2237-05-25 - Elf Life

Movie night for Jonas and Abigail. Now with bonus shave ice.

Date: 2237-05-25

Location: Crew Lounge, //Vanguard//

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Abigail, finally free of sickbay, but still minus an arm, the left still being held in a sling and strapped down to her side, has found one of the far corners of the crew lounge, and a free television. She's brought her video collection, fingers flipping from page to page, as she tries to decide what she's like to watch with her ice cream.

It took some finagling and negotiation, but Jonas arrives at the crew lounge with a small cooler. "Hey." he greets you. "You have the movie? I have.." he holds up the cooler, bringing it over to you. So, it's not ice cream. But he did secure some shaved ice, cherry flavoring, and a small container of sweetened condensed milk. He's trying, at least.

Abigail almost seems to save settled on a movie, when Jonas returns with the cooler, and she sets down the tablet, coming over to peek inside the cooler, her expression brightening. And no, it's not just the painkillers she's still riding, she looks genuinely ecstatic, "I love shave ice. How did you know?" She peeks, a fingertip tilting the containers this way and that, "Did they have any red beans?" They're a sort of sweetened bean that's used in shave ice on Picon. They're not to everyone's tastes.

"Didn't know what to look for, honestly. Red bean?" There's a little face at that as he sets down the cooler in front of the couch and takes over one of the sides so that she may sprawl across him as she sees fit. "I was looking for ice cream, that failed. It might be a little melty.." he admits with a small frown, but hey, it was an effort, right? "So what are we watching tonight?"

"Do you not eat ice cream on Aquaria? You should. I mean, frozen desserts are fantastic, in all of their many delightful forms." Says the woman who has spent most of her life on a colony and more specifically, in parts of that Colony that are almost exclusively warm and summery all year round, "They might be a Picon thing. They're these small beans that are cooked with sugar until they almost melt and form a sort of jam. And you put them in all sorts of dessert." And to the question, "It's one of my favorite movies, it's all about surfing. The culture, the mindset...the types. The history."

"Introducing me to my future home." Jonas says playfully as he watches you set up the movie, but goes to set up the popcorn in the microwave while she gets settled. He glances over at her, stealing fond glances. It's obvious that he's developed your affections as his own, even if he's not said the words yet.

Abigail, having take her time to go through the cooler and to see what all will be available for dessert, heads to the television to sync up the tablet and set the movie to play as soon as you come back over, "Well, yes. I mean, you'll have to make it there eventually, and the water is...the water is Picon, and surfing is almost as large a part of Picon as the water. Everyone on the Bay surfs, they live and die by the water and the fortune of the tides. It's as much a part of us as...well, as the cold and the snow are of you."

"I'll sit on the beach and admire you. I like my water solid." Jonas responds, withdrawing the bag of popcorn when it's done as he returns to the couch and pats the spot next to him for you as he considers for a moment. "I've been keeping my ear on the Picon frequencies, if I hear anything, I'll let you know." he promises gently.

"Wait till you try paddle boarding, you'll change your mind. You can wave to me as I go by." Abigail steps over to the couch, the standing not much of a problem, it's the bending and sitting and settling, and it takes her a while, before she finally ends up tucked into your left side, her good right hand resting lightly on your knee, "I know that you will." It's easily said, but just for a moment, you can see the facade crack, the yawning chasm of fear and loneliness underneath, before she schools herself, settling in and turning to the screen. (Picture a movie like Step Into Liquid, for reference.)

Jonas moves just a little, as he settles back so he can coax you gently into laying your head into his lap. His fingers thread lightly into your hair. "I've already seen your ass, Gale, though I'm sure it looks good in a swimsuit." he teases you softly, and smiles as he sees you starting to wear down. Reaching down, he takes out the shaved ice, applying the sweetened milk and flavoring and scoops some with a spoon to feed to you. The movie is half-way paid attention to, but his eyes keep drifting to yours.

"It looks better in a swimsuit. Everything looks better in a swimsuit." Abigail is happy to lie flat, head in your lap, only having to turn just a little to watch the screen. All while being fed shave ice. They're at a segment of the film now, where they're talking about big wave surfing, showcasing a famous surfer riding a wave almost sixty feet high, after being towed onto the face by a wave runner. There have actually been a number of instances like this, that highlight the watermanship of surfers, their informal training in water rescues.

He's watching the clip, and then he's squinting, because he thought he saw a flash of familiar blonde hair for a moment as he watches, continuing to play with your hair and feeding you shaved ice as he smiles a little. "Getting you out of the swimsuit is the fun part, Gale." he points out to you as he continues to watch, though like you, he's distracted a little, leaning down to kiss you. "I want to know everything about you, Abby. And I'll see if I can find something from my world for you."

"That's what all the boys say. But it's not true. Presents are never as much fun without the wrapper." She glances up, flashing a smile, before she turns back to the movie, her good hand finding yours, tangling her fingers with yours, "Well, I don't have many secrets, so ask any questions you might have." A shake of her head, "You're something from your world."

"I don't have any questions, and they're better suited for truth or dare." Jonas responds as he squeezes his fingers to yours, and grins. "Yeah, I'm a pretty rare souvenir these days. Just don't leave me on a shelf.. I have.. an elf life." he winks.

Abigail looks back away from the movie, her face both curious and confused, "An elf life? Is that a story that I'm supposed to know? Or is it something from Aquaria?"

Jonas sighs. "It's a thing back home, yeah. We had these little snow elf dolls we'd put on shelves that watched to make sure little boys and girls behaved and went to bed on time. If they didn't, they'd drag them out into the wild and turn them into terrible snow beasts that lived in Mount Thula." he explains.

Abigail settles, onto her back, so that she can look up at you without having to twist. Of course, this means she can now only hear, and not see the movie, but she doesn't seem to mind. Likely, she's seen it a half a hundred times, "That is either 1: The most terrifying use of mass marketing I have ever heard of, or 2: Absolutely brilliant parenting."

"Totally both." Jonas says with a laugh. "And once they saw an Aquarian Marine in full snow gear they totally thought we were the snow beast." he says with a little chuckle. "You, in a swimsuit, is wrapping a delicious treat. Me, in full gear, is like trying to open a data drive."

"Well," is Abigail's thoughtful answer, eyes studying the man's face, "I mean, if you've got the proper grounding wire, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. As long as you don't short circuit any of the communication wires."

"Feel free to short circuit me as often as you want, Gale." Jonas forgets the movie, leaning down, his lips warm and soft against yours as he cups the back of your head to hold you to him for a longer and deeper kiss.

Abigail lifts her lips, meeting your kiss, holding it, despite the other crew in the lounge, though, for the most part, anyone who can see the pair treat it like seeing someone naked in the head. You ignore it, because you would want the courtesy of the same amount of privacy, when you live your life in a place with no privacy, "Well, yes."

Realizing that he did that in public, Jonas sits up a little. "Sorry." he says quietly, a hint of a blush to his pale cheeks as he squeezes her hand. "Got distracted."

"No need to apologize. There were two of us at the party." But she isn't going to press. Even if she doesn't feel embarrassed, she can understand and accept that he did, "Me too." The shave ice having been long finished, Abigail turns to the popcorn. She'll have to pay for all of this once she can get back into the gym, but she's going to enjoy it while she can.


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