2237-05-20 - Tool Time

A few Marines get to know each other while preparing their gear.

Date: 2237-05-20

Location: Tool Room - //Vanguard//

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Having recently stepped off the Raptor to join the Task Force and Timber Wolves, Jonas is still in his fatigues as he has straddled one of the benches. Set up in front of him is a large backpack radio, the antenna set off to the side as the Marine is working on giving it a quick checkup and making sure that the current frequencies are all set in. There's a burst of squelch and static as he tunes through the channels, setting them as he hits each one. He does this while chewing bubblegum, meaning he doesn't need to kick ass, apparently.

Danielle is in need of some restocking after the recent happenings and she strolls in as if in no hurry, booted feet making a soft thudding sound as she steps in through the hatch. Seeing she's not alone, she offers a nod in the general direction of the guy already present, "'Mornin," whether it's morning or not, it's a pretty universal greeting. A flinch at the burst of static but she gives a half smile. "A face I haven't seen yet. Lance Corporal Danielle Caron."

In the middle of blowing a bubble, Jonas quickly snap-pops it with his teeth to pull the pink back into his mouth. "Sorry 'bout that, these things can be temperamental." he offers somewhat apologetically, though as he hears the young woman's voice, his head lifts to study her a bit more thoroughly. "Nice to meet you, Corporal. Sergeant Jonas Ingvar - haven't seen me around because I just got here on the red eye." There's a grin at that, though he's being studious. Before he offers up in Leonese. "<<Where are you from on Leonis?>>"

Danielle looks down at the radio, studying it, the contraption capturing her attention rather effectively. When he speaks to her in her native tongue it brings her firmly back to him and she tilts her head and responds in the same. <<Hedon, but how did you know where I'm from? My accent give it away?>> The smile makes a reappearance, but it's more than lopsided this time. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Sergeant Ingvar."

"<<I have an ear for accents.>>" Jonas offers with a small chuckle as he makes a few more changes to the radio, opening up the back of it to check the transistors and boards in the back. "One of the first things I heard when I had a radio was one of those Leonese Radio Programs - something about a castle and knights, it was all interesting sounding because of the battle noises and the like, couldn't understand a word of it though, so I had to learn." There's a small chuckle. "So, I guess that gives me away, I'm your new radioman. What about you?"

"<<Interesting.>>" Danielle counters, shaking her head a little at the mention of the radio program. "<<It's a unique place, Leonis. Never was boring living there.>>" She walks over to collect a few things for her kit, but she looks back after a few moments, "Radioman? Nice, nice. I like to blow things up." There's another half smile on her features but her eyes drop to the radio again, "You ever need any tinkering done with that thing, let me know. I promise not to explode it."

Did somebody say raptor? Possibly supplies, possibly combined with the words high explosives? Oh, very possibly. That's probably what brings the blonde diver down to the deck, occasionally skirting the moving boxes of supplies like a master of parkour. But alas, it's only to find that the ordinance itself has already been sent to secure storage, and only the crate of detonators and attendant supplies remain. Alas. Abigail pops in, wearing, as per usual, the black fatigues that are her usual mode of dress. Don't worry, it's a fashion not a lifestyle choice. A quick, "Sorry," as she interrupts the conversation with her presence, speaking in that way that says, 'Hey, I have no idea what you're saying, so I'll just pretend I know what's going on.'

Jonas is straddling one of the benches, in his fatigues, a large radio pack between his legs as he works on it. Danielle's suggestion draws a small chuckle. "Thanks. I've been tinkering with these things since I was ten, but if I come across an issue, I'll let you know." he suggests as he watches the blonde come in and start to dig through the engineering supplies. "She an engineer too?" he asks, gesturing with a small screwdriver towards Abigail. "Knew they made them like you two around here, I'd asked to be transferred sooner."

"Oh I have no doubts of your abilities, I just like tinkering with things." Danielle gives him a wry look though before collecting a few more things and hold them. "Always knew you were going to be a radio man? Or what was it you wanted to do in your future at ten that you found such interest in them?" A nod to indicate the radio. As Abigail comes in she glances over and gives a warm smile. "Looks like she just might be." Since they all shared berthings and all, perhaps she knows something of the other woman? (I dunno!) A nod is given to Abigail though, perhaps like recognizing like. "Morning." The same greeting she had offered earlier. It's the comment from Jonas that brings a smirk in his direction, "Some of us haven't been here that long either.

"Wait till you see the air crew. It's like your favourite Picon Monday night soap opera exploded all over the landing deck. Hey, Corporal. Caron, right?" And since the CF doesn't seem to believe in name badges, she offers, "Walker." The two women have met, a couple of times, but Abigail's probably as new as the man on the bench, "And I don't think we've met." That's to Jonas, as she plops down the crate, seeming completely oblivious to the big red warning label, moving over to offer a hand, "Walker, welcome aboard."

"As The Tide Rises or East Beach?" Jonas asks Abigail wryly as he accepts her hand and grins at her. "Ignvar." Aquarian name, at that. "It's not that I doubted in your abilities, Caron, just this radio and I have been through a lot together." There's a wry smirk at that as he lowers his hand and reaches into a side pocket. From it he withdraws a foil pouch. Inside? Shreds of pink - bubblegum, the type that you find at the cubit counter at a grocery. Not known for holding it's taste for terribly long, but great for blowing bubbles. He offers it to both women. "You an engineer too, or just have a thing for explosions?"

"You get all the hotness and all of the drama." Danielle offers with a grin over to Abigail. "Corporal Caron," she affirms, a nod about her own last name. "Thought so," a nod of respect. She walks over to have her items checked out before sliding them into the bag. Turning, she looks between the others, "Oh no offense taken or anything, I know how it is, my father is the same with his things, really protective over them." She smiles, hitching a thumb towards the hatch. "I have to go for now, but I'm sure I'll see you both around later."

""Oh, As the Tide Rises, for sure." That show was almost, and hell, still is, nothing more than eye candy. "Well, that depends entirely on what set of paperwork you're reading. Back in the Fleet," the way she says the name, with that way of inflection that lets you know that it's meant to be a proper name, so she probably means her home Navy, "It was Marine diver. EOD, Salvage, Rescue." But there's not much water and no real, honest to gods Navy anywhere anymore except on Picon, "They slotted me into Engineer when they sent me here. But..they let me bound around in Zero G, so it sort of makes up for it." A shake of her head, at the offer of gum, "Thanks, no, might hit you up when I'm working though."

"Yeah, that's when I tend to use it the most." Jonas responds with a chuckle as he continues to work on the radio, finally sealing it back up to latch it. It still bears the markings from the Aquarian military, never been replaced. There's a wave to Danielle as she departs, before he nods. "Don't know enough about blowing shit up to be an engineer, didn't want to be a Deckie, so they stuck me in the rifle platoon." There's a snort at that. "Not that I mind it at all, used to huffing it about Mount Thula back home as a glorified tour guide."

With the greeting passed around, Abigail moves back to the crate, pulling a small prybar out of a pocket and setting to work popping the top of the crate. She doesn't move in that sort of, 'Oh, this could be a disaster' sort of way, only in the measure way intended to preserve delicate parts, "I imagine your skills are actually much more useful in a rifle company than in a special unit. Usually, well, not all of the time, but usually by the time I get called in, most of the heavy lifting has already been done. That can't happen without good communication. A visible shudder, "Ice mountain. No thank you." Like you could paint a sign that says 'beach blonde' over her head from that short sentence alone.

"Hey, at least ice melts. Sand is forever." Jonas responds with a smirk at the woman as he shrugs his shoulders. "From what I heard, we're all kinda mashed together here and make it work, so I'll probably be seeing the late night version of the soap opera more often than not. Though you shouldn't be selling yourself short, either." That's pointed out as he moves to put the radio back in it's place within the framework of the backpack and starts to connect the power and transmitters back into place.

"Yeah, ice melts particularly well. In a cold drink, on a sunny beach, in the middle of summer. Preferably on Biscayne Bay, where I'm from...because it's always summer." The top of the crate finally pops off, and Abigail gently sets it aside, carrying the crate itself over to one of the smaller work benches, starting to pull out what's inside. Each is delicately, carefully secured. But they are detonators. There's even a packing slip, and everything's being carefully checked off, "I don't think they'll make you wait until the middle of the night. Joy." But there's sarcasm there.

"That what you think about when you're arms deep in the guts of an IED that's threatening to turn you into a fine mist?" Jonas asks as he watches her work with the detonators, even after he has his own gear secured and strapped back down as it needs to be. Turning on the radio, he waits for it to power up, but sure enough, the sounds of Vanguard talking to one of the CAPs comes through on the receiver.

Abigail pauses, hand just in the process of unpacking the last of the wrapped devices, looking honestly surprised at the question. Not because you're asking it, but perhaps more because someone actually is asking, "Yes, I think...I think about the things I love about the beach. The waves running over my feet. The sand between my toes. The rolling of the waves over a break. Constant things, forever things. Things that are comforting because they don't change."

"Sounds lovely." Jonas responds as he's changing the frequencies, before powering down the unit completely. He blows a bubble, popping it it with a smacking noise as he draws back in the gum. "It's why I chew gum.. keeps me on task, reminds me that there's a mission there, because distractions can be the mind and body killer." he responds as he considers her. "Make sure you don't get lost in the wash and drown." There's a smile attached to that as he moves to stand, setting his pack over one shoulder.

"Oh, it is," Abigail's lips turn upward into a quick grin, "If you don't mind all that sand." She pauses in her work, as you get to your feet. It would be rude not to, a slightly wrinkle of her nose, quick, curious as she watches you rise, up, and up, and up, "Are they only bringing the big men in?" Seeing as you're nearly a foot taller, and that's without being in boots, "Oh, I'll do my best." She turns back to start the work of unpacking, as he seems to be on his way out, "Catch you after a while, Ice Man."

"I'm average for Aquarian." Jonas responds with a grin, looking slightly down to the blonde bombshell addressing him. Though when she calls him Ice Man, his nose wrinkles a little. "I think I'm a little too warm for that, Walker." he offers to her with a wink, before he slings his bag to head out of the Tool Shop to finally stow his gear.


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