2237-05-20 - Coming Down

Jonas and Abigail talk about a certain aspect of the recent mission.

Date: 2237-05-20

Location: Main Munitions Storage, //Vanguard//

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Scene Number: 1034

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Having long spit out his gum, Jonas is working on turning in his rifle and gear, and agreed to help Abigail with her explosives to make sure they were all turned in as well - what they didn't liberally use on the comm towers. "That was nice work, Abigail." he offers to her quietly as they work, the radio man taking off his helmet and studying the gouge that took out his camera and could have taken off his head.

Abigail looks up, a tilting of her head, acknowledging that yes, she hears Jonas' conversation, she's just not able to look in his direction, as she's still carefully inspecting the detonators. Jungle humidity is a thing. And not a good one. "You too. It's a luxury to have a radioman to spot for me. Sorry I let you take a hit." Even though it wasn't her job to, strictly speaking, run cover for him, "You able to salvage any of the footage?"

"I'll turn it over to the spooks that handle that." Jonas says, and then blinks, sounding confused for a moment. "...nothing to apologize for, I was in cover when this happened." he admits as he grins. "Good to have an engineer that knows what she's doing."

Abigail sets the last of the detonators, closing the locker, before she heads back to put away the rest of the explosives. Thankfully, without the detonators, it's really just a lot of dead weight. But at least she's looking in your direction now, "Team mates look out for each other." A curl of her lip, amused, "That's what happens when you send a diver to do an engineer's job. More product, less process."

There's a nod as he glances over to meet your eyes for a moment. "Sorry about the soap opera bullshit on the Raptor. Didn't know it was her." he shrugs his shoulders as Jonas finishes his own turn in and shoulders the radio. "Anything else we need from here, or you want to walk for a bit?"

"That wasn't your fault, Jonas. No way you could have known. But you know there's no place for that kind of mess when we're working." The last of the explosives are set back, and after a final check to ensure that everything is secured, she nods, "But you're going to need to handle it. Clearly, she doesn't seem to be able to. So between the two of you, just figure it out." Abigail sighs, shaking her head, "I've got enough mess in my own life I have to keep under control." Hands rises, tugging the ponytail holder out of her hair, using her fingers to comb it back up, fasten it again. "I could do with a walk. Always takes me a while to come down after."

"I know. I let her go when she bailed on me after Aquaria fell. I guess she's blaming me for it or some shit." Jonas responds and nods to her. "I know that feeling. I think there's a climbing wall in the gym I may use." he blows out his breath, shaking his head. "She acts like she's the only one that lost someone." Shrugging his shoulders, he sighs. "At least she knows the fate of her family - mine's.. somewhere.. down there."

"If you're not sure, find out. We didn't have near the same amount of destruction as Aquaria, but a lot on people on Picon lost people they loved. Some people have managed to cope better than other. You may not like her, she may not like you...but it seems to me, there are too few of you left for you to be able to hate or ignore each other." Abigail slips out of her fatigues jacket, spinning the arms, and tying it up around her waist, keeping the pace of the walk back towards the rest of the ship brisk, "Immediate family, or wife, kids?"

"Not married. No kids. Brother, couple of sisters. Handful of nieces and nephews." Jonas chuckles. "Never been the marrying type." he admits as he nods. "You make sense, you almost make it sound easy. We'll see." he offers to the young woman.

Abigail laughs, as she starts up the steps, taking them two at a time, an impromptu sprint drill, "Oh, I don't think it'll be easy at all," she finally offers as she gets to the top of the stairs, "Nothing that comes out of genuine emotion ever is. And you don't get a response like that...if the woman didn't feel something real for you once upon a time. Just...give her some lead, see where it goes. Could be something, or nothing." Another smile, "No husband for me either," she offers, since he's sharing, "I was lucky. I didn't lose anyone when the cylons hit Picon. Mom, Dad, sister, young brother, they're all back on the Bay, pretty much living their usual life. Which does not make me popular with my fellow Picons, if you can imagine." For a moment, her face tightens, expression darkening, the look forced away with obvious effort, "Twin brother, he's Navy...somewhere. I've been trying to reach him for months, but haven't heard."

"You got lucky, no reason to look down on you for your fortune, Abigail." Jonas says as he considers her for a moment. "I'll consider the advice, but I'm one of those, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, then I'm the fool types." he points out to her as he looks up at her. "Hope to see you out there again soon. Good at what you do, and you make it look good in the process."

"Thank you for saying that, but I think there's a big segment of people on Picon who think that because I didn't that..I don't know. I should be punished for that. That I should feel bad about it. Or that if I mention it, I'm somehow lording it over them." Abigail shrugs, her words not matching her demeanour at all. Clearly, she's either come to terms with that, or at least gotten very good at masking it. "Oh, I'm not saying that you should go into things trying to get back into her bed, or her pants, whatever. Did they have beds in that oasis of champagne and bubble bath?" A quick flash of a cheeky grin, before she starts towards the gym. "I'm saying that it's worth it to try to mend fences, sometimes, if they can be." Abigail pauses, looking back before she ducks into the gym, "You thought I looked good out there? Wait till I wipe the floor with you on this rock wall."

Hate to see her go, love to watch her leave. Isn't that the saying? Jonas gives a little chuckle. "We'll see Gale." he offers to her. "Maybe we'll put mid-rats on it."

"Those are terrible. What sort of bet is that?" But Abigail is already heading into the gym, and doesn't offer a secondary bet to be considered. The world may never know.


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