2237-05-21 - Driving Up The Wall

Abigail gives terrible, terrible advice. Also, there's climbing.

Date: 2237-05-21

Location: Somewhere

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If you're going to climb, one might as well go whole hog and free climb. Not that there would really be much danger, given how low the wall on the Vanguard actually is, but, at least it could give you a good knock. So...free climb it is, as Abigail sits, on the bench close to the wall, taping up her hands, the line already about three deep for the wall, but they've got a good rotation going, so it won't be too terribly long, before she's up.

Arriving a few minutes late, Jonas makes his way to meet with Abigail, a tap to her hip to alert her of his presence. "Hey Gale." he offers as he sets up in line next to her. "Wow. That's a big wall." One can feel the sarcasm on him. "Puts Mount Thula to shame." there's a wink at you as he adjusts a little. Though there's a certain something in his eyes that speaks of something that has yet to come to the surface.

Abigail, alerted by the tap of Jonas' hand, looks back to the tall blonde coming up and over the bench she's sitting on. A scrunch of her nose, coupled with a grin, catching the nickname, "People do say I have one hell of a personality." She lifts a finger, tapping her lips, "I'll have to think of one to match. Clearly Ice Man isn't a good fit." A sudden, abbreviated chortle of laughter, a muffled word held back, before she sobers up, "Glad you could make it." She offers a roll of tape, since she already visited the supply closet, "Long day?"

Taking the tape, Jonas nods. "Yeah. Followed your advice. Searched half the ship to find Arda." He's not offering much more than that at the moment as he grins a little. "Well, you sorta blew into my life, and mixed things up. It fits." he says, reaching over to tap her nose playfully. With that, he starts to tape up his hands. "Though you give lousy advice."

"Found her? I would assume it ended less than ideally, or else you'd look a lot more sated." Abigail rises to her feet, clenching and unclenching her hands, working the tape into some comfortable configuration that will both protect her hands and give her the flexibility and grip she needs, "Your smile says, 'Hey that's cute'. Your expression after says, 'I want to choke this woman in her sleep.'" A downturn of her lips, "She handled it that poorly? Or you?"

"Got what I wanted. Closure." Jonas offers simply as he gives her a slight smile, working on taping down his other hand. "Cleared the slate so we won't have another one of those incidents like on the Raptor last night." he adds as he seems to be making that tape awful tight on his hands, but he's able to move his fingers before he moves to stand up finally. "I'm not blaming you, for what it's worth. You made the suggestion, I followed it through. It is what it is, you know?"

"That what she wanted too?" Because Abigail Walker does not seem to know when to shut up. "Or did she just give you what she thought you wanted so you could leave her to lick her wounds in peace?" Once he seems to be ready, she takes the tape back, tossing it into her gym bag, before she heads towards the wall. Only one person waiting, and then the wall will be free. "I don't blame me either. You needed to handle your business, regardless. Whatever the outcome. I just gave you a kick in the ass."

"Why don't you ask her. I don't know." Nor did Jonas ask as he moves to stand next to her as they wait their turn on the wall. "It was business, it was handled. And it was a very nice foot against my ass." he says with a small smirk as he settles his arms across his midsection, drawing in a little breath and then shrugs.

"I might do, next time I see her." Abigail clearly doesn't want to let go of this. She steps forward, as the final person in line steps up, and makes for the wall. There's room enough for two people, but it'll be a challenge to get up, with only so many handholds. "Race you to the top?" Especially if that. "Well, I was wearing my best boots." They pass a few minutes in silence, two very different bundles of energy. Jonas, dark, roiling, bordering on angry. Abigail bright, restless, bordering on reckless. Finally, the wall is clear, "On your count."

A good climb will help him shake off that darkness as he grins. "So you didn't like my wager earlier.." Jonas offers with a small smirk towards her as he chuckles at the boots comment. "You have a better idea of what you want to offer?"

"There's no sacrifice in mid-rats. You get those anyway, only possibility, is if you end up getting a better meal than someone else. And that's not going to happen on this ship." The Vanguard doesn't have the luxury of the large galley on Galactica. "How about," she offers, as she heads to the wall, waiting at the base, eyes already on the, "Whomever wins, as to take the other one's house keeping detail?" There aren't people rated for that sort of thing in the fleet. All the units take care of their own spaces, "Either the communal laundry detail, or cleaning the head." As soon as Jonas gives the go, she hops up to catch the first hand hold and work her way up.

"Sounds like a plan." Jonas responds with a grin as he considers. "Just in time, I have KP this week, and it'll keep me away from Adra for a bit." Since she usually likes being in the kitchen, though he's not considering that the idea that Abigail might lose just to talk to Lyn without Jonas.

"Great." Which is probably a sign of terrible things, as Abigail does not tell you what she has on her schedule for the week. She starts upwards and her lower body strength seems to give her an initial boost. But the trouble with climbing, is that it's not usually your lower body that gets you to the top. And Jonas has both the strength and the reach on her. But, for the time being, she isn't looking at him. She's focused on trying to scale the short wall.

Jonas is a natural climber. Long of limb and height, the Aquarian has spent most of his adult years in the mountains as he moves to start finding handholes as he moves up the wall, tapping against top of the wall, and turning to look at Abigail before lowering his hand to offer it to her. "Need a hand up there, Gale?"

Abigail is barely halfway up the wall, by the time Jonas gets up there, and she hears the tap signaling her doom, before she hears his voice. Having to look up towards the glare of the lights, she squints, looking up the distance to where he's crouched, hand held down towards her, "Best two out of three?" The question posed, Abigail kicks off from the wall, and with no gear, looking, momentarily like someone free falling feet first towards the ground. It's a hard thud and a tumble back to the thick padding of the floor beneath the wall. No, there's no lasting damage.

"I'll give you another go, but I won fair and square!" Jonas says with a laugh, though as he watches her daring act, before considering, and follows the summer girl down as he jumps off the side to land on the padding and rolls as he grins over at her. "If we do that, what do you have planned for next week?"

"Next week, it's zero gravity insertions. A lot of salvage collecting up in orbit. You ever done any of that?" Abigail takes a minute, flexing her joints, testing her weight. Ensuring that she hasn't done herself any irreparable damage, she moves back to the wall, letting you have the count again. She looks back over sat you, "Why? You have something else in mind?"

"Just curious. We can do it just for fun." Jonas grins, rolling out his shoulders as he considers you. "Unless you're just that competitive." he offers teasingly, letting you get set before the two of them start up the wall again to make the second run.

"Oh, you have no idea how competitive I can be." Abigail once again, makes her way up to the wall, letting you set the start time. And when she starts up again, there is an air of definitive competitiveness in her demeanour, in the set of her face. Once again, not looking sideways, not wanting to waste the time in gauging where you might be on the wall. That would probably just depress her.

"I look forward to finding out." Jonas says with a grin as he starts his own climb, snaking his way up the wall as he climbs and grips along his way to the top, pulling himself up before he turns to settle on the side to look for you, and finding you beneath him, lowering his hand, though he's ready to pull it away this time if she doesn't accept his offer.

It's like a damned optical illusion, watching the man make the climb. But can you really compete with anyone who has seventy pounds of weight and ten inches of height on you? It's like a grown adult racing a toddler. It just doesn't work. As soon as Abigail hears that tap, she gives a grown, her forehead hitting the wall, a brief moment of defeat, before she looks up, seeing him waiting above. It will take her a few more handholds, before she can reach him, her right hand grasping his, using, trusting his strength to pull her the rest of the way up to where he's perched on the edge of the wall.

Grasping and pulling her up, Jonas chuckles. "You have good form. I'm sure in time you'll be better at it.. maybe.." he considers for a moment, looking aside to you. "We can make it a thing." Just for practice, right? He turns his attention to looking down at the mats. "Anyway, look. You let me get this off my chest, and I did. Thanks for that. It really feels like it's closed a wound long left to fester."

Abigail comes up and over the wall in a fluid movement. But with the top barely large enough to fit them both, it's a bit of a squeeze that ends with her, briefly, half on top of him as she tries to avoid the tangle of those too long legs. She does manage, at the end to squeeze past him and onto a free place on the flat, looking back down to the ground, "Sure. I could do with the workout. And it's good training." A hmm of sound, as he changes topics, and she looks back, watching him watching the mats, "For what it's worth, you're welcome. But with my track record, maybe you shouldn't ask me for advice again." She cracks a grin, "Unless you're a sucker for punishment."

The climbing over each other, Jonas is not complaining at all as he moves his hands, touching her a little, but making sure - or at least trying - not to be improper as he moves to let her settle in as he gives a chuckle. "Hey, your advice was better than my own - leave her alone to figure it out." he offers to her as he gives her leg a little pat.

The wall is, momentarily, not queued up, so Abigail has time to catch her breath, sitting back to the wall, facing the hull, as she takes a brief respite break, leaning forward, forearms resting on her knees, head tilted to the side so that she can actually look at Jonas, "That never works. Wounds don't heal in the dark. They need the light and good, clean air to let them heal."

Nodding as he leans back against the wall to get a good look at her, Jonas draws in a cleansing breath. "It's healing." he comments simply, as he folds his hands around a knee. "So. Bubbles. She gave me that nickname because I tended to chew bubble gum a lot. Still do, mainly on missions. I used to smack my gum on occasion." he shrugs. "But there was an incident when they redid the guest quarters and pulls out the bathtub. We dragged it out into the snow, and filled it with the cheap ass champagne and got bubbles where you aren't supposed to get bubbles."

Abigail listens, without comment, as Jonas tells his story. It's not really the time or place to judge a man's life history, "I can see the Bubbles. I don't suppose nick names related to cold weather," such as her calling him Ice Man, "have much of an impact on an ice planet." The bathtub story gets a lift of her eyebrows, "So let me get this straight. You were on a mountain covered in snow, you pulled a bathtub out...into the snow. Filled it with //cold/ champagne, and then proceeded to frak your brains out?" She pauses, "All in the cold." She looks more than mildly horrified, "As a blessed child of Picon," it's just a turn of phrase, "Even one of those instances of cold would be too much. But three? Four? Oh no. No wonder she called you a walrus." A beat, "Although the Ell-Tee says it might have been on account of your tusks."

"Yeah, well Canceron's heat sucks." Jonas says with a laugh, shaking his head. "It was a dare of a Polar Bear plunge." he offers with a small smirk before he considers. "Well.. play your cards right, Gale.." he glances aside to her, his expression mischievous before he sets his hands on the wall, "You'll find out how large and uncut my tusk is." With that, he's pushing off the wall to land one the mats below.

"I am fairly certain most things in Canceron suck." At the mention of a Polar Bear anything, Abigail just shudders, "Oh, no thank you." She moves, then, to get ready to head back down the wall, looking back over at the man, "In four different types of cold? Oh, I wouldn't be expecting much of a spectacle then." She follows soon after, before accepting his work chit, grabbing her bag, and heading out to KP. Potatoes wait for no man. Or woman.


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