up off the mat he was seated upon.

Eva, having attacked her gloves first, allows them to drop, before she turns to help Finn with his. Despite the ribbing between the pair, she's actually solicitous of him, "Be careful what you wish for, Calhoun, next thing you know, it's a punch in the balls and then nobody's getting anything." She turns, looking between the two, "Anyway, properly," as she sees Charlie moving off, "Finn O'Day. Evan Calhoun. Play nice, boys." She grabs both hers and Finn's gloves by the strings, heading back to her mats. And her cookies. "Why do I always forget to bring water?"

"Fight nights are good." Charlie, apparently, hasn't hit 'play' yet. "But anything organized just sounds like more work. Like that Pyramid league Hayes was trying to talk me into. Ugh. My free time is mine. Anyone who wants me to show up to anything on a schedule can go frak themselves." She even enjoys pyramid! But take the 'hobby' part out of it and you're just ruining the fun. The woman stops by one of the storage lockers and starts rifling around for tape. Need that for the climbing. At least for her wrists.

Finn lets Eva help with the gloves, nodding to Evan, "Nice to meet you." And then a moment later as he wriggles his hand free of the second glove. "Good...good. I think it'd be good to get everyone hitting each other. Ranks don't matter. You can call out whoever you want in a fight. Let's people punch through their feelings." Which is the best thing to do with feelings. He watches as Eva moves back to the mats and the cookies and shakes his head with a sigh. "You know those cookies will undo you whole workout!" he calls after her and adds on, "And there's water in my bag!"

Evan raises his hand, "I'll sign up for a regular self fraking, if that's on the table? There's no damn privacy on this ship at all." The cheeky grin on his lips can be seen as he starts to make his way to get tape out of his duffel for his own wrists in preparation of working the body bag. A nod is sent to Finn, "Nice to meet you too. Next time, take my advice sooner. Boob punch, throat punch, then dance over them when they're down. They love when you do that." Really, he tries to say it with a straight face.

"Isn't that what I have you for, Farm Boy?" Eva, having secured the gloves with one hand, grabs her cookies, pulling one out of the bag, before she turns back, leaning against the mat, "Well, that's part of the beauty of the league. Come if you want, if you don't, don't. Nothing is set in stone, just show up if you feel, hit a few things, bail." She snort, at Evan's hand-raising, "Frak, they make you sign up for that on Scorpia? That is why nobody likes Scorpia enough to stay for longer than a week." She settles in, happily enough, tipping to the side to lean against Finn, "Good to be a pilot, I guess. Everybody's trained as an ECO, and nobody questions you when you go out for...manuevers." Not that she's done that before. Honest. "Makes up for toasters shooting missiles at your head."

Salvae stretches his arms behind his back as he wanders into the Vanguard gym, glancing over as he sees a group of Timber Wolves rocking the boxing gloves. He heads towards the changing area, and reappears a moment or two later in his gym strip. "Ah, time to get a sweat on," he says, eyeing the equipment a moment, a frown as he doesn't spot a bike. He looks up to the group, "So, who's winnin the punchups?" he wonders, finding a spot to do a few stretches before he goes to the treadmill to warm up.

There's a look back over her shoulder at the mention of self-frakking and Charlie seems about to say something- mouth open... and then mouth closed. She changes her mind. The woman finally locates tape and works on both hands and wrists. She's scraped up the back of her hands on the gym's wall one time too many to not do her hands as well. By and far, she sees out of the conversation for now. And once her hands are taped, the music player is back on and she just stands at the foot of the wall, plotting her initial ascent.

"I've been reduced down to a workout buddy?" Finn retorts, a look of shock plastered on his face. There's a trace of sarcasm to his tone as well. Obviously. "Right. Nothing is set in stone. Just some punching." He nods to Evan and then moves to follow Eva. Mostly he moves to get his water. He's just finished a work out too. He glances to Salvae, "I guess that depends on your definition of winning?"

Evan, on his way to the heavy bag, offers to the recently arrived Salvae the brief run down. "Cherry was winning, pretty soundly. So ... Finn?" He's still having just met the man so working on the name, "Took my advice and punched her in the boob until she quit. Quite an excellent bout." He has made his way to the heavy bag and is about to start punching it before he calls out. "Charlie! Climb the frakin' wall already so you can hold the bag after?"

"Ah, shit, you punched Cherry in the tit?" Salvae winces and shakes his head, "What a disgrace!" he declares squatting down with a leg extended as he continues his stretch. "Didn't they teach ya in boot? Never punch a captain in the tit!"

"Well, to be fair, shouldn't that be...you were upgraded to a workout buddy?" Eva, offering Finn a cookie, seems perfectly content to rest against the Aerilonese man, and do what she usually does best in the gym, which is not work out. Evan gets a wrinkle of the nose, "Is that a euphemism? She's a grown woman. She can handle a little salty language." Eva glances back towards Charlie, giving the woman a good, appreciative looking over, before she shifts her focus to Salvae, "Well, that rule only works if he's not a Captain too."

"I stand corrected, it seems Cherry likes getting pummeled in the tits," Salvae snorts, and shifts over to one of the treadmills, setting it to a nice easy jog at first.

"Is workout a euphamism for something else?" Finn inquires, brow raised as Eva leans against him. He shakes his head at the offered cookie and glances to Salvae, "That's Captain Tit Puncher to you." he offers with a faint grin. He then takes the water bottle and drinks from it deeply.

Charlie rolls Athletics: Good Success (7 7 6 6 5 2 1)

Maybe Evan's 'speech' is inspirational. Or maybe it's the music she put in. Perhaps Charlie didn't even hear the Scorpian. But she finally decides on a tactical attack for the climbing wall and sets to it. The recon marine isn't half bad, either. Whatever handholds she decides on are suitable and she makes it to the top without too much difficulty, all told. There's a few points she has to pause and change her routing, but she reaches the top and opts to simply jump back down, tumbling to the mat rather than climb down. It's not a very tall wall; not enough space for that. She just lies there for a short time, breathing heavily. Either she didn't hear him after all... or she's making him wait out of punishment for being so demanding.

"Nope, not a euphamism." Evan tosses back at Eva, cackling as he does with amusement. "If I wanted to say 'I want her to yank on my ball sack like it was the rip cord on a parachute while she was halo jumping from a raptor', I would just say it." He pauses and tilts his head, turning towards Charlie. "Speaking of... how do you feel about Halo jumps? Just out of curiosity?" He barely speaks it before realizing she's well into the wall climbing and he tilts his head, watching the scaling at work.

Eva looks up, bridging the distance required to be able to look at Finn, even if he isn't looking directly back at her, "Yes. Yes it is." Geez, it's not like it's a secret. There are no secrets on a battleship. A light shrug, as she sees her cookie denied and she slips it back into the bag, "Don't let Jigger hear you. You heard he tagged Soundbite, right?" Her head turns back to Evan, eyebrow raised at his quip, "That sounds like way too much kink for my paygrade." She glances at Finn, "No wonder these enlisted frakkers are so wrecked." Not that she really cares about the whole enlisted/officer thing. "The shit they do."

Salvae smirks at Finn, "Sounds like a new call sign to me, Tee-Pee, Farm-Boy's so generic," he grins, and pushes the button on his treadmill to increase the speed to a decent pace.

Finn eyes Eva and grins at her lightly. A quick kiss on a sweaty forehead is given, and then his attention shifts to Salvae, brow raised and his expression turns a little more serious. "You can start dishin out callsigns when you make ace, sparky." He eyerolls and looks back to Cherry, hmmming quietly, "I'd be willing to bet officers are just as frakked up." A beat pause, "Just not Captains. We're too mature for that nonsense." He sniffs, in a dignified, self entitled sort of way.

"Sure thing, Tee-pee," Salvae says with a mock salute as he runs.

"We are not frakked up." Charlie is definitely listening. Must have been keeping her music low enough. She breathes heavily for a moment or two longer. "I like..." Another breath before she pushes herself to her feet. "Halo jumps. Good head rush." She's ignoring the rest of what Evan says regarding a yank on ball sacks. For the moment. Ahem. The woman stretches once on her feet. "Calhoun, you got some water? I forgot to bring mine." Probably too busy fussing with her playlist, knowing her. She at least does amble over towards his chosen punching bag. So kind.

"Oh, I didn't say frakked up, Wagner, I said wrecked as in..." Eva thinks a moment, glancing over at Finn, "As in ridden hard and put away wet." A beat, "That's how they say it, right?" Of all the times to want to learn Aerilonese colloquialisms. "I'm pretty sure I got that right." A nod of her head. It's all about inter colonial learning and cooperation.

"Yeah, I do." Evan responds to Charlie, opening his duffel as he finishes taping his wrists, pulling out a rather large gallon bottle of water. "Catch." He calls out before underhanding the heavy water up towards Charlie, putting enough force in it to get it to the top. Once he's done, he looks at Finn and Eva, a smirk on his lips and he even includes Sal in the thought he shares. "It isn't that there's a difference between enlisted and officers in that regard. Officers think they need to appear a certain way, so they try to do that. Enlisted? We embrace that we're frak'd up and run with it. That, and I think that .. no offense .. the more rank you get the less you forget how to frak properly."

Finn lets out a quick laugh. Whether at Eva or at Salvae is hard to tell, but he immediately replies to Eva regardless, "Rode hard and put away wet, yeah...That's how they say it back home." A beat pause and he glances at Evan, brow raised, "Good thing I'm not a Major yet...Guess it's time for a demotion so I can figure out how to frak again..."

Because apparently Evan doesn't read poses, he doesn't have to throw the water that far. Charlie's been making her way towards the bag, so she's able to catch the water fairly easily. She opens it and takes a long drink, snorting at the 'how to frak properly' and the like. "This is why I was so mad they made me Corporal." Over Lance Corporal. Barely a promotion at all in some eyes, but just a step away from Sergeant. "More responsibility. Frak all if I want that. You know what I get to do? Shoot a gun. Know what I don't have to do? Worry about anything else." She caps the bottle and sets it aside, reaching out to grab the bag and lean into it a bit. Providing her weight to help keep it in place. "Don't hurt yourself," she warns the other marine.

"Naw, the difference is, officers get their own sheep, and the enlisted git ta share be squawd," Salvae winks to Evan, letting his accent slip a bit, he continues his jog.

Eva hmms, as if she were giving the comment real though, "Actually no, I don't think that's the difference between officers and enlisted at all. In my time I've known officers that couldn't tell their asses from their elbows and acted as if they didn't have the sense to rub two braincells together. And I've seen enlisted who walk around like the stick up their ass is the one that everyone else steals a branch from. And...no offense, but you come and find when you finally make it to officer, and I'll get you a good hookup. Can't judge what you don't know." A grin, as she looks back at Finn, "If you get demoted, does that mean I get to order you around?" A snort, at Salvae, and she gives the man a thumbs up. "Looks like Calhoun is getting serious. Maybe we should leave him to his workout."

"NCO's..." Salvae pontificates as he jogs, "Now they got the shit of the lot, they get to supervise the squad with their sheep.." Salvae continues.

Evan nods towards Charlie as she moves to hold the bag. "Yeah, that's actually why you're here. See any wincing, kick me in the face until I stop, yeah?" Even as he finishes, he begins to work punching the bag without much hesitation or holding back, doing so for a few good minutes until he pulls up, reaching to his chest area. "Frak it. Every fraking time."

Finn shakes his head at Eva, "Nope. You know who still gets to do that. You wanna boss me around, you gotta get promoted. And then you'll be terrible in bed. You don't want that sort of burden." He then nods and adds on, "Yeah, I need a shower anyway."

"I pray I never 'make it to officer.' Sounds like the worst possible path my life could take." Charlie's words are good-natured at least. She turns her focus, however, to holding the bag steady. As soon as Evan stops hitting it, however, Charlie releases the thing herself and steps around to his side. The concern is clear on her features; she can't hide that, nor does she even think to try. She reaches out to him, to his hands. "Want me to take a look?" No suggestions of going to medical; that's always a last-ditch effort. No marine likes going there.

"Ahhh, it ain't that bad," Salvae says over to Charlie, "Ya get treated to lots of respect and such," he says, jogging along without going anywhere.

"I. Told. You. We. Should. Have. Left. Him. To. The. Cylons." And even that is said good naturedly, "See where compassion and fellow feeling got us? Never let me do that again." She reaches back, gathering up their gloves, and everything else she and Finn brought with them, "I think I'll join you." She tips a chin at Salvae, then towards Charlie and Evan, a momentary glance at his pained expression, before she leaves him to Wagner's tender mercies, "I'll catch you about that league once we decide, Calhoun." With that, Eva heads out through the hatch.

Evan grunts a bit but shakes his head towards Charlie, "It's not that bad, really. Just over strained some." He nods towards the departing pilots, offering a chuckle at them. "Let me know... if you brass tax folks can keep pace of course." As they go, he looks back to the other Marine. "Really, it's not that bad, look." He pulls the collar of his sweat shirt some to show that the stitches are still in place.


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