2237-05-21 - An Ensign Reassured, Slightly

Kell finally gets a chance to speak with the CAG about the Friendly Fire incident, finding the Major in the berthings after both are finished with their duties for the day.

Date: 2237-05-21

Location: Vanguard - Berthings

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Scene Number: 1039

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Webb has not reached out since the friendly fire incident last night. He's been busy, giving a report, yelling at Roller, flying another patrol or mission, and doing the day to day CAG stuff. Right now, he's standing in front of his locker. His hair damp from a shower, he's got on uniform trousers but no shirt, a towel draped across his neck.

Likewise, Kell has also more or less kept to himself since the incident, not exactly reaching out and it seems like the others have also avoided the young Ensign for the most part. Having just come off of Alert Five, where the deckies also gave the pilot wide berth, Razor had one person drop by, which gave him plenty of time to think some things through. The issues he has on that incident are certainly not internally resolved, but he is no longer truly in limbo. Coming from the Hangar Bay, Kell is returning to the Berthings to change out of his flightsuit. It seems like fate is having the Ensign cross paths with his CAG earlier than having to track the superior down later. So instead of heading to his locker directly, Razor heads to where the CAG's berth slot is located, "Sir," He addresses the other man as he approaches, "Do you have a moment?"

Webb glances over when he hears Kell's voice. "Draygo," it's an even greeting. "What do you need?" he asks as he pulls on a pair of tanktops.

Instead of beating around the bush, Kell chooses the more direct route which he is known for when there it is in more of an official capacity, "Sir, about that... incident. What's going to happen to me?" He most likely is referring to what the brass may be thinking of doing.

"Most likely there'll be an inquiry," Webb replies with a frown. "But I wouldn't sweat it. We didn't do anything wrong." He shoves his shower kit back into the locker.

That is part of what Kell has figured when he was thinking things through earlier. To him, it is a good sign that there is no rash decision to have the hammer fall, but it will be something that will hang around the back of his mind until an official conclusion is declared. "Has anyone from the Canceron Air Force contacted us?" A pause after the question before he asks, "Have we reached out to them?"

Webb shakes his head, "Not to our level. I assume the brass are talking to each other. That's their job." He turns to the younger pilot, his lips thinning. "Listen, Draygo, it's frakked up. But shit happens in war. If those had been Cypers and we let them fly by, we'd have been frakked. Roller swears on his mother's grave that he had the right frequency. They must not've been listening. So that's on them, not on us. All we can do is keep our heads and focus on doing our jobs." He levels an expectant look at Kell, a sort of silent 'got it?'

That's the same thing that Van had been trying to convince Kell of earlier and it appears that most of it took. Webb's words just reinforces the Lieutenant's reasoning. "I know sir, Lieutenant Newton also told me the same thing earlier and I do understand." There is a pause as that is of course the logical reasoning for the whole mess that happened, "It's just doesn't sit well, sir, that's all." The others also fired on the Canceron flight, but they mostly scratched the paint or did some minor damage, his was on a different level. Could have been a lucky shot again a Cyper, but it was a very unlucky salvo for the Colonial pilot on the receiving end. "Do we know who that pilot was?"

"Be pretty frakked up if shooting down one of our own guys sat well with us, wouldn't it?" Webb points out evenly. "But the only thing we can do about it now is make sure as shit it never happens again." When Kell asks about the pilot, Webb shakes his head. "Let it go, Draygo. You start asking about the pilot pretty soon you've got afterburners on straight to Guilt Trip Central, putting on the waterworks about their wife or kid or brother or whoever the frak got left behind. Don't go there."

Webb would be able to tell that it's a bit harder for Kell to let it go as the younger pilot looks away for a moment, frowning slightly. It sort of goes against the teachings he received growing up, but then again, this isn't a simple 'take responsibility' situation. He is smart enough not to push it though, not making the request for Webb to try to find the name, especially when being told not to go there. So he does let it go for now, though one concern lingers. "Sir, even though everything we did was on the level with the level of information we were working with. Is it possible that brass may still strip my wings over this incident, for public relations purposes?" He understands politics can cross swords with the military and it wouldn't be the first time. Kell is also reminded of the reporter that had chosen to ambush Calliope, painting this task force as some Caprican oppression factory.

"Not a chance," Webb replies easily. Whether he's correct or not remains to be seen, but he's at least got the conviction down. "We're the special ops group, remember? No way is the Colonel going to let them turn is into sacrificial lambs."

And whether or not the Major is correct, Kell does seem to accept the CAG's rather confident answer to his word, perhaps easing some of the doubts that has been floating around in him, causing some of the turmoil that is there. It's one thing when a fellow pilot tries to reassure him about his future but another when it is a superior that does so. The Ensign does visibly ease up a bit too, a nod added to his response, "Thank you sir. For now, I'll try to keep doing my best out there on whatever assignments are given to me. If there is anything I need to do to prep for any sort of inquiry, please let me know." He hasn't touched the gun footage recordings yet, too soon to visibly review what was already burned into his memories.

"I pass it along when I hear anything," Webb assures him. He frowns a touch before saying, "Don't second-guess yourself out there, Draygo. We got a bad result. Doesn't mean it was a bad call."

There is a small nod from Kell, showing that at least he understands the sentiments, "Understood sir, I will try to not let it effect my performance on future assignments." It is certainly short of giving the CAG a fully confident answer like giving his word he won't, but the Ensign dislikes making promises he isn't sure he can keep. "I will make sure I don't let those who fly with me down."

Webb nods evenly. "Sure you will. Otherwise it won't be the brass taking away your wings." The mild threat is delivered with a little grin, and Webb reaches out to clap Kell's shoulder to hopefully take the sting off it. "Good man, Draygo."

"Yessir," Kell answers with a slight smile, appreciating the humor that the CAG is trying to impart upon him that is mixed in with the possible consequences if he does indeed end up going down the deep end. "If there is nothing else you need from me, I'm going to get changed and get some chow." A good sign for sure, since it probably isn't a surprise to surmise that the Ensign has not eaten much, since the incident. One step at a time on the road to recovery.

"Go. Eat." Such are the 'orders' from Webb as he smirks and turns back to his locker to finish getting everything situated.


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